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Rihanna: Good Girl Gone Bath

Rihanna: Good Girl Gone Bath


Rihanna takes it off for a bikini shoot in the September 2007 issue of Germany’s Maxim magazine.

“I just like it sexy,” Rihanna said to the magazine.

The R&B songstress is currently on crutches after a disastrous run-in with… a chair.

Rihanna also recently teamed up with Totes to launching her own line of umbrella, priced from $14.99 to $50. You can check out her rain gear collection here.

You can stand under my umbrella anytime, Rihanna.

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77 Responses to “Rihanna: Good Girl Gone Bath”

  1. 1
    Sarah Says:

    Tries too hard.

  2. 2
    andré Says:

    tries extremely hard.
    ugly, fat, needt to get tight, classier, learn how to sing,..i mean…just really ugly.
    not sexy at all.
    Keira Knightley walking on the streets..that’s the definition of sexy.

  3. 3
    sarah Says:

    this girl is pretty annoying!!! I HATE HER!!!!VOMIT!!!!!! she thinks that she’s sexy, but look at her……… she maybe deosn’t have mirror at her home!!!!LOL!!!!!

  4. 4
    chrischdi Says:

    lol at ich mag es eben sexy :P
    klaro :P

  5. 5
    Becca Says:

    “Eben” does not mean evenly in this case!! The closest translation I can think of in 10 seconds is “I just like it sexy”. Dictionaries won’t do it if you don’t know the language… Otherwise love your site.

  6. 6
    Becca Says:

    oh, and rihanna.. love her too.

  7. 7
    Just Jared Says:

    Thanks, Becca!!

  8. 8
    Miss Ella Says:

    Child looks crazy and desperate as hell-Pastor Leroy Kitchens was jest preaching on these young womens trying to get attention with no clothes on-she need to c’mon down to Tupelo Mississippi (It’s just an hour south of One Below Mississippi) the sista’s will teach her how to really hoe!(rows of cotton).

  9. 9
    Saria Says:

    andré : 08/03/2007 at 8:48 am
    tries extremely hard.
    ugly, fat, needt to get tight, classier, learn how to sing,..i mean…just really ugly.
    not sexy at all.
    Keira Knightley walking on the streets..that’s the definition of sexy.

    I’m not a big fan of Rihanna. I don’t think she’s be best singer out there, but when the singing world gives us J-Lo, Brit, and the other wannabes then she’s not all that bad. Her song is catchy. However, how can you call this girl fat. She has a nice, healthy, sexy body. Keira Knightly is FAR from sexy, she’s skinny, flat chested and has no a$$, but hey if that’s your cup of tea, then more power to you. But I know alot of men of all races who would rather juicy over looking like a boy. I’m so sick of you white folks making comments about these girls that has a little meat on there bones being fat. That is why we have all these anorexic, girls running around.

  10. 10
    Becca Says:

    no problem! :-)

  11. 11
    KrungKrung Says:

    she acts like a hoe, she’s one of the wanna be’s…

  12. 12
    Ross Says:

    OMFG. Eww. I agree wit who’s here said she’s tried too hard! And no! That’s not easy. That’s gross! Rihanna is gross. Just looking at her face makes me wanna vomit. And why they focus on her face? That huge forehead, big lips and nose are so ugly, horrible and awful! She is disgusting and gross. Period.

  13. 13
    HEY!!!!!! Says:

    I don’t she anything wrong with having a fit healthy body. She not anorexic which is unfortunely is being the norm of the entertainment business. Stay healthy!!

  14. 14
    stellartes Says:

    She is a doll.Beautiful girl.

  15. 15
    tzy Says:

    her…sexy?…I Think NOTT she thinks shes the next beyonce HAHA

  16. 16
    ('@') Says:

    I like her looks and her voice but she needs to smile more :) Smiling face can be sexy too :) Smile !

  17. 17
    Marta Says:

    she’s so annoying
    her voice is so annoying

  18. 18
    slap a hoe Says:

    if i ever run into a beyonce stan i would slap a ***** on the face. she’s not trying to be beyonce, she’s rihanna, rihana, beyonce, rihanna, beyonce not all black people look the same!

