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Sniff Shiloh, Smell Great

Sniff Shiloh, Smell Great

Angelina Jolie recently dropped her legal battle with a perfume-maker who plans to name a fragrance Shiloh (her daughter’s name).

According to The Washington Post, Angie filed a note with the U-S Patent and Trademark Office earlier this year.

The Israeli/French perfume-maker, Symine Salimpour, indicated she was inspired by the Hebrew meaning of Shiloh, “his gift,” and not Angie and Brad Pitt‘s 13-month-old daughter.

Salimpour can now name the perfume as she pleases and has promised to donate five per cent of the profits to an Israeli organization that provides medical and educational services for disabled children.

Says Salimpour, “[The trademark battle] was just a huge misunderstanding. And besides having a baby named Shiloh – because this perfume, it is my baby – we can say we have two other things in common: We believe in human rights, and we love Brad Pitt!”


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    195 erica you are hater and your laugh sound sick,what do YOU LOOK LIKE?? LOOK IN THE MIRROR,MAYBE YOUR HATE IS A REFLECTION OF YOURSELF.

  • To the haters

    Brad and Angie sighting on july 29, 2007.

    I am now in Aix en Provance at language school which is good but challenging. Not much to report as yet apart from my major celebrity sighting yesterday – we were having lunch at a restaurant close to our school and the waitress told us that brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie & Shiloh were at the pattiserie next door. Of course I had to check it out so went & bought something & it was indeed them!!! She is quite skinny & was waeqring a black dress & sunnies, and he had a hat & sunnies on. The baby is gorgeous (of course) and
    Robyn & I at the lookout in Nice
    interstingly they were alone – no body guards or paparazzi. For this reason I didnt take any photos. Its interesting tho – if they can get time alone it does mean that it IS possible to get away from cameras, but maybe its just in France. Anyway, we saw them pack up their car & drive away, just like any other family. And yes it was them, I saw her tattoos & heard her speak to Shiloh.

    I will write when again I have more news!!


    She spends time with all of her children. It\’s just with Shiloh she can\’t take her out much in places like NYC without crazy people yelling/clapping/cheering for them. They have to go to France just so they can show shiloh outside.

  • Mzslil

    Hey Guli,

    Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sheri

    guli! Welcome back, I hope you had a wonderful time! Its good to see you back. You have been missed!

  • guli

    Meli, it was hot but thank God Bodrum is not humid so it was fine plus I have AC but we had many forest fires which is a shame and most of them are set on purpose to clear land for more hotels etc. I did watch it on the news how hot it was in Greece. You guys had lots of forest fires too right? I heard that the polution in Athens was pretty bad. I hope it will cool off soon! Hey I am not kidding people just love this family all over the world it is amazing. I took many of my “collection” of magazines to Turkey with me, some folks on the plane going and coming back started a convo regarding them when they saw the magz I was reading :lol: :lol:

  • jackjack




  • the real tita

    #83: we already know that lots of people hate her. You are one prime example. Why do you hate her so much that you would seek out her threads just to post your hatred of her? Is that normal?

    Do you do that with all the stars you hate or is that just reserved for Angelina? And why would you be surprised that she has defenders? We are her fans. We like her. We don’t like you but we don’t seek you out. We don’t care where you live or what your e-mail addy is.

    If you don’t like what we say to you, then get out of the thread. Simple enough but I bet you, you still will hang around to spew your bile. You just can’t help it with your obsessive compulsion. You will change your name quite often but you will be unable to quit.

  • African Girl

    Hey Guli! How are you! How was your trip?
    Say when is your next trip? Coz we’re gonna need you to take some people with you. You know…..give ‘em the same treatment Rotten Tomato got last year ;)

    Anyway, it’s good to have you back.

  • Lilflowa

    ppl comment on these boards because they can and want to…thats why there are blogs for people to give an opinion….iff you want exclusive devotion go on a Brangelina forum or something! now what i cant understand is why all the obbsessive….like scarily obsessive fans cannot allow someone else to make a comment about them….it makes no sense???? If they say a bad word they are suddenly Satan! just ignore comments you dont like and get on with your lives! geez….

    And no i really do not get why she sued them…if she owned that name fair enough but she did not invent that name….so in the end she was wise and saved face to drop the suit! End of….

  • the real tita

    #87: give us the link then. If it’s true, then you scored one for the gipper. If not then you are aptly named.

  • briseis

    Hiya, Guli! You have been missed! Welcome back. Glad to know you had a nice vacation — now welcome back to the same-old, same-old stuff here at JustJared — same lame-ass haters, different names.

  • yaya

    This plain stupid

  • ll

    “Symine Salimpour.. promised to donate five per cent of the profits to an Israeli organization that provides medical and educational services for disabled children.”——— what about the Palestinian and Lebanese children who got disabled by the Israeli artillery??

