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Angelina Jolie Has Left the Studio

Angelina Jolie Has Left the Studio

Angelina Jolie says farewell to Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg and quickly leaves a Hollywood studio with her manager, Geyer Kosinski, under the cover of a large white umbrella.

DreamWorks originally set up Jolie‘s upcoming animated featured Beowulf but during turnaround, new deals were arranged — Paramount Pictures will now handle U.S. distribution and Warner Bros. Pictures will take care of international distribution. Beowulf opens in theaters everywhere November 16.

Angie arrived at the studio earlier in the day with son Maddox, almost 6.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina working on some last-minute touches for Beowulf

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jeffrey katzenberg angelina jolie 01
jeffrey katzenberg angelina jolie 02
jeffrey katzenberg angelina jolie 03
jeffrey katzenberg angelina jolie 04
jeffrey katzenberg angelina jolie 05
jeffrey katzenberg angelina jolie 06
jeffrey katzenberg angelina jolie 07
jeffrey katzenberg angelina jolie 08
jeffrey katzenberg angelina jolie 09
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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • Natalie

    Angie looks HOT!

  • Hiya

    Thanks, Jared! What a day for us J-P fans! :)

  • Dudu!

    I love her so much!Dont u have any pic of her when she was leaving there!

  • Lizzie

    and happy.

  • sarah

    i ka en ti gen enewvé mwen!!!!!!! ouaiyayaiiie!!!!

  • yaya

    wow so much news in a day

  • Dumfounded

    I live in California (LA) and today I spoke with a set EMT. She has a friend who is also a set EMT, and this friend worked on set (in the background) with Brad. He said that Brad and Angie are so sweet to each other all the time. I believe it.

  • toodles

    Why did they put Beouwolf? He has nothing to do with that production. He worked with her on Shark Tales and also worked with Brad on the sinbad animation but Beauwolf is under a different company.. i don’t get it.

  • spunky

    JJ you are on a role today 4 new threads in one day buddy…amazing.

  • Sheri

    Now that is beautiful and happy woman! Brad and Angie, you are doing something sooo right!

  • sandisk

    Love ya, Angie and the whole clan !!!

  • Elizabeth

    She looks beautiful!!

  • Heck yeah!

    Jeffrey Katzenberg is a HOT moffo!

  • http://htt// k

    Trolls don’t have anything to prove us make to change our minds .They need to back off and let us enjoy the most beautiful family in the world.

  • Somalia

    She looks beautiful!!! And sooo Happy!!!

  • wha

    FF must be busrting into flames LOLOL.

  • Ms. Annabelle

    Angie looks Gorgeous there, and no makeup

  • jjoy

    8 toodles

    i’m seem ignorant….i am not into these hollyweird companies…just watch their films…but isn’t katzenberg part of dreamworks??? he is partner w/ speilberg and geffen???

    maybe they are talking with her for another movie they want her to star??? but on her schedule of course…. :lol:

  • Alexanderina

    Oh man Jared another new thread, you are really spoiling us. Thank you. She is gorgeous and she looks fantastic

  • alison p

    Maybe Angelina was doing working Kung Fu Panda rather than Beowulf. Because Dreamworks is producing Kung Fu Panda

    Angelina has a beautiful smile:)

  • Lady

    Jeffrey Katzenberg is freaking trillionare.

  • http://htt// f


  • amen

    Sophisticated mama!!!

  • http://deleted Lady G

    Wow more pics Jared!

    Angie is gorgeous. And like Princess Zee when she smiles it lights up everything! What a beautiful smile Angie has….awwwww.

  • Sure?

    Beowulf? for sure? Dreamworks is not producing the movie

  • jjoy

    angie is so naturally beautiful….fabulous….ITA…jealous haters/trolls’ heads will implode…..hahahah

  • Alexanderina

    I love all the pictures with her, but the first one is my favorite, gosh she looks so amazing

  • Clemems sucks
  • http://htt// be


  • bdj

    Tabloids can’t photoshop these pictures. AJ looks great. You saw the pictures first here on Just Jared and not some sleazy rag. Thanks Just Jared. Best wishes to BAMPZS. Peace to all.

