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Lindsay Lohan: Louis Vuitton Hates Me

Lindsay Lohan: Louis Vuitton Hates Me

Lindsay Lohan is on the September 2007 cover for Elle Magazine. The interview took place 36 hours before her arrest in May on suspicion of her DUI.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

On her January rehab stint: “I was glad I went, because I needed to get away from everyone. … And I learned a lot there.”

On saying “I’ll never do …”: “You’re setting yourself up for a disaster. I never say never.”

On her drunk driving: “They’re looking for me, to like trip, so they can be like, ‘Oh Lindsay’s wasted and driving drunk.’ And that’s not it. I wouldn’t violate. … I’m much more responsible than that.”

On who takes care of her: “Jenni (Munro, one of her assistants), my mom and Leslie (Sloane-Zelnick, her publicist).”

On her relationship with British model Calum Best: “I like him. He’s me in male form. We’re very similar. Stubborn, rebellious, very smart, coy, a little bit narcissistic – I think all actors have a little bit of that, and so they should. We’ll be kidding around, like the other day when we were in the Bahamas … I was walking by some mirror. And he caught me looking in the mirror and he goes, ‘I caught that!’ I was like, ‘Damn, I look good!’”

On avoiding paparazzi: “I hate it, like, when these people say, ‘Well, why do you go to the Ivy if you don’t want …’ Seriously, I like their food! I can’t go to a restaurant? I know I’m going to get pictures taken. I’m fine with it. And I’m going to go have their food. People give you shit for it: ‘Don’t go on Robertson!’ What, I can’t drive down the street?”

On whom she relates to in Hollywood: “Ann-Margret. Marilyn Monroe. … Marilyn exudes sex appeal. She was such an innocent sort. … That was the tragic side of it.”

On the timepiece she wore for the photo shoot: “I wanted everything. There was this Cartier watch, and I was like, ‘What do I have to do to get this watch?’ ”

AND NOW… apparently Louis Vuitton hates Lindsay because she reportedly swiped several LV items during the shoot. According to Page Six

“Louis Vuitton had sent over some samples for her to wear in the shoot. Lindsay, kept shoving the clothes into her bag, and a stylist’s assistant kept getting them out of the bag, only to have Lindsay keep trying to take them. She ended up walking off with a very expensive shirt and some other items – which screwed Louis Vuitton because they were set to go to Vogue, W and Harper’s Bazaar for other shoots. They were furious and kept trying to get their clothes back, but . . . Lindsay walked out with them and never returned calls.”

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  • Mmmmm

    This interview makes her look even worse as a person but glad she can see her short comings :

    narcissistic fire crotch

  • cai

    manners, manners, manners…

  • Mmmmm

    I had to take a second look at the cover, it looks like Dina. That second pic her boobs looks really big and like they are sagging low.

  • EvilLynn

    …is that the sound of Ann-Margret loading her shotgun????

  • ME


  • HEY!!!!!!

    Lindsey just gets more and more patheic everyday. Seek Help and lock her a** up already. Stealing a car, kidnapping, drunk and on drugs, reckless driving, Hell she even ran over a guys foot. Why is she out of Jail???? LV should sue her for the items she stoled.

  • hollyword

    Why does she want to be blonde and tanned? why can’t she be the red head we use to know

  • LV

    Why does she need to steal LV items? That right there explains her character. She should hang out with Britney. They both have this in common.

  • Barbara

    She compares herself to Marilyn Monroe? I’ll be chuckling all weekend.

  • mlhia39

    “very smart”? wtf? If she was very smart she’d have hired a driver and gotten her drug dealer to go to her house. Smart my ass.

  • alex

    “Stubborn, rebellious, very smart (SCRATCH THAT), coy, a little bit narcissistic” … and COMPULSIVE LIER

  • alex

    “Stubborn, rebellious, very smart (SCRATCH THAT), coy, a little bit narcissistic” … and COMPULSIVE LIAR

  • Anonymous

    She is so regretting that interview…



  • joe

    i doubt she would take louis vuitton items considering she’s friends with marc jacobs she could probably just ask for them..and all the people with the negative comments, “kicking someone when there down” i kind of feel sorry for you guys. ita sad. cause i doubt all of you are perfect.

  • JustObserving

    WTF??? She is a spoiled, irresponsible, shallow LOSER! The only substance to her is the drugs in her pocket.

  • Good Morning Baltimore

    She is so self-centred. I’m tired of seeing Hollywood’s Bad Girls on every entertainement show.. Enough of Paris, Britney, Nicole, and Lindsay!

  • HEY!!!!!!

    Poor Elle magazine – may be losing money on this one.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Loser! She lies! I love Louis Vuitton!

  • another thief

    She’s delusional’dam I look good’..she is cute not a beauty.
    That cover shot is blah ,dont like. S
    ame systems like Brit- crack head, alcoholic, presc.drugs and stealing. Re-hab will only help if you want to honestly help yoursef.

  • Ace Tomato

    Wow – she’s mistaking her current level of fame for being a legend. And she’s young enough that she would. It’s amusing, the constant references to Marilyn Monroe.

    She completely overestimates herself.

    Lohan can act, but she isn’t an AMAZING actress. She has charisma, but not legendary charisma.

    Her level of fame is more a product of a celebrity culture with internet access and extreme paparazzi than her own merit or appeal.

    Think of how many actresses have been big deals for 3-5 years and then disappeared?

    If she isn’t producing money for the studios, she’s got a short shelf life.

  • ann

    Marilyn Monroe was beautiful, classy, talented, made a bunch of classic movies that I enjoy, yes her life was also tragic, but at least she contributed to the world of movies

    Lindsay is ugly, talentless, trashy, made only 1 good movie, her life is messed up, but at least she has a family, Marilyn had no one. LL is literally a waste of space.

