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Hugh Jackman's Soccer Fun

Hugh Jackman's Soccer Fun

Family man Hugh Jackman always looks like he has so much fun with his kids! Everyone is always manhandling each other… but in a good way!

The Aussie actor lifted his son Oscar, 7, upside down while daughter Ava, 2, covered her face with a green soccer cone. The children came out to support their cousin play for his soccer team at Rushcutters Bay, Sydney on Saturday.

Even mommy Deborra-Lee Furness got down and dirty! And guess what’s between Hugh‘s legs?!?!

Recently, Furness spoke out against the red tape and bureaucracy in Australia’s adoption culture, preventing thousands of childless couples from adopting overseas babies.

“We’ve experienced it first hand; we tried to adopt in Australia and couldn’t because we were overwhelmed by the hurdles and obstacles they put in our way,” said Furness. “I’m fortunate. I have two beautiful children and that’s why people come to me and say, ‘Deb can you help me?’ I have to tell them it will be long, expensive and may not happen.”

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Photos: Carlos Costas/
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  • *reena*

    i love hugh jackman. he seems like such a great father

  • http://deleted flower

    hugh has a adorable family.I adore him!

  • QQQQ

    Beautiful Family… and i absolutely LOVE pic #5…

  • just in time

    is his oldest child black

  • Jill

    What a good looking family. The pic of the two children hugging is adorable.

  • depeche

    This woman only got this DISGUISTING sunglass and those ugly ssandals and one black trousers, and she HAS THIS MAN.
    There is no justice in the world.

  • jjoy

    thanks jj….i love hugh….seeing how happy he is with his family….happy lucky family….and the kids are cute too….maybe the lucky wife is loved by hugh because she loves who he is, the real person and not only the movie star….

  • Barbara

    Perhaps she has Hugh because she is a wonderful wife and mother.

  • Rhed

    Its just like hes holding a dead child..

  • Tina

    he is gross and heard he is gay.

  • df

    depeche: Maybe, just maybe she’s a good person and a great mother? Vitun idiootti.

  • HF

    Oscar is mixed race – there was an article saying exactly what the mix is but of course I can’t find it.

  • Lobo

    I love this family! His wife is beautiful because she cares more
    about who she is rather than any foolish comments people make. They
    always look happy and like they enjoy being together. People usually
    don’t do their hair and make up for viewing a soccer game.

  • a friend

    Hugh and Deb know what is really important in life and live their lives accordingly. We should all follow their example….

  • Babysis

    I LOVE this family!
    Haha, Oscar is gonna be a heart breaker when he’s older! I can tell, and Ava is sooo cute! wonderful family!

  • Lillianne

    I think I read that Oscar is part Maori. He’ll be a gorgeous guy when he grows up. And what a cool big brother to have.

  • HF

    Found it –

    “Oscar is a bit of everything – African-American, Caucasian, Hawaiian and Cherokee. We specifically requested a bi-racial child because there was more of a need. People will wait 18 months to adopt a little blonde girl; meanwhile, bi-racial children are turned away. The same was true for Ava, she’s half Mexican, half German.”

  • Doogie

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Doesn’t matter what she wears, *she* is the hot one of the pair. A beautiful smile, infectious laugh, and great sense of humor. Looks like she’s a great mother too, considering how happy the kids look and how many films Hugh’s been shooting since they’ve adopted them.

  • della

    He is the hottest Dad alive.
    His wife is one lucky woman and he seems to adore her and his family.

  • Patty

    Hugh is such a dedicated dad! Seeing him playing and having fun with his cute children just make me have more admiration for him ^_^! I love him even more!
    God bless Hugh and his lovely family ^_^!
    Regards from Lima, Peru

    Thanks a lot for the pics, Jared!

  • xegna

    There are a lot of stupid people here. The woman is his beard. The man is gay.

  • Sarah

    I’m so jealous of his children and his wife, they get to touch him all the time. LOL.

  • janeway

    Love the photos, Jared. Hugh and his family are just so adorable I just can’t stand it. I love the way they are so affectionate with each other and so touchy feely- like you said, in a good way. They seem so happy together, there are so many people that could take a lesson from them. I am sure they appreciate their children even more because of how much they had to go through to get them. That is one lucky family. I think it is great that Deb is fighting to help others adopt- way to go!!!

  • just saying

    I wish they make another X-Men movie!!