  19. 19
    Rainman Says:

    The problem is, this is a child trying way to hard to be grown. The only thing she has going for her is looks and that’s running out. She has no talent, she really can’t sing if your honest with your self. All these image changes is really not helping, already she is played out.

    I’m praying for the girl cause pretty soon she will be the next SUPERHEAD.

  20. 20
    cutie pie Says:

    rihanna is way sexier than some keira knightley, but then again thats my opinion.

  21. 21
    Dionne anyone Says:

    Man Dionne Warwick does bathe.
    Ree- ree should have had a full bang for that long acne 4head.
    Retouched to death, we just saw her with a ‘Chaka Khan’ wig yesterday. The ska-nk is bald headed with a nose like a moose.
    Sell, sell the @ss cuz your wanna be ‘Bey’so bad is’nt working Moose-y.

  22. 22
    peppy Says:

    her sex appeal seems a little force but that’s just me

  23. 23
    gross Says:

    Check out what the tweety bird big forehead looks like for real, on tmz’s video. That is not how her skin or forehead/weave look. BTW her thighs look enormous!

  24. 24
    nika Says:

    50 dollar an umbrella, omg.

  25. 25
    Nadia Says:

    there’s nothing attractive about her

  26. 26
    LiLBabIexx16 Says:

    andre you are really annoying and i think keira knightly is pretty but rihanna is prettier and she is a good singer and is not fat i feel a lot of jealously not just from her/him but all the haters

  27. 27
    gomez Says:

    all u people that trash on her must have some fasination otherwise why would u waste time making hateful comments. she is a smart, beautiful young woman. why do u asses have to hate on anyone. jealous i believe u all are.

  28. 28
    emmanuel Says:

    rihanna in top nog stappa verdere vore zette in nog plaats van beyonce.

  29. 29
    **READ THIS**** Says:

    I like Rihanna she sings better than britney spears thats 4 sure but she is a bit ugley from the face her body is in great shape I think when your to skinny all your bones show and that’s nasty but like i said she’s all right

  30. 30
    K from Philly Says:

    i have to agree with gomez- give the girl a break! Not everyone is born with thin noses,thin thighs and small foreheads. What is with all the comments about her nose and the size of her head and thighs. Obviously there are people who like her music and her looks. If you don’t like what you see, stop staring at her pictures and turn off the computer.

  31. 31
    knots Says:

    This is one ugly woman.Just saw the TMZ video and she has a knot/s on her banging 5 finger forehead. If she had surgery ,her nose would not be so wide and a wig that covers her knots would be nice. And exercise . So not atractive.

  32. 32
    andré Says:


    i don’t have any problems with girls that look like woman..i love beyoncé of the most beautiful women out there..i also think JLo is gorgeous..
    Keira si not anorexic..she even has a nice ass..flat chested for sure..and the fact that she doesn’t enhance her boobs just make her even sexier.
    Keira is sexy cause she’s natural..she just walks on the street with no make-up, a simple dress, with her hair just like she got outta bed that minute, listening to music and that’s cute. Riahnna, as I said, tries to hard and that’ss not sexy at all. She’s not even pretty. Her songs are catchy but whatsoever…she’s not the one that writes them anyway..her voice is bad. Period.
    And she may look healthy for you but for me she looks fat in a non fit way. Jessica Simpson on These Boots video is thin and fit. taht’s my point..thin and fit are different things.

    ah..vai se foder você.

  33. 33
    paty Says:

    i think u guys are crazy ass f*** she is a beutiful young woman who is
    trying to work her ass for u people

  34. 34
    martha Says:

    she is beutiful!!! u stupid people she is not trying to be like beyonce
    she being her self let her do her thing u guys will kill to be her and u know it she sings really good she has style and she is not fat i cant belive u guys are so full off s*** rihana u are beutiful!!!!! ps

  35. 35
    Krispy Says:

    Keira Knightley is the prettiest and most talented of all those fake wanna be’s and Rihanna won’t ever compare to Beyoncée no matter what she does be it her beauty her voice or even popularity..

