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Brad & Angelina's Vineyard Venture

Brad & Angelina's Vineyard Venture

Part Deux!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie board their private jet on Wednesday in Angouleme, France with two of their kids — Zahara, 2, and Shiloh, 14 months.

The couple have decided on a chateau in Southern France — Chateau Val Joanis — and are in the process of buying a vineyard. Their exclusive photos of their “soon to be swiped” up vineyard are in the gallery.

UPDATE: Also included are pictures of Brad & Angelina‘s recent helicopter ride…

Brad & Angelina… still going strong! 10+ pictures of the Jolie-Pitts and their new vineyard venture are inside…

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brad angelina vineyard 01
brad angelina vineyard 02
brad angelina vineyard 03
brad angelina vineyard 04
brad angelina vineyard 05
brad angelina vineyard 06
brad angelina vineyard 07
brad angelina vineyard 08
brad angelina vineyard 09
brad angelina vineyard 10
brad angelina vineyard 11
brad angelina vineyard 12
brad angelina vineyard 13
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  • vanz

    who was that lucky who got a kiss from Angie?

    Thanks Jared!!!!

  • snapback u could even put Brittany Spears and Brad and Angelina in the same sentence is ridiculous…they may jetset all over, but do u not see these kids going to school all the time…B & A’s kids are getting a fabulous cultural education that would probably make for a better world if more people could do least their priorities (education and keeping family together) are in order instead of partying all over and dragging their children through it like Brittany…her kids need to be under supervised visits when with her….I never cared for Kevin F way back when, but he should have the kids until Brit grows up and matures..if she can….

    Brad and Angelina are fabulous, hands-on parents and their children are deeply loved as evident in most pics of them

  • lula29

    You know, a lot of people have “unconventional” childhoods and grow up just fine.

    I was watching Julia Louis-Dreyfuss on Inside the Actor’s Studio and was surprised to learn that when her mother remarried a doctor who was part of Doctor’s Without Borders (or an organization like that) and pretty much grew up all around the world. I found that really interesting.

    Most of us on this board have pretty conventional lives, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but not everyone grows up the same, and there’s really nothing wrong or damaging about that either.

  • Maria

    OMG! The adorable sisters! Zee and Shiloh finally! Brad sexy as always, angie looking sexier. Take that tabshit lies. They’re more in love than ever!

    Shiloh is getting big! Zee chatty and pointing as usual. Too cute!

    thanks jared!

  • Josephina

    #70 Ace Tomato-

    Beautiful post. Apparently you are also a citizen of the world. We need more people like you. God bless you.

    #109- Monique-

    Very ugly comments. But, it’s OK to say it, right? After all, your were just stating your “opinion.” And stating derogatory commments should be acceptable, right? Hell, it shouldn’t matter whether it is true or not, just as long as you get to express yourself. Even if it is at the expense of ridiculing someone else. It also may seem “logical” to you to deliberately share these types of opinions to an audience of admirers. All of this makes a lot of sense to you, huh?

  • first and last post

    re: 297 Passing Through : 08/03/2007 at 8:26 pm
    210 andrea : 08/03/2007 at 6:04 pm

    I know this off topic but why do you think the Beckhams haven’t been on the cover of the tabs like INTouch, Star,NE,etc.


    Because Americans don’t give a rip about soccer and has-been pop stars
    and PT, she had the worse and weakest voice of the five or were there four, not that I’m an expert but I don’t think her voice was ever highlighted.

  • Kira

    Zahara is so cute….I’m glad they’re beginning to cut her hair and leave it naturally until she’s old enough to decide how she wants to wear it.

  • free

    To # 167

    I am black, and I also don’t think Z is pretty…many don’t. Why do you have to conect that to the race? It doesn’t even matter.

    Brad loves her? He didn’t save her life when she was very sick.
    Angie did, and her doctor friend. Don’t you think she loves her?!
    Angie’s LIFE DECISIONS revolve around her kids, they are what is the most important to her. That is what we ALL know. She is also the one who cares about their needs.

    Are you the one who calls Z “African princess”, and says she’s her
    “dad’s girl”? What do you think Shi is? Do you think she is not “dad’s girl”?!

    I wish you stopped with such BS!

  • luvangie4ever

    Thanks Jared for all these wonderful new pics of Angie and family! Love them all. The kiddies look so adorable in their jammies. hehe

  • Jill

    This is Brad talking about Z in Esquire Magazine in 2006:

    “Now that I have two adopted kids, I cannot imagine life without them. They’re as much of my blood as any natural born, and I’m theirs. That’s all I can say about it. I can’t live without them.”

    You still want to maintain Brad doesn’t love Z?

