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Ving Rhames' Deadly Dog Attack

Ving Rhames' Deadly Dog Attack

A 40-year-old male caretaker was mauled to death by two dogs — both weighing about 200 pounds — at the home of Ving Rhames today, authorities said.

The man had numerous bites on his body and died at the scene of the attack, which was reported about 7:15 a.m.

“He appears to have suffered a number of injuries as a result of the dog mauling,” Lt. Ray Lombardo said. “There were dogs loose on the property. Those dogs have been captured by animal regulation (officers).”

“Both those dogs are mastiffs; they’re rather large,” Lombardo added. “Normally we understand they are pretty friendly dogs. But, you know, there are occasions where dogs will turn on their owners or their caretakers, and this looks like a tragic accident.”

Rhames, 46, was not home at the time of the attack — he was on-location in Bulgaria shooting The Tournament. The actor is best known for roles in Pulp Fiction and Mission: Impossible.

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  • Kelly

    That is so sad!

  • Dirty Cougar

    Oh NO! That poor man who, died so horribly! THAT’S AWFUL!! What a way to go. That is so weird. Bull Mastiff’s are usually pretty friendly. But, letting dogs run loose even if, it’s on you’re property or not it’s not okay. You never know what can happen. Dogs do spook easily. Lawsuit’s are going to fly like, fly’s stick to sheeit!

  • HEY!!!!!!

    That is so sad and I bet Ving is pretty upset that his employee died. Very sad for the caretaker’s family as well.

  • bdj

    That is too horrible. I feel for the Man’s family.

  • http://htt// eee

    that’s very sad.

  • tiger

    They are leaving something out with this story. I have 2 mastiffs and they run freely on my property. I have a German Sheperd too, and she is the meanest of the 3. I don’t believe these dogs will attack for no reason. I am not buying that. He had to do something to those dogs to set them off. For me, if someone doesn’t want to be greeted by my dogs, the solution is simple. “Stay the hell off my property!” If they feel I am being threatened, they will react. And my dogs will give fair warning when they are spooked. The manner that they hold their ears and their tail. There are no bad dogs, there are bad owners. I am sorry this man lost his life, but what did he do to these dogs to make them attack? It is easy to blame the animal in such a situation, the only defense they have for themselves is to bite someone if they feel threatened.

  • Barbara

    I wonder if he had a security camera that caught what happened? Otherwise it’s all going to be speculation.

  • tiger

    I have security cameras on property. Yeah, when you own big dogs such as these and attempt to keep them in a free environment, I feel it is a must. People are cruel to animals, animals can sense that in a person. When my dogs respond to someone in a defensive manner, I always take notice of that person. I would trust their first instinct over my own anyday.

  • trickytri

    This is terrible news. If people can’t take care and be responsible of their pets, they shouldn’t have them in the first place.

  • jjfan

    I think those dogs should have been put down on the spot. To kill a human being, these dogs malled him, could have been any one, a child
    are Bull mastiffs not use to hunt and kill large wild cats?
    they should have been muzzled, two or more dogs make a pack and they tend to do as the leader of the pack wishes. What a sad story

  • Dirty Cougar

    Nevertheless, Dogs need training! Being as wealthy as MR. Rhames he, should have paid extra to, have trained dogs if, he wishes to let them run loose. Dog’s can go hair trigger anytime! It could be the slightest thing that, sets them off. NOT WHAT A PERSON DOES! What if this were a child instead? Bad enough a poor adult suffered pain until the very end. Tragic and hartbreaking! It was so unnecessary!