  36. 36
    geraldine Says:

    all ya’ll haters need to back up off her she’s prettier than all of ya’ll combine and she can sing and she look beautiful.ya’ll just mad cause she on top right now.

  37. 37
    Oh Well Says:

    Like her music, and her style, not a raving beauty but then again
    who in the hell is?? it’s all smoke and mirrors and heave makeup.

  38. 38
    geraldine Says:

    she’s very beautiful

  39. 39
    Chris Says:

    she has fat thighs. how the hell did she ever get the “greatest legs” recognition??

  40. 40
    skip in chi Says:

    why is everyone saying shes not pretty? i think she is the sexiest girl out right now. i havent seen a bad picture of her yet and shes way better looking that kiera knightley, who would even compare the two!!!

  41. 41
    pinky Says:

    hey y’all am 100% vincy and caribbean women are beautiful so please give a sister a break rihanna you are DAMN HOT !!!!!!!

  42. 42
    pinky Says:

    hey y’all am 100% vincy and caribbean women are beautiful so please give a sister a break rihanna you are DAMN HOT !!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL REP FOR US HOT HOT HOT

  43. 43
    pinky Says:


  44. 44
    Scorpion Queen Says:

    I cant believe some of you people. One word can only describe you “haters”; Rihanna is a beautiful person who like all of us may have faults but she is not focussing on this; she is excelling in her own way while you guys continue to hurl critisism left right and centre; I think she has a beautiful voice and a healthy looking body; I would even go so far as to say that she is SEXY; So to all you haters, continue hating and then after a while you will grow to love REE REE;

  45. 45
    fil g. Says:

    all yall ******* need to stop hating on her cuz the girl didnt do **** to ya’ll. if ya’ll dont like ehr why are ya’ll dumbass even on here you stupid ass *******. all yall can kiss her ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. 46
    ADA Says:


  47. 47
    marqilia Says:

    all yall is hatin
    yall all would be doing the same thing
    she selling ablums so she must can sing

  48. 48
    Lese Says:

    Wow It’s funny to see that most of you guys don’t like Rihanna but yall simply waste your time trying to look at the picture she’s taken. That absoulutely makes no since to me.

  49. 49
    cutie pie Says:

    she does not act like a ho/ if she acts like a ho then britney damn sure is a ho and so is paris and that ugly ass lindsay.

  50. 50
    Sham Says:

    u guys are fools..rhianna fat and ugly..big nose ..what ignorance she is black the nose defines african heritage.. thus unique and natural beauty..who wants to look like pinocchio. Singing haha britney is better…i guess rhianna needs to go to rehab a few times to be better..she is a good singer not greaatt, but her voice stands out, the fact that you can pick it out..shows her excellence. fat..waht crazyness, she is healthy curvy and beautifully sculptured..keira knightely ..lookin like a broom stick nd a gold ball for a head are not sexy…fooolishness..

  51. 51
    LOL Says:

    How’s that homosexuality working out for you, guys?

    Anyone who would not do Rihanna on the spot is either gay or neutered. That girl is ******* HOT!

  52. 52
    Sugarman Says:

    Rihanna is absolutely hotttt!!! She is an average live performer though, but her videos rock.

  53. 53
    josh Says:

    Wat is with all the rihanna haters out there, she is hat and had good music. u all are rediculous, there is no way someone can honestly call her fat and ugly. she is drop deadbeautiful and sexy.

  54. 54
    Ethan Says:

    that is hidious tries to be good but puke i mean ewww=(s) just look at her youll barf

  55. 55
    BFitzroy Says:

    Why is it that all the idiots of the internet flock to pages about celebrities to say how much they hate them, if you hate the sight of her, why come to an article about her and post it.

    Funny how most of you idiots don’t seem to have sold millions of CDs, you must be doing something wrong with your life, you obviously think you are better than this artist, why haven’t you sold more albums ?

