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Reese & Ryan: Back Together?

Reese & Ryan: Back Together?

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe are on the road to reconciliation, according to Page Six.

“They met for lunch this week at the Votre Sante health-food restaurant, a regular Brentwood haunt for Reese on San Vicente,” said one source. “And they’re going on runs together around the Brentwood Country Club. Both are regular, dedicated runners. Running is a very healing, meditative thing, so maybe it will work its magic on them.”

A friend of Witherspoon said, “Reese and Ryan are trying to work it out. They are still close.”

Phillippe‘s rep denied these rumors saying, “It’s not true.” And the fact that Reese and Jake Gyllenhaal are back together speaks volumes unto itself!


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  • Indy

    There is no Jake and Reese.

    Is everyone blind or playing stupid?

    These PR people really have their job made easy for them, because the public will believe anything they read.


  • Anon

    Jake and Reese were supposedly spotted at an AMPAS screening the other night. The only thing I bet Reese and Ryan are “trying to work out” is visitation/custody issues about the kids. Every time the Jake/Reese stuf surfaces, there’s always something that follows to confuse the issue. Do I see a pattern???LOL!

  • Anon

    Reese and Ryan have been apart for almost a year. Reese has moved on. Ryan moved on…even before they were apart! So maybe it’s time for the gossips to move on.

  • peppy

    I love these two together I was so sad when they seperated

  • Jane

    PageSix is a mostly rubbish source of gossip.

  • Anon

    Yeah, Ryan and Reese looked good together, but they had a lot of problems over the years and I think they tried, but I believe it is really over with them. I cannot count how many times Page 6 gets a lot of different stuff wrong. Where does Page 6 get their information??? They have no credibility anymore. nada.

  • KrungKrung

    i like Reese but her chin is so pointy, don’t like….

  • KC

    Or Jake is acting as a decoy for Reese and Ryan. Haven’t all three been friends for a while.

  • heh heh

    *gah*. Look at her chin!!!!

  • http://! marsha

    Isn’t Jake gay? Anyway he was friends with Ryan before so it has all been a little suspicious. I don’t elieve any of it really…Jake and Reese OR Ryan and Reese back together. Hopefully they will be back together as friends like Demi & Bruce its by far the best thing for the kids.

  • AddictedtoBAMPZs

    Hoping it is true.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Don’t bealive everything you read. Right right! Ryan can be trying. LMAO! If, I were Reese I wouldn’t take the cheating ass back!

  • grace

    no i don´t think that they are back together!This is ridiculous!I would pic Jake he´s way hotter in my opinion!

  • Nadia

    aww i hope they work things out they are such a cute couple

  • lula29

    I think tabloids are trying to make some money. They aren’t getting back together. They might be trying to learn how to get along for the sake of their children, but reconciling, no.

  • Anon

    I don’t think Ryan and Reese are back together at all. I think she probably is dating Jake. But I gotta be honest. Over the long term, I think Jake and Reese, while both of them are very good looking, I think they are extremely boring. I think now that he is single, Ryan will be the most interesting from a gossip point of view.

  • eaby

    i think Ryan deserves better

  • bite me

    wow! I never noticed how long reese chin is… they were a cute couple

  • Actually

    I don’t believe this is true…they married young, had a family, and as they matured grew apart. They wanted different things as far as a relationship goes. I don’t think in the year they’ve been apart that much has changed. These gossips/tabs trying to hold on to these ‘previous couplings’ is nauseating.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Reese is good enough for either of them – little Ms. Type A, control freek. She’s only 31 and she needs MAJOR work already – face and bod. Jake and Ryan each can do sooooooooooooooooooo much better.

  • chrischdi

    i would be so happy, if ryan and reese would be back together. for me they were perfect.

  • J3$$!C@

    I never would have thought Jake and Reese would ever be linked romantically. Ryan and Reese did look good together but I beleive Reese deserves much better than her past and her present beaus.

  • chloe

    Gawd help the man who will end up w/Reese.

  • [~Famous~]

    Reese forehead and chin.. wow!

  • Kelsey

    Forget Gyllenspoon. It’s all about Witherppe. I hope they get back together, I think they’re an adorable couple. I think that shes been holding out for this too, because if she wasn’t, she would have proceeded with the divorce already.

