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Clive Owen - "Details" September 2007

Clive Owen -

British mega-stud Clive Owen is the September 2007 cover star and once-rumored Bond for Details magazine.

On his down to earth wife, Sarah Jane: “I have to drag Sarah-Jane to a premiere. Her ultimate present, which I bought her a few years ago, was a Volkswagen Caravan van. She’s into arts and crafts, and hanging with the kids, and going camping. She’s very unimpressed by what I do.”

On his equally un-impressed daughters: “The girls have very high status in my house. I’m the git in the family. Every time I go away, [daughter] Hannah gives me what I call her Roger Moore face.”

On quitting smoking: “”I f—–’ loved smokin’. Oh, God. I f—–’ loved it. I talked about [quitting] all through [my wife's] pregnancy, but I didn’t do anything about it. I had smoked since I was f–king 14. I always used to say to myself, I’m going to die of lung cancer. That’s the choice I’m making. And then when Sarah-Jane was pregnant, I couldn’t think about anything else. I just had this image in my head of breathing smoke in a baby’s face. You just think about it going into their little lungs. And when Hannah was born, I stopped.”

And the funniest/weridest quote from the article: “If Brad Pitt is shiny and George Clooney is glossy, Owen is matte.”

Be sure to read Clive‘s full interview with Details!

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Photos: Stephen Klein for Details
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  • Anonymous

    I like ruggedly handsome men.

  • Mia

    He’s so handsome and sexy and a great actor.He needs to upgrade hos wife I’d appreciate him more.

  • nadine

    He needs to upgrade his wife???? And you need to get a brain.

  • Shauna

    I adore Clive Owen, as an actor, and a great human being because he is a great husband, and father. Just a great guy in general. Very grounded, very humble. I think it says a lot about the what type of man he is by his long term marriage, and stable family life. Kicking an almost lifelong cigerette habit for his baby says it all too. I am looking forward to all of his future movies. He, and Jason Isaacs are two of my faves!

  • Just Jazz

    Oh man,i just spotted Clive :):) Tks Jarad Tons!.. YOWSERS!”The Clive Owens “The richly intense gorgeous blue-eyed hunk .
    Clive is Hot~

  • Shauna

    Clive said he had (in his own words) an ‘obsession’ with David Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust period, and even cut his hair, dyed it, and dressed like Bowie for many years. I would LOVE to see pictures of him during this time. Seeing him as a slightly brooding, conservatively dressed figure today- it certainly would be a jarring difference!

  • Shauna

    Just Jazz, Clive is GREEN eyed, but I totally agree he is the hotness!

  • Prix

    Is it just me, or does Clive Owen ALWAYS look like he’s about to drop dead from exhaustion?

    Does this man ever look well rested?

  • Shauna

    I believe that Clive has GREEN eyes, but I completely agree that he is the total hotness Just Jazz!

  • Good Morning Baltimore

    He needs to team up with AJ for another film.

  • Shauna

    Sorry for the double post! my previous post just disappeared and I didn’t think it posted. I always feel like a jerk when that happens! I have to agree that Clive has that ‘heavy lidded’ sleepy look most of the time, that or his intense, piercing look that goes right through you. Either one is quite sexy though.

  • Dirty Cougar

    I like this HOTNESS too! He’s yummy!

  • mia

    hot hot hot

  • jess

    His face looks the same in every photo.

  • HEY!!!!!!

    British Hottie!!!!

  • EvilLynn

    Loooooove him…..and, while I don’t think he should upgrade his wife, I sure do wish I’d have met him while he was still SINGLE, heh heh heh… :)

  • ntt

    One hell of a sexy man.

  • Mmmmm

    Mmmmmmm, Yummy! I like how his wife keeps him ground that in the end it is not about what he does for a life but who he is .. good for him and her both.

  • Tammie

    I LOVE Clive Owen! :) So ruggedly handsome and all…

  • ha

    he is so hot, I’ll F**k him in a heartbeat.!

  • mouche

    MMMM – he is one sexy looking guy this Clive Owen!!!

  • Mia

    I was only joking about his wife you idiot how ever you say that crap name you get a life

  • depeche

    I really like him. He is a great actor, with a lot of talent, is very clever and nice as a human , and also EXTREMLY sexy.

  • ann

    I wonder if Clive’s wife knows how hott he is … o.o

  • Ruth

    Clive makes nearly every other A-list actor look ugly and untalented! He is a fabulous actor and SO, SO sexy. And yes, his wife isn’t a gorgeous skinny model but it seems that their marriage works and that is what counts.

  • Elenia

    I llove Clive Owen!! Esp. after those BMW films!! And I’ve always wanted him to become the next James Bond. He’d be a perfect James Bond!!! Although Daniel Craig is cool too :)

  • sheryl

    He is sexy looking, but you’re right, he does kinda look the same in every photo. He doesn’t smile much…

  • youza

    I loved him in Children of Men. He’s 10000xxx the actor compared to Looney and Pittance.

  • angie

    Youza, I haven’t seen that movie. Is it good?

  • K

    yes Children of Men is a must see.

  • Amanda

    I disagree Clive looks GROSS NOW. He looks like he either smokes too much or drinks too much he’s not aging well. Clive is only 43 yet he looks much older. What the hell happened to him? And to top it off it looks like Clive has LOST WEIGHT. And I heard about his wife. Got to give it to the guy his wife is so homely looking. Oh well.

  • Nina

    Someone said Clive’s 43. Well he’s 42. He’ll be 43 this October. And I think he’s aged well. He, quite effortlessly, looks Absolutely GREAT. Not to mention that he’s an amazing man and an amazing actor.

    I am so happy to get to read more about him in Detail. His interviews are always cute, humorous, and honest. I hope to see him in more films.

  • http://deleted Nina

    “If Brad Pitt is shiny and George Clooney is glossy, Owen is matte.”
    Does anyone know what they mean by this?

    (I certainly prefer Clive to both Brad and George put together)

  • Sarah

    He gave up smoking. Now he’s even more hot, I guess if I’d shag him, he wouldn’t smell of smoke!

  • Davilyn

    I’ve never seen a picture of Mr. Owen’s wife as I hear she shuns the spotlight (smart girl). But reading your comments, ‘he needs to upgrade her’ or ‘she’s homely.’ My God people, do you even understand what you’re saying? You are denigrating the value of women. You are saying that our ONLY WORTH, is in our looks.

    The women’s movement exploded just 37 years ago after centuries of oppression. We were suppose to be regarded for more than just what we looked like.

    37 years. Wasn’t much of a revolution. Bring on the T&A and the botox. Never mind about content of character.

  • madmike

    Dirty Dirty Man hiding behind the family image. Just a hunch.

  • anom.

    Sexy, gorgeous and good man! His wife and kids are a good luck women!

  • kropisia

    His wife knows how hot he is and she does not have to worry about him leaving. She is quite pretty, but not size 0.

    Clive worked with A. Jolie a few years back and was one of a very few costars who did not get involved with her.

  • jeannie

    I think he’s fugly!

  • Nina

    MadMike, what’s your proof for the accusation?

  • anom.

    Clive is over Hollywood!

  • Nikki

    Clive, Handsome, Oozing Sex Appeal, Rugged, Gentlemen, Humble, Grounded, a Great Actor and oh those Green Sexy Bedroom Eyes.

    Love you clive

    The best of luck to you and yours………….

  • judithkiwichick

    Good on clive for kicking the smoking habit for the sake of his children, it couldnt have been easy, all the more reason to love this guy!!!

  • Best external drive

    I think that this man is a hero, we should worship him.