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Victoria Beckham Loves Being Braless

Victoria Beckham Loves Being Braless

A braless Victoria Beckham is spotted leaving her home in Beverly Hills on Thursday afternoon.

According to the NY Daily News, the Britney Spears allegedly stormed out of the celeb-friendly Chateau Marmont earlier this week when she was told the only table available was next to perky Posh.

Poor Posh, I’m sure she’s crushed. Tear, tear.

As for David‘s Sunday Major League Soccer match in Toronto, things are still up in the air. “As far as we know, he is coming to Toronto and we hope he is healthy enough to play,” Toronto business operations manager Paul Beirne said. “The fact of the matter is his status is day to day, his team is in the middle of a three-game road trip and we haven’t gotten an official word of whether he will play or not.”

Bigger pic inside…

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  • Pia


  • J.M

    Damn! Her nipppples are huge. Are they fake too???

  • yaya

    their not breasts there bombs

  • yaya

    i meant “their”

  • yaya

    oh shit i meant they’re

  • ako

    love she, everi time cute

  • Pia

    lol yaya

  • SheDevil

    She wears plastic nipples under her bra to get the look. Seriously, you can buy them now.

  • yaya

    britney needs 2 kool down

  • Callie

    I like to go braless too – are you kidding me, so good for her! The minute I am home from work it comes off. And quick trips to the store, bank etc. – braless.

  • lory

    she looks great

  • Dirty Cougar

    OMG! My hubby will love this! I’ll have to show him this pic! I go braless as soon as I get home from work and weekends~no bra! When, you only wear a size B cup who, F@CKING cares?

  • Lica

    looks great, love U

  • [~Famous~]

    She wears bras her nipples are just big and always hard.

  • [~Famous~]

    When you wear a B cup, you can go outside shirtless – Nobody would even notice your boy-chest. Lol

  • Lilflowa

    She looks soo cute!! in a Uk mag called Closer they said Posh stormed out on britney and blah blah…haha two different stories…who cares the tabs love a good fued!!

    Love her Hat! those nipples are legendary!! LMAO!!

  • 87

    I guess you don’t need a bra when your breasts are rock hard pieces of plastic.

  • Lilflowa

    Oh yah posh musta been DEVASTED! lmao these stories crack me up!!

  • xyz

    yes her nipples are fake, NO they can’t be removed… they’re surgically stuck on.


    Hmmm Dirty Cougar, thats awesome. I really hope you are a cougar.
    Send pictures to – Celebrity Gossip for the Straight Male

  • Beth

    Whatever about the nipples, who cares?

    She’s gorgeous! Love the outfit from what I can see!


  • erica

    she looks good as usual

  • KrungKrung

    hey, what can i say, it’s the Poshtitute, don’t like her, in general don’t like the Bakedhams at all, this is my first and last post on this thread, ciao y’all…

  • Barbara

    Clue me in somebody. Why on earth would Britney refuse to sit next to Posh? What am I missing?

  • remember da truth

    Beautiful, perfect shape, perky — great breasts! She should be proud of them and show them off!

  • *~*Jinny*~*

    Perky Posh is looking Sex-ay!

  • Prix


    I guess that is the whole point of getting implants. To show everyone you got your money’s worth.

  • Lilflowa

    exactly number 24…how random is that??

  • david wife breasts are bricks

    Man those are the fakess hardess lookin ta-tas Ive ever seen.I bet they have no feelings in them and their hard as rock!

  • phony ti-ts

    13 November 2005
    Posh finally admits she lied to millions over THAT boob op

    VICTORIA Beckham has sensationally admitted to lying about her controversial boob op.

    Posh had repeatedly denied in public that she’d had breast implants – despite constant speculation.

    She even went to great lengths to deny the claim in a TV programme shown to millions of viewers. But her legal team now admit this was a FIB.

    The bombshell admission comes in a document before the hearing of the libel case she and hubby David are bringing.

    In a court file, obtained by The People, where Posh is referred to as the “Second Claimant”, it is accepted…

    “That the Second Claimant had in fact undergone breast enhancement surgery and had lied about it on the Tabloid Tales television programme.”

    Showbiz insiders believe Posh, 31, had her op in London after the birth of first son Brooklyn in March 1999, paying £10,000.

