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Rihanna: Good Girl Gone Bath

Rihanna: Good Girl Gone Bath


Rihanna takes it off for a bikini shoot in the September 2007 issue of Germany’s Maxim magazine.

“I just like it sexy,” Rihanna said to the magazine.

The R&B songstress is currently on crutches after a disastrous run-in with… a chair.

Rihanna also recently teamed up with Totes to launching her own line of umbrella, priced from $14.99 to $50. You can check out her rain gear collection here.

You can stand under my umbrella anytime, Rihanna.

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77 Responses to “Rihanna: Good Girl Gone Bath”

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  1. 26
    LiLBabIexx16 Says:

    andre you are really annoying and i think keira knightly is pretty but rihanna is prettier and she is a good singer and is not fat i feel a lot of jealously not just from her/him but all the haters

  2. 27
    gomez Says:

    all u people that trash on her must have some fasination otherwise why would u waste time making hateful comments. she is a smart, beautiful young woman. why do u asses have to hate on anyone. jealous i believe u all are.

  3. 28
    emmanuel Says:

    rihanna in top nog stappa verdere vore zette in nog plaats van beyonce.

  4. 29
    **READ THIS**** Says:

    I like Rihanna she sings better than britney spears thats 4 sure but she is a bit ugley from the face her body is in great shape I think when your to skinny all your bones show and that’s nasty but like i said she’s all right

  5. 30
    K from Philly Says:

    i have to agree with gomez- give the girl a break! Not everyone is born with thin noses,thin thighs and small foreheads. What is with all the comments about her nose and the size of her head and thighs. Obviously there are people who like her music and her looks. If you don’t like what you see, stop staring at her pictures and turn off the computer.

  6. 31
    knots Says:

    This is one ugly woman.Just saw the TMZ video and she has a knot/s on her banging 5 finger forehead. If she had surgery ,her nose would not be so wide and a wig that covers her knots would be nice. And exercise . So not atractive.

  7. 32
    andré Says:


    i don’t have any problems with girls that look like woman..i love beyoncé of the most beautiful women out there..i also think JLo is gorgeous..
    Keira si not anorexic..she even has a nice ass..flat chested for sure..and the fact that she doesn’t enhance her boobs just make her even sexier.
    Keira is sexy cause she’s natural..she just walks on the street with no make-up, a simple dress, with her hair just like she got outta bed that minute, listening to music and that’s cute. Riahnna, as I said, tries to hard and that’ss not sexy at all. She’s not even pretty. Her songs are catchy but whatsoever…she’s not the one that writes them anyway..her voice is bad. Period.
    And she may look healthy for you but for me she looks fat in a non fit way. Jessica Simpson on These Boots video is thin and fit. taht’s my point..thin and fit are different things.

    ah..vai se foder você.

  8. 33
    paty Says:

    i think u guys are crazy ass f*** she is a beutiful young woman who is
    trying to work her ass for u people

  9. 34
    martha Says:

    she is beutiful!!! u stupid people she is not trying to be like beyonce
    she being her self let her do her thing u guys will kill to be her and u know it she sings really good she has style and she is not fat i cant belive u guys are so full off s*** rihana u are beutiful!!!!! ps

  10. 35
    Krispy Says:

    Keira Knightley is the prettiest and most talented of all those fake wanna be’s and Rihanna won’t ever compare to Beyoncée no matter what she does be it her beauty her voice or even popularity..

  11. 36
    geraldine Says:

    all ya’ll haters need to back up off her she’s prettier than all of ya’ll combine and she can sing and she look beautiful.ya’ll just mad cause she on top right now.

  12. 37
    Oh Well Says:

    Like her music, and her style, not a raving beauty but then again
    who in the hell is?? it’s all smoke and mirrors and heave makeup.

  13. 38
    geraldine Says:

    she’s very beautiful

  14. 39
    Chris Says:

    she has fat thighs. how the hell did she ever get the “greatest legs” recognition??

  15. 40
    skip in chi Says:

    why is everyone saying shes not pretty? i think she is the sexiest girl out right now. i havent seen a bad picture of her yet and shes way better looking that kiera knightley, who would even compare the two!!!

  16. 41
    pinky Says:

    hey y’all am 100% vincy and caribbean women are beautiful so please give a sister a break rihanna you are DAMN HOT !!!!!!!

  17. 42
    pinky Says:

    hey y’all am 100% vincy and caribbean women are beautiful so please give a sister a break rihanna you are DAMN HOT !!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL REP FOR US HOT HOT HOT

  18. 43
    pinky Says:


  19. 44
    Scorpion Queen Says:

    I cant believe some of you people. One word can only describe you “haters”; Rihanna is a beautiful person who like all of us may have faults but she is not focussing on this; she is excelling in her own way while you guys continue to hurl critisism left right and centre; I think she has a beautiful voice and a healthy looking body; I would even go so far as to say that she is SEXY; So to all you haters, continue hating and then after a while you will grow to love REE REE;

  20. 45
    fil g. Says:

    all yall ******* need to stop hating on her cuz the girl didnt do **** to ya’ll. if ya’ll dont like ehr why are ya’ll dumbass even on here you stupid ass *******. all yall can kiss her ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 46
    ADA Says:


  22. 47
    marqilia Says:

    all yall is hatin
    yall all would be doing the same thing
    she selling ablums so she must can sing

  23. 48
    Lese Says:

    Wow It’s funny to see that most of you guys don’t like Rihanna but yall simply waste your time trying to look at the picture she’s taken. That absoulutely makes no since to me.

  24. 49
    cutie pie Says:

    she does not act like a ho/ if she acts like a ho then britney damn sure is a ho and so is paris and that ugly ass lindsay.

  25. 50
    Sham Says:

    u guys are fools..rhianna fat and ugly..big nose ..what ignorance she is black the nose defines african heritage.. thus unique and natural beauty..who wants to look like pinocchio. Singing haha britney is better…i guess rhianna needs to go to rehab a few times to be better..she is a good singer not greaatt, but her voice stands out, the fact that you can pick it out..shows her excellence. fat..waht crazyness, she is healthy curvy and beautifully sculptured..keira knightely ..lookin like a broom stick nd a gold ball for a head are not sexy…fooolishness..

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