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Suri Cruise is a Crying Cutie

Suri Cruise is a Crying Cutie

Suri Cruise cries like a maniac after parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes strap her into a life jacket and take her for a dip in the water earlier this week in Sardinia, Italy.

Baby Suri looked flat out scared to death, holding mommy Katie for dear life. Tom, 45, and Katie, 28, also spent some fun in the sun, taking turns driving each other around on a jet ski.

Cruise has been was in Berlin, Germany filming his new WWII movie Valkyrie.

Looks like Suri could use some of those chocolates right about now!

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suri cruise crying 01
suri cruise crying 02
suri cruise crying 03
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176 Responses to “Suri Cruise is a Crying Cutie”

  1. 1
    todd Says:

    Looks like she could use chocolates right now.

  2. 2
    Bamzps fan Says:


  3. 3
    kelana Says:

    aww. daddy don’t drown me.

  4. 4
    LL Says:

    jj please don’t post this fake couple who always play to keep up. I am sick of them.

  5. 5
    Nana Says:

    Awwww :(

  6. 6
    gd Says:

    poor suri. she’s precious. love TomKat

  7. 7
    Mace Says:

    Thanks JJ…i like the pics of Suri crying and holding on to Mommy.
    Preciiiious baby and family.

  8. 8
    Sarah Says:

    LOL that’s so cute. Maybe Tom was giving her a scientology lecture.

  9. 9
    Uma Says:

    Im like Suri who took a long time getting over my fear of water and oceans thanks to Steven Spielberg’s JAWS and Discovery channel’s SHARK WEEK.


  10. 10
    Tom controls all Says:

    Wow alien Tom swims? Well, Tom looks so man-ly in his ‘Purple Barney’ swim trunks. Check out his man boobs.
    ‘Suri’ is afraid for her life of ‘Tom’ dragging her in that water, and there’s mommy robot ‘Katie’ just handing her over to him.Just like her brain is dead. Who will rescue this child? Tom is just a the closet. Being brought up by Tom and his cult family,,not right,,not right at all.

  11. 11
    Bamzps fan Says:

    CAn someone explain to me why they call this family alien family? and alien baby?

  12. 12
    mickey Says:

    She finally realized that Tom Cruise is claiming to be her Dad, and there is no way her lobotimized Mom can save her from his evil clutches, so she just started crying. I know I would.

  13. 13
    acer Says:

    Jared thank you for spoiling us with this Suri and Tom and Katie family albums. ***CUTE***

  14. 14
    anon Says:

    Jared, suri cried like a maniac, lol

  15. 15
    Went Says:

    because these people are jealous and crazy, so they call Tomket’s family alien.

  16. 16
    KarenA Says:

    aw, poor Suri. That’s such a sweet picture though, the one with Katie and her. Suri looks so teeny. (And I do realize she’s a baby, so, she should. Just sayin’, it’s cute.)

  17. 17
    rolling eyes Says:

    I’m waiting for haters to post they are bad parents because their daughter is crying.

  18. 18
    angie Says:

    Uhhhhhh….hmmmm….nice trunks

  19. 19
    Fiona Says:

    forget the chocolates because I will eat Suri. Im dying from all this cuteness.

  20. 20
    [~Famous~] Says:

    Awwwwwww! They’re so adorable.

  21. 21
    toms chubby thighs Says:


  22. 22
    sa Says:


  23. 23
    yaya Says:

    i feel srry 4 her clearly she’s of da motherf-ing water but he still drags her into it

  24. 24
    SheDevil Says:

    Wouldn’t you start with a plastic swimming pool or bathtub and gradually get the kid used to it? Katie looks pissed. I’ll bet she didn’t want her going in. If the kid is crying and obviously scared to death is it right to FORCE

  25. 25
    yaya Says:


  26. 26
    yaya Says:

    SheDevil ur rite

  27. 27
    Jade Says:


  28. 28
    WAS A KATIE FAN now mostly Suri Says:

    uM BECAUSE he belongs to a cult .The guy who created it was a nut and a him..what a nut/crook! And Tom follows the nutty guys teachings that he made up.Oh lest not 4get Tom and his cult think we are created by ALIENS…

    I know yal like to blame the JPs but thats a lie .’Famous’ the looser racist who seems to hate most women and children is the one pitting the JPS against the Tomkats and really, that’s all made up drama.
    I who have follow Katie’s career want better for her and Suri and I AM CATHOLIC TOO.I DON’T MEAN MONEY EITHER.