    Biographer Andrew Morton claimed the surgery happened in September.
    He wrote: “In her hectic schedule, it would be another year before she would again have the chance – and time to recuperate away from prying eyes.”
    But in the interview for BBC1′s Tabloid Tales shown on April 29, 2003 – and watched by 3.1million viewers, she said: “I’m completely natural, except for my fingernails and I have a bit of help with my hair and a bit of a San Tropez (fake tan) going on.” It’s not the first time Posh has been coy on the subject. In January 2000, she insisted to TV’s Michael Parkinson: “I haven’t had a boob job.”
    In September 2001, she told a reporter her inflated look was down to boosting her cleavage with tape and push-up bras.
    The same month she also seemed to deny surgery in a women’s mag, demanding: “Who says I’ve had a boob job?”
    Posh was furious when model Jordan claimed on TV in February 2004 that she “knew” the ex Spice Girl had breast implants because she’d “flashed” them at her in 2000.
    Yesterday Victoria’s spokeswoman said: “Unfortunately Victoria is flying back from Japan and therefore it is not possible for me to comment on this story on her behalf.” She denied the star lied.
    The Beckhams’ libel action against a newspaper is due in the High Court next month.
    No doubt Victoria Beckham’s knockers will be hoping for more revelations!

  • Lilflowa

    number 30 we know its fake how sad are you diggin up that article from 2 yrs ago?? or is it saved in your files so you can paste it evrytime u se a posh posts?

  • MB

    I think she doesnt care that people find they are fake. cuz they look FAKE!!!

  • http://donthaveone gaynell

    I am a good size, but I would not mind a little lift, in life myself, I bet it makes you feel better.

  • K

    Actually if you look you can see that she clearly has on a bandeau/strapless type bra under her shirt, . And even if she didn’t who cares? Why is everyone so obsessed about the fact that she appears to wear no bra?

  • Corry

    Sexy Posh!!!
    She’s wearing a bra but…yes her nipples are big. Way to go Becks!

  • Budiey

    wow, she look gorgeous!

  • Lizzie

    She should go braless while she can, she paid enough for them to look like that, and they won’t stay that way for much longer.

  • Annie

    bla bla bla – so &#&$(WE(*Q))E*W& what!!!!!!!!!! So she has HUGE Jugs and NASTY #*YRW(*(& NIPS!! and I mean really nasty NIPS – I am a woman, and I would NEVER want to have permanent HARD nips like that…. most womens’ nips fluctuate with either the weather (COLD) or from sheer stimulation…..hers will never change….they are permanently protruding HARD AS A ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! – and I really believe that she has lost all sensation to her JUGS – most ppl do lose sensation in their boobs due to boob jobs, and any woman that says they never lose sensation – ARE JUST PLAIN LYING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DiamondDust

    She has the body of a boy, a malnourished boy. But those breasts sure look healthy! LOL I really question the type of man who goes after women who have bodies like children. Disgusting!

    Anyway, we brought them here, paid millions for them to be here, and he’s played how many games? I bet they laugh every night, after playing leapfrog, at what big suckers (no pun intended) we are!

  • ????

    Ugh. Posh is apparently creating her own drama. The Chateau Marmont is famous for being a place where celebs can go and chill in peace. This is being disturbed because the staff thinks Vicky is calling the photogs every time she goes there for a green bean and ice water with lemon. They’re said to loathe her ass, but “they like David [Beckham, her husband], though”. Well, yeah. He has washboard abs. People with washboard abs can murder nuns and the general public would still be like “I’ll get this round”.

    Posh calls the paps just like Brit..Wow we are so surprise????

  • blah

    Like her husband but not her. Hope he dump her ASAP.

  • whatever

    Fake, Fake Fake!!! non-believers please look back to those photos of her when she was with the SpiceGirls!

  • im german

    She looks okay here like the hat her face is hidden,but the nip nip look like flat square buttons.

  • K

    What??? those are floaters. They will save her from drowning.

  • Ruth

    Everything about her is FAKE – you just have to look at pictures of her from before the Spice Girls success. She was a very pretty young girl, natural looking. Then she did the plastic surgery on almost every part of her. She has the right to do whatever she wants but why deny it??

  • magnus

    42 is a card carrying r3tard.

    Who cares if they’re fake?


  • kbcan

    If the story is true about Britney storming out, I can’t quite figure out why she would do that. Other than she is just insane.

    I guess it could be that Posh had the best table in the house, and Britney didn’t want to take a second-seat to her. Britney is such an attention-whore that I could see her not want anyone else to be the absolute center of attention rather than her.

  • Nonya

    I don’t think a single person who has posted has ever had children. I have those boobs & nips only bigger with no surgery. I hope mine still look that good after #2 but this one has put me in DD range instead of just nicely perked C. FYI when you breast feed your nipples get huge and I still have permanant THO even three years later.Also good genes & wearing a good support bra when excercising works for me.

  • ew

    Nipples big as mushrooms.

  • scust

    eeewwww, Posh has to be one of the ugliest celebrities out there, she’s anorexic with a seriously big head. Those breasts are awful.

    As for Britney, well posh didnt want her sitting next to them, because we all know that David has an eye for the ladies. What with Britney not wearing knickers and all, David would have loved the hell out of that p*ssy.

    I feel sorry for David have to sleep next to a stick insect every night.