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Spencer Pratt: Bring on the Haters!

Spencer Pratt: Bring on the Haters!

The HillsHeidi Montag her boyfriend Spencer Pratt still are at odds with Lauren Conrad.

Spencer has launched his own website and is inviting all haters to leave comments on his blog/message board at

“For all you Haters- Please feel free to Hate on me here on my blog/board were I actually read comments! I think it’s great place for people who can’t stand me to vent and get whatever they have to say off their chest! If it makes you feel better. But if you hate me because you think I ruined Lauren and Heidi friendship…you have your facts all wrong! Lauren ruined Heidi and Laurens friendship when she told Heidi that she could not be friends with her as long as she dated me…the fact is Lauren is in LOVE with Heidi…she used to scream at Heidi if she left her alone one night…she used to ask to get in bed with Heidi and I to cuddle in the mornings…believe what you want…when those cameras turn off LC(BEEF CURTAINS) is a completely different person…she goes back to being the spoiled brat that made her famous on Laguna Beach…excuse me…the famous Boyfriend stealer. The funny thing to me is that she says we use her for attention…when she is the one in USWeekly this week talking about Heidi and I for 6 pages…talk about a desperate loser that needs to get her own relationship to worry about OR TALK ABOUT…I mean this girl has not had one functional relationship in her whole life and she is going to try and tell Heidi how to live her life and relationships!HA The LC is a pathetic wannabe fashion designer…who can’t even dress herself and look good…how is she going to design a line…ha…it should be called BEEF CURTAINS by LC… I only call her this because this is what people like Brody Jenner, Steven Coletti, and Jason Whaler all go around calling her…IT’S SAD that she destroyed the SEX TAPE that DID EXIST…because those BEEF CURTAINS would have made her real FAMOUS! I hate even talking about LC(BEEF CURTAINS) but she continues to talk about Heidi and I in all her interviews…so until she shuts her ugly mouth…I am going to continue to tell the world the truth about LC! This is a WARNING to LC… her dad aka JOE SIMPSON JR. , Manager, Agent, and Publisist that you better warn your client that she is starting a WAR that she doesn’t want…SO STOP TALKING ABOUT HEIDI AND MYSELF…because the TRUTH WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL AND YOU DO NOT WANT HEIDI AND I TO TAKE A PUBLIC LIE DETECTOR TEST ABOUT ALL THE THINGS WE KNOW ABOUT YOU AND YOUR BEEF CURTAINS…”

Them fighting words!

Season 3 of The Hills kicks off on August 13. Pictures below include Heidi and Spencer vacationing together earlier this week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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heidi spencer vacation 05
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  • bite me

    shut the f and go away

  • Hale


  • Iris

    Pathetic really, isn’t it?

  • KC


  • [~Famous~]

    They’e the 4th coolest couple in Hollywood, right behind the Pitt’s.(gaining fast) But Spencer shouldn’t speak, literally.. H should never open his mouth, Heidi should be the only one allowed to talk.

    Spendi Rocks!

  • Caro;

    What a loser that needs to talk about a girl…He’s just a di**…

  • ash

    hahah this guy is total DRAMA and a total joke… talk about gaining publicity…that is the cat calling the kettle black

  • Dirty Cougar

    Yaawwwwnnn! Media whoring! What else is new with them?

  • Violet Newstead

    For the love of God, why don’t these little s*itheads just disappear. What a vulgar little jerk.

  • Christine

    Despite how much I like myspace now, I am REALLY glad I did not have access to such a thing when I was young and stupid.

  • Nathan

    Who are these kids? Why would anyone over 12 care about this shit?

  • mary

    please stop giving these idiots attention. i beg you.

  • Lili

    Spencer stop trying to get people to visit your website by talking sh** about Lauren and before you start calling people names look at the mindless media whore lying next to you and the a**hole in the mirror! Hope Lauren sues you A**!!!!!!

  • Paige

    You’re awesome Spencer. Next time you want some fame why don’t you trying doing something that actuallt merits it and not just talk sh*t about other people to try to make you look better. I got news for you pal, it would be impossible to make you look better. Heidi too. Peace.

  • maddie

    even if he isnt as bad as they made out he has now managed to make himself look even worse
    why is he even on this blog? can we please give him no attention till he goes away??????????

  • sophie

    whats beef curtains??

  • Jill

    Spencer and Heidi are such LOSERS!!! Total low lives!! Hollywood bottom feeders!! OMG, she is a complete idiot for staying with him after all the things he did.

  • Mmmmm

    Seriously, do they think that ppl care about them? Only know about them b/c they are one this blog, other then then that this chics are playmates in training.

  • Rachel

    Wow. That’s really all I can say. What a loser.

  • Rachel

    He didn’t even spell Stephen Colletti’s name right. They must be super close. lol.

  • Casie

    Hmmmm….someone has anger issues. What a loser!

  • *~*Jinny*~*

    Jill, you took the words right out of mouth, so true you are!

    Ugh, he’s such a jerk to blame LC for ruining LC’s and Heidi’s friendship..he ruined their friendship by cheating and treating Heidi like cr ap, LC seen him for the DOG he really is and wanted nothing to do with him.. Who wants to stick around and watch their best friend get screwed over by some loser?!?! Heidi stayed with him, so in my opinion they deserve each other! He’s a classless jerk for going on his website and talking smack, says alot about him and that isn’t much.

  • Frances

    Am I the only one who has never heard the term “beef curtains”? I think I know what it refers to, from the context, but…yuck!