    Because you are a worthless piece of internet trash, if you had the slightest ounce of talent, you’d be on the end of Jay-Z’s c o c k, before you could say tasty.

    Regardless of how much internet fools hate it, Avril Lavigne and Rihanna are some of this years top female singers.

    Compared to crap like Fergie and Nelly Furtado, Rihanna is angelic.

  56. 56
    BFitzroy Says:

    Obviously you prefer people with thighs like the Olsen Twins and Nicole Richie, because Rihanna is definitely not fat.

  57. 57
    ultimate RIHANNAfan Says:

    hey andré when you dont know what’s sexy then SHUT UP!!!!
    And sarah have you seen yourself *UGLY UGLY UGLY* when i see you, i must RE-EATIN’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love rihanna and i can speak german!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. 58
    Srdjan Says:

    She is not fat and she is beautiful!She is gorgeus!I adore her!stop hate her,idiots!

  59. 59
    stando Says:

    luk u ***** priks rihanna is ***** gorjus ill bat every1 who says otherwise shes to fit ffs!!! ur just jelos coz ur probz a mong wif no mates so ***** do 1

  60. 60
    Opinion_Distributor Says:

    She performs horribly, and no she’s not attractive.

  61. 61
    Cainman Says:

    Too Bad You Bloggers Hate On Her She Has Made it And What Are You Doing Looking At Her Wishing You Could Be Her She Got You To Look At Her And Playing Her Music So So Sad People.Be Happy For Someone Cause Apparently You Must Not Like Yourself.

  62. 62
    DJ NELLY! Says:

    yall so ****** she is so sexy,maybe u guys aint! yall **** and r jealos ! i luv all Barbadians! like Rihanna!she sings so ****** good! i hate yall haterz r crap and worthless ugly ****!Rihanna is beautiful and my inspiration.shes gonna be da best ****** singa i have eva hurd in my life! Rihanna,ur da best and fav singer 2 me.UR BEAUTIFUL people who hate ya r ugly ****. i luv u! ur my inspiration .**** ALL U UGLY **** HATERZ! peace out!

  63. 63
    DJ NELLY! Says:

    id die 4 rihanna! i luv her 2 death!(no homo) my life is worthless anyway.she is sexy but make out wit her…too ****** far.i aint no homo.if i wasa boy,hell ****** bitchin yeah id make out wit hur!**** U HATERS r ****** racist.Rihanna is sexy and u aint so wat? I LUV U RIHANNA BEATIFUL AND MY INSPIRATION! I ****** LUV U! IF I WAS A BOY ID MAKE OUT WIT U!LOL.i wish i can meet u =D peace out niggas!

  64. 64
    bAJANQUEEN Says:

    Not sure what ya all problem is but let me stick up for the Queen of BIM. Rihanna is not one of the best or most talented persons on our shores but she is the only one who has been able to get where you all and myself will never get. ON THE WORLD STAGE. She is attractive, and she has a talent which none of ya all have. She is where she is today cause someone saw something that none of you can see. Jay-Z also saw what ya all cant see, so ya all need to leave the Queen of BIM alone and get on wid ya own lifes, Cause Rihanna is getting on and upwards with hers.

    I challenge you all out there to pick up a mike and do what she is doing, and let me see how fast your records sell, and how many awards you get.

    Good Going Rihanna, and keep representing who ya is and where ya is from.

    your loyal subject


  65. 65
    Helen Says:

    rihanna is PRETTIER than keira knightley???? YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN!! check your eyes to optometrist! i would say that scarlett johansson is just average and keira is prettier than scarlett.. while this ugly chick overrated rihanna is NOTHING COMPARE to scarlett.. which means that she is so ******* ugly!!! rihanna is ******* annoying.. begone rihanna.. begone…

  66. 66
    Helen Says:

    Andre… I agree with you!! Haha this chick is FAT… GET REAL PEOPLE, SHE IS NOT SEXY BUT SHE IS FAT!!! BEING FAT AND SEXY IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT… and yessss she tries to hard… such a *****

  67. 67
    Natalie Watts Says:

    You all have PROBLEMS!!!, are haters and don’t seem to know what beauty is, they are people trying to get lips like hers, her hair cuts are the most talked about and her legs very voted sexiest, She’s HOT period, just DEAL with it!

