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Princess Tiaamii: Mommy-and-Me Time!

Princess Tiaamii: Mommy-and-Me Time!

Dedicated mom Katie Price, aka Jordan, looks to have her hands full as she spends some time with her mother, and two of her children — son Harvey, 5, and newborn Princess Tiaamii, 5 weeks — while out in London on Saturday.

Jordan and hubby Peter Andre have one other son, Junior, 2.

The postpartum partying mom has been hit by the tabloids lately by bursting back into the nightlife.

FYI: Katie is using her Cosatto stroller!

More Princess Tiaamii ‘n Jordan pics inside…

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princess tiaamiii jordan 01
princess tiaamiii jordan 02
princess tiaamiii jordan 03
princess tiaamiii jordan 04
princess tiaamiii jordan 05
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princess tiaamiii jordan 07

Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • wtf

    JJ… i like your site but ppplease don’t post pics of vacuous, classless people who are whorish for attention, fame for nothingness… never seen such an unattractive creatures.. FAKER than plastic…

  • [~Famous~]

    That’s one ugly orange-tranny. Is that fat dude her kid or bodyguard?

    Oh well, I just cant believe this talent’less biish had the nerve to insult the Beckhams. Haha

  • lilpixie

    [~Famous~] i see you like to make fun of disabled kids???

    And why shouldn’t she have the right to insult the beckhams there not royalty…the only one who has any talent in that family is David himself

  • Lillianne

    Who is this person? Anyone know how to pronounce ??? Sort of looks like Tamiami as in Florida but what do you do with the iii?

  • liza

    Jordan (Katie) and Peter suck! They have the worst show period! I don’t know why we even care about those talentless idiots! Not the least bit interested!

  • Sarah

    I HATE her! Look at her, she’s practically staring and asking for the photographers to look at her! DOG! I also hate how she’s on the OK Magazine looking like people actually care about her, when they don’t. Keep your life to yourself, no one likes you!

  • Sarah

    Is that fat dude her kid or bodyguard?


    You took it too far. Either you don’t know what condition her son has or you’re an awful cuntass.

  • Sarah

    And why shouldn’t she have the right to insult the beckhams there not royalty…the only one who has any talent in that family is David himself


    At least that’s one more than this untalented family.

  • [~Famous~]

    lilpixie, Bethany called him a ‘re’tardo’ but you say nothing to her.

    Are you defending The Wannabe Beckham because you like her or because you just couldn’t wait to type to me?

  • Oh Well

    Don’t know or care who this person is!! as for insulting the
    Beckhams… well i do every time i see them from afar, wish i
    could do it close up. media hoe.s IMO

    As for insulting children of any kind disable or whatever, is a sign
    of complete ignorance.

  • Ms Sugar Walls

    d.a.m.n. I don’t truly care for her either, but all of you b.i.t.c.h.e.s. are talking about a handicapped kid! I hope that if you(s) ever get pregnant that you will have 9 months of morning sickness!

  • Fashion Critic

    I hate Jordan, Katie Price, Whatever.

    She always uses those poor kids for publicity

  • SJ

    Harvey is a disabled child and shame on you all for attacking him.

    Worthless pieces of scum. That’s the yanks for you.

  • girl

    #2 and #3 u guys are f**king sick!
    he is disabled and u know that.get a life.

  • Ms Katie

    the new queen of orange!!! i love her attitude though but she needs to lay off the orange face makeup

  • Dan

    I’ve heard it was her drug use & drinking when she was pregnant that caused Harvey to be born disabled. She’s always doing deals with OK Mag. Stop hating on the Beckhams, I don’t see them trotting out their son with epilpsy to pose for the cameras.

  • Sarah

    14, #3 didn’t say nothing wrong. It was #1 and #2.

  • Dirty Cougar

    You can tell her hair is fake. Fake platinum, hair extensions up the ass blonde! fake bubble titties. Orange fake tan! Anybody could look like that if, you wish to look like that. She’s trying to be Barbie but, it’s not working! She looks like a tranny ho!

  • peppy

    i can understand david and victoria i mean she’s a spice girl and he’s a soccer player but i don’t know why katie and peter are famous. what does she do?