  • Carruthers

    More money than brains, once again. His dogs were gorgeous, but they had had their ears clipped, were HUGE and he posed with them in multiple photos. “Trophy dogs”. Looks like the same issue of celebrities buying dogs because they have the cash to do so. Same as Paris and Britney with their multiple little chihuahuas. More cash than brains. Then the dogs are left “home” while the actors run around the country. Some innocent man lost his life, probably tending to the grounds or house.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Sheeit! I’m harmless. When, I visited my brothers for 4th of July outting last year he, bragged about the 2 nicest Golden Retriever’s he had. Okay, I don’t know if, one of the dogs. This one happens to be female. I don’t know if, she smelled cat on me or what or the rag. I was on my menstraul cycle. I had 2 cats @ the time but, my brother has a cat too so, that cat theory is gone. The female dog wanted to attack me. Good thing my husband and brother stepped in or, I would have been chewed man! I’m harmless man! I wouldn’t hurt a flea. I love animals. This is the first thing outta my brother’s mouth and his wife. Not are you okay but, “WHAT DID YOU DO?!” Nice huh? I didn’t do a goddamn thing! I just walk like I normally do. These are Golden Retriever’s. Supposed to be the nicest family pet! It goes to show you. YOU NEED TO EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED WHEN, OWNING A DOG OR MANY DOGS!!!

  • Babysis

    Those dogs are very big!

  • Sophia

    Okay I don’t have dogs but isn’t ANY dog potentially dangerous?

    I am calm around most dogs but I know how to read them and see which ones should not be apprached. I am saying this because when my friend walks her dog who is a golden retriever by the way, occasionaly we bump into people who are so endlessly scared by dogs that it is so frightning that it is funny.

  • Lori

    that big yellow mastiff has the body of a lion. just look at the handler trying to fit his massive body into that small crate. i bet they were worth thousands,as mastiffs usually are, but who cares, it’s soo sad that the man died. i bet the dogs were destroyed too. i agree that it’s odd for the man who had been working with the dogs for years just suddenly got attacked. sometimes dogs that attack have brain issues. it happened to my sister’s friend’s dog. it attacked her husband out of the blue and they found out the dog had a brain tumor and was later put to sleep.

  • Dancer

    They are saying now the man may have had a heart attack. It could be the dogs were trying to drag him to safety. We don’t have the full story and may never. Bullmastiffs are generally pretty laid back and loving with their caretakers, etc.

  • Jessica

    that’s horrible

  • Lasa

    They have updated the story and the man died from a heart attck. And also it should be pointed out what type of mastiffs they were, there are several types of mastiffs and a couple are extremely aggressive and some are very very passive and breed to raise children. And while any dog even a small dog can turn on someone, even its owners I just think this should be pointed out so that it is not put out there that the entire breed is aggressive or something.

  • Dirty Cougar

    F@CK! It’s a wonder the man had a hart attack! I think anybody would having, you’re fleash torn and ripped to shreds by two 200 pound dogs! Evidence, will be found out. If, you read the story the, man had multible wounds and injuries. If, he would had collapsed with a hart attack the dogs, would have dragged him. Why all the wounds then? No, this was a vicious attack. People do not want to accept the truth that, a man was tortured to death by dogs. Ohh!! The POOR dogs were provoked somehow. Poor doggies!!~Jeez! That should have not happpened PERIOD!

  • sad

    Victim of Ving Rhames dogs may have died of a heart attack

    Atlanta, GA 8/3/2007 10:42 PM GMT (FINDITT)

    The man that was believed to have been mauled by actor Ving Rhames’ dogs could have had a heart attack, police say. The man’s wounds, which are on his face and neck only, don’t appear to have been fatal. Police speculate that the man could have had a confrontation with the dogs and been running from them when he had a heart attack and died.

    The 40-year-old man was the caretaker of the four dogs and lived at the house. He had been employed there for two years and fed the dog’s everyday. The three Mastiffs and one Bulldog were taken into custody by the Animal Control and will be held over the weekend.

    Police say the dogs where very friendly and they where not aware of any previous complaints about them. Rhames probably won’t be charged with anything because police believe it was a “pure accident.” Blood samples will be taken from the dogs to determine whether the dogs are infected with rabies or other diseases.

    Police said that the man appeared to be trying to get away from the dogs and died sometime early this morning after possibly having a heart attack. Rhames, who starred with Tom Cruise in all three “Mission Impossible” films, is out of the country.

  • magnus

    Anyone with a Mastiff or pitbulls is an idiot. Why have a dog that can kill you? Or someone else? Because you’re insecure, small, petty, pathetic little people.

    Those dogs should be shot and Mr Rhames should be charged, jailed, and heavily fined.

    If a pitbull or mastiff even growls at me I’ll shoot it. Sheppards and dobermans too.

