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Director Dunst Shoots Short Film

Director Dunst Shoots Short Film

Kristen Dunst puts her acting on the back burner and puts on her director’s cap, directing small crew and actors in Los Feliz on Friday for a “Glamour Reels” short film.

Director Dunst, who was in Studio City, Calif. all day, was given this opportunity by Glamour Magazine, where women who are normally in front of the camera are given the opportunity to direct.

Kiki has mentioned that she wants Michelle Williams (Heath Ledger‘s wife) to star in her directorial debut: “Michelle Williams is a friend of mine and we did a movie together when we were younger and so I want her to be my star. She said she would, but now it’s all about dates.”

This follows Jennifer Aniston‘s short film Room 10 for Glamour Magazine.

Later in the day, Kiki headed for the veterinarian (flashing her navel on the way) to pick up her beloved pet cat.

15+ pictures inside of Director Dunst shooting her short film…

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kirsten dunst glamour reels 01
kirsten dunst glamour reels 02
kirsten dunst glamour reels 03
kirsten dunst glamour reels 04
kirsten dunst glamour reels 05
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Photos: Isbp/Dave/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Jacqueline


    p.s. Kirsten rocks.

  • Jill

    I wish Kirsten luck on her director debut.

  • QQQQ

    Isn’t it funny how these women (KD & Kate Hudson) can make a ten-minute movie BY themselves but a certain someone had to have a CO-DIRECTOR but still gets mentioned. Life is something else, f*ing unbelievable!!!

  • Nancy


    Isn’t unbelievable that its been over 2 years and certain people are still simmering in their own misery? Get a life. Jennifer’s film has won awards. She and Andrea are friends and decided to work together. Is that a crime? You think Kristin didn’t have any “help”? You think Kate didn’t have any “help”? Well then you’re kidding yourself. Just so happens that Jennifer decided to credit Andrea.

    I understand though, you’re still having a problem understanding the concept of friendship. Most Jolie followers do.

  • Kathy

    In fact, look at that guy standing with Kristin. Looks like he’s running the show. I still like her though. I just love how Jolie worshippers have to exhibit all this hate towards a woman they don’t even know. Its like they blame Jennifer for all Jolie’s bad press, bad box office performances. Pathetic, really.

  • QQQQ

    She co-directed, all the other women directed on their own (This is FACT) So keep bringing up all the other irrelevant cr*p… SO GREAT, she should be really PROUD, an award for 5 mins of work, big Whoppiee…..U ROCK PITY PARTY QUEEN!!!!!

  • Kathy

    You are so naive aren’t ya QQQQ? Just because the others don’t credit a co director doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Get a life, you might like it.

    And what has Jolie directed or even co directed? NADA. Bitter and jealous much? I think so. And pity party? Does this ring a bell sweetheart? “WAH, WAH, WAH. Billy Bob left me.” That was in US magazine. “WAH, WAH, WAH, people are so mean to me. Do I have to prove that I’m a decent person?” or my fav “WAH, WAH, WAH, my son can’t ride the carousel because of all the paparazzis that I purposely attract.”

  • Rii

    I thought this thread was about Kirsten, not a hating Jen/loving Jolie thread.

    I hope everything goes well for Kirsten, she’s a great gal.

  • Kathy

    I agree Rii. I wish Kristin the best. This Glamour directing project has really taken off. Its great.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Kristen is a cutie! I like her style.

  • Sarah

    Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger are not married.

  • QQQQ

    7 Kathy : 08/05/2007 at 11:53 am – “And what has Jolie directed or even co directed? NADA”….

    Yes she feels really bad about not co-directing a 10 min “movie” and getting AN AWARD FOR IT, its such a GREAT accomplishment.. sadness all round….

  • Dirty Cougar

    So, I lot of stars are not married and have kids. Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell and Johnney Depp and Vanessa to name a few. It’s there life.

  • crackitis647383

    Who is this girl think she is!? I say goobidoo to her and all her USA farting friends.

