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Brad & Angelina's Vineyard Venture

Brad & Angelina's Vineyard Venture

Part Deux!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie board their private jet on Wednesday in Angouleme, France with two of their kids — Zahara, 2, and Shiloh, 14 months.

The couple have decided on a chateau in Southern France — Chateau Val Joanis — and are in the process of buying a vineyard. Their exclusive photos of their “soon to be swiped” up vineyard are in the gallery.

UPDATE: Also included are pictures of Brad & Angelina‘s recent helicopter ride…

Brad & Angelina… still going strong! 10+ pictures of the Jolie-Pitts and their new vineyard venture are inside…

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brad angelina vineyard 01
brad angelina vineyard 02
brad angelina vineyard 03
brad angelina vineyard 04
brad angelina vineyard 05
brad angelina vineyard 06
brad angelina vineyard 07
brad angelina vineyard 08
brad angelina vineyard 09
brad angelina vineyard 10
brad angelina vineyard 11
brad angelina vineyard 12
brad angelina vineyard 13
brad angelina vineyard 14
brad angelina vineyard 15
brad angelina vineyard 16
brad angelina vineyard 17
brad angelina vineyard 18
brad angelina vineyard 19
brad angelina vineyard 20

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  • Jill

    195 [~Famous~] : 08/03/2007 at 5:43 pm
    I guess they’ve never been told that Zahorror’s hair ‘might’ need to be combed every now and then.

    What possible motive can you have for stooping low enough to hate on an innocent little girl? Are you trying to demonstrate to everybody how despicable you really are? We got the message a long time ago.

  • HELP

    D.J Periods and Paragraphs will save your life.


  • judy

    I don’t understand why some people have to talk about Z Leave the girl alone she does not like when her hair is done so plase back off !
    We all no why they right about jp because it is all about money making get ittttttttttttt

  • Hottest Couple Ever

    Love them love them love them. They are together. They are beautiful and they are in love. Shiloh is really catching up to her big sis Z. Sweet.

  • Kitten

    Sorry [~Famous~] for nothing, oh unless living in the [~CLOSET~] counts, but [YOUR] man Brad [PERFERS] Females. That why Angie in and YOU [~MAGGOT FACE~] don’t stand a chance. So go find a good pile of goat [~S H I T~] you [~MAGGOT~A S S~CLOSET~DWELLER~] and fly away.

  • lmao

    193 Missouri Fan : 08/03/2007 at 5:34 pm

    I am sorry I didn’t. Are they on another thread? I know there are few Brad and Angie ones today but this is the one I came to first. I will go check.

  • Afro Puffs

    Why do so many people have a problem with Zahara\’s natural Afro? Why they get pissed because Zahara is sporting a fro? That is her natural hair, fools. I hope they let Zahara have an afro all the damn time now.

  • dill

    Some of you are so provincial with little of no experience of anywhere other than your own little muddy backyards…you have no idea there is a big wide world out there. The children travelling with their parents will have so many experiences. They will grow up to be interesting human beings because they were lucky enough to grow up as citizens of the world not to live and die and one place. What a fantastic way to grow up!!!!!!!!!!

  • andrea

    I know this off topic but why do you think the Beckhams haven’t been on the cover of the tabs like INTouch, Star,NE,etc.

  • first and last post

    re: 200 Passing Through : 08/03/2007 at 5:49 pm
    Hi PT,
    I was wondering if it was the word, “barf” or “keyboard” that was rude and vulgar…can’t figure that one out…
    now “frozen farts” is a good one…classic PT.

  • HEY!!!!!!

    206 [~Famous~] : 08/03/2007 at 5:58 pm
    Oh wow, that was low. Lmao


    Yes, now stand up, dust yourself off and go stand in the corner until you can play nice!!

  • The real lou

    I wish certain people would stop responding to [~Famous~].Jared thanks for the new pictures!

  • amen

    Delete Famous posts. I hate to have hate spread on the site where there is so much love.

  • Jill

    206 [~Famous~] : 08/03/2007 at 5:58 pm
    My mother is proud, very proud. And she’s still alive to be proud of me… Can everyone say that?

    I’d imagine she is very proud she raised a chip off the old block. Do you and she share clients in the neighborhood cathouse? Two for the price of one, that kind of thing?

    As for you ragging on Z, I’d hate to think what your own kids must look like. They probably resemble the leftovers from partial-birth abortions.

  • aida

    according to dum(b) : 08/03/2007 at 3:00 pm
    “Ugh. It’s easy to make, I mean adopt, babies, but how are they going to raise them? Now it’s France? these two are the most narcissistic celebs, all they think about is jetsetting around the world.”

    “Why did they even adopt those kids? The kids are just luggage they haul from on airplane to another. Sad.”

    I’d be happy to be adopted by this couple that is using country hopping as part of the children’s education. The children will grow up more open minded and respectful of other culture and people.

    Not like the case of “dum(b)” comment above.



  • HEY!!!!!!

    211 first and last post : 08/03/2007 at 6:04 pm
    re: 200 Passing Through : 08/03/2007 at 5:49 pm
    Hi PT,
    I was wondering if it was the word, “barf” or “keyboard” that was rude and vulgar…can’t figure that one out…
    now “frozen farts” is a good one…classic PT.


    It wasn’t “barf” or “keyboard” it was “x”. Hehehe

  • guli

    Hiya PT— You know before I left for my long vacation I commented that I missed the old trolls/haters that they at least had a few IQ cells. Geez what happened, we now have complete morons. I know most of them are the same person and most are just trying to get attention or get some fans all worked up, but they are sinking even lower than I thought they could. Having said that, I still find them hilarious :lol: I never met “its” like that in my entire life. They are like a different species!!!!