  • juju

    Brad & Angie: Stickwitu from faithinher–tE93yh4

  • wwww

    let’s make one thing clear for all of you…
    BY THE LAW it doesn’t rally matter if someone will call his/her product Shilo cos’ it’s AJ’s doughter or if someone call it like that cos’ his/her a Jew or just like the name.
    BY THE LAW Shilo is’nt BOLONG to AJ. SHE DON’T HAVE ANY LEGAL CLAIM AND NEVER WILL HAVE! it’s as simple as that!.
    she didn’t invent the name, it’s a name that was know (in part ofthe warld) long before AG was exsisted, and this name is what is called “property af all”.
    that’s way even if someone did try to make the connection to Shilo PItt it doesn’t matter, as AJ doesn’t have any Legal stand and any claim to sue. even if she cold prove that Symine thought of the name afer Shilo was born she still won’t win at court.
    theonly case she hasis if someone use the name Shilo Pitt Jolie NOT if someone use the name Shilo by it self.
    simple as that.


    ok I did it lol I still have to do a lot of changes, but give me time.

    Post all you want and check if the forums are alright.


    221 WWWW SHUT-UP

  • PalagotSaKontra

    ako ay ninja

  • Nisha

    For all the haters who can’t seem to understand why Angie filed this suit: The perfume wasn’t even heard of until AFTER Shiloh was born. When you think of Shiloh, what comes to mind? Yes, I know there are many things named Shiloh and that it is a Biblical name, however, at this time, most people think of Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt when the name is heard.

    Therefore, it is only NATURAL for Angie & Brad (just because his name was not on the petition, doesn’t mean he wasn’t concerned) to question whether or not it was a publicity stunt.

    Also, as someone else posted, doesn’t this woman work for a tabloid?

    I know, I know, this all makes too much sense for you haters to pay attention to, but, I had to put it out there.

    Maybe I should have wrote this so that a 5 year old could understand it?

  • the real tita

    #214: you know what stinkeeflowa, I give up. You can have the thread. Have fun, enjoy and bye bye!

  • first and last post

    re: 115 African Girl : 08/02/2007 at 4:56 pm
    Excellent and insightful response, AG. Little else needs to be said.

  • 87

    It was probably deleted, but
    Salimpour stated BEFORE the lawsuit that proceeds would go to charity.
    STOP trying to give Joie credit for this woman’s charity.

  • A Certain Smile

    This has nothing to do w/ arrogance. The practice is once you trademark anything you are responsible for protecting it. There are people and companies that will use celebrity names to make money and fool people into thinking the celebrity has something to do w/ it. Priscillar Presley and her attorneys spent years suing people using Elvis name and image to make money for themselves. I am an attorney and used to research the names on the web for any similarities. Then I would send an attorney letter to cease and desist. I did not need to ask my client each time I did that.If they had valid legal reasons to use then we would back off. It is part of the trademark process. Yes, even common names used in certain ways can be trademark. Apple, any one. The Beatles and Apple computers have been locked in battle for years over a name that is quite common, yet it was trademarked by both of them.

    As for the riculous and unhinged haters of Ms. Jolie, unless you have a law degree and specialize in intellectual property you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • 87

    218 ll : 08/02/2007 at 6:26 pm
    “Symine Salimpour.. promised to donate five per cent of the profits to an Israeli organization that provides medical and educational services for disabled children.”——— what about the Palestinian and Lebanese children who got disabled by the Israeli artillery??
    this probably had something to do with why Jolie tried to block it.She has made it clear she is pro Palestine and anti Israel.

  • bampzs

    no, in the interview it is for “middle est” chidren
    + this woman is iranian roots

  • Lilflowa

    225 What are you on about about#?!?! why are you attacking me?? Its ppl like you who my comment was aimed at…I did not attack her in anyway i just said i dont think she needed to sue them……..You make the sane fans look dumb! psycho!!!

    I dont want the thread i made one comment…guess wat..BECAUSE I CAN!! Dumbass! Get a life…as i said my comment was mild and hardly offensive…go get a life and stop preying on ppl with a different opinion loser!

    Tata im out ! xxx

  • guli

    Hey Mzslil how are you? Hiya Sheri how is it going, the wedding in Turkey is still in the plans I hope :lol:

    AG— my long long time cyber-friend, how are you? I missed all of you sometimes even the nut cases since they always give a chuckle with their twisted illogical and hilarious hateful posts as if this couple personally hurt them in some way :lol: :lol:
    Well, as you know I failed the first time with my attempt to bring our dearest trolls for a nice permenant visit to a very lovely site in Turkey, but next time I am confident I will succeed to have them enjoy their long stay in that luxury hotel I mentioned, it is lovely eventhough it has alot of iron gates, for their own protection of course :lol:

  • wwww

    to:228 A Certain Smile
    I actually know what i’m talking about…
    If you actually are a Lawyer you would know that AJ should’ve registered the name as a trademark inorder to have some kind of ownership on it (and even then it will only protect against commercial use).
    i donn’t recall reading AJ doing that.
    secondly, even if she tried to do that i’m not sure she would have succeeded…

  • love
  • A Fan

    Angie and Brad have common sense. They know, I’m sure, that you cannot patent the name “Shiloh”, any more than you can patent other names Angelina, Brad, Mary, John, etc. They are all in the public domain.