  • Rubi


  • gena

    Hey, I’m Black and don’t understand how #167 can say that Z is not beautiful. She is beautiful!!!! What is wrong with you? You must have an identity problem. Angie has said in interviews that Z has Brad wrapped around her finger! I really like the “Daddy will cry if I don’t get a cookie” tell that Angie told in one interview. Brad loves all his kids! Brad disciplines the boys and Angie the girls. I think he has a soft heart for the girls like most dads. I am ashame that someone black would say that Z is not beautiful! She is a beautiful black princess! She is beautiful wearing a fro, ponytails or braids. Shame on you #167!!!!! You are an insult to the black race. And by the way, Z is of African birth so her birth is more pure then the blacks in the US. She is a beautiful African princess!

  • http://yahoo ann71

    Ahhh both Lil Sisters are soooo cute in pajamas!

  • Z

    Wooow…a vineyard? GREAT!!!

  • marsha

    I heard Brad Pitt say during the Oceans 13 press that he was going to start a movie with George Clooney and the Coen Brothers in July or August. Any one know where they are going to film it?

  • The Tuth

    sandisk : 08/03/2007 at 4:10 pm
    some interesting tidbits from the site.

    These last years, Château Val-Joanis was also the scenery for movies (French Kiss with Meg Ryan, Quo Vadis, Ford cars publicity…)

    So Pitt will rent it. He will not live there.Thats why he was on “vacation” in France. To make more money
    He is soooo sweeeeeet.

  • Burn After Reading

    316 marsha : 08/04/2007 at 1:04 am
    I heard Brad Pitt say during the Oceans 13 press that he was going to start a movie with George Clooney and the Coen Brothers in July or August. Any one know where they are going to film it?

    filming in New York. Brad will start work at the end of August or beg of Sept

  • jq

    It’s August 4. They were still vey much together ! Where is the fake “insider” who said they will anounced their break-up on Aug. 1 ?
    They are still together , the kids are growing , cute and healthy . there’s NO separation, NO reunion with X !!! Eat your heart out haters, fool by the tabloids again ! hahahahaha……..

  • jq

    I don’t beleive this vineyard rumor. just like those previous news of Brad buying property in Berlin. these was another hoax set-up by some real estate agency marketing their product.

  • Unfamous

    223 michaka : 08/03/2007 at 6:11 pm
    The people fawning over Brad and Angelina are delusional. This farce of a relationship will implode in a year. People live vicariously through this illusion of a relationship because they can’t go out and get a life of their own.

    Another psycho on the loose.. geez these people they really hate it when they see the BAMPZS family still together and happy.

    231 [~Famous~]

    Wow the GAY MIDGET DWARF is on patrol again. Sorry FAG Brad is not into MEN.. better give your hots to TOMMY Boy i think he’ll love you to death errr just as long as you look like David Beckham ..LMAO!!!

  • mj

    They are such a wonderful, close and loving family. Angie looks amazing and like she is so very happy and at peace with everything in her life. She also looks like she has put some weight on! Cute little bubble butt there Angie.

  • alexandrina

    Glad to see the Jolie-Pitts again,Shi is getting so big and so is big sister Zee they are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!Love the Jolie-Pitts!!!!!!

  • sally

    109 Monique cracks me up with(cause im black.) Post your pic, honey, and NOT in blackface!!! I dare you!!!

  • sally Jo

    Monique 109 cracks us up(cause im black.) Don’t believe you, honey. Not unless you can PROVE it by posting your real picture. We know you will do just that. In BLACKFACE!!! Heeeeheheheheeeee!!

  • Angelina

    and in just one day…we get a blast of jolie- pitt! yayy! i love them and they look awesome.

  • monique

    309: there are many black people out their who dont find zahara pretty. and all this thing about zahara being a afican princess makes me laugh cause its crazy people in their crazy mind will think that zahara rules the world. as to my knowledge when shiloh was born in AFRICA the citizen there were trying to make shiloh’s birthday a holiday. now if you crazy people think that zahara is the “african princess” then why isnt her birthplace doing anything in return for her being adopted by the most famous couple in the world.
    i do believe that brad does love all the kids cause kids are kids but he loves shiloh more than enough cause shes his blood and as that saying “blood is thicker than water” and more importantly ofcourse brad is going to say nice thing about adopting children cause hes not stupid but one thing i find weird is that when he is doing an interview on tv he only talks about SHILOH and no one else and before you jump on me check it yourself.

  • tondogirl


  • Stella

    I think they’re a beautiful family. I’m just wondering what happens when the children are old enough for school. I think at some point the relentless travel will have to slow down. The kids need roots somewhere.

  • alexandrina

    Thank You Missouri Fan for the video it was very nice!! Wow it is nice to know that the Jolie-Pitts are back in the states again!

  • amy

    I love them very much. thanks jared .

  • Mish

    Does angie speak french? I know her mom was french but angie grew up in hollywood. Id love to see her star in a french film. Im guessing she has french citizenship?

  • anna

    328 Stella : 08/04/2007 at 9:59 am

    I think they’re a beautiful family. I’m just wondering what happens when the children are old enough for school. I think at some point the relentless travel will have to slow down. The kids need roots somewhere.

    They will do what is best for THEIR FAMILY, just like any other family should. Many other actors travel with their kids, I dont hear anyone “worrying” about those children.