  • Famous you are dispicable!

    Famous hates all>> he insults all decease celebs moms,dis-able children,he says Shiloh is retarded basically or was it autistic?,, Violent isn’t cute he says.. he hates on all celeb kids except Suri/Isabella..
    Dont be surprise Famous is also a racist, he use to always say’white people this’white people that’and on and on I could give you examples of this disgusting poster named ‘Famous+Famous Fug Face’ or whatever aka’s he decides to use.
    Just remember his favorite celebs are Tom/Katie/Rihana/Becks.
    He does’nt like a taste of his own medicine,do you ‘Famous’ for nothing,eh little man.
    Picking on children and people who have passed on- says alot what/and who he is!!

  • Oh Well

    #13 SJ:

    I am against all kind of child abuse ..period

    But your remark about yanks was not called for, unless you have a crystal ball and can see who post what and from where, you bigots
    are a pain in the ass.
    if you hate the yanks so much, why blog here? we will not miss you.

  • girl

    srry .my mistake

  • ~Famous~ update

    Fug Face > Famous > gay > Beyonce want-to-be > is Queen central
    what man would post the shi.t this roach does? Yep definitely a
    b*tch locked in a man’s body. pure misery, hate and deranged
    he probably sit in front of the computer dressed in drag giving
    two snaps up. lol

    Oh and no disrespect to the fabulous Drag Queens out there.

  • Gabby

    7 Sarah : 08/04/2007 at 5:37 pm
    You took it too far. Either you don’t know what condition her son has or you’re an awful cuntass.

    I literally almost fell out of my seat reading this…cuntass…I have to use that. That was too funny!

  • dill

    First VB who isn’t posh in any sense of the word and now another brainless wonder. I guess she thought if VB gets attention for selling herself and some people buying it in the States then she can too. Honestly, there was enough of deluge of these two in the UK and now they are both on JJ! Oh woe is me.

  • woogins

    Jordan looks like hammered dogshit in these pictures. Cool to be all hung-over and miserable around your kids.

  • Puh-lease

    The boy is adorable, but who’s his father? Is he Katie’s biological son? He doesn’t really look like her or her husband. BTW, Peter is like a huge pop star in Europe. He’s kinda like the british Enrique Iglesias. And Katie is like the Pam Anderson of Britain.

  • Sarah

    Thank you Gabby I made it up myself!

  • [~Famous~]

    Dissing Famous – Pointless.

    23 – ‘Fug Face’ phase – old. Prick, get pass my past!

    20, I didn’t say shiloh was “retarded”, I did say Vio’lation was ugly (she is) Lol And I like Mad-Maddox & Jamaica (Kingston) also. =] Lmao

  • Lilflowa

    hahahahahah 27…who are you kidding? a HUGE postar?? Enrique Igleasias?!? hahaha i nearly peed my self reading that b.s!!…… one in europe knows him or cares…apart from his home land in austrailia noone else care apart from the Uk cos he hooked up with that hoe!…………LMao HUGE popstar…i cant get over that statement hahah

  • ~Famous~ update

    Whatever you say GIRL friend !!!!!!!! holler! :smile:


    I really despise Americans…they are complete wankers.I am American,and i hate myself because i am obese and ignorant!Fuck u!

  • jlove

    Listen all you pricks that think it is funny to make fun of a disabled child…It is not his fault that he is not only blind but extremely disabled. If you dnt like the mom fine but don’t make fun of that child.You talk about her lifestyle but what kind of a person with a soul could/would make fun of a child…iT’S JUST NOT COOL.Remember you don’t know what can happen in life maybe oneday you’ll be taking up for your disabled child or in your later years having your diaper changed.From what i can see her plastic and orange ass is laughing all the way to the bank…at the end of the day she’s in a mansion living the life she wants to live so however messed up she is she’s smart enough make money and live nice. Judge less and live more.. i promise you’ll be more happy and less likely to pick on people that can’t take up for themselves just to be COOL online.