  • Peach

    It could be that the gentleman had a heart attack and then the dogs were trying to help him or something other than an attack.

    I wonder if it can be proved either way?? Dogs don’t usually bite the hand that feeds them.

  • Dirty Cougar

    @ Magnus! People are stupid to have dogs like that. I mean I like dogs but, be reasonable dudes! A dog like Rachel Bilson’s is adorable and you don’t need to be afraid the dog is going to bite you’re freakin hand off!
    Right On Magnus! You got a Mastiff, pitbull, sheppard or dorberman that growls in my direction I’m, going to shoot the motherf@cker!

  • 2985

    People who just jump to conclusions re other people who have certain breeds of dogs are severely misinformed. A first start for those too lazy to read any dog books would be to watch Animal Planet, specifically ASPCS New York branch, where they regularly have to save pitbulls from being treated VERY badly, all pathetic and cowering, often from idiotic people who bought them and tried to ‘turn’ them into the often stereotypical image of pitbulls, or substitute whatever breed of dog you’re prejudiced against.
    I feel very sad for the deceased man and his family.
    Re the poster who said ANY dog can be dangerous, you’re too right it’s not funny. We never hear of a man being bitten by chihuahua (or any other smaller breed) coz it doesn’t make ‘news’. Anyone who works at vets or any animal places know that smaller dogs actually have been recorded as being more involved in biting events, it’s just a)most don’t think of reporting them coz it’s a little dog, b)it’s usually a family dog and some stupid child left unattended by the parents stick a pencil into the dog’s ears – has happened to a dachsund, was put down coz it bit the boy who did it, the boy only confessed much much later, so not coz the dog was ‘dangerous’, c)a lot of people are treated for cat injuries as well but same coz it’s a small animal and generally speaking more people are more ok being badly scratched and bitten by cats/chihuahuas coz the small jaw size = not worth reporting. Obvious huh? :)
    If the man was their caretaker, I find it very strange that the dogs would’ve attacked unprovoked.
    I really dislike people who keep perpetuating that certain dog breeds are dangerous just because. Here’s an idea: go educate yourself and go to a reputable dog shelter or vet practice and ask to meet well-brought up dogs of said breeds. By well-brought up I mean they’re fed well, taken care of well, owners provided proper training and train them with love and not some misguided idea that beating a dog would turn it into a ‘guard’ dog. Ask any police dog trainer: they respond to training because it’s done with kindness, consistency and rewarding the correct behavior, NOT by beating it!
    If so-called shepherds are dangerous then explain LOGICALLY and RATIONALLY how properly-trained police dogs can go from running and catching a bad guy armed with a knife and a gun (WITHOUT breaking the perp’s skin, just holding onto the perp’s clothing), to literally 15 minutes later visiting a primary school where an autistic child goes up to the dog bounding and giving it a big bear hug, and yet the dog knows and understands that the child is no threat, so it calmly sits there and lets the girl hug him and licks her face. True story, in the States, courtesy of Animal Planet. Gorgoues, awwww-inducing! :)
    Fear of the unknown is often the cause of very misinformed comments re breeds, just like any comment by people regarding any group of other people they deem ‘other’. For every breed these people perceive as dangerous, there are tons more where dogs of those breeds are actually well-behaved and don’t maul people. I understand that tabloid ‘news’ type only report when there’s mauling/biting involved coz it’s just not that sensationalized when a shepherd/dobermann actually helps a blind person. Yes, they are also used for guiding people, also for helping find trapped people, etc. The only reason more labradors are used is due to their image.
    Seriously peeps, dogs can tell when you’re already feeling iffy due to their breed. People don’t realize how much they give away through their body language that animals can pick up on.
    I have my periods and my dogs don’t behave any differently when I do, nor do other dogs at the parks I go to, or the neighborhood cats I regularly catch up with for that matter.
    With any sensatinalized animal story, watch out for what’s being left out. If you a brain at all surely that’s not a difficult thing to do! :)

  • goozy

    how could they just take those dogs away like that. it’s not like they’re on the loose and going to do harm to other people. they were probably scared. Those dogs are VERY protective, they probably felt threatened. They’re animals, not murderers. Where’s Ving to come and deal with this!!!