  29. 29
    toms chubby thighs Says:

    19 [~Famous~]

    you’re such a tool. There is nothing remotely sexy or cool or adorable about this family. How much do you get paid by the scintology center?

  30. 30
    What 2 do? Says:

    I don’t care who he is, he wouldn’t treat my daughter like that. It is obvious his way is the only way. He seems really mean and controlling.

  31. 31
    SURI IS aww but Fug has a black heart Says:

    19 [~Famous~] : 08/06/2007 at 5:48 pm
    Awwwwwww! They’re so adorable.

    Your’e right Suri is cute,but did’nt you say Violet was so ugly and Shiloh was autistic and you wanted to stick something in her always open mouth? I want even began with your other hateful comments.

  32. 32
    *FAMOUSisMyB8tch* Says:

    She is NOT crying because of the water everybody.

    She is crying because she just realizzed who her parents are!!! LMAO…the WEIRDOES, the FAKES, teh ALIENS, the CREEPERS, otherwise known as TOMKAT!!

    ROTFLMAO…they are too ridiculous for words.

    And PS *FAMOUS* gets paid for every typed letter not hourly, that’s why shes on the board clogging every single thread.

  33. 33
    to 30 SURI IS aww but Fug has a black heart : Says:

    fug is the sickest of the sick.

  34. 34
    sexy daddy Says:

  35. 35
    *FAMOUSisMyB8tch* Says:

    and Yes *FAMOUS* you are STILL my b*tch, now bend over and take it like the HO you are! you are too stupid and ridiculous to be on this blog and we’ve ALL had enough of ur spiteful comments on every thread.

  36. 36
    Sabrina Says:

    Suri is a doll. I love Tom but I want Katie with Christian Bale or Patrick Wilson but those guys are taken too.

  37. 37
    lallie Says:

    suri seems like a brat, anyway. look at the way she runs the two of them–or at least, Katie, ragged, when they are out (*e.g. the chocolate incident). I have to agree with the person who wrote about the kiddie pool. i don’t know if they have a pool at home, but this ain’t the place to introduce her to large bodies of water. she’s probably s&^$ing her diapers in those photos!!!!!!!!!!!!

    katie looks P.O.ed.

  38. 38
    mello Says:


  39. 39
    marsha Says:

    Bamzps fan: Everyone calls them aliens because their scientologists who believe in Ron Hubbard as their Jesus and Hubbarfd said he came to this world on a spaceship or something or other—I certainly didn’t want to study it too closely. But that’s what they follow ~ the spaceship guy

    Suri’s in for it — Cruise seems like the type that will “force” her into adventures he thinks she should experience ….like the freezing cold water. Her life will be as fun as Katie’s is. Which is not fun. All the money in the world is worth that?

  40. 40
    kidi Says:

    What twits! Trying for another stupid photo op, and they scare the child to death.

  41. 41
    Lillianne Says:

    We did this with our daughter one year with the same results and the next year she jumped right in. Suri’s a little young but they’re trying things out to see what she likes. No different than any other parent. Well, except they don’t have to worry about money. They’re in Sardinia and we were in Hot Springs Arkansas. Little things like that.

  42. 42
    wow Says:

    They seem like a normal family. However, i thought they weren’t allowed to comfort their kids? remember when that little girl fell infront of Tom and he only stared at her?

    Could explain why Katie is the one holding Suri and not Tom. But whatever, to each its own.