    Haters, you should thank JJ for putting this thread up. I’m sure he did it to see how quickly and repeatedly the haters would respond.

  • sad

    Oh Guli it is so nice to see that you’re back!!! Perhaps you can help turn this board around because the only ones left here at JJ are the sad pathetic trolls and a few blowhards like Cliniqua who think that they are the final word on the JPs and that they have the right to tell JJ how to run his board. Most of the nice sane posters have got so fed up that they’ve jumped ship for the summer…

  • Mzslil


    I am doing quite well. I hope you enjoyed your vacation. I missed your posts.

    Gearing up for the new NCAA football seasons…..UCLA should have a decent team this year. How’s your team looking?

  • athy

    viva brangelina,god bless the jolie-pitt

  • cutie

    here we go again: if you had a child that everyone wants to see so bad and attacks when you go out in public just because you are a public figure, would you let someone use your childs name on a product to sell it somewhere? of course not so haterz stop saying angie did the wrong thing because she didnt , she was protecting her child…how would she know that the person whos naming their product shiloh is a moron or not.when she found out the truth about the lady’s prodject, she lets it go just like any other stop making an experiment out of this situation okay cuz everyone knows angie is not going to come out all strong on a person without having her reasons

  • HEY!!!!!!

    Wow – this is still going on??? Have fun – I am OFH!!!

  • guli

    sad, come on now we will NEVER let the trolls take over at JJ’s considering they are often the same person changing names, they are actually quite funny in an odd way!!!

    OK, so when is Mad’s birhtday? I think in a few days right?
    Sooooooo, this means a “CYBER PARTY”!!!! Heck I even brought many bottles of Ouzo from Turkey but we need TP to be the bar tender as usual, is she around?

  • lookwhaticando

    At least some of the money is going to a good cause. Love the Jolie-Pitts

  • lola

    As any mother would she got to protect her famous child’s name.Haters just disapear and let us fans talk about our fav couple.
    Can anybody tell me where is Brad and Angie right now I mis them.

  • cutie

    mandy if you hate angelina so much and think that no one wants to see her then why are you coming to this thread to see her and talk about her, i mean she is just a memory so why are you comming here , i dont care if this thread is for everyone or not you do not come to a thread where you hate someone because its not normal, its freaking weird. Angelina is a famous person known for her humanitariun work and her movies , and her looks.she is very known in all countries even the countries that are not well btch get your facts straigh and stop hatin cuz you are not getting anywhere by fking insulting someone you know nothing how about you get a life


    lol at mandy,
    whatever you say dear, whatever you say, angry much?

  • first and last post

    Hi Guli,
    missed seeing your posts…welcome back.

  • susie

    guli- yeah!!! :lol: I am so happy to see you back! :)

  • Dirty Denise

    225 What are you on about about#?!?! why are you attacking me?? Its ppl like you who my comment was aimed at…I did not attack her in anyway i just said i dont think she needed to sue them……..You make the sane fans look dumb! psycho!!!
    Brad and Angie only sued to let the pubic know they had nothing to do with the product. They were right for doing it.

  • dianad1968

    welcome back guli. you are not familiar with me, because i’ve only been posting for a short while, but i was a regular lurker and am familiar with all the regulars names. hope your visit with your relatives aws enjoyable and restful. as you can see the morons are stll hating on angie and her family. if they did not have that to do, their lives would be totally empty and without meaning. so as usual, unbeknownst to angie, she is helping out a worthy cause.

  • julia

    Welcome Back guli,
    Good to see your name again.


  • the whole truth

    Mandy, mandy, you are so confused. Angelina is an international megastar who has movie offers which she turns down daily. She will next work with Clint Eastwood in a film and then take a year off from making movies to devote more time to her family. She is known and well respected world wide as a humanitarian, a sincere supporter of children’s rights, works with the new British PM on children’s issues, hobnobs with the real movers and shakers power people in the world. She will continue to get movie offers as she is unique.

    But above all that Angelina values her family, her Brad and their four kids. They are an inseparable package. They love being together. They do not waste their time denigrating anyone like you attempt to do because they have good hearts.

    Beautiful Angelina’s got the power and you know it. The people you hang with are lost in outer space, they like you, are not of this world, losers all.

  • Dirty Denise

    220 wwww : 08/02/2007 at 6:29 pm
    Hey moron, why do you only mention Angie, when Brad is a part of the lawsuit too?

  • How dare you

    Anyways how do we know this story is true. The Washington Post is a tabloid. We know how they make up stories about the Jolie-Pitts.

  • Lilflowa

    Thank you for the info 249 that was a sane and respectable reply…unlike other pyschos who would have called me a hater by now *rolls eyes*