    206 [~Famous~] : 08/03/2007 at 5:58 pm
    200 OHH! PLEASE : 08/03/2007 at 5:49 pm

    your mom won’t be around forever love, and i’m bored with you, so call me when what you have to say that is actually funny and i’ll lmao with you. see ya later a$$hole.

  • omg

    it’s lunchtime at the insane asylum

  • michaka

    The people fawning over Brad and Angelina are delusional. This farce of a relationship will implode in a year. People live vicariously through this illusion of a relationship because they can’t go out and get a life of their own.

  • Kitten

    206 [~The famous LITTLE MAGGOT BEHIND THE COMPUTER~], don’t make me come to BROOKLYN Beeyotch, and get up in that B I T C H A S S of your, [~MAGGOT~].

  • Jill

    Nothing’s wrong with Shiloh. What’s wrong with you?

  • omg

    everyone gets to take a turn on the computer. fug tries to hog it though.

  • Nisha

    #223, oh, so it’s a year now, eh? These haters don’t know when to quit.


    210 andrea : 08/03/2007 at 6:04 pm
    because they won’t sell many copies if they put them on the cover, it’s all about the $$$$$


    #216 kelly you are jealous,so x quit trying to change your name to kelly.brad does not love you ,get over it.

  • omg

    227 Nisha

    till a year passes than it will be a year again.

  • [~Famous~]

    Yeah, delete my post. Not like it’ll do anything, there’s still idiots copying it and re-posting it over. Lmfao. Delete, delete. And tell those dummy’s stop copying and pasting my comments.

    Marcheline Holla!

    Kitten, don’t hurt yourself sweetheart. muah

  • The real lou

    #220 guli,good to see you back!!!!!I hope you had a nice vacation.

  • Hottest Couple Ever

    #209 dill

    ITA. I am so excited for them, how lucky they are. I think that those who criticize Brad and Angie for travelling so much are in fact very jealous and ignorant. This is a big, beautiful world that we inhabit. These children have parents who adore them. They will see the world and have the best of everything, without becoming spoiled rich brats, because Brad and Angie are working together to make it so.



  • http://htt// Go AWAY


  • kate

    Their Carbon foot print is horrendous!

  • Kitten

    Listen [~ famous Fug Face MAGGOT~] Brad just don’t like playing in
    S H I T, like Tom. So the sooner you stop fantasizing about you and Brad, the sooner that sick a s s mind of your will heal

  • Aeon fan-lurker

    Passing Through

    “frozen farts”..that is rich..I love it. I am at work LMAO.

    To: D.J. grow some brain cells or something. That is the most stupid comment I ever read because your logic is so faulty. It would also help if you went back to school and learn how to use punctuations.

    aka Longtime fan/lurker

  • Missouri Fan
  • HEY!!!!!!

    287 HEY!!!!!! : 08/03/2007 at 2:39 pm
    282 HEY!!!!!! : 08/03/2007 at 2:34 pm
    269 Missouri Fan : 08/03/2007 at 2:22 pm

    Nice meeting you! Newbie?


    Nice meeting you too!!


    Sorry I did not answer your question!! Yes, I am sort of a Newbie.
    I used to post under ???? (PT called me Indria because I am reading Gandhi) but someone stoled ???? and started posting hate so I changed my name.

  • Afro Puffs

    What the hell is with this guy being so obsessed with Angelinas mom Marchaline Bertrand and baby Zahara? posting rude things and giving mean nicknames to a 2 year old and obsessing over Angie\’s dead mother? Strange. The guy really hates Angelina or his cornrows are just too tight and it\’s messing with his mind.

  • guli

    The real lou— Hey there, how are you? I missed you all so much. I had a wonderful time :-) I saw most of my relatives. I was amazed how much the Turkish media covered JP’s, they are known and loved all over the world.
    Like Meli(she’s in Greece) said July was very hot and many forest fires due to arsons trying to clear land to build more hotels on the Medi. coast. It was really sad, one was very close to my house and I have pictures of the planes coming to our bay to scoop up water from the sea and return over and over again, it went on for 14 hours and a very old forest is now in ashes :-(

    Anyhoo, it is nice to be back home and with you all! TGIF!

  • Missouri Fan

    713 Missouri Fan : 08/03/2007 at 9:14 am


  • Missouri Fan
  • You/Me

    I love that picture of Angie hugging the guy in the suit and looking him in the eye.
    Shows how affectionate she can be to people she cares about. The family looks happy, and Angie in those jeans looks super sexy! :-)

  • Missouri Fan

    724 Missouri Fan : 08/03/2007 at 9:25 am

    To LOVELY ANGELINA and Lolita, our birthday celebrants today!

  • 2 !!!!!!!! : 08/03/2007 at 12:26 pm

    piece of s**t

    ugly M angelina has no talent

  • juju

    245 You/Me : 08/03/2007 at 6:43 pm
    That’s something that Angelina always does, looking the people on the eyes.People that meet her always refers that she always looks the person on the eyes when she is talking or interacting with that person.

  • veve

    I dont understand when people say :suri is more beautiful than shiloh, they are two beautiful girls ,that’s all.

  • guli

    Happy Birthday LOVELY ANGELINA and Lolita!!!!

    MF—you are the best remiding us of the important dates. Many thanks and thanks for the links. Hey how was little Bradley today?