  • Alexanderina

    Hey jjoy, carrying over my post to you from the old thread

    228 Alexanderina : 08/03/2007 at 10:08 pm
    219 jjoy : 08/03/2007 at 9:58 pm

    I so agree. I am doing good. I am going to see it tomorrow as well. I love Matt Damon. Yeah I am so looking forward to seeing Beowulf as well

  • wha

    all these top notch companies must be sending her their sunglasses in golden cases LOL.

    you can never buy press like that!

  • Clemems sucks
  • jjoy

    sowwy jj….thank you for all the new wonderful pics….pls accept apology for ungrateful manners :lol:

    thank you 3xs… million xs…. :-D

  • Yep

    This guy is angie’s manager? he looks familiar

    Yes, that’s Geyer.

  • Andrómeda

    I´m still at work (can you believe!?) and can´t see the pics…(is this damn PC). I can´t wait to go home and see the photos…

  • Kira

    When I know that Angelina Jolie has made amends with her father, Jon Voight, she’ll appear much more appealling to me as an actress and/or roving world ambassador.

    As an adult woman, she has done the same thing with Brad Pitt and, most likely, other men (affair while his wife was unsuspecting and they both LIED to cover-up their sexual relationship) that her father, Jon Voight supposedly did with another woman and the cause of the break-up of her mother’s marriage. She may be helping around the world but she’s also a spoiled brat who seems to think she is entitled to anything she “desires”–maybe another woman will surface in her mind to create Brad Pitt’s future karma!

    Shiloh looks just like her maternal grandfather, Jon Voight!!!

  • Lillianne

    WOW I’ve never seen her look happier. And I’ve never seen all of us BAMPZS fans look happier either. JJ you da bomb

  • gigi

    This is one beautiful woman and it’s all in the smile. She is so content, her family had a wonderful vacation, she’s gonna be taking care of the family while Brad works, just like Brad did when she was filming Wanted. They are like a well-oiled machine.

  • Julianne

    She looks relaxed from their vacation. A vision of beauty.

    When the critics of her say that AMH is a flop, they are just reaching for something to biaatch about. She said that it was made out of a feeling of respect, love and admiration for Danny and Mariane Pearl. It was not a money maker and she knew it, as did everyone in the movie industry.

    Her partner made O13, and that was the money maker. All movies are not made for the monetary rewards, but for the artistic integrity.

    She remains an inspiration to alot of women juggling work, mommyhood, humanitarian works and keeping a relationship thriving. Yes, she has help, and good for her. Anyone that can spare 1 million if she has 3 million is someone that I will always admire.

  • Somalia

    33 Clemems sucks : 08/03/2007 at 10:18 pm
    This pic looks like a hair product commercial lol she looks great when she smiles.

    If i had hair care company i would pay top $$$ for Angie to do Commercial for me….

  • Ricardo van Enck


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  • Kira

    Now I will be back to watch Fox news.

  • http://htt// Go AWAY

    37 Kira : 08/03/2007 at 10:25 pm

  • LYB

    she has gained some weight, very happy for her..

  • Kira


    The “Fan Club Angelina Jolie Brazil” ( launched a campaign “Angelina Jolie Adopt a Brazilian Child” on Saturday, July, 7th.
    Contrary to the opinion expressed by many in the beginning of the campaign, the objetive is not to force anyone to adopt a Brazilian child. The true objective is to demonstrate the importance that the actress has for 3 million Brazilian fans – range between 13 and 30 of age.

    this guy is a moron! you can’t force anyone to adopt a child! kids are not toys.

  • Love her

    She has a fantastic smile :)

  • I can hear the Haters screaming at the ocean tonight.

    Looks she had a nice vacation, the tabloids get OWNED again.

  • jjoy

    31 Alexanderina

    enjoy as i will…i am going by myself coz i can’t wait for my friends….they have diff working schedule than mine and they work at weekends…. i might also go and see harry potter ….heheheh

    OT….you know with all the tab covers about the jolie-pitts….it must be suck for other celebs not to get any kind of attention even if its all tablies….i know that sometimes tablies are too much but for sane intelligent fans of this family…we dom’t care about the tablies the same way as the jolie-pitts…they don’t care….coz they know the truth….only stupid people believe about these lies….and we’ll see who will survive amongst these tablies mag…..and that korean meaningitis editor….i will not buy what she is selling….xos her mag is a third rate gossips like the others……faux news…my ass!!

  • http://deleted Lady G

    37 Kira say…..


    Go clean your own house before trying to clean someone else!