  • gini

    poor dogs! people should not use them as a weapon. it’s only a question of education!

  • EvilLynn

    Dogs are living beings with their own realities and experiences. It’s unknown why the animal in question turned on the caretaker, but clearly something caused the dog to react. Any dog can have a change in personality, even the smallest or most mellow of breeds. They’re not plants, they don’t need a “caretaker” they need a professional handler or dog trainer. With a breed as large as a Mastiff, in a family setting, that advice goes double.

    I think this happens when people choose a pet for its beauty without bothering to study the breed, its history, habits and temperament.

    Also, the report that the dogs were “running loose” is due to circumstance. I don’t think they’re ALWAYS allowed to roam loose, but the authorities would have found them running loose, indeed, if they had taken the life of the caretaker—no one to put them back inside after he passed away!

  • EvilLynn

    Also, the dog pictured… doesn’t look like any Mastiff I have ever seen. It looks more like a Molosser….maybe a Presa Canario?

    If it IS a Molosser, and NOT a Mastiff then the owner REALLY REALLY needed a very experienced professional trainer. These guys are very challenging to train. They’re very intelligent, very inquisitive, very determined dogs…. and quite powerful, more so than a Mastiff!!!

    If it turns out to be a poorly bred Molosser, then your problems are compounded. I have seen Molossers who were bred for looks and size, certain coat color, etc….and the lousy stock and inbreeding rendered them ABSOLUTELY VICIOUS!

  • jo

    i feel for the dogs.

  • RabidPooch

    All you morons berating people for owning large breed dogs really need to get a GRIP. I have owned Mastiffs for 15 years and currently own 4.
    (1 English Mastiff, 2 Cane Corsos and 1 Presa Canario)

    Mastiffs have one of the LOWEST bite rates per BREED. Your beloved labs have a higher bite right.

    And people like me, an average size female… not buy MASSIVE DOGS FOR AN EGO BOOST. Mastiff lovers happen to like the temperament and loyalty displayed by the breed. Some of us aren’t STUPID enough to buy a Retriever so it can lick the burglar’s face as he HAULS AWAY my computer, televion and the reaminder of my personal belongs….(true story of my friend’s retrievers.)

    Mastiffs were bred to guard the estates. They were used because they held the perpetator down and did NOT maul them.

    Watch that video on TMZ and you will see Ving’s big lug of an English Mastiff WAGGING his tail….even though COMPLETE STRANGERS are leading him away from his home. HOW MANY OF YOUR DOGS WOULD ACT THAT FRIENDLY?

    Also note….NONE of the dogs have blood on them. Had they MAULED someone to death…..there would be blood left, especially on the light colored Fawn English mastiff.

    The police have NOW stated the bites were not fatal. They have also stated that all the dogs taken into custody have good temperaments. I would suggest that Rhames is a good owner who took good care of his dogs and had them properly socialized.

    WHY …..isn’t anyone asking why a 40 YEAR OLD…..familiar with the dogs had a heart attack? Someone who cared for them for two years would not suddenly run for his life.

    IF those dogs had been involved in the PACK MENTALITY and fighting they would have sustained HUGE gashes. When a fight for pack leader arises… is an all out dog fight.

    Again, I didn’t see ANY wounds on the dogs.

    I mean if you want to place blame….maybe you should look at other possibilites such as the guy being coked up and acting NUTSO or having a seisure…..then had a heart attack.

    It’s possible the dogs were trying to help him or drag him somewhere during the episode.

    Seriously….if you know NOTHING about Mastiffs but you are busy spreading lies that put more fear into people and leads them on a WITCH HUNT against the dogs, you are COMPLETELY irresponsible.

  • Chris

    awww…poor doggies. i have a Neapolitan Mastiff and she is the sweetest, most gentlest, and patient dog out of all my other dogs.

    i could not imagine Vic’s dogs attacking the caretaker without a reason. something must have happened. perhaps they were provoked?

  • david

    Yeah, blame the guy who died! Animals can attack without provokation. Seriously, it’s people who think their dogs can do no wrong who are the types with animals that attack people. The dogs, as I’ve read somewhere, were bred to attack runaway slaves, by the way. That’s a big red sign.

