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Fashion Faceoff: Crocs 'n Socks

Fashion Faceoff: Crocs 'n Socks

President George Bush took a fashion misstep pairing socks with Crocs before a bike ride in Washington back in June (black Cayman style Crocs, $29.99).

Violet Affleck, 19 months, paired her Crocs with white socks at LAX airport on Friday while out with mom Jennifer Garner (red/black Disney Beach Crocs, $34.99).

Who wore Crocs ‘n socks better — PRESIDENT BUSH or VIOLET AFFLECK?

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Credit: Washington Post; Photos: Gaz Shirley/Kevin Perkins/, Ron Sachs/Bloomberg News
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57 Responses to “Fashion Faceoff: Crocs 'n Socks”

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  1. 26
    Stella Says:

    My vote is for Violet. The president should stuck to his cowboy boots. It looks like he’s trying to hard to be the everyday man.

    I never thought that Crocs would take off. I remember seeing them in a store 3 years ago. I will never own a pair but I think it looks OK on kids.

  2. 27
    depeche Says:

    Violet is such a cute. Crocs shoes are ugly.

  3. 28
    stop hatin on the Crocs! Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with adults wearing Croc’s, Just don’t wear the loud colors. I got the ones from Land’s End. I love em. They’re more like a comfortable slipper. They feel so good on your feet and your feet get air. I’ve always worn mine with socks. Socks and Desinex or some other kind of antifungal foot cream. If not, your feet are going to sweat and stink. Pueey!

  4. 29
    e Says:

    As I understood, President was heading back to his car after a bike ride, and that’s why he got his bicycle socks on. I’m a biker too and I think it was just convenient to switch to crocs (clog shoes) than a tennis shoes?

    Sometimes, I have socks on and I need to put on a pair of shoes to do the trash or get the mail so I would quickly put on my Birkenstock. I honestly won’t do that if i’m going to a store but it is just convenient…

    Nothing’s wrong with President Bush…I won’t attack his fashion just because I’m a Democrat.

  5. 30
    Barbara Bush Says:

    Of course his socks are embroidered with the seal. How else would he remember who he is? His shirts are monogrammed too but that’s to make sure he doesn’t get them mixed up with anybody else’s shirts.

  6. 31
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    impeach him. for the crocs and for his unjustifiable war.

  7. 32
    celeb watcher Says:

    The Pres looks “fun” in Crocs. Violet looks like a cute kid. I say President Bush, just because he needs to win some popularity poll these days!

  8. 33
    Sara Says:

    LOL, violet wears them the best ^^

  9. 34
    Rox Says:

    Dubya wore them better. As a biker, stepping into Crocs after a ride, with or without socks, is a needed treat for the feet.

  10. 35
    magnus Says:

    Kudos to Team Lara Croft for another inane and useless comment!

    Are you capable of anything else? Re-f*cking-tard!

    Crocs are ugly. They look like something the elderly wear when gardening.

  11. 36
    kidi Says:

    He could wear Armani and he would still be the biggest ******* in the world.

  12. 37





  13. 38
    Dear Clooniqua Says:

    Violet has always been blonde.
    Get your eyes checked.

  14. 39
    bia Says:


    Violet off course! Bush look patetic

  15. 40
    Triagenurse Says:

    I am a nurse, I have paid hundreds of dollars for shoes that I wear for 13-14 hours a day. After hurricane Katrina my shoes where gone along with everything else. So I bought a pair of Crocs, I love them. I can stand in them for 13 plus hours a day. Yes, they are ugly, but who cares. They are so comfortable. I think I paid $32.99 dollars for them. They are great. Just goes to show people will wear what is comfortable and not always what looks great.

  16. 41
    Rachel Says:

    Violet kicks Bush’s ass and then some.

  17. 42
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    35 magnus : 08/05/2007 at 6:26 pm

    Kudos to Team Lara Croft for another inane and useless comment!

    Are you capable of anything else? Re-f*cking-tard!

    I am going to ignore you. Completely to ignore you. You are not worth it. So don’t think I will be replying to you cause I won’t.

    Instead, I’ll just cocentrate on the thousands of Americans and Iraqis who I have died in the name of a war that was sold to us on false pretenses.

    I abhor Bush and his bundle of lies.

    Being American is being able to speak up againts that. Unlike being in Afghanistan.

    Bush has hijacked our democracy in order to cater to oil companies and the psychotic religious rights groups.

    Thank God when President Rodham Clinton assumes power, we will begin the healing process.

  18. 43
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    37 GOD BLESS PRESIDENT BUSH! : 08/05/2007 at 7:38 pm


    God Bless our thousands of soldiers who have lost their lives in Iraq and God bless the fact that Jenna and Barbara Bush (the twins) can still party hard with fake ID’s while poor people’s kids go fight for our freedoms – and then come back home and have no health insurance.

    Yeah, God bless the former C student cokehead who is now representing our country.

    Yeah, great.

  19. 44
    stop hatin on the Crocs! Says:

    40 Triagenurse : 08/05/2007 at 8:12 pm


    My slippers from Land’s End are called “Unisex Trellis Clogs” and they only cost $24.50. You may like them better. They’re somewhat cuter than Crocs.

  20. 45
    Its a Crock Says:

    His other mistake -one of many are the unibrows -and nose hair sticking out- when he is on tv.

  21. 46
    Spot Bush Says:

    George of course.

  22. 47
    nadine Says:

    With or without socks, these thingies only look good on little girls. So i guess it’s George all the way!

  23. 48
    none Says:

    None! Those are the most horible, ugly shoes ever. When i first saw them in a store, though that was a joke… until a price on it and saw people actually wearing them!

  24. 49
    Jess Says:

    Violet Afflek. Lol. She’s so cute, sorry Bush those crocs ‘n’ socks just don’t suit you!

  25. 50
    kathy Says:

    hahaha. too funny!

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