    Oscar is gorgeous.. I had first thought that Hugh stepped out on his wife cause since Oscar was a baby you could see the black… LMAO..

    I don’t think that Mixed race have a harder time to get adopted, probably in Australia but in the US, they get adopted faster than AA kids.
    In America, Eva might have gotten adopted way faster than Oscar.

    But I am happy that people are adopting and giving these kids families to belong to..

  • HF

    Here’s an article about adoption in Australia – Hugh’s wife has spoken out about how hard it is to adopt in that country and that’s why they went to the US to adopt Oscar and Ava.,21985,22189611-661,00.html

  • angelina_mmm


  • della

    There are a lot of jealous people here. The woman is his wife. The man is not gay.

  • Barbara

    Xegna, no you’re wrong. There are only three stupid people here: #9, #10 and #21. I almost included #6 but that’s not stupid, just poor taste.

  • Lizzie

    You know what? These are two strong people who found one another. They have two kids together. They seem to do just fine with intense public scrutiny. I’ve seen hundreds of marriages more screwed up than this one appears to be. They all like each other right now. How they all deal with adolescence will be interesting. What is between them is genuine though. I personally think he is probably bi sexual, but it doesn’t freaking matter when it comes to his personal relationships. He can take and he can give. She can take, and she can give. They are celebrities who can do so much worse with what they have.

  • Cynthia

    He lost weight, he looked like he was getting fat at one moment. Is it true he’s gay?

  • http://deleted flower

    NO, he is NOT gay!!all of those people who say that hugh is gay are STUPIDS!why he should be gay? just because his wife is not like angelina jolie or something like that?his wife is a good person and she is physically attractive to hugh and this is the most important thing.

  • crackitis647383

    The Fountain was terrible. One of the worst movies I’ve seen in 67 years. Nibidoo to you!!!

  • Davilyn

    For those of you who keep the “unsubstantiated” rumours going that he is gay or bi or whatever, just one question. Where is your proof? Where is your proof that he is anything other than what he has always clamimed to be…’a happily married family man.’

    A compromising photo of him with another man? A salacious story perhaps? (sneaking out of a gay bar or getting caught in a park at 5 am with a teenage boy) A former lover from college or drama school stepping forward to sell his story to a tabloid for several thousand dollars? Something? Anything?

    This whole “gay” thing boils down to just one thing…his wife. And it’s not even because she is older than him or not pretty enough (no one accuses Tim Robbins of being gay and Susan Sarandon is 14 years his senior AND no one labels Tobey MaGuire and his girl isn’t going to win any beauty contests soon). It’s Deb’s weight, isn’t it? To some of you, she just isn’t thin enough to get and hold a man like Hugh Jackman. You must be thinking…’why would he WANT her.’ It’s all about the body to so many of you. Well one day when you fall in love, really fall in love, you’ll come to understand just how insignificant the body really is.

    And just for the record. When they met and got married, she had a fabulous figure. It was during the time they were trying to conceive, that Deb put some weight on. They were doing IVF and the hormone shots required, can put weight on the woman. And yes, she gained and has lost about half of it. But any man who would begrudge a woman a few extra pounds gained while trying to GIVE HIM A BABY, would be no man as far as I’m concerned.

    He’s a man who could have any PERFECT looking woman he wants and he chooses an average looking one instead. And some of you just can’t figure out why and therefore…he must be gay. Gotcha!

  • Amarine

    I totally agree with you Davilyn ;)

  • crackitis647383

    He’s not gay. He just likes a cock in his ass every other day of the week.

  • susan

    I do not know the Jackmans personally, BUT – I’ve met Deb a few times – she is beautiful (and has GREAT skin)! She is adorable, has a phenomenal smile and a fun-loving, mischievous personality. She is about a size 8/10 (OMG – when did that become ‘overweight’ – is Nicole Richie the new standard – pardon me while…. never mind.) Deb is also a terrific actress. She also wrote and directed an adorable short film (Id like to see more of her writing/directing work). AND, she is no shy violet – stands up for what she believes, and is very philanthropic (almost always related to children). Her speaking out about adoption difficulties is only her most recent effort – by far not her ONLY effort.

    Their friends say he is the ‘mature’ one of the pair (and even she has said that ‘Hugh has an old soul’ – meaning he is wise and level-headed, despite being fun-loving and funny).