  43. 43
    Dirty Cougar Says:

    Ha ha ha ha haaaaawwwww! Suri looks just like Tom when, she’s pissed!! lol! Suri’s is a cutie!

  44. 44
    janet Says:

    awwwwwwwww omg poor suri……

  45. 45
    miwanna Says:

    They both ought to be horsewhipped for putting Suri into the water when she’s screaming. End of story.

    As for Shiloh having her mouth open all the time? With people screaming like maniacs and flashbulbs exploding in her eyes every time she comes outside it’s no wonder her mouth hangs open. You’ll also notice that her nose is red a lot of the time. Babies her age often have colds and sniffles which also cause their mouths to hang open. So they can breath, you idiots.

  46. 46
    kidi Says:

    OMG that picture of the three of them–with TC standing–is worth a thousand words. TC in his gay purple billowy trunks. KH looking completely out of it—drugged or whatever. And Suri STANDING next to her mother–why doesn’t someone pick up the poor child and comfort her? What utter lunatics.

  47. 47
    Yulk! Says:

    One thing for sure that Tom and Katie have in common is they both have big ugly legs.

  48. 48
    miwanna Says:

    And has Tom given any thought to how much auditing Suri is going to need over this little trauma he’s introduced her to?

  49. 49
    Puh-lease Says:

    Hahah. I agree. She is starting to look a little like Tom. She’s really an adorable baby. I like that she seems like a handful. So, what’s the story with Tom staring at a little girl that fell right in front of him?

  50. 50
    Mex Says:

    Katie is tall as hell!! i just saw her :P

  51. 51
    Anonymous Says:

    Mello, it’s winter in Australia and the children are in school there. They live with their mother and have visits with their father during school breaks.

  52. 52
    miwanna Says:

    God, these pics make me angry! Suri is screaming and he is just scowling into her face. If he wants her to not be afraid why isn’t he holding her close and talking to her comfortingly? Hell, he’s probably telling her to buck up or Xenu will eat her.

  53. 53
    anne Says:

    There is nothing cute about an obviously terrified toddler being forced into the ocean by her control freak father while her zombie mother looks on unconcerned.

  54. 54
    Justme Says:

    Beautiful family. God bless them.

  55. 55
    Jaf Says:

    Not fond of Tom, but I do think they are a genuine family who really love each other. I think Suri is a very happy child that’s just having a normal kid moment.

  56. 56
    miwanna Says:

    Hey JustMe? You are a moron. God bless them? They don’t believe in God, they believe in Xenu. What planet are you from?

  57. 57
    angie Says:

    Seriously, what’s up with the purple trunks?

  58. 58
    angie Says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahah…that was great!

  59. 59
    Obvious Says:

    Seriously, WTF is going on here? It looks like both Katie and Suri are terrified…………I’ll bet this ass—- didn’t realize these photos were being taken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. 60
    angie Says:

    Xenu bless them!

  61. 61
    [~Famous~] Says:

    Flashbulbs are the reason Shiloh cant close her mouth? Lol What about her very first picture? Her eyes were closed. Lol

    “Babies her age often have colds and sniffles which also cause their mouths to hang open” Lol She must of been born with a cold, that never went away.

  62. 62
    Vee Says:

    I agree, #54. Tom, stop scaring the baby!

  63. 63
    Smiley Says:

    #57 High Five!!!

  64. 64
    Smiley Says:

    Is there a video on another board that shows Suri breaking free of Katie and running into the street, then Tom comes along and scoops her up (not “scoop” like she got smushed and he scooped her up, but “scoop” like he just picked her up)? If so, what board is it on?

  65. 65
    kiti Says:

    She’s crying because she’s scared and her father is forcing her into the water anyway. That’s cruel. Katie looks uncomfortable yet helpless.

  66. 66
    louveciennes Says:

    Didn’t he used to have some other kids? Are they with Nicole, or are they locked in a closet somewhere in Hollywood, undergoing Co$ indoctrination??