    Not to bring up Britney, but she filed for divorce after Reese did and hers was settled already. And I forgot who it was but there was another couple that split in the fall and their divorce was settled already as well. I think Reese has been holding out for a reconciliation all along.

  • mexx

    jake is so ugly who would want him he is HOMELY!!!!

  • Ms Sugar Walls


  • depeche

    I would be so happy to them. They are so beautiful togehter and it would be great to the kids too.

  • Anon

    Reese’s divorce is final. There are still custody issues about the kids, but only because Ryan waited three months to decide to file a counter proposal. Reese wanted physical custody of the kids and joint legal custody. This means the kids would live with her, but both of them would make all the decisions like where the kids go to school, etc.She also gave Ryan unlimited, generous visitation. With little kids like this, they need a place to call “home.” not be shuttled back and forth. But Ryan decided to ask for joint physical with time shared equally. Reese hasn’t been holding out for reconciliation. This thing was way over before they ever even announced it.Don’t think things happen just when we hear about them.This happened sooner.

  • depeche

    it would be so great .They were such a beautiful couple.And it would be good for to kids too.

  • Whatever

    Mexx, you are an idiot. All these tabloid stories are pathetic. I don’t know what Jake’s sexuality is but those who act as if they know he is gay or that he is straight are laughable. I highly doubt you have been in his bed so what right do you have to claim you know what his sexuality is? He is a great actor, very hot and anyone who ends up with him would be very lucky.

  • iris

    Reese reminds me of Jennifer Aniston. American folks seem to like her because she is not unattainable beauty. With nice hair style and clothes, she looks attractive. When she is walking the streets with everyday wear and messy hair, she looks completely average.

    We American’s need for people we can relate to has created an incompetent president and so called American sweetheart actresses. Sad really.

  • essie

    i think reese and ryan look cuter together than jake, so hopefully the former story is true…

  • true true true

    30 Anon : 08/05/2007 at 3:47 pm

    So very true. Exactly as happened with another socalled “golden couple” who made the announcement of their separation in January 2005, they were soo over long before.

  • QQQQ

    33 iris : 08/05/2007 at 4:12 pm – Truer words have never been spoken!!!

  • Sarah

    I personally don’t think Reese and Jake are together. I think it would be nice if Ryan and Reese got back together. I don’t think Abbie Cornish cheated with Ryan…that’s just my opinion, I guess.

  • Kira

    Adore Reese Witherspoon — a great mother (young Hollywood should take note)!

    Best to both of them on being stand-up parents and, hopefully, the courts will continue to support her in full physical custody with joint legal custody with Ryan having generous and/or unlimited visitation.

    She’s more traditional like myself and it worked out best for myself and my son’s father. Often father’s do not realize how much they cherish their “freedom” until confronted with 50 percent co-physical custody and parenting. I agree (most) children need a full-time home with the most stable of the two parents and generous visitation by the opposite parent.

    Wish wishes to Reese and Ryan!

  • H

    omg I really hope this is true. Maybe Ryan had to play the field for a bit before he could really appreciate Reese. They are soooo adorable together and I really hope they work things out.

  • Mememe

    Well, I adore Jake whether he is with Reese or not. Not sure they are a couple but Jake is the best!

  • L

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  • Peppy

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  • L

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    we are going to have an awesome party

  • Peppy

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  • Peppy

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  • L

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  • Anonymous

    Jake and Reese are a PR stunt for their movie soon to premier. You will see them lovey dovey at Toronto in September. She is not reconciling with Ryan. His PR guy made it perfectly clear that he does not want that. Jake and Reese will conveniently break up after the initial box office is in for the movie. Then, you will see hype about Reese and Vince to rev up interest in Four Christmases. That’s the way it works. In truth, Reese is not good enough for any one of the three – Ryan, Jake or Vince. He’s a control freak and not exactly pretty.

  • a realist

    Is Reases’s chin deformed?


    Seriously ignore Anon she knows nothing about this situation. Her claim that Reese offered unlimited visitation is fictitious. Maybe if visitation had been equal and working out Ryan would not have had to involve the courts. He waited six months to see how visitation would work without forcing his hand. It must not have worked. He was not given access to his children therefore he petitioned for joint physical custody. Reese is a workaholic.