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Britney & Alli Reunite

Britney & Alli Reunite

Britney Spears is back together again with “rising but not really rising pop star” cousin/ex-assistant Alli Sims, hitting up Winston’s night club in Los Angeles on Thursday night.

Britney wore matching black wide-leg sweatpants and bandeau top and accessorized her look with red tinted aviator shades and a light pink Chanel handbag. She was also seen sucking on a lollipop on her way into the club.

Alli also cleared up rumors about her and Britney being cousins: “We are cousins through marriage, and it’s the south! My grandmother’s sister is married to her grandfather. So my mom and her dad are first cousins through marriage. I grew up in Baton Rouge and moved there when I was 16. We hung out when we were really little, but I moved away and didn’t hang out with her again until high school.”

More Brit Brit pictures inside…

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34 Responses to “Britney & Alli Reunite”

  1. 1
    Miss Windjammer Says:

    Brit looks like she’s losing some more weight.

    I know she’s a damn mess, but I can’t help feeling for this girl. She clearly needs a better support system. I hope she can pull it together.

  2. 2
    Dirty Cougar Says:

    Both look fug! OMG! Britney’s wig! What a fright! It’s an upgrade from that natty wig she had on to, take a dump @ the 7-11 store! Britney always looks smashed or on the way to a party. Hello? You have kids lady!

  3. 3
    bite me Says:

    they need to go away

  4. 4
    Mmmmm Says:

    Being out every night, screams she does not want her kids. I hope she enjoyed the while she had them.

  5. 5
    sarah Says:

    RE: Dirty Cougar : 08/03/2007 at 9:53 am
    Both look fug! OMG! Britney’s wig! What a fright! It’s an upgrade from that natty wig she had on to, take a dump @ the 7-11 store! Britney always looks smashed or on the way to a party. Hello? You have kids lady!

    yeah!!!!!!!! ugly both!!!!!!

  6. 6
    b Says:

    bite me if u want her to go away quit lookin at the pictures.

  7. 7
    Leo Says:

    I think her hair is looking better. At least we can`t see her scalp. I saw her outfit and it’s hot.

  8. 8
    HEY!!!!!! Says:

    Who are they again???

  9. 9
    cai Says:

    from one loser to the next – and back.

  10. 10
    EvilLynn Says:

    Britney should buy her cousin a nice nose job. With an osteotomy and everything…bonus for us: we won’t have to see Alli Sims for at LEAST a month while it heals.

  11. 11
    gia Says:

    Britney is getting really fat again. She looks horrible and old like a middle age woman. Alli always looks better than her.

  12. 12
    Quiet Observer Says:

    I don’t think that’s a wig. I think it’s her real hair (finally!)

  13. 13
    Bew Says:

    I love you Brit even though you look miserable here, but I dont care about look..

  14. 14
    jjfan Says:

    At the very least she is covered up and not dress like some cheap street walking crack head hoe

  15. 15
    Ashley Says:

    She is wearing one of those dumb headbands that seperate each strand of hair

  16. 16
    Nonnie Says:

    Alli Sims is trying to promote her own career by riding on her cousin Britney’s coat tails. You would think that Britney would want to lay low for awhile after her psychotic episode with the photographer in Las Vegas and her erratic and inane behavior while OK Magazine was trying to give her a comeback. (walks out with 21,000 worth of clothes and jewelry not to mention the greasy chicken hands wiped all over a designer dress–NEVER TELLING ANYONE SHE WAS LEAVING.) Those poor little boy toddlers of hers–what a great example she is setting for them —NOT.

  17. 17
    MJStyle Says:

    Gosh Britney is a Mess…. and with all the USA talking about her bad mother skills what she does?? PAAAArtying! CRAZY

  18. 18
    grace Says:

    gosh her hair looks horrible!

  19. 19
    meemee Says:

    Britney looks like a mess

  20. 20
    Brit Lover Says:

    She’s looking better.

  21. 21
    J Says:

    horrible ..

  22. 22
    me Says:

    people why can’t she go out with her cousin. she has kids she’s not dead!! Besides how do you know Kevin doesn’t have them when she goes out?

  23. 23
    two trailer park cousin Says:

    Brit is nasty, does she ever wear clothes she has not wiped her greasy hands on?
    Ali is using the wacko but it won’t help.
    Ali is a wanna-be that won’t happen– except to gossip about her.
    Ali’s a spy ,user,back-stabber. Brit is bi-polar and on drugs/alcohol.

  24. 24
    Jill Says:

    She looks very pleasant here and dressed very nicely. You go Brit!

  25. 25
    Lasa Says:

    So I think her new name should now be Baldney.

  26. 26
    carlo Says:

    Poor wittle Britney, hangs out at all the clubs the paparazi are at, acts like white trash and leaves her kids with nannies 24/7! What a great person.

    She is disgusting.

  27. 27
    Nadia Says:

    she’s gonna teach her cousin to be like her.

  28. 28
    Stella Says:

    How do you know that Kevin doesn’t have the kids? They do have 50/50 custody. It’s OK for her to go out and enjoy herself with her friends. Britney looks good here. I wish she would have sported her short hair a la Selma Blair. I think that look would have been cool and edgy on her.

  29. 29
    LiLBabIexx16 Says:

    shes still an ugly ****

  30. 30
    [~Famous~] Says:

    Britney’s so fcuking FAT, the only thing she’s losing is her eyebrows. who the hell has receding eyebrows?

    Ugly outfit, she looks like she smells really bad.

  31. 31
    michaka Says:

    What’s with that outfit? It looks like some reject outfit from 1975. Someone needs to tell her that disco is out and the seventies are over.

  32. 32
    gia Says:

    So what if Alli is using her? Everyone uses everyone in this business.
    Britney used N Sync in the start to make a name for herself and Britney deserves to be used, she’s a horrible person

  33. 33
    Glósóli Says:

    Is her wig falling from her head?

  34. 34
    ahmed Says:

    she look like a Terrorist and she have a bomb inside her boobs.

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