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Nicole Richie: Do I Eat is an Understatement

Nicole Richie: Do I Eat is an Understatement
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  • HEY!!!!!!

    See Nicole eats food.

  • Luana

    Whoo, that’s hot.
    What means “lol”?

  • [~Famous~]

    Yeah, eat for the camera’s, gotta keep up your new ‘fake’ public image.

  • Dirty Cougar

    This is going f@cking freak Nicole out if, she’s see’s pics like this. It will make her feel self conscious like, she’s a pig. That’s mean & nasty of the papps! That really pisses me off. Like, Nicole is ever going to read this oh well, what the F@CK! Nicole, sweetie. You don’t have to gain 40-50 pounds to have a healthy baby. I gained 26 pounds and my son was healthy. He was 7Ibs & 10 oz and 21 inches long. If, you gain more. That’s okay sweetie! Do, what you feel is best. You can always lose the weight afterwards. For now think about a healthy baby. BTW~You look better then ever!


    This is a pic that we don”t see often

  • Gabby

    What she’s eating looks delicious.

  • Dirty Cougar

    @ Gabby,
    I agree very much. It looks like something of a Thai dish. Pad Thai mabye. I love to just try a bite of that! Take out Pad Thai is tastes wonderful!

  • Gabby

    lmao Dirty Cougar, I thought I was the only one!

  • Dirty Cougar

    Sheeit! Looking @ Nicole’s wonderful dish. Makes me want to get take out tonight!! Except, I got shitty take out places where I live. Sheeit!

  • Sarah

    Oh please…she probably pretends to eat a lot in front of the paparazzi, but when she gets home she probably sticks her fingers down her throat and throws up.

  • Dirty Cougar

    @ #10 Yeah! You’re probably correcto on that! This is why I, said that pic of her eating is going to freak her out. I know a thing or two about eating disorders. She probably did get home and blew chunks afterwards!

  • louveciennes

    Laxatives don’t count, Nicole.

  • jolie-pitt luv em’

    love Nicole no matter what you few haters’ good for you Nicole and your baby.

  • oh please your-self #10 Sarah

    10 Sarah
    Oh please…she probably pretends to eat a lot in front of the paparazzi, but when she gets home she probably sticks her fingers down her throat and throws up.

    —-Stop living in the past. Leave her alone. If you dislike her,,thats your hang up. You only know what tabs/tm-sleeze say.
    I believe what she has said from her mouth. Give her a break..Geez. Perez hater’s are angry,,hateful.

  • Heather & I LIKE Nicole

    STFU.#12.IAWY NUM #13.
    You look stupid hating on a preggo person. I ate ‘fish ,sushi’ all while I carried 3 children, my dr. says she did too. Even though they advice you to be careful. Each person is different.

  • Leticia

    I’ts No wonder why our teenagers our so F….d !it’s because of people like you! I personally don’t Give A Shit about what you all think, but i feel sorry for these celebrities first they’re being picked on for not eating enough then they’re being scrutinized for eating too much, what a f….d up world we live in!!!!!!!!!

  • farran

    You are correct,Leticia. If they eat their faking, if they don’t it’s something else. Regular size people are fat. Others are to skinny. Whatever. If you listen to poster’s opinions about weight you’d be one messed up mess.
    Nic do you and take care.

  • joanna


  • Unchanged

    Until Nicole comes to terms to acknowledge that she has a eating disorder or that she is a hardcore junkie (that’s the only other thing I can think of for her serious weight loss other than starving herself) she will never stop/change. Also, who takes Vicodin for cramps???? I mean I have never heard of that, plus I don’t believe her when Vicodin is most celebrities daily candy of choice. I think she was putting on a show for those who choose to believe her. I also think from the way Diane Sawyer was looking at her, she not buying her bull crap either.

    I hope she do well and deliver a healthy baby, but what will happen once the child is in the world. She is just suppressing her demons not facing them. Not many folks can just go cold turkey and change over night, pregnant or not.

  • Many blessings Nicole

    Give her a chance,it aint yours or my bizness. Move forward Nicole I hope all goes well. Many Blessings. More Power to you!
    Stop pretending yal like Nick. Its BULLSH1T!. What happens we shall see. Til then let’s ,as others have said leave her alone. Maybe it was the drugs.
    My 1st cousin is a crack head-dope head and she is as skinny as
    AMY WINEHOUSE, as she said drugs had everything to do with it.
    Let’s be positive.,oppose to negative.

  • Lady

    I am 5ft 5ins and my weight fluctuates between 97 to 102 lbs. I would love to weigh more but I cannot. I took many medical tests but everything is perfectly normal. My doc says that I am healthy and should be happy with my body image.

    Mandy people who are naturally skinny get a lot of crap, we don’t strave our self we do love food. If I am too busy and I skip just one meal I loose 2 lbs! Bascially I have to eat to maintain my little weight, so not fair!!!

  • Chocolate FIYAH

    I just hope to God she’s NOT starving that poor baby!

  • Dirty Cougar

    @ Lady! You are one lucky lady! You are one of those that, are blessed with a high metabolism. My brother dated a girl like that she, had to be 5’10″ and only weighed 110-115 lbs tops! My mom actually accused her of an eating disorder. She rolled her eye’s like, she was used to explaining herself all the time. She explained her mom took her to see doctors that, can actually make her start gaining a little bit of weight. A doctor said, he would need to put her on a special diet and she, would gain weight but, then she would then have to watch what she’s eats because, she can gain too much weight. Hence, she would have a much slower metabolism. We’ll, of course she didn’t want to risk that. Being on the heavier side and having to battle you’re weight is much worse. So, she rather stay on the too thin side then, have the more ideal body. Too, me she had already the ideal body! My mom was jealous! lol!
    Lady, it sounds like you look FABULOUS! People that accuse you of being to thin. Consider the source. Jealous! Enjoy being you. I certainly would!

  • *~*Jinny*~*

    Being that Tim Mcgraw chewed out an innocent woman for stealing his ring, I hope he had the common decency to apologize to her.

    Anyone aware if he said sorry or not??

  • shoes4life

    Jinny: I am sure he probably did once he found out the truth but you know it want make it to the media circuit because it doesn’t sale. Unless he does some elaborate display of an apology only then will it make and then people will say he is doing it for publicity.

  • kayla

    I love Nicole 4 ever and always.
    Did McGraw get his ring back?

  • just saying

    I’m just testing!!



  • @

    Why do you care if she’s skinny, leave her alone. It’s rude and annoying.

  • @

    . no one wants to hear you talking negatively about Nicole. What do you care if she’s skinny, leave her alone. It’s rude and annoying.

  • *~*Jinny*~*

    Yep Kayla, Mcgraw got his ring back.. while he was betching out the innocent woman, the lady that actually had it was waving it in the air trying to get his attention, (you can see her in the video waving it at him-she has on a blue shirt) but he was too focused on the innocent woman to even noticed the lady that really had in her hand. Apparently it was turned over to security and it was returned to Tim. That woman most likely paid alot of $$$ for front row seats and to be wrongly accused of being a thief had to be completely humiliating and I feel she deserves an apology, if not given one already. I know we all make mistakes, but Tim jumped the gun on this one!

  • Lady

    @Dirty Cougar – thanks for the info! You sound like a therapist – I have read some of your comments before :–))

    perhaps you are doing research on human behavior – this site and MTO are good sources lol…