  67. 67
    Oh Belzebub! Says:

    She’ll get over it! Whatever!

    You are supposed to start em young.

    Smart TomKat.

    Next year at this time, she’ll be swimming like a fish.

  68. 68
    puleeze Says:

    come on famous can you look at this picture and say Tom Cruise is sexy?

  69. 69
    QT Says:

    I’d cry too if Tom Cruise was my dad. Crazy Xenu loon….

  70. 70
    [~Famous~] Says:

    ROTFLMFAO @ 67

  71. 71
    Majesty Says:

    Move over Suri, I am getting really hungry looking at Tom, love his muscular body.

  72. 72
    [~Famous~] Says:

    70, he looks like a big dork in those shorts.

  73. 73
    Overthetop Says:

    PIMP and LMFAO! You go girl 67!!!

  74. 74
    Majesty Says:

    Now I can feel sorry for poor suri. It happens to the best of us sweetie.

    Wonder why those who seem to hate Suri and call her names are the ones pretending to care for her safety and reprimand her parents. Hypocrites no?

  75. 75
    wow Says:

    Tom and Katie are in great shape. Look at Katie’s, long, toned arm muscle. It’s better than Kelly Ripa’s.

  76. 76
    Miriam Says:

    Tom never grows old. Look at that!

  77. 77
    Sarah Says:

    I’m sorry I have to post how cute Suri is again! The picture where Katie is holding her is adorable!

  78. 78
    miwanna Says:

    In that first pic what’s going on? Suri and Katie are sitting there huddled together looking miserable and Tom’s what? Preaching the wrath of Xenu at them?

  79. 79
    Enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Says:

    79 Sarah : 08/06/2007 at 7:13 pm
    I’m sorry I have to post how cute Suri is again! The picture where Katie is holding her is adorable!


    I’m sorry I have to say this again but you need to get a life. Why don’t you just cut her picture out, frame it, worship it, and save us the details?

  80. 80
    Jaf Says:

    Its obvious that many here arent up on the fact that in many places on this earth, a child Suri’s age “tear’s or not,” would already be swimming like a fish. We were tossed in the water by our father just as his did and so. I too cried, but I also soon fell in love with the ocean. I’m certain Suri will also.

    God bless their family, and anyone who finds issue with that doesnt have a clue who God is.

  81. 81
    Tams Says:

    I LOVE THEM!!!

  82. 82
    Marie Says:

    My goodness how cute.

  83. 83
    Me Says:

    Okay, it is obvious 81 and 82 is the same person. Two positive comments about the aliens in 3 minutes is very suspicious.

  84. 84
    angie Says:

    I think it’s so cool when people go to the lake!

  85. 85
    From Lainey Says:

    Cruise on Mini-Break

    What is it with St Tropez this year?
    The GMD and Katie arrived in the South of France and reportedly sparked a near-riot, as paparazzi surrounded the VIP Club after word spread they were inside – Katie dancing, Tom trying to.

    Check out this exclusive photo of Katie upclose – no makeup, not a trace. And you know what? I’m all over it. She’s adorable. Wicked old and ugly taste in clothes but adorable. And brave. How many others would do the same?

    Then they took to the seas – check out Tom trying to placate an unhappy Little Sci as his wife looks listlessly into the distance. And then the jetski lesson: the manly GMD, who rescues at least one person a year, giving Katie a lesson in speed. The way his hand is gripping her thigh…it looks almost convincing.


  86. 86
    izzie Says:

    Omg sooo cute! Thanks JJ i love the suri pic’s keep em coming!

  87. 87
    shaz Says:

    what an UGLY child!!!!EEEWWWWW!!!!!!

  88. 88
    fitch Says:

    what a beautiful sight!

  89. 89
    [~Famous~] Says:

    I cant swim for sheeit! I WISH someone would of taught me when I was younger. All my friends can swim and I could never dive into the deep end with them and play around.

