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George Clooney's New Girlfriend

George Clooney's New Girlfriend

Perpetual bachelor George Clooney finds romance on his multi-million dollar chartered yacht lying just off St. Tropez over the weekend. GC and his new girlfriend were spotted canoodling all weekend, holding hands and snuggling up with one another.

Besides George‘s new girl, guests included: Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber and Ocean‘s producer Jerry Weintraub.

But knowing George, Monday’s a brand new day — time for a new girlfriend!

20+ pictures inside of George getting it on with his new girlfriend (of the moment)…

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george clooney girlfriend 01
george clooney girlfriend 02
george clooney girlfriend 03
george clooney girlfriend 04
george clooney girlfriend 05
george clooney girlfriend 06
george clooney girlfriend 07
george clooney girlfriend 08
george clooney girlfriend 09
george clooney girlfriend 10
george clooney girlfriend 11
george clooney girlfriend 12
george clooney girlfriend 13
george clooney girlfriend 14
george clooney girlfriend 15
george clooney girlfriend 16
george clooney girlfriend 17
george clooney girlfriend 18
george clooney girlfriend 19
george clooney girlfriend 20
george clooney girlfriend 21
george clooney girlfriend 22
george clooney girlfriend 23
george clooney girlfriend 24

Photos: Eliot Press/Bauer-Griffin
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  • elle

    who is she?

  • me

    She’s fug.

  • abby

    ah George, the perpetual bachelor! That’s it George, keep um guessin’ By the time they figure out who this chick is you’ll have moved on.

  • J3$$!C@

    Whoever she is, she is a pretty gal.

  • Nicole

    Very clingy…poor George looks like he is trying to get away

  • Passing Through

    Poor AG – Porgie’s got yet another new ho. This isn’t even the same chick he was seen with at Cannes and the week after Cannes! Damn, dude, slow down! AG’s heart can only take so many daggers!

  • Lizzie

    Oh please – he has more chemistry with the young shuttle boy in photo 7. This girl who wants to be noticed, notice how she is checking out the cameras when she is doing the grope thing. The body chemistry for lovers is simply not there. Odds on you won’t see him with her again.

  • Ruth

    That’s a man, as in transvestite.

  • ZZ

    How tender! too bad there’ll be another chick within a few days, It’s George

  • nona

    hope she enjoys her 15 minutes, cause from the body language, it’s gonna be a very short fling. that clinch is about as convincing as tomkat’s.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft


    Why do these women keep stealing my boyfriend???

    George is mine!

    The only “other woman” I accept is Angelina with my boyfriend Brad. But now George!!!!

    I love George.

  • org Ruth

    Oh come on give George abreak who knows this could be the one,Oh forget it who am I kidding even I don’t believe that :lol:

  • jan

    iT LOOKS LIKE A TRANNIE….won’t be around next week…

  • in truth

    Clooney doesn’t have girlfriends. He doesn’t have real relationships. This should be titled,


  • shaz

    He’s mine damn it!

  • irma

    Maybe George Clooney will settle down this time, he is not getting any younger anymore, he needs to start a family. At the end of Ocean 13 movie he told Brad to settle down & have plenty of kids. Maybe, he will do the same.

  • chasing_cars

    Lucky bitch who gets to fuck Clooney.


    I luv GC.
    But, I swear he had much more chemiatry with Angie @the O13
    premiere in LA!
    I “study” his pics!

  • KrungKrung

    ohlala, good ole George found a new part time lovah eh?

  • KrungKrung

    George don’t want kids which he was very clear about it in his interviews, he don’t want responsibilities especially kids, i don’t think he’ll ever get married ever, George is smart, he knows how that goes in hollyweird y’all…..

  • ???

    I luv George..but how old is she?..20?..he seems to like -em’ young,strippers,and fug!

  • jess

    I love George but what the heck is he doing hugging Sean Penn??? LMAO…seriously, this “chick” looks like Sean Penn’s twin!

