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Nicole Kidman Celebrates White Ribbon Day

Nicole Kidman Celebrates White Ribbon Day

A solo Nicole Kidman (in Prada) celebrates White Ribbon Day by attending the White Tie Dinner Fundraiser at the Sheraton on the Park hotel in Sydney, Australia on Thursday.

The event was organized to support the White Ribbon Foundation. This charity seeks to eliminate violence against women by promoting cultural change through national media campaigns and male leadership programs aimed at men and boys.

20+ pictures inside of Nic wearing her white ribbon proud…

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nicole kidman white ribbon 01
nicole kidman white ribbon 02
nicole kidman white ribbon 03
nicole kidman white ribbon 04
nicole kidman white ribbon 05
nicole kidman white ribbon 06
nicole kidman white ribbon 07
nicole kidman white ribbon 08
nicole kidman white ribbon 09
nicole kidman white ribbon 10
nicole kidman white ribbon 11
nicole kidman white ribbon 12
nicole kidman white ribbon 13
nicole kidman white ribbon 14
nicole kidman white ribbon 15
nicole kidman white ribbon 16
nicole kidman white ribbon 17
nicole kidman white ribbon 18
nicole kidman white ribbon 19
nicole kidman white ribbon 20

Photos: Gaye Gerard/Getty
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  • ed


  • ally

    She looks fantastic!

  • melissa

    i think nicole is a great mother and star. even though she talks to tom cruise we never seem a picture of them together after they divorced. we see pictures of meg ryan and dennis queid. keith wants a baby and i think before the end of the year she will get pregant

  • jane

    my brother thinks that she looks like a white mouse sometimes. i agree that she very skinny but it works on her because she’s tall. but here she looks great. people are making a big deal that she going to be working in berlin at the same time as tom. they divorced!!!!!!! but i think they are friends they just don’t want to tell the media, because thay have mention that they have laughed about some of the stories the magazines come up with.

  • Good Morning Baltimore

    Nicole Kidman is so OVERRATED. I’m tired of seeing her in every movie.

  • Mel

    She looks younger here than she has in ages.

  • Cassandra

    HELLO? Nicole is HUGE. When did she get so fat? Is there an elephant in the living room? Somebody is 6-7 months pregnant. Why is nobody saying anything?

  • Frenchy

    She looks great. Nicolehe does not have that pastiness going on like she usually does and bangs do wonders for her. I love the last set of pics where she looks like she’s thinking “just take the picture already”.
    Who desined this dress?

  • corky

    That is definitely a wig.

  • coco

    Surely, Nicole Kidman is a good actress and I admire her ability to get into different roles. I also believe that she is quite smart as the rumours says she’s got a high IQ. However, when looking at her in pictures or observing her giving interviews I have always the impression she hides herself by not representing her real self but by playing again a role, a role of a celebrity under the watch of the public eyes. She pretends to be something for the public eyes; and in fact she wants to look good, beautiful and glamourous. Her smile is not real. A heartful smile is always all over the face, you would see the smile in the eyes too. But Nicole, she just smiles nicely with her mouth; and her whole body is in good control.
    I would be very surprised if she tries to provoke or to question conventions. She is too much dependent on public acknowledgment. She might be tall, but her self-confidence needs to grow abit.


    She is so beauty.

  • jujuelen

    She looks gorgeous.

  • Bliss

    WOW! Now that is what you call a woman!! I love her and I appluad her for taking risks!

  • Roxy

    Cassandra : 08/02/2007 at 1:03 pm
    HELLO? Nicole is HUGE. When did she get so fat? Is there an elephant in the living room? Somebody is 6-7 months pregnant. Why is nobody saying anything?


    You must have serious body image issues if you think that Nicole is fat. WOW

  • rosa

    nicole is not fat. i mean she can’t weight more than 120 pounds. and i don’t think she’s pregnant, at least if she is she can’t be more than 2 months. and i don’t think she will get pregnant this year because she’s filming in sydney and then has to film in berlin. well it depends what kind of movie. reese filmed vanity fair pregnant with her son.

  • Dancer

    Thanks Jared. She looks absolutely stunning!

  • Juno

    If Nicole has gained a tiny tad bit of weight, I think that is good. It makes her face and arms more fuller and this most likely the result of happy healthy people. She looks great!

  • Prix

    I love Nicole, but I can’t get behind that dress.

    To me, it looks like one of those half-baked designs that just doesn’t quite work.

    I don’t think that the necklace works either. All those chains just seem in the way.

    Her make-up is very pretty though. She looks fresh and natural. In so many recent photos’ she looked frozen and pasty.

  • Dirty Cougar

    @ Cassandra. WTF? You think she looks fat? Seriously? The dress isn’t the most flattering thing she’s worn but, she’s by a long shot NOT, fat! She a gorgeous, Gorgeous, GORGEOUS woman! Goddman! Thanks a lot! I’m back on another diet!
    Jealous of Nicole perhaps? Ha ha ha! Lol!
    Oh yeah and F@CK you in case you didn’t catch that!

  • Dieter

    Wonderful – Nicole is so beautiful and not fat at all. She never was that skinny. She renowned for her wonderful behind which is just more than a couple of bones. Jared I´m not gonna tell you what I wanna do with Nicole´s hot buns this time – but you might have a clue by now !!!!

  • Anne

    WOW,wow!!! she looks the best she has in years, perfect weight, perfect natural make up, no hair extensions, I love the hair btw, look good Nichole! keep it up!

  • Nikki

    No one watches her movies and she is all botox.

    People are not bewitched by her anymore.

  • girl need help….seriously.
    nicole looks very pretty.

