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Angelina Jolie Comforts Mad Maddox

Angelina Jolie Comforts Mad Maddox

The Jolie-Pitts are stateside!

Angelina Jolie scoops up an obviously teed off Maddox before walking into a Los Angeles studio on Friday to do some last-minute voiceover work for her upcoming animated film Beowulf.

The Robert Zemeckis-directed movie set for a Nov. 17th release. If you haven’t already, watch the Beowulf trailer.

Who wore what? Angelina wore head-to-toe black — a “back of the skirt zipper” dress, pointy up-to-the-knee suede boots and D&G shades. The mother-of-four accented her look with a white handbag. Maddox, who turns 6 on Monday, wore a black tee with a UFO-video-game print.

Earlier this week, Angie, Maddox and family were vacationing in Angouleme, France.

25+ pictures inside of Momgelina ‘n Maddox

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angelina jolie comforting maddox 01
angelina jolie comforting maddox 02
angelina jolie comforting maddox 03
angelina jolie comforting maddox 04
angelina jolie comforting maddox 05
angelina jolie comforting maddox 06
angelina jolie comforting maddox 07
angelina jolie comforting maddox 08
angelina jolie comforting maddox 09
angelina jolie comforting maddox 10
angelina jolie comforting maddox 11
angelina jolie comforting maddox 12
angelina jolie comforting maddox 13
angelina jolie comforting maddox 14
angelina jolie comforting maddox 15
angelina jolie comforting maddox 16
angelina jolie comforting maddox 17
angelina jolie comforting maddox 18
angelina jolie comforting maddox 19
angelina jolie comforting maddox 20
angelina jolie comforting maddox 21
angelina jolie comforting maddox 22
angelina jolie comforting maddox 23
angelina jolie comforting maddox 24
angelina jolie comforting maddox 25

Photos: Rrg/Gabo/Dean/Zfi/Jri/Bm/Jsm/Bauer-Griffin
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  • nika


  • ILovePapaSmurf

    Mad is the man! Adorable!

  • syd

    Mads is adorable, even when ticked off. Good to see the Angie smiling. Thanks for all the pictures Jared.

  • Frances

    cute kid but the mom is insane.

  • http://htt// b

    We have a new threds , thanks.

  • Francophile

    Great !

  • nafnaf

    :-) how cute :-) jolie-pitt forever!!!

  • Babysis

    He’s getting soo big!

  • Gabby

    Good their stateside, maybe now for a limited time, we can see more pics of the kiddies.

  • sisi

    I love the ring , did you see she always is wearing it , i think brad gave it to her , she use it in the right hand because they are not married ….yet



  • no longer a lurker

    just logged in & what do i see – 3 new threads! thanks, jared!

  • Lili


  • yeah

    thank 4 the new thread!! love it!

  • ?????

    They are back in L.A for Mad’s birthday :)

  • Sheri

    Jared you spoil us so! I was attempting to say hi on the last thread. will be back BAMPZS fans. Love you Jared!

  • G

    They are all so tanned from their French vacation. Lovely, lovely family!

  • spunky

    I love Madd’s shirt.

  • And

    ‘Hello JP’s',Im back to take on the trolls.

  • Eyes

    Saludos y’all.

    Happy to see they’re safe.:lol:

  • Sheri

    14 ????? : 08/03/2007 at 7:51 pm
    Hey friend or foe? Every time I sign off you ask a question trying to stir the pot? Don’t get mad, just asking

  • amen

    We thank God for his mercies on the family. Happy birthday, Maddox. I hope you have a wonderful day on Monday!

  • dd

    Mad looks so tiny for a 6 yeard old.

  • Lillianne

    Real celebrity news! Beowulf is going to be awesome. AWESOME! I can’t wait. Need some more kid pics though. I want to see Shiloh walking and see how tall she is compared to Princess Z.

    YAY. What a way to start a weekend. Thanks JJ.

  • sprite

    Awww…I think Maddox is pissed about the paparazzi. He had a long vacation without them in his face. He will have a nice private birthday celebration. Happy 6th Birthday Maddox. I love his shirt. Angie looks great.

  • piper, with a low

    Woo Hoo!!

    So far, three out of four J-P children.

  • amen

    God bless the family!

  • amen

    Angie looks happy. God bless her.

  • Whatever

    He’s probably tired, from all the jet-setting the last few weeks, and pissed off that once again, he had to leave behind friends he made, to be uprooted where ever it is that his parents decide to stay for whatever length of time they plan on staying this “trip”.

  • http://htt// IV

    they back home .

  • JO-ANN

    oh my goodness thank -you jared.

