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Jennifer Aniston Under New 'Management'

Jennifer Aniston Under New 'Management'

Jennifer Aniston is set to start in a new romantic comedy with Steve Zahn called Management

According to Variety, “Aniston will play a traveling saleswoman who sells cheap art to small companies and motels. She has a fling with an aimless, underachieving assistant motel manager (Zahn) at one of her stops, and he pursues her all over the U.S.”

This will be playwright-screenwriter Stephen Belber‘s directing debut.

Cheap art!!

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Credit: Variety; Photos: JJ Composite/Evan Agostini/Getty
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  • Good Morning Baltimore

    I’m surprised people will still want to cast JA. She’s an average actress who is type-cast.

  • http://yahoo !!!!!!!!

    piece of s**t

    ugly maniston no talent

  • marga

    sounds like a bad movie. i don’t think that actor is funny at all. and i can’t finish a movie of aniston’s. she acts the same way in all her films.

  • :-o

    She will definitely win an Academy Award for this role :-)

  • HEY!!!!!!

    Wow – she got work!!

  • Good Morning Baltimore

    I find it funny that JA fans at IMDB are continuously rooting that she will get an Oscar. They all actually believe JA still has all those movies lined up, even though they’ve been rescheduled since last year.

  • minni

    As bad as you all talk about her, the people keep nominating her for awards, and she is winning. What was the last major accomplishment of Angelina. I know, she showed how to be on a red carpet, high as hell, and still stutter out a few questions. Angelina is truly an inspiration.

  • Question

    is that hey guy from Drving in cars with boys?

  • Evillynn

    Wow, OK…if Aniston can’t rock the script when the cast includes Steve Zahn (who is brilliant in ‘Rescue Dawn’ by film GENIUS Werner Hertzog–go see that movie, you won’t be disappointed!!) and the director (Belber) is one of the most talented innovative scribes in the biz….then the jury we’ll be in, and we can OFFICIALLY call her a no-talent. She’s just been handed a DREAM project on a SILVER PLATTER…Aniston would have to be like the worst actress EVER if she bombs in this….

  • Bampzs Fan

    Leave Angelina and Brad out of this thread. This is about Jen and her flourishing movie career

  • truth been said

    With all the bad actress you all claim she is, she still is better than Angelina. So, now, imagine how bad of an actress Angelina is. She might have won an Oscar, but that is very much questionable, knowing what she knows how to do best to get whatever is that she wants. There is no doubt in my mind that she did something to someone in order to get it. Prove of that is the failure of her last two movies. Just watch the way she moves her mouth (lips) on her movies. She has so big lips that she doesn’t know what to do with them, so she does the same thing over and over and over again. SHE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cutie pie

    she is so ugly to me and that nose, glad brad left her fo angelina, she will never be as fine as angelina i dont give a damn how much surgery she has. she is so over rated.

  • shermain


    she will win an Oscar!!!

    Hahaha u gotta be jokin!! she acts the same way as all of her movies…

  • HEY!!!!!!


  • flatazz

    i’d probably rent it @ blockbuster. :)

  • KAS

    I’m surprised anyone would want to work with her. She seems to be box office poison. None of her films were successful!

  • Hottest Couple Ever

    Sounds like everything else that she does “boring”.

  • debra

    And Angelina Plays so different roles in all her films. Like Flaunting her body, Taking off her clothes at a drop of a hat and getting Oscar for playing herself ( she was like that when she got that Oscar) LOL !! Just goes to show how hypocrite Angie’s fans are.

  • jennifer annsiton is hot

    the wind and moon has answer ya.jens can fly.the sky has only been blue now yellow and she shall began.jens.

  • Evillynn

    She was well-cast in ‘Office Space’ The “ensemble cast” formula seems to work best for her. She’s one of those actors who is only as good as the rest of the cast….when she has to carry a movie, as a leading lady, it just doesn’t happen. I mean, look at ‘Derailed’ not even the gorgeous Clive Owen could fish that one out of the drain. But because she’s enjoyable and believable in things like “The Good Girl” and the aforementioned ‘Office Space’ I’m hesitant to write her off completely…let’s see…

  • snappyfish

    This girl has had plenty of movie chances. She made Vince Vaughn appear unfunny in Break-Up, Rumor Has it was excrusiatingly bad, Along came Polly was awful, Friends with Money was basically her playing Rachel again and then there was derailed, which was probably the best movie she has done, but it bombed at box office too.

    Please just go away. I am sick of this girl. I am sick of her fans who want to turn this into “she is better than Jolie” which is ridiculous as well. Face it, she was cute as Rachel, she is a sitcom actress, maybe she should try another one of those.

  • their fug

    My- my -my Aniston will be playing ‘Rachael’ again.
    This movie will bomb,they are 2 fugly and no-body’s. Just do something to her hair.cut dye it,her face no help for that. Manange her into another country. Aniston can’t act. 19?? When will she realize she belongs on tv?

  • Yo

    Why do you people who hate her care so much? It’s a little pathetic.

  • TV wack

    1. jennifer aniston

    Over rated “actress” who gained notoriety playing Rachel on the hugely successful sitcom Friends. She continues her career on the silver screen, playing essentially that same Rachel character in every movie she does. Also known for her permanently er-ect nip-pl-es, and for never wearing a bra.

    “hey look it’s Friends but on the big screen….no, no,…it’s a jennifer aniston movie..