  • Naomi

    bow down to the wonderful likeness that is: NICOLE KIDMAN

  • TS

    Nicole is hardly fat, though she had obviously been lifting weights, and likely that day. Here shoulders and chest are clear indicators of that.
    I used to like her as an actress and thought that when I heard her in interviews she seemed nice, etc. but the botox in her forehead and around her eyes has killed her acting since The Interpreter. I saw stills from the Invasion and it’s ridiculous—moments of extreme emotion and intensity and her face is smooth as glass and don’t tell me it’s because she wears sunscreen—that’s idiotic. All you have to do is look at all her work, and hundreds of photos to see that she used to have thin lips (which is not a slam but a fact, I think she should just deal with it) and lines, especially when smiling. The irony is they can only botox certain places so know she is getting wrinkles on her nose because that’s where that’s the only outlet for her expression. Keith do her a favor and tell her to stop or Nicole listen to Naomi, your friend, who would never botox because it inhibits expression!
    and Coco I agree there is a bizarre totally controlled quality to her —trying so hard to be fashion and beauty icon, to look perfect.
    She should take a cue from Julie Christie —and stunning woman in her sixties with LOTS of lines but no less beautiful and an amazing actress—last year’s Away From Her was wonderful.

  • Mmmmm

    She looks great in gold. I think heels would of gone better with that dress.

  • wow

    Nicole looks amazing, I love the hair!

  • Sarah

    Nicole Kidman is back to her unique dresses? Because in the last two academy awards, she looked boring. But she looks great here!

  • Good Morning Baltimore

    Her face can’t MOVE. I’m surprised she still gets jobs. She looks the same as when she started acting because of all the botox, she hasn’t AGED.

  • love her

    I luve Nicole her hair is pretty,no more surgery please.

  • Dieter

    she should have worn heels and a more fitting dress round her bum but I still have a hard-on imagining what lies under that cloth.

  • natalie

    I can’t stop laughing! Seriously, how do you people think she looks maaaarrrrrvelous? She looks like shite! Looks like she hit the needles and the wig rack again!

  • Quiet Observer

    I don’t think #7 was saying she is fat – just that she might be preggers. That dress does make her look thicker than usual around the middle, perhaps as if she’s hiding a bump. Who knows if she is, but you’d seriously have to be crazy to think she was fat.

    Her hair looks fabulous. It finally isn’t washing her out.

  • Joanna

    She looks fantastic!!!

  • Jane

    She’s not wearing a wig, her hair was ironed straight and that’s why it looks different than usual.

    Stunning dress, she has the height to pull it off. The gold is daring with her blonde hair but she’s known for taking risks with color. And flats–unusual for her.

    The makeup artist might have gone a bit far with the eyebrows but she’s just so gorgeous…

  • Chocolatteeeeee

    love the dress, ohhh she is so elegant!and beautiful!

  • sasha


  • Anne

    I think she looks lovely here. I’m not always a fan of her look, but sher really looks beautiful and healthy here. Her natural hair is quite frizzy – how does she manage to get it looking so smooth and straight without looking fried? I also applaud whoever is giving her the lip injections. In her early movies (ie. Deal Calm) she has absolutely no upper lip and in these pictures it is full, yet quite natural looking – doesn’t look as “duck-like” as in the past. She should keep this look as it really works for her. Lovely.

  • Greak!

    Gorgeous!!!!!with botox or not, she is fabulous! and you’re envy SASHA!!!!

  • Jane

    Those are Nicole’s parents in the first several photos I believe.

  • Perspone

    How can you say she’s gorgeous, in several of those pictures she looks just plain scary. Someone needs to tell you to lay off the botox, too much of anything is just plain bad. As for the hair, I don’t know if it’s a wig or not, but I guess since Katie got a hair cut, then Nicole has to sport a new do.

    Nicole Kidman needs to learn to grow old gracefully, all of the plastic surgical procedures in the world can’t turn back the clock.

  • natalie

    Well, IF that is her real hair, it appears to me that she is copying everything Katie does – similar dress, cutting her hair short, etc., but I’m guessing we will see the long straw mop again in next week’s pictures. Have you guys forgotten the wig she sore in Europe for the Happy Feet premires?

  • louveciennes

    God, her face looks so weird now. If she’d just left it alone, instead of nipping and tucking (and Botoxing) it to death, she would be so beautiful.

  • koala

    i don’t think Nicole’s hair looks at all like Katie’s, but then again, don’t think Katie’s hair looks anything like Posh’s, but everyone says she is copying her.

  • JUG

    Nicole looks fabulous, as usual. She is, without a doubt, the best actress around. She looks younger than the girl that Tom Cruise “married”. As a matter of fact, she looks better every year and she’s not a bimbo. Nicole has a very high IQ. I really loved her performance in Fur. See what you’re missing Tiny Tom. Ha ha ha ha!!!! Tom is probably “rethinking” his divorce. Be careful what you wish for folks!!!! Look what happened to self-absorbed Tom.

  • LynchHer!

    she does look like shite in several of those pics………….the woman needs to lay off the Botox already. She is soooooooooooo overrated, it’s not even funny anymore…………….hey Nicole! you suck!

  • Me

    One of the best qualities about Nicole is that she is confident but not to the degree it makes her arrogant. I like that she is confident in herself to attend events like this without a man on her arm. Something many celebrities wouldn’t do.

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    The old hag kept her prom dress from 1985. THat’s so cute. She looks great in it!


  • Deb

    That has got to be a wig. There is no way that fried mess of her’s could turn into that. Her lips are getting out of control and soon they will have a life of there own. The dress..oh the dress. Well looks really stupid, especially with those flats.

    She use to be beautiful and elogant..I don’t see that here.

  • Satine

    she is perfect, gorgeous. she is the most beaultiful actress! and the best!
    And she is using this hair because she need to do her new movie Australia!