  • Jean

    I feel for him to have no sense of belonging. Must be tough on those kids. I hope someone has told Angelina about the mighty flop. I wanted to be a fly on the wall whens she was watching the numbers. Must be tough. With all the 300-700 posts on her thread everyday, you would think they would translate into ticket sales but alas, I am now assuming there about five people posting here As a multitude of fans (read phatoms). LOL

  • African Girl

    Awww, thanks Jared.

    Maddox is a big boy now, it’s nice to see how far he’s grown

  • gena

    I can’t believe #4. If you think Angie is insane; why are you #4 to comment on this site. Go somewhere esle!

    Does anyone know the M/M Smith youtube site where the director said that they gave Brad real liquid to get him to relax to do the Bogata dance scene. I looked for it last night and could not find it.

    I had just finished looking at this site for the earlier post of them with the girls; was surprise to see this post! Wonder why Mad was “mad”!

    Angie is a good mom!!!

  • Besane

    Jolie-Pitt kids are so fortunate to be exposed to so many different cultures all over the world at such a young age. Those who criticize them are either jealous, or hate them anyway since they can’t care less about the children’s well-being to start with. Oh and Maddox must be bilingual by now, French-English.

  • The dog

    Mad is pissed because he has to see his grandma on sunday again, and he knows she can’t stop talking about Jen!

  • Lena

    Talk about photo ops, couldn’t she do this in the studio? Nope, she had to wait outside for some photos or else we forget what a caring mother she is. At least they are back, not more hiding from their backlash

  • Katty

    He’s very little for a almost 6 yeard old kid.

  • Brad

    To whatever aka my EX delusional fan

    I want you to know that my 7 years with the EX is history, a time in my

    life that came and went.

    Lessons learned but best forgotten.

    What is there to remember anyway but endless whining and narcissism.

    Looking back, I was never really happy, there was always that feeling that it wasn’t right to be married to her.

    To divorce her is putting an end to the fallacy of our merger.

    I am happy now and wouldn’t change a thing.

    Everyday, I thank God for new beginnings. Angie is everything to me.

    Our four children are our world and we are having a great time living our life together as a family.

    Brad Pitt

  • STFU

    Check the rest of the pics, he’s pissed because all the freaking paparazzis are on his face!

  • amen

    Jean dear, people post from all across the world. Internet is world wide, it is not an American thing. AMH has only opened in America, it’s going to open worldwide in September, watch out for the numbers then and look out for the Oscars coming Angie’s way during the award season. Smell the sweet success. Peace.

  • athy

    great mom,lve her,where is pax,i miss him

  • coalharbourqt

    It’s like a BAMPZS buffet today :D Love it!

    Kids get upset for all kinds of reasons – it doesn’t mean that parents should run their lives based on those whims. Otherwise there would be no school, nobody would ever go to sleep before midnight, and chocolate cake would be served every day for breakfast. They’ve been on holidays for a while and Maddox is not used to having to share Mommy with work. He’s probably forgotten all about it by now :-)

  • Mika

    I am still dancing because a mighty flop bombed. I was so sure it would. She now has the guts to come back finally. Poor kids, have to be uprooted from town to town country to country, what a life, believe at their age, they are more pissed and traumatised to appreciate the cultural signifance of where they have been. Brad too seems worse for wear.


  • juju

    28 Whatever : 08/03/2007 at 7:59 pm
    31 Jean : 08/03/2007 at 8:00 pm
    33 kelly : 08/03/2007 at 8:01 pm _____________
    You feed on envy, jealousy and hate. What a sad and pathetic lives you excuses for human beings must have…

  • aneeee

    she is the best

  • big deal!

    OK. Now that theyre in the states the only other pix we will get of them is Brad polluting the air on one of his many motorcycles and none of Angie and their kids.

    I am surprised we got these new pix of Angie in L.A. in the first place.

  • JO-ANN

    I love this family so much i just wish then a lot of happiness and blessings,my goodness maddox is growing tall,it’s so good to see him, i hope all the angels surround this family for the good things they do for all the people who truly suffer in this world,and all the love they have given to all these little children they have adopted as their own.may they be protected from evil people.

  • Stop playin’….

    31 Jean : 08/03/2007 at 8:00 pm

    I feel for him to have no sense of belonging. Must be tough on those kids.
    Awww Jean. That’s sweet…you all worried about his sense of belonging and their well-being. Especially since Brad and Angie seem to constantly be in the clubs or attending wild parties and premieres. I suppose you’d prefer them to keep the kids in one place while Mommy and Daddy go off to far off locations for their jobs never seeing them and with them raised by the help. Yep that makes perfect sense!

  • Vee

    Darling family–she’s gained weight. Hope she’s pregnant!

  • A Mighty Heart