    Half the people on this site can swim now because someone at some point probably push them into the water.

  90. 90
    luoodles Says:


  91. 91
    Anonymous Says:

    I volunteer to push Famous in the water. No floaties

  92. 92
    Lillianne Says:

    Splash had four videos of Katie and Suri walking in Berlin. In one Suri runs every which way to get away from Katie. I never saw Tom in the videos. It was the day Suri saw the little doggie and offered the dog some of her bottle.

  93. 93
    Andrea Says:

    thank you,thank you,thank you JJ.

  94. 94
    Val Says:

    This is a cute baby and wonderful parents.

  95. 95
    mouche Says:

    What an incredibly stupid and unfeeling way to give the child experience of bathing and water. Poor little girl. Someone should push her silly daddy into the water without all his flotation devices!

  96. 96
    Irina Says:

    priceless pictures. They are so adorable as always.

  97. 97
    Preggy-Jolie Says:

    OMG! that is just like my 18month old nephew as soon as they hit the water WAHHHHHH!!! lol the water is intimidating to them…its scary

  98. 98
    angelina_mmm Says:

    poor baby

  99. 99
    van Says:

    How horrible for him to do this for the camera’s to Katie’s child. Katie dont’ just sit there get a back-bone.

  100. 100
    Shannon Says:

    Katie looks scared herself. It is like she doesn’t want Suri to go in there but it seems like Tom is making Suri go into the water. It doesn’t look like Katie is a happy camper either.

  101. 101
    Emily Says:

    What a happy family. This made me laugh so much.
    Simply adorable.

  102. 102
    td Says:

    What’s the weather there? Katie looks like she’s cold and not too happy about Tom demanding that Suri join him in the water!

  103. 103
    Trish Says:

    sometimes its rainy and cold.

    So cool to see them having a blast in Europe.

  104. 104
    Observer Says:

    So cute!

  105. 105
    angie! Says:

    its totally NORMAL for a baby to be scared & crying when they’re in large boddies of water! poor Suri :( but she is TOO CUTE FOR WORDS! :)

  106. 106
    Wendy Says:

    Wonderful photos of them. Makes me long for a vacay myself.

  107. 107
    pr person Says:

    What exactly is so funny or adorable about a child who is obviously distressed?! Sorry, not funny, adorable, cute, sweet, etc…… For you dumb a$$es that are either paid or made to come on this site, maybe you should look at the picture before you post your idiotic…”How cute”.. “They are adorable” … “Wonderful family” … Idiots!

  108. 108
    Lasa Says:

    I don’t mind them b/c they have seemed happy and Suri has always been a happy smiley baby and all. But lately Katie seems so distant all the time and it is worrisome. I saw the other pics that go along with these and the whole time that Suri was screaming Katie literally sat and stared off in space like she was lost and didn’t even notice. After seeing the pics from the other night with the same vacant stare it worries me as to what is going on. I really like Katie. She has a great style and seems to be a wonderful mother. But it seems that lately she only REALLY smiles genuinely when she is with Suri alone or by herself or with friends. Otherwise she seems somewhat lost. I hope she gets through anything that may be going on b/c I really like this family.

  109. 109
    Stud Says:

    Ever since she became an alien bride it seems the “physical attraction” has fizzled. Tom seems to be more attentive to the baby. He probably wishes he hadn’t jumped on that sofa. He probably wishes Scarlett J. or one of the others had said “yes”. Remember, Katie was towards the bottom of his list. He had to know she was a bimbo. I’ll bet he gives her a tiny allowance. There’s no way she can get her hands on his fortune. That’s what happens when you sell you soul Katie. I’ll bet she thought she would be Hollywood “royalty”, not the JOKE she has become.

  110. 110
    a realist Says:

    11 Bamzps fan : 08/06/2007 at 5:42 pm
    CAn someone explain to me why they call this family alien family? and alien baby?

    It is so ignorant and childish.