  • amanda

    Everyone that has posted terrible things on this just need to get over themselves and stop judging people that they don’t even know.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Harvey is disabled. Not sure of his condition. On her show, she clearly loves him and he is quite charming.

    She, I find, actually sexy (as I duck)….

    Dunno why. I just do. She has absolutely zero talent though.

  • FitzJames

    he looks like shaquille O’neal

  • Raichill

    Harvey’s biological father is a soccer player called Dwight York. He has nothing to do with his son.

  • LJ

    Huge popstar?? WTH??? He had one hit many years ago..I feel sorry for her kids because she has sold them to OK-magazine..

  • Naomi

    i don’t care what everybody else says but jordan IS dedicated as a mum, 3 kids an 1 disabled, you go try it! most celebs would def take a nanny but she spends time with him. as for her make-up, yes it’s fug, she’s 10000 times more beautiful without it. she luvs her family, you can’t deny that.

  • lilpixie

    [~Famous~]…Bethany’s post was not there when i posted i’m assuming it was taken down, otherwise i’d have said the same thing

  • Blazer

    Who is this woman and who is the father of her child? Is he African American?

  • Rhianna

    i acyually like katie and peter and think they cope amazingly well with Harvey’s condition- and for those people who are poking fun at a disabled child…you never know one day you might have a disabled child and i wonder what your reaction would be if he/she was the subject of such awful name calling…and for those who say they dont care about her/hate her and havent got any time for Katie then i only assume that you are envious of her as she has it all- a successful career, plenty of money a doting husband and 3 beautiful children…and if you hate her that much then why bloody come on here and make the effort to leave a comment when you ‘couldnt give a toss about her’.

  • Sarah

    39, shut up. She’s a dog, she’s not dedicated, she pretends to be dedicated on her show. She used to beat up Harvey and everyone knows it. When she was having him, she took drugs and drank a lot of alcohol…doesn’t surprise me that the poor boy has a scanky mother.

  • Sandbitch

    **36 FitzJames : 08/05/2007 at 1:56 am

    he looks like 36 FitzJames : 08/05/2007 at 1:56 am

    LOLOL @ #36 – He DOES look like shaquille O’neal – he’s Shaq’s mini me!!!

  • Sandbitch

    I meant …

    **36 FitzJames : 08/05/2007 at 1:56 am

    he looks like shaquille O’neal**

    LOLOL @ #36 – He DOES look like shaquille O’neal – he’s Shaq’s mini me!!!

  • Sandbitch

    Hmmm – I wonder if Jordan and Shaq ever spent a boozy night together once…I think we should demand DNA.

  • Rhianna

    for god sakes..43 (sarah) so tell me did you personally witness katie beating harvey??? did you personally witness her taking drugs well thats what the tabloids write so i suppose it must be true!!!???? to believe that you really are a idiot…get a life.

  • vickim

    oh my god!

    sites like this get a bad name through peopel posting such horrible comments.

    unless you were there how do you know jordan beat her sona nd took drugs? i doubt it very much. just like anyone whos famous is supposed to be fair game. i am not particualrly keen on people who are famous for being famous if that makes sense but i would never slag them and their kids off. particualrly not thier kids. thats just the lowest of the low.

    for thos eof you who don’t know jordan a.k.a katie price is a glamour model and peter andre is/was a cheesy popstar peter became more famous for going on i’m a celebrty get me out of here, than he did his musical career.

  • chocoboo

    What condition does her son have? Obesity? Haha ziiinnnng. I’m just a ‘bloody’ yank being an ignorant ‘wanker.’ USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

    Is her husband black, or is she? Cuz the retard certainly is.

  • Danielle, CBB Publisher

    Come to Celebrity Baby Blog. It’s ALL about celebrities’ kids and as an added bonus, you can see numerous pictures of my ugly face and saggy tits as I breastfeed my plain-jane child who is, by the way, old enough to drink from a cup. But I refuse to wean her because I enjoy breastfeeding so much. Also, check out my breastfeeding gallery…. there are tons of pictures sent in by CBB readers… ALL the breastfeeding women are homely, have saggy titties like me, and some of them are breastfeeding kids as old as 5.