  • anna

    fcourse brad is going to say nice thing about adopting children cause hes not stupid but one thing i find weird is that when he is doing an interview on tv he only talks about SHILOH and no one else and before you jump on me check it yourself.

    Prove it! I can’t remember him talking about just Shiloh, except at Cannes and a reporter asked about her Birthday.

    example please or STFU.

  • Aeon fan-lurker

    no Anna you STFU..and no examples for you. Do your own research.

  • Hottest Couple Ever

    #312 gena

    I agree 100%. Zahara is a beautiful baby girl and anyone who says different is full of Sugar Honey I and Tea.

  • athy

    lovely family,viva brangelina

  • Orchid

    Kimberly : 08/03/2007 at 2:39 pm
    Mind your own business, Kimberley!

  • Orchid

    Kimberly, not Kimberley. Sorry!

  • irma

    Just a lovely family.

  • irma

    It’s Mad’s birthday today. Also, Sunday is their family time, they will have a blast on Mad’s 6th birthday with 3 other kids around. Love the Jolie-Pitt family.

  • Just me

    dum : 08/03/2007 at 3:00 pm

    Ugh. It’s easy to make, I mean adopt, babies, but how are they going to raise them? Now it’s France? these two are the most narcissistic celebs, all they think about is jetsetting around the world.

    Why did they even adopt those kids? The kids are just luggage they haul from on airplane to another. Sad.


    Aah am I sensing some jealousy? Didn’t your parents took you on far trips? So sad..I feel for you!!! Jealousy is a BeYotch. hihihi.

    Regards to all the Brangelina Fans :D :D.

    Indonesian Girl Living in Europe (The Netherlands).

  • irma

    The family is having fun celebrating Madd’s 6th birthday today, it’s probably just for family, daddy Brad must be very proud that his eldest son is now 6 & well behaved boy.

  • Pippa


    I need some one to answer this question for me??

    Who is that guy that ang looks like she is going to kiss??

    Im sure its just a friend or some thing.

    Ang & brad you guys rule kepp up the good work and i hope your kids grow up as consious about other life as you do

    Thanx JJ

  • HEY!!!!!!

    254 Missouri Fan : 08/03/2007 at 7:01 pm
    240 HEY!!!!!! : 08/03/2007 at 6:38 pm

    I just saw earlier somebody is posting under ????. Not nice using your original name. That poster should get her own name.
    How many exclamation marks you got ? I can’t tell if 7 or 6?


    6 !!!!!!

  • http://www// katy

    Its something wrong here! First France and then Berlin. Earlier it was Amsterdam.
    I’m lucky I’m not their kids. No childhood? They get some new Paris ore Michael Jackson.
    ” Never smoke whiteout fire”

  • Voyeur

    what is wrong with shiloh? again she has that blank stare and “huh?” look with her mouth wide open. me starting to think there might be trouble with the once perfect golden child.


    And what if Shiloh had some deficits ??? — other than the fact that the FFers would be all over Angie that she had visited her sins on her baby or the “God’s retribution” crowd, likewise — do you think that AJ and Brad would love her any less?? As the Aunt of two kids with profound birth defects I can say (speaking for my whole family) we wouldn’t change a thing!!!!!

  • Mandy

    It is amazing to me that everytime there is a picture of this couple, the fans seems more shocked than anyone. If they are so sure that this couple is in it for the long run, they would not get so excited everytime there is a picture of them. I think that is because you know just like the rest of us, that this relationship is over, and been over for a very long time now. Brad Pitt looks like he is 80 years old on a good day. There are not enough words in the English language to describe Angelina’s pathetic ass. The relationship is over, and you all know it is over. Why don’t we call this what it is, two people trying to keep up fronts that are only pleasing this handful of fans of JJ. Unfortunately, it is not enough of them to save their career. Well, Angelina’s career. I think once Brad step out without that xray of a skeleton, that we all know as Angelina Jolie, his career will be able to get back on track. I think Brad has been pushed to the bottom of the line though, now that Matt Damon is handling his business. Brad should not have gotten on Matt’s bad side, maybe he would have let him be an extra in the next movie. Brad has blown it now. Peace Babe’s mmmmmmmmwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaa

  • Mandy

    By the way, did Angelina get in that helicopter with Brad? I don’t think so. Didn’t he put that bimbo on the plane with the children and went on his way? I may be wrong, but I am sure one of you will correct me if I am.

  • Hiya

    Of course you’re wrong, Mandy, as always and always and always! It goes without saying, so don’t pay any attention to what goes through your mind or what comes out your mouth or what you post…nobody else does.

  • Mandy is pathetic

    This pathetic beeyotch makes it a point to post at the older threads so she thinks she has the last word, since no one will debate her as everyone has migrated to the newest thread. She is a troll, and all her predictions about Brad and Angelina splitting up have been blasted by simple pictures of a 6-year-old’s birthday party. She just wishes they would split up … too bad for you Mandy, they are together!!!