  • RabidPooch

    “The dogs, as I’ve read somewhere, were bred to attack runaway slaves, by the way. That’s a big red sign.”

    “Maybe” big red sign if you had the right BREED…..that breed Ving was referring to years ago is the Fila, not the English Masitff and the Ambullneo the cops led away…..and through the ages, through selective breeding…..they aren’t the same SLAVE CHASING BEASTS.

    No shock though, the cops and media called them Bull Mastiffs (none were and 150-180lb Bulldog…..The BIG bulldogs are typically 55-85lbs TOPS.

    Too many uneducated MORONS on a witch hunt.

    My Cane Corso (Mastiff)doesn’t even eat a piece of meat or bread that isn’t broken into small pieces. He prefers to hide it, then bring it to me to break up……Oh…..WHAT A WILD VICIOUS MASTIFF!!! …..a bread hider

  • cutie pie

    all you idiots are so quick/ going by a dogs instinct/ i dont care for dogs and thats my business/ but im a good person not a liar not a thief not a cheat so no dog can judge me/ONLY THAT I DONT LIKE THE DOG THATS ALL A DOG CAN JUDGE ME BY. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE DAMN

  • Robert.

    Magnus and Cougar, ya’ll are idiots….period!!! My website is and my contact info is listed if you want to address it.

    This is my point, we love to categorize dogs by their breed and group them all into “good” or “bad” based on their breed, but just like with people, you cannot accurately do that. Certain dogs are prone to certain traits because it’s been bred in to that specific breed, but no dog, I repeat, NO DOG is immune to potentially biting someone, especially if the dog isn’t properly supervised and/or socialized. I think that we should re-evaluate ourselves on categorizing breeds based off of society’s skewed and uninformed viewpoints. As I always say, any large breed of dog, not properly raised is a threat to hurting someone. I wasn’t there, so I can’t speculate on Mr. Rhames’ dogs, but I’m asking those of the media and anybody reading this….please don’t stereotype this breed (English Mastiff), as you have already done with my breed (APBT). Each case is unique to itself.

    P.S. Magnus, I’m not small or petty….I guess I could say that ya’ll two are the insecure ones based on what seems to be an overfascination with shooting stuff. If you don’t like dogs, don’t be around them, that’s it!, but don’t crucify those of us that are responsible breeders,owners, and/or handlers of large dogs.

    We shouldn’t say that all Blacks are criminals, all Muslims are terrorists, or all Whites are biggots or racist…and the same holds true with dogs, they’re personality is shaped by their owners/handlers just like our personalities may be shaped by our parents/families or friends.

  • Dog Expert

    I think it is sad. Those dogs deserve a fair trial. Not all of them killed the caretaker. It might have been one of them only. If the other dogs licked up some blood or took a couple body parts after the caretaker was already dead, then they were just tasting him, not attacking him. So, they are not guilty of a crime. Maybe the caretaker was perpetuating some sort of plot against Rhames, so the dogs took him out. Then they’d be heros. Lastly, authorities say the caretaker had a heart attack. Maybe the guy died and he told the dogs his last wish was to be consumed by the very animals he loved so much. So, they were just following orders? This would be like the Nordish sailors who would feed their deceased to a pit of crabs…a worthy way to be consumed.

    Anyway, I say fair trial for the dogs. You’ll find out which of the above scenarios really happened by trial. If it was one criminal minded dog – the others shouldn’t suffer. If you did some hypnosis and other type of animal communication you could find out who actually did it. If the dog confesses or if we find out it’s all justified, then the result might be better.

  • Dog Expert

    Well the CDC Report does say the Mastiff is ranked 16 on the list of killer dogs. So, the media should let the public know that these animals are menance unless retrained or muzzled as they can flip out and kill people like lions. Yea, it could be like those lions and tigers that attacked Sigfried or Roy or whoever that was. I hear they feed Mastiff raw bloody meat – that’s what they eat. So, maybe the caretaker was coked up, forgot to feed them, died of a heart attack and the dogs said “I gotta eat” and he then became food.

  • The Alpha Femme

    RabidPooch has the most unbiased, informative, and objective (i.e. not full of emotion and subjective Opinion) post I’ve seen. Kudos to you.