  • Eme

    Oh how I LOVE fake paparazzi photos! I wonder how much they pay to get these stupid publicity photos circulating throughout the web… ? Jared why do you continue to post news about them? “LC,” Heidi or Spencer: they are all pretty pointless NADA list wanna-be-celebs. They’ve done nothing…. and they are “famous” for living in one of the wealthiest cities in America. WOW. That is an accomplishment worthy of recognition ;)

    Awww, the Nutcracker looks more skank than ever… “girls gone wild” CLASSY ;)

    Oh shut up Spencer. Get a real job.

  • sasha

    wow, he’s really mature.

  • Amused

    Spencer and heidi worthless nobodies and desperately seeking attention in any form..its quite comical to be honest, they are never going to go anywhere

  • Lyzz

    oh man.. what are beef curtains?

  • tequila29

    I’m probably in the minority but I think that LC is a hyporcite. When she ditched Heidi in the summer during the first season to live with Jason, Heidi didn’t moan and cry about being left alone.
    Then Heidi does the same thing to Lauren and its like their friendship is over. I have to agree a little with Spencer…I think Lauren is one of those friends that ‘are in love’ or obssessed w/ their girlfriends and this is what the war is really about…Lauren doesn’t take well to being second to Spencer.

  • Tickle

    Truth or not… Spencer discredits himself by insulting her.

  • Jordon

    Poor LC. She picked up a trash like heidi in san fransisco and brought her home and now she is keen to destroy her name.

    These beggars for attention are bunch of fuckers. I hope LC develops a back bone a sue Spencer for defamation. But, that is what this talentless bastard wants anyway. Any attention.

    LC you rock. Just know that you are beautiful inside and out and somedays these two will be distant memories not only to you but the rest of the world.

  • Amy

    Wow this guy never stops!!! They both better watch what they say in interviews and blogs or else people will stop watching The hills. Is he seriously craving fame and success that much?? that is soooo sad. Even if everyone hates eachother on the show, who cares – why does he feel the need to talk badly about people?…seriously he is making such a fool of himself and everyone else on the show by doing these ridiculous rants!! What a fucking Loser.

  • ricki

    Who even cares. he needs to wake up and realize he’s only famous for being on a show staring LC.

  • Stella

    beef curtains

    n. the resulting low hanging, loose, flappy labia of the female genitalia


  • sb

    He is excatly what his last name sez…a PRAT! seriously how mature of him…not.He is such a slimeball.

  • kmillz

    publicity and it could not have been any more obvious

  • mildred l

    i can’t wait until spencer and heidi break up (heidi will catch him in a heated embrace with more blonde bimbos!)…. then i’ll laugh my ass off.

  • GAY

    Spencer failed to mention that a) His website doesn’t work. b) He is GAY c) He probably made Heidi get plastic surgery on her vag too so she wouldn’t have RBC

  • http://yahoo lola

    what the hell this guy is frikin retarded hes soooo pathetic & jelouse of lauren!!!!!!!!Jared stop postinh **** about spencer and hiedi no one cares about them theyre a pathetic wannabe famouse couple!!!!!!!!

  • victoria

    ok…. whocares?

  • pickle

    I am so over everybody on The Hills! They’re in their freakin 20′s and acting like little kids. Both sides need to get over it, and grow the f up.

  • Oh Well

    er..errrr..i.. never mind f.uck it.

  • Adyson

    He needs too learn some grammar! He’s just trying to gain fame for doing nothing. He has no money, no talent, no looks, no life and an ugly ass girlfriend!

  • liza

    I really wish Heidi and Spencer would move to a remote part of Alaska and never be heard from again. They both suck (and they are both fugly!!)

  • babyblue

    I hate Spencer, he is an ass! I hope someone beats the shit out of him! he is a spoiled brat – he and heidi are the perfect match – two attention whores!

  • Kristine

    I agree with Ricki. Without LC and HER show he wouldnt be known. Hes only famous for being Heidi’s bf and for making Lauren’s life worse. What a jerk.

  • Aibok3000

    Such a loser!!
    I like LC!!! peace

  • Jennie

    now you can totally tell who lied about the whole sex tape scandal.
    they were probably mad, that after season two ended, heidi’s career didn’t boom off like they’d hoped for it to, so they tried to ruin lauren’s, PATHETIC ! before he wants to start talking shit and causing drama, he should learn to grammar check ! seriously, and this is a guy who says he has businesses? PLEASE, FOOL. they’re the ones that can’t stop talking about lauren. when asked if heidi and lauren were still friends, she said “yes”, seriously. if they’re so mature and don’t want anything to do with lc, then don’t be on her show ! why decide to be on another season of the hills for? they’re doing all of this for attention and fame, NO WAY IN HELL is that going to happen. they don’t have the potential that lauren has, and lauren doesn’t even want all of this fame. sucks for you, unlike heidi, we have a brain and don’t believe this nonsense. don’t even talk about public lie detectors, you’re known for being a lair, so shut it manwhore.

  • Anthony

    Uggghhh this guy is a disgusting idiot, and so is Heidi.
    A man should never ever talk about a girl like that!

  • DINH

    Spencer is such a dick for talking shit about Lauren like that.
    A) Lauren has never really talked shit about them and never said anything to embarass or humiliate them.(that i know of) The show made them that way and Lauren only confirms that she does not like spencer. Spencer is like a 12 year old talking shit like this.
    B) Lauren can’t dress? YOur girl friend dresses like a whore flaunting her water balloon breasts.
    C) SPENCER is famous by association. First through Brody and his reality show and now heidi and lauren through their show.

    SPENCER needs walk off the face of the earth.

  • Bella

    douchebags. Parents must be proud.