  • ricki

    What an idiot.

  • ricki

    What an idiot.

  • Meazy

    Why can’t she just be honest with herself? Say it, “I like snorting, drinking, and screwing. I’m having the time of my life with more money than small countries and anyone in my way, be it black people who can’t get the F out the way fast enough or prissy bitch ass personal assitants can take a Buick SUV right in the Grill!” If she were honest, these fake publicity interviews wouldn’t bite her in the ass later on. Tell the truth, “When I get out of Promises, I’m getting PERVED! SOBRIETY SUCKS!!!”

  • Vero

    “…a little bit narcissistic – I think all actors have a little bit of that, and so they should. We’ll be kidding around, like the other day when we were in the Bahamas … I was walking by some mirror. And he caught me looking in the mirror and he goes, ‘I caught that!’ I was like, ‘Damn, I look good!’”

    Now not only do I hate her as a celebrity, I hate her as a person.

    Great celebs may be narcissitic, but their modesty makes up for it.

    Damn Lindsay is vain and deluded. Only thing left is her acting chops, and i believe those drugs and alcohol will be kill that too.

  • liza

    I cannot stand this girl. She is quite possibly the dumbest thing to ever exist (besides Brit. of course).

  • Rae

    Nicely said, Ace Tomato. I definitely agree with your comments about extreme paparazzi and the Internet as being misleading for how famous and adourned one really is. I also think Lindsay listens to/reads her own media, and doesn’t hear things like “Lindsay needs help.” Instead, she probably only hears those narcissist-feeding comments like “She’s got talent, AND she’s worked alongside Merly Streep.” The media thinks they’re encouraging Lindsay to stay focused on the work alone, but they’re only leading her to believe that she’s at the top of her game and is in a league of her own. I don’t even think she really tries anymore to improve her talent b/c people already “love” her abilities. Clearly, the girl has addictions, and attention (not acting) is one of them. That won’t win you an oscar, my dear.

  • dum

    Omg Lindsay is no Ann Margaret. At 21 she loooks hard and used up.
    She just gives off a mean i will use you vibe.

  • LiLBabIexx16

    nobody likes her anymore, she hangs out with paris hilton, gets into fights with paris hilton, had a fucking eating disorder and lives her life in shame so really this interview doesn’t mean anything to anyone

  • mickey

    Everything that comes out of her mouth is ridiculous. She is a liar and a moron. Average acting and a diva persona does not a legend make.

  • Marta

    i like this part about paparazzi, quite funny to hear this from her mouth.
    im not even mention about rehab part.just ridiculous.
    silly silly girl

  • Tealeaf

    Well Lohan, you got caught driving dunk again, I guess you didn’t learn your lesson.

  • hehe

    Dakota Fanning can acts way better than Lindsey and she’s only 13.

  • hehe

    Dakota Fanning can act way better than Lindsey and she’s only 13.

  • Angelina

    im not surprised that louis vuitton hates her. i hate those celebrities who come out of rehab/ jail and then lands herself on a magazine cover and says things like ‘im a good person’, ‘i didn’t mean to that’, blah blah…why is she even on the magazine of elle? she doesn’t deserve to be up there!

  • spooky

    Whats the deal with stars trying to steal these clothes?? I don’t get it.

  • Chocolate FIYAH

    WOW… Lindz is a total IDIOT!!!! She’s so wasted she don’t even realize some of the things she said in that interview…

  • susie

    don’t get it, this girl fugly to the max!

  • Cynthia


  • doc

    i thought this shit was funny….really candid.

    thumbs down to the people saying that she isnt a beauty. i mean opinions are like assholes, but seriously why can’t she think she is a beauty when she looks in the mirror…nevermind what you think. im sure you look in the mirror & think you see beauty & other people will probably disagree.

    she’s still a really fucked up person right now. i hope she gets help.

  • ugh

    Lindsay Lohan? Who that is?


  • xstopxitx

    She was probably drunk when she said this.
    Everything she said is complete shit.
    She’s way to self centered and thinks everyone’s in love with her.
    Li-Lo, you aren’t that great an actress. Most of your films turn out to be crap. You were actually a better actress when you were way younger than now.
    Sure, it’s great to look up to Marilyn Monroe, but don’t consider yourself to be a ledgend like her just because you’ve starred in a few films and have paparazzi tailing you 24/7. You don’t even try to improve your skills. Infact, I think they’re going downhill…
    There’s no use going to rehab unless you are actually prepared to help yourself and it’s what you want. You can’t just expect to walk in and walk out days later and be fine…until the next time. You have to make an effort to get better. Yeah, being in the public eye can put pressure on you, but that’s no reason to drink drive or whatever. I mean, even normal people with no where near as much money as you will have enough sense to call a cab. And as for drugs? Erm…I think you have enough money to find other things to relax you if that’s what you use them for. You could go to the most expenive spa or whatever. If you use them for partying then stop it. Yeah, you think you’re beautiful. That’s fine, everyone should love themselves. But you love yourself too much. If you keep overdoing the drink, drugs and partying, you aren’t going to look do great anymore. That’s especially bad news for someone like you who’s looks matter a lot to them. You already could get away with telling someone you were almost 30 and they would believe you. Because, believe me, that is sometimes how old you look. Then what are you going to turn to? Plastic surgery? That’s ok if it’s what someone really wants and it will make them happy. But you will probably go overboard and all this could be avoided if you would just help yourself. You have enough money to get the best help available so I suggest you get it.

  • xstopxitx

    Sorry about the long comment…XD Rant over now. =D