    First of all – everyone needs to quit throwing the term “Mastiff” out there so loosely, including DogExpert. English Mastiffs are one of the most gentle breeds of ALL dogs, low energy, affectionate dogs, hence why they are considered the “gentle giant” of all dog breeds. However, Bull Mastiffs, Neopolitan Mastiffs, French Mastiffs, (so-called) American Mastiffs, Tibetan Mastiff’s, Corso’s, etc… get my drift? These are all DIFFERENT breeds with very DIFFERENT temperments!

    Ironically, those same people who are penalizing a breed (rather than the owner or the temperment of that dog) that are talking about shooting? Are you the same people who say that we shouldn’t impose gun control restrictions because guns don’t kill people – people kill people? Yes, I KNOW that dogs are living creatures and guns are not, but the point is still the same that a BREED as a whole is not responsible. Just because there are men that beat up & kill their wives… should we muzzle and lock up all the men? I mean, come on!?!? (Although personally, I don’t think I mind that idea…lol)

    Has anyone noticed the media also has a tendency to sensationalize and exaggerate and/or misreport the facts? Has anyone bothered to clear up what kind of dogs these actually were? No, but the reality is that there is fall-out to everything. Hide and watch – we have a presidential election coming up and I guarantee we will now have some half-wit senator who will try and author yet another bill trying to outlaw certain breeds (which whether you agree or not – breeding is a way of living for a lot of people) just because there is media exposure here….

    And for the record, yes, I’m owned by an English Mastiff and I RESEARCHED several breeds and used to have labs… I deliberately chose this breed, not for the ego boost, but for the sense of security of having an intimidating – yet not aggressive – family oriented dog in my home. And I abhore little dogs that piss everywhere and bark and BITE… Those yippy little taco bell dogs may not be killers, but I prefer not to have a dog that is stricken with “Little Man’s Disease” and has to prove how big or bad they are.

    And a single mother and when my home was broken into – she didn’t hurt the guy that was IN MY HOUSE at 4 am while my daughter and I were asleep – but she scared him enough that he ran through the entire house (from the back door) and out the front door and didn’t grab a damn thing in his hurry… he took a slide in her 10 qt steel water bowl across the kitchen, knocked over a chair and all she did was bark and chase… and possibly saved our lives.

  • The Alpha Femme

    Oh and as for feeding raw, bloody meat… it’s called the BARF diet or Raw diet… (look it up) and it’s done with a LOT of breeds for the health benefits of not feeding processed, full of unnecessary crap, dog food (like rice? Dogs are carnivores! Come on!) It is done to promote better overall health, a better coat, better teeth, etc… and isn’t done to make them vicious, blood thirsty, man-eaters.

    If I had the time and dedication I would do it too… and I’m just a single mother with one English… but I care about her health and nutrition! But it’s not like people take these dogs out to hunt for their fresh kill… they aren’t hunters and they aren’t retrievers… so that makes them even LESS likely to be a random attack dog, much less to attack without some kind of reason.

  • ABBY

    Crazy I heard …NOT SURE HOW TRUE IT IS…from that the coronors report stated that the man died of a heat attack and the bite marks were actually tug…pulls on him, they are saying someone else was there to make the 911 call since their were no phones outside or near the body, foul play is suspected…again i have no clue of the accuracy though.

  • ABBY


  • cutie pie


  • kim

    bad bad … poor

  • dennis

    Half of you are just plain ignorant. If you will do a little bit of research befor you run off at the mouth….You would have found out that Rhames’ had Ambullneo Mastiffs. A hybrid breed that was created in the 1980′s. Not a bullmastiff! And for the person that said that bullmastiffs were bred to hunt large game….. Pick up a book and read it!!!!! They were bred by poachers in England in the 1800′s. The bullmastiff was bred to knock down poachers and hold them….Not to maul them. Bully’s aren’t biters by nature. And for those of you that mentioned the cropped ears……that’s how an ambullneo mastiff is supposed to look. Most of you need to do a bit or reading and research befor you go running of at the mouth!!!!!!!1

  • Tom McCan

    This is why pitbulls should be banned.