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Fashion Faceoff: Purple Jeans 'n Fringe Boots

Fashion Faceoff: Purple Jeans 'n Fringe Boots

Hilary Duff sports purple jeans and brown fringe boots while on her way to her concert earlier this week. The pop teen queen finished off her look with a cream-colored handbag and a poncho-style wrap.

Rachel Bilson wore the same jeans ‘n boots combo while out grocery shopping with BFF Hayden Christensen back in March. The budding fashionista dressed down in a white semi-sheer tee and Ray-Ban aviators.

Who wore it best — HILARY DUFF or RACHEL BILSON?

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Photos: Jri/Dave/Sa/Zfi/Bauer-Griffin, ENewsBuzz
Posted to: Hilary Duff, Rachel Bilson

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  • Kaleb

    Rachel all the way!!!!

    She has such good taste

  • EllyRadyl


  • Dirty Cougar

    Why of course without question! DUH!! RACHEL BILSON!!!!

  • Christopher

    Both are beautiful, stylish girls, but purple jeans and fringe boots together are just UGLY.

  • Rockstar

    definitely Hilary.

  • CeeNote


  • Riley


  • Christa

    Hil. But Rachel looks good too, i just don’t like how plain it is.

  • justme

    RACHEL!!!!!!! F*** HILARY!

  • yaya

    wtf both look terrible

  • Fisse


  • Fisse


  • Pik

    rachel for sure!!11!

  • Laundryservice

    R u kidding me? Rach of course.

  • summ


  • AJB

    Rachel. She always looks beautiful.

  • buzz

    just goes to show you celebrities share the same pool of stylists.

  • [~Famous~]

    Pitbull [Rachel]!

  • Dirty Cougar

    Hillary Duff is supposed to be 2 inches taller then Rachel! HA ha ha!LMAO!! Hillary looks like a hippee trolly in this pic with the stupid black poncho thing on and fake happy wave. Rachel actually looks like the taller one. Rachel chose the right top to wear with the jeans. Not a big fan of colored jeans but, Rachel can pull it off. Love the Aviator sunglasses too. No contest. Rachel clearly wins. Besides, Rachel wore it first the, jeans that is.

  • rae

    deff. rachel because she was the orginal one and hilary duff is just a pile of mess. but honestly the fringe boots are ugly.

  • andrĂ©

    i like hil duff..she’s pretty
    but rachel is perfect.
    besides her boots are cooler.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Fringe boots are cool but, I like the darker color of Rachel’s. Besides, I think Dieter would prefer Rachel’s little pooper over Hillary’s!

  • Tdani81

    The Keebler elves just called…they want their outfits back.

  • Anon

    ugly trend. they look like clowns

  • Cynthia

    Both own it

  • Mara

    definitely RACHEL! There’s no need to ask!

  • Amy

    At least the rest of Rachel’s outfit is decent. Hilary looks like a fruit.

  • Anastasia

    Ha, are you kidding me? Purple pants and brown fringe boots? Those two colors shouldn’t even be said in the same sentence let alone put together! Neither of them. If you ask me, which technically, you did, I would say they both look like bootlegging hippies you find on the side of the road smoking pot out of a hookah. Definitely not a style I look forward to in the future! I can only shudder at the thought.

  • Dancer

    Neither! This is a Hollywood trend. Who the H-ll wears boots when it is 90 degrees plus outside–which it is in most of the states. .

  • Gabe


  • Dirty Cougar

    This pic was taken when, Rachel was grocery shopping with Hayden Christensen in March. It wasen’t 90 degree’s then. As for Hillary. I don’t know when this pic was taken of her. Hillary the one who looks like the pot smoking hippie with, that WRETCHED poncho thing she has on!

  • Caroline

    Hilary. But honestly I would never wear it.

  • Julia

    rachel definitely. i want those jeans.

  • Laura

    Hilary’s outfit makes her look shorter than she already is.

  • Ash

    Clearly this is a disgusting fashion choice.

    1. I can’t believe TWO separate people on the planet both chose to wear this.

    2. I can’t believe these two people knew they would be PHOTOGRAPHED and still chose to wear this.

    3. Rachel Bilson clearly looks better just because everything ELSE about her outfit looks wearable.

  • http://deleted Sigh

    Who cares when BOTH of them are midgets and should wear clogs or elevator shoes instead!

  • Nadia

    they both look discusting those purple pants and boots are awful. they both need stylists.

  • http://deleted Sade

    Well at least Hilarie have a career to speak of compared to Bilson whos’s just been parading all her outfits all the time in the shopping malls after tipping her sets of paps!

  • Katie

    I think Hilary wore it better, BUT it makes her smaller with that big shirt she’s wearing. Still think the pants are ugly though.

  • http://deleted Kyle

    Even if they’re both midgets, Hilarie is soo much prettier than that plain-looking OC trolly…

  • spiderman

    I wish these girls would stop trying to copy everything Kate Moss wears.

  • http://deleted Lark

    This is another senseless post just to put Jared’s favorite OC mascot in his headlines. Totally pathetic!

  • http://deleted Jules

    Oh Jared, how could you dare to even compared that busy-as-bee & career-oriented Hilarie to that freaking shopping mall bum?!Sounds profane!

  • http://deleted Sien

    @ # 19 Hillary Duff is supposed to be 2 inches taller then Rachel!

    Really?! I thought that Hilarie wont be reaching at least 5’0… so does it mean to say that RB is legally an elf???

  • http://deleted Pie

    I’d say that Bilson doesnt looked that FUG when she’s wearing those big glasses & should buy plenty of those…

  • Dirty Cougar

    NO! I read in Celebrity wonder Rachel is 5’2″ and Hillary is 5’4″. I think Hillary’s not giving out her real height. Rachel looks longer-taller. Rachel’s petite yes but, she doesn’t appear troll like. She’s attractive and a lot of people are just jealous I guess. Beauty comes in all sizes dear.

  • http://deleted Faire

    If Hilarie wasnt looked that good, its becoz she was NOT one of those celebs who’s just relying to all those paps shots just to make her up for the headlines as she already got a string of movie starring roles and recently been busy promoting her 2nd album at the moment. To be precise, she soo BUSY doing something worthy instead of just doing nothing but all photo opps.!

  • Anne

    Actually, it’s Hilary. Rachel’s tunic-length top is overplayed and makes her proportions look comical. She’s a pretty girl (the prettier girl of the two), but this outfit is having a Funhouse Mirror effect on her body. And that’s why Hilary wins. Purple jeans & Fringed boots is a stupid pairing, but she carries it through. Her look is more cohesive.

    Hilary looks troll-like, for sure, but she’s owning the jeans & boots…Rachel is not.

  • Emma

    I mean cmon seriously….Hilary copied her!

  • http://deleted Dune

    From the onset, Hilarie really looks more like 5’2 and Bilson could pass up at 4’10. And if you have normal features & height, you should choose up the one who should at least 5.0 as you dont want to looked like freaks standing besides them…