  111. 111
    Becca Says:

    Beautiful mom and daughter. Tom looks so hot and happy.
    Im glad they are relaxing and having fun.

    My brother showed me the new trailer of Lions for Lambs and it looks awesome. Looking forward for Valkyrie too.

  112. 112
    Monty Says:


  113. 113
    Dumdums Says:

    Teach her to swim in a pool first you dork!

  114. 114
    Maniston Says:

    Maybe she is crying because she is scared her gadgets will short circuit in the water.

  115. 115
    what a shame that coward Says:

    My dad threw me in the lake. Then he made me take swimming lessons after that. I was so scared after being thrown in the lake I did not want lessons. I had them anyway and can swim but weirdly, I am afraid of the water. Yes I can save myself by swimming, but I should have been introduce to lessons and a pool first. I went from a waddle pool to being thrown in a deep lake where my dad fished.So Tom is selfish and a looser and so is the spaced out looking mom for letting this happen. Shame.

  116. 116
    Ms Katie Says:

    didn’t tom watch shark week on discovery channel this week??? theres no way i’d get in the ocean with my kid after knowing how sharks can come out of nowhere

  117. 117
    kidi Says:

    You don’t throw kids in an ocean or lake to teach them to swim. You take them to the Y or in a pool where you can see clearly to the bottom, and where they can learn in a controlled, safe place. Anyway, they are obviously not trying to teach her to swim–it’s just another bogus photo op of this poor homely child and her strange parents. It would be laughable at the way it backfired–if it weren’t so creepy. TC trying to act butch is not a pretty sight.

  118. 118
    [~Famous~] Says:

    92, that was very mean and completely uncalled for, why would you say something like that?

  119. 119
    Lasa Says:

    Are there 2 ~Famous~’s on here?

  120. 120
    Mae Says:

    I had fun with the family pics. Suri is such a cutie.

  121. 121
    Laura Says:

    I absolutely adore this family.

    I love pics # 4 and 5.

  122. 122
    the real tita Says:

    #15: no, beg to differ. They call them alien because they are Scientologists who believe they’re descended from alien beings. Be more informed before you comment. Read about Scientology, Ron Hubbard and Xenu. Hence that movie with John Travolta called Battlefield Earth.

  123. 123
    wwwn Says:

    the truth is all religions are cults, but anyway they dont look like a couple, more like they are forced to do things together.

  124. 124
    gizmatage Says:

    I’m SO not a fan of these two, I swear. But I think Suri Cruise is ADORABLE!!! She’s sooooo cute!!

  125. 125
    Maria Says:

    awww Suri. She’s not used to the water and idiot Tom seemed to be forcing the baby to go in. Suri needs to be in a baby pool to get familiarized than dump her in the ocean. tom’s way is traumatizing the child! Grrrrr!

  126. 126
    scared to death Says:

    suri is a cutie and katie is trapped in an abusive relationship with a very powerfull psychopath leading a dangerous cult :-(

    and these photos are not funny, not cute and not happy family – they both look absolutely scared and the child will be tramatized for whole life – forcing her to do something she fears so massively and she has no chance to defend herself is sadism and abuse – this will learn her to just let other people force her to do things when they will be able to scare her a bit, she will get paralyzed and will be unable to defend herself – i am afraid, that katie is allready so traumatized in this relationship, that her “learned helplessness” is active almost all the time – and i am sure, she must do what he want, if she want to stay with her baby – suri will be always his weapon against katie :-((

    (i also disagree with many things jolie-pitts do with their children, as they do also many very horrible mistakes with their “parenting” and statements….)

    i wish little suri and katie all the luck and happiness and power to survive without serious damages or at least that tom will wake up and behave toward his baby and wife with respect and not terrorize them

  127. 127
    [~Famous~] Says:

    People are talking like they seen a video of what happened. How is Tom forcing her? she could of started to cry after being in the water, who knows how long he even had her in there… And her hair doesn’t look wet to me, so I’m sure Tom didn’t throw her in the water.