  • airways

    I love Kirsten, she’s great. I didn’t like ‘Room 10′ very much, it is strangely paced and not really innovative or anything. Still adore Jennifer, though.

    And since she was mentioned: Angelina directed A Place in Time, a documentary that I think is supposed to be shown mainly to high school kids. Seems like a great documentary, the kids said nice things about it after the first screening back in May. :)

    Plus, the rabid Jennifer worshippers exhibit the same kind of hate towards Angelina so I don’t really see the difference here. Live and let live, people. And check your facts before posting. ;)

  • Naomi

    Yeah, and the rabid Jolie worshippers are oh so sweet, posting threats on Jennifer’s life on this very site.

    By the way, Jolie was barely involved with A Place in Time, although I’m sure she’d like to think she was. If you notice about a dozen others filmed all over the world with hand held cameras, directing various parts of it. Again, get the facts straight.

    As far as the Glamour project, I think its fantastic. Good luck to Kirsten and the others.

  • Team Kristen

    The guy next to Kirsten is probably the cinematographer. With all due respect (and this has nothing to do with Jolie)it is not normal that Jennifer Aniston had a co director plus an assistant director and a cinematographer for a 10 minute movie. Especailly since she has been in the business for 10 plus. But it probably came down to self confidence.

  • KC

    And how many films have the people in this thread directed? You must have directed a few the way your criticizing someone else’s effort.

  • thanks :)

    16 Naomi

    Jolie directed a documentary. There is more to directing than showing actors where to stand.

  • airways

    Naomi: Still, it was Angelina’s idea and she is listed as the director. Surely she couldn’t hold all the cameras herself on various locations around the world at the same time. Not even she is that awesome. ;) But you are right, she doesn’t take that much credit for that documentary, because she’s humble like that. :D

    None of the rabid fans are nice, as simple as that. No side is better than the other. Rabid Angelina fans wish Jennifer to die; rabid Jennifer fans wish Angelina and her kids to die. How the hell can anyone even decide which is worse?

  • crazy people on this site

    I can’t believe this site allows death threats against Anniston, but if you mention how Jolie is dragging her orphans around like luggage then it’s deleted. Whatever and no I dont’ wish death to anyone. What a bunch of freaks.

    Also I think it’s sad that some lamme women’s magazine has to do these female directed shorts. These people have millions can’t they make their own movies or can’t Hollywood just hire more women to direct? Hmmmm.

  • bite me

    umm last time i check those children are no longer orphans

  • Kearnie

    Kristen – rep is Huvane

    Aniston – rep is Huvane

    That’s all I am going to say.

  • Use the delete button

    21 crazy people on this site

    There are terrible things written about both people by the crazies. Use the delete button that is why Jared has it if you read a threating comment.

    BTW I see you only can see the harmful things written about Jennifer and did not care that harmful things Jen fans want to happen to Angelina.

  • liza

    Kirsten is my fave! I wish her the best (although I know she’ll rock!).

  • ire

    Wow! Kiki rocks!
    It sounds great

  • crackitis647383

    Why you all up in that?

  • Tramp

    Film students do shorts all the time….it’s relatively easy. Why does Kiki have to tell the world about her stupid short. Who cares?

    Michelle Williams has to beg for work these days….well nothing has changed I guess. Not even getting pregnant by Heath Ledger could make her a bonafide star. Even Heath’s movie tank in the box office (ie. Candy etc).

    Michelle’s a C-Lister, surely Kiki could get at least a B-Lister to star in her stupid short.

  • Andreas

    Who’s that guy with her?

  • carolina

    I saw all of this year’s Glamour Reel’s shorts-they were all very powerful. Looking forward to seeing Kirsten Dunst’s, Kate Hudson’s and Rita Wilson’s.Bet they will be fantastic too.Please stop the hating…it’s soooooo old.

  • proud

    that guy standing next to her is the cinematographer and my dad.

  • YYYY

    Finally she shoot Michelle Williams or Winona Ryder.

  • Andreas

    winona ryder.