    They are a beautiful, loving family. Their extended family and childhood friends are always around, too. We should all be so lucky to have such loving relationships in our lives.

  • Jack

    Whose this kids’ mother? A derranged hyena with rabies?

  • Davilyn

    Hey crackitis647383…

    Bet you’d like that too, huh? ‘Course, you’ll have to pull your head out first.

  • jp

    Just Jared, thank you for posting these lovely photos of a down-to-earth celebrity family having fun! Their little daughter is so cute! From these photos, I notice that she seems to be picking up her daddy and mommy’s fun sense of humor.

    I don’t understand why people would want to bash Hugh’s wife Deb as a person here or elsewhere, or feel a futile need to “out” Hugh. Hugh is crazy for her and I have read articles on how she truly loves him. You can see from photos here and elsewhere how he looks lovingly at her (not acting, he’s smitten!), their chemistry together and how his unspoken body language is most always is bending toward her or he tenderly holding her/her hand. I remember reading an interview a while ago on when he wanted to marry her, he said that it was the clearest decision or answer that he ever came to making (I’m paraphrasing) and he also mentioned that it was at a time when he was content and happy and had his career and life ahead of him. Usually I see some/most guys wanting to wait before comitting in order to get into their careers more or wait until something better comes along. His answer and decision from the article and later articles gave me a clue that it wasn’t a needy decision or a desparate decision. He mentioned that he knew that he truly wanted her. What struck me about the article for me to remember what he said is how I admired that he would pay attention to such a thing and express that. I wish all men would express themselves like this to the woman they love! I salute the fact that he found this/found her and wish them well. :-)

    I also personally believe that he definitely likes women too. I remember reading elsewhere about he made a mention of high school and college girlfriends, I think the article mentioned about his regret on how he broke up with them or something to that effect. Don’t remember the particulars, but if you google for it, you’ll most likely find both articles and the details. Other articles of when he talked about women in general also gave me this impression too, not to prove something to readers , but showing how he thinks about women alot. He definely seems to be a woman lover and appreciater. Even while I was waiting at the stage door for autographs after the Boy From Oz show in NY, I sometimes would catch him checking out other women, not in a disrespectful way, but as a guy who liked women. I also agree with the posters here mentioning that someone/others would have already had dirt and proof out in the media to personally profit from it and get their 15 minutes of fame.

    I’m happy that the Jackman’s live a grounded life and that the media mostly respect that. I wish them a happy and fun life and it will be fun to see Seed Productions take off in the near future! Good luck to all of them!!

  • http://- mm

    I TOTALLY agree with “JP”,
    I have proof about how much hugh loves women too,there´s a girl that interviewed him once and her assistent said he couldn´t take his eyes out of her…and it´s TRUE!!!

    Hugh loves Deb and he is a great dad and husband. He is a WOnderful person!!
    I really LOVE him to death!!!

  • Davilyn

    A little story…

    During Hugh’s run on Broadway, I was with the throng waiting at the stagedoor. He was mere inches from me and signing for someone, when one of the guys who worked for him (and who shall rename nameless), leaned into him and in a low voice said…”I went up to the hotel to see those girls.” And Hugh’s eyes flew wide open and he wanted to know…”what happened? what happened? what did you do?” And I remembered rolling my eyes and thinking…’typical “guy” response. They all KNOW what they’re doing with women, but STILL, they wanna hear the details.

    Not that I ever had any doubt, but that moment confirmed it for me. That man is straight. I saw his expression and HE WANTED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. And I seriously doubt that a gay man would want the details of hetero sexual romp.

  • Davilyn

    And just one more thing…

    Even though this little exchange went on in front of a group of fans (who were so twiterpated at the sight of him that they could barely string two sentences together), these two men were speaking in hushed tones. Hugh was not feigning interest just so he would look…well…interested. He didn’t know anyone could hear them. This was no “show”. It was a REAL response from him.

    Man oh man. Did he want to know what happened. LOL! Oh and I almost forgot. The other guy said…”I’ll tell you later.” And Hugh got this big sh*t eatin’ grin on his face and I thought…’soon they’ll be off trying to outdo one another with their “stories” of conquest.’ MEN!!! Gotta love ‘em. Or…beat the hell outta them with rolling pins. LOL!

  • Victoria

    “Everyone’s always manhandling each other…in a good way.”

    Cracked me up! It’s true though.