  • [~Famous~]

    Clooney’s so cool.

  • Dirty Cougar

    She’s FUG! Someone to bang for a while.

  • mj

    Who is that blond-headed crocodile with fake boobs on one of the pictures on the bottom? Clookney lost all his class. No classy ladies on his boat.

  • Oh Well

    George baby!! do you thing whatever it is, i got your back and
    remember baby ‘HATE is GREAT’………………….. call me!

  • Z

    I’m glad for you George, Be happy.

  • joan

    Seems a little clingy. Who’s she putting on the show for, did SHE notify the Papps?.

    Look at Georges’ hands, he’s not reciprocating with the affection. She’s trying to keep him to herself; send a message to another woman that she’s the one George wants. Maybe there’s competition on the yacht, or, waiting for George on land.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Sean Penn.

  • eripaige

    Wonder if he has any STDs? He’s a ho!

  • MK

    my first reaction when seeing these pics: jealousy.

    clooney looks hot. the girl, not so much…but i’d happily switch places with her for a bit. :)

  • *~*Jinny*~*

    Doin’ him or not..she’s still a lucky beeyotch!

    That man is sex on a stick! *licky *licky*


  • angelina_mmm

    he should reproduce
    what is he waiting for

  • Gossip Girl

    Is she Italian? Yeah I agree about those who said she’s better enjoy the 15 minutes cuz he’s never gonna settle down. He was already married once and that’s it. No one will know who she is because that means the spotlight will be on her as well and we all know GC is not having any of the sharing of the spotlight.

  • anon

    I get a sneaking suspicion she’s some kind of heiress or whatever.

    Her watch is pow pow!

  • mousey

    Am I the only one who is convinced he is gay. Just a hunch. Nothing against gays or straights. He just doesn’t strike me as someone whose into women.It just seems too odd that he’s photographed with different women after long bouts of being “single” just to prove he’s straight.

  • Sally Kirkland *yes, its really me! :)*

    We all know George Clooney is a big fat homo. I’m ok with the gays, but not if they constantly try to hide the fact that they like pole. I talked to James Lipton about this and he disagrees, but Brad Pitt told me he lets George suck him off every once and a while. Brad’s not gay though, he just likes two lips wrapped around his cock. Even mine sometimes. He’s fond of David Beckham, he says he can suck so hard you’ll come into a coma.

  • ann

    is it just me, or is George looking especially hott these days? He got a nice tan too =)

  • ann

    tht girl is really clingy!

  • Angelina

    george looks hot in those pix…and he’s in late fourties already! arghh, i dont like older men who gets with younger women. they’re always turn out trashy! i hope george will someday settle down and find a proper person to be with…he’s too good for her.

  • Violet

    I like George!

  • rOMANA

    what does “fug” mean, exactly?
    maybe his lover is Grant or Waldo

  • depeche

    they met at the plastic surgery !:D MUHAHAHA

  • malibumom

    Just saw Wedding Crashers for the first time last night (which explains why I can’t finish writing that movie)-Vince is a Tambourine Player to his heart!
    George Clooney -hmmmm-I never thought he was something to stop washing dishes over, but He has a decent mind-

  • mevebest

    I think it’s lisa snowdon, his ex-girlfriend. they’ve been on and off for a few years now.

  • cai

    enjoy it while it last… George is more enamored with the bottle he’s cuddling than the “girlfriend”…

  • HEY!!!!!!

    Damn – I wanted to date George. Oh, back to reality!!!

  • eripaige

    I’m just glad he has his shirt on…his abs are eck!





  • Lili

    She is probably one of those B,C or even D-list models :) She’s got a damn hot body! Italian, French…who knows?
    Remember Nancy Stelmaszczyk last year? I know that’s pretty old story :D but I think it is the same kind of girl.
    Jesus, but she looks soooo young, I give her max 23-24!
    George is on his last legs ;D he has to f*** as many hotties as possible before he gets so old&grumpy that they won’t cling to him anymore…