  • Evillynn


    I totally forgot about ‘Along Came Polly’ That was a stinker…I never saw ‘Rumor Has It’ because it just looked soooo bad. See, now….’Friends With Money’ I liked, but there’s that ensemble cast thing again (and I truly think Catherine Keener was totally pulling her punches in that…she’s so good, and coulda made Aniston look so bad…)

  • Jill


    I don’t hate her, I feel sorry for her. After two years being unemployed, this is the best she could do?

  • airways

    Another romantic comedy, how original. But I just can’t stay away from Jennifer’s movies so of course I’ll watch this one as well. :D

  • Angelina’s Better Than Jen


    Jennifer can’t carry a movie on her own. Every semi-successful movie she’s ever been in has had a BIG NAME Male co-star like Jim Carrey, Vince Vaughn & Ben Stiller. Every movie she’s had to carry on her own has been a complete FLOP.

    No one knows or cares about Steve Zahn, this will TANK BIGTIME!!!!

  • Julianne

    Heeeeeeere comes Rachel Greene, just by another name. She can not carry a movie and Steve Zahn isn’t a big enough draw. Can you say “another flop”?

  • LJ

    One question haters?? What the h.. she has done to you because you hate so much people who you are never met??

  • Besane

    Steve Zahn is happily married with two kids. Aniston-Huvane has to pull this one off solely on her acting ability without her usual PR relationships. Good luck.

  • Hmm

    Her movie career is like World War II…bomb after bomb after bomb. When will people understand that she can’t carry a movie on her own?

  • sasha


  • broken toe

    at least everyone ain’t hatin’ on Steve Zahn. He is fabulous in Werner Herzog’s latest film “Rescue Dawn.” he needs more films like that, not this garbage with an actress who can’t act.

  • delilah

    JA needs a new haircut and a new nose!

  • Jen sucks ,Can’t act

    ITA! Just another flop.This fug RachelGreen should just give it up.Find an old co.ot with money so she can keep her own ,marry and lie about not being able to have children .They don’t call Jen “FRAUD” for nothing. Poor jen (big eyeroll)

  • Michele

    As much as I CANNOT stand anuston, this movie will not bomb. America LOVES her and they will turn out to see the movie. Rom-coms are her forte….at 38 years of age.

    As far as AJ is concerned, say what you want about her Oscar, the fact is …SHE HAS ONE!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Punk Jared can pay the bills this week. Jen’s announcement came just in time to post atop a Jolie “story”. Punk, if you need help paying your stuff, let me know. I’ll take up a collection for you. You is scum trash.

  • Lmao

    I do predict this willl be her career defining role, LMAO!!!!!!

  • she cant act

    I will NOT see this movie

    I will NOT see this movie

    I will NOT see this movie

    I will NOT see this movie

  • babs

    Michele of 37,

    film are viewed all over the world, not only in America, and movigoers go for cinematography or big big names, not for former American tvshows stars.

  • JPs are hotness calling # 19

    Good day- ‘ya jennifer anniston is hot.’ I see your ‘moons aniston’ has a job. But she is delusional, USA might love rom-com’s and she still has 3 fans who ‘wuv’ her plus you, but most are sick of her. Not knocking you, just your idol.
    I won’t be paying to see your ‘jens.’
    Don’t waste all your opinions on here.
    There might be’cruels people’.
    Thought you were fun -ya.

  • Critic

    They should have chosen Debra Messing for this role. Good luck to her with all that.

  • Anonymous

    Vince was unfunny in the Breakup. He wrote it, he played himself, but he and Jen took Breakup to 205 million bucks, that’s more than double Good Shepherd (with Damon) and gad zooks time Mighty Heart. Profit over budget on that movie was 150 mil. Bummer for you loonies, huh. Jen has more money than Vince, than Angie, than Reese. Tough cookies for you guys. She drags in 12 mil a year without woring. Love it.

  • Laura

    The fact that after two years, the job she got was this film, another romantic comedy co-starring Steve-who-da-hell-Zahn, tells you that her career is going nowhere, it’s so over!

    A-listers don’t want to work with her, it’s a shame. LOL

    I’m so bitter that I don’t feel sorry for her, I just think she has what she deserves.

    This movie won’t even go to theaters.

  • Julianne

    We don’t hate her….she’s a source of entertainment, fo’ sure.

    Why do people flock to other celebrity sites to spew their thoughts? They are as mean as heck. But, when we come here, we are accused of “hate”. Same old double standard ! !

  • debra

    32 Hmm : 08/03/2007 at 1:27 pm

    Her movie career is like World War II…bomb after bomb after bomb. When will people understand that she can’t carry a movie on her own?


    No actress can carry a film on her own except Julia. If JA cant’ so cant AJ. What is the hit she has given ? She has 4 success till date ( Bone collector, mr and Mrs Smith, Gone in Sixty seconds and Tom raider I) 3 with big actors and Tom Raider will be hit with or w/o Jolie ( if you’re claiming Tom Raider Shall i scream Transformer was a hit because of Shia Leaubof huh!) So there you go.

    As far as acting ‘The good girl’ doesn’t make JA a dramatic actress but is is amazing in comedy. AJ is good in drama but where the f*uck has she even tried comedy. Even likes of Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman suck at comedy.
    And i do believe its difficult to make ppl laugh than to make them cry.

  • wrong

    Pathetic Storyline!!!

  • sisi



  • Yo

    If it’s a double-standard, it runs both ways. You guys call each other ‘haters’ (seriously, are we in Jr. High?) in whichever thread you’re in. I come in just for the entertainment. :)

    Not to take anything from AJ or anyone else who’s won, but an Oscar doesn’t mean a damn thing. It’s a freaking popularity contest, nothing more nothing less.