  68. 68
    tanya Says:

    Rihanna IS disgusting.She looks like some kind of a mutant…Just look at that HUGE forehead…Her entire facial structure sucks.
    She should thank God that she has enough money to afford tons of make-up she uses to hide that horrible thing called – her face.
    Her body…Well,she looks like a teenage girl in my opinion.Not like a woman should.

    And I don’t think she’s fat or skinny,for that matter.Americans have a distorted way of thinking when it comes to weight – either you’re all for being extra fat (which is not sexy,it’s just unhealthy and gross),or for being extra skinny (which is not healthy or nice either).90 % of you really have no brains.

    they are people trying to get lips like hers, her hair cuts are the most talked about and her legs very voted sexiest,

    Natalie Watts,so what if her legs were voted the sexiest?George Bush was also voted into the office of President two times in a row.And that means…what?
    You know,there are people jumping off buildings as we speak.
    Does that mean you’re gonna do it,too?Do a favor to mankind,Natalie!

    She’s HOT period, just DEAL with it!

    You’re an idiot.Just DEAL with it.
    You can’t spell,by the way.

  69. 69
    Envious people Says:

    You people are just ENVIOUS on Rihanna! Haha!!!! HOW ON EARTH CAN YOU SAY SHE’S FAT?! She looks gorgeous….just because you can’t count her bones doesn’t mean she’s fat…and b.t.w….Keira is way too “NOT” sexy near Rihanna…she’s too skinny..i mean TOO SKINNY..and f.y.i.,usually black people have they’re tighs a little bigger…for ex. Rihanna..but look at all the other parts…she has a pretty face..lil’ flat tummy..and for whoever said “big lips” is NOT a good thing..then…L.O.L….that person must have some serious problems.I may agree her forhead is a little big but..that doesn’t really take away her hot looks.And also…what the **** sounds so bad about her voice?I really think her voice is pretty good. In conclusion..for a young girl like her…SHE’S GREAT AND SHE HAS DONE GREAT THINGS…..

  70. 70
    RADEE Says:

    i think RIHANA is great…she is SEXY and very Sexy..thats my gurl man….YYYYYYEah….man y u people hates her so much what did she do to u guys…i like her….we guys like her we all like her….because she is great and she is jus wonderful….even though she`s Black it doensst make ani diffrences…she is stil the best…..she has the Body to comfort ani guys and she also hav the Lips that can go all might…muaaaaaah

    kip it up babe…i mean gurl you are the great…singer i ever come acros

  71. 71
    tha king Says:

    omg rihanna is tha tha most gorjuz gurl in tha world!!! wats wrong with you haters? r use gay?

  72. 72
    linda Says:

    to big of thighs im way cuter

  73. 73
    Melissa Says:


  74. 74
    aaaaaaaaa Says:

    rihanna is a monkey she needs to go back to the jungle because her king kong daddy is looking for her . she smells like ass and sweaty balls. and she gave chris brown herpes .dirty as hell .chris brown beat the **** out of her literally.leave chris alone *****

  75. 75
    Rick Says:

    This is one ugly ass chick. Getting her ass beat was the best thing to happen to this ugly chicks career.

  76. 76
    Meah Says:

    Rihanna……….she is just a very beautiful gal….pls ppl stop jealous neh!…….i love her and belongings………nd i say May GOD Bless her to succeed with her music nd grow big…..LOVE U GAL……PRETTY LITTLE TING……SHE GOT EVERYTHIN….AND SHE DOES IT FOR ME…

  77. 77
    Kendra Says:

    It always got to be something negative said about a black woman, especially when someone is praising her for her looks. Rihanna isn’t doing any else different from any other singer/actress out there that appears on a magazine cover. Most of y’all praise Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie when they take their clothes off so what is so different when Rihanna does it?!

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