    I know who should be thrown in water, maybe her dry ass hair will get loosened up.

  128. 128
    dee Says:

    I’ll bet that Maddox Jolie-Pitt doesn’t even know how to swim yet!

  129. 129
    dean Says:

    Katie looks TOTALLY PISSED!

  130. 130
    Elliott Says:

    Totally love Suri and her mom and dad.

  131. 131
    postwatcher Says:

    NORMAL people do not take their 1 year old for a dip in the DANGEROUS sea!


  132. 132
    dean Says:

    Another thing, why is Suri ALWAYS wearing a DRESS? Even in the water she is in a dress and NOT a swimsuit

  133. 133
    sky Says:

    Suri is always a scene stealer. Such heartwarming photos of the family. Thank You Jared!

  134. 134
    ????? Says:

    These are sad fotos.There is more going on than we all know.Just look at Katie’s face and Suri holding on to mom.Katie is so not ok with this but she does it anyway.Is Katie going through Post partum or depression she looks drain,something is not right here. TOM won’t let her get help he does’nt believe in it. Tom is ruining another young woman and this time she has made a deal with the controlling,manipulating Tom and think she has no way off because now and allege bio child is involved. Check out Katie’s face and the turn on demand smiles when their posted.

  135. 135
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    Ok, all kids are cute. But Shiloh is clearly cuter. No comparison.

  136. 136
    [~Famous~] Says:

    dee, STFU. NEVER talk about Mad-Maddox. There’s a sheit load of homely kids in that family you can talk about. Maddox Rocks!

    Even though some of those Jolie kids look like they’ve never touched or even seen water before.

  137. 137
    Angelina Says:

    awww….poor little baby! she still looks incredibly adorable when crying.

  138. 138
    Angelina Says:

    god dee, you’re mean. what makes you say that?

  139. 139
    George Says:

    Um…did anybody else notice the bulge in Tom’s pants? Maybe he has a huge one.

  140. 140
    to 128 dee Says:

    128 dee : 08/06/2007 at 11:21 pm
    I’ll bet that Maddox Jolie-Pitt doesn’t even know how to swim yet!
    Why dont you show him–you WHALE! or is it HAmmer-head!

  141. 141
    KD Says:

    Babies cry. But you have to guess that he is telling the little frightened doll to “focus and use your mental powers to overcome negativity.” And Kate is going, “hold on now…… STOP that”

  142. 142
    black Says:

    Yeah, yeah……so what if she´s crying.

    Babys are crying all the time. In Russia people throw their kids into ice cold lakes and itcertainly did not destroy their character.

  143. 143
    Lee Says:

    What’s wrong with you ppl?? She’s crying a little for getting into water for the first time- So What??? Trauma for her life? Are you kidding me? My li’l sister never gets into the water cause nobody ever forced her to overcome her fear from water. They’re doing the right thing. I love the Cruises- Too bad they have to suffer the ignorance crap.

  144. 144
    Ms Sugar Walls Says:

    i knew that it was going to be some dipsh*ts on here! I just knew!
    Well anyway! It is nothing wrong teaching your child how to enjoy the water! I love this family! I love them!
    They don’t care what Naysayers care! I wouldn’t either!
    Suri, is so precious!

  145. 145
    saint Says:

    I love them too.

  146. 146
    Raichill Says:

    Nobody looks happy in those photos!

  147. 147
    ugh Says:

    she has that look like she’s been hypnotized,which i’ve read time and time again is what scientologists do. i suppose it’s helpful when you disagree or don’t get the “religion”. she looks like that often, never had that look once before TC…she used to be always so smiley, cheery and looked like she loved acting and was having fun. genuinely naive i suppose to hollywood.

    does anyone remember seeing the mtv diary of tom cruise – it was obvious he insisted that the vj sway do all these wild stunts with him to make it look like tom is fun, for the camera of course. anyway, they went motorcyling and it was sway’s first time i think and he turned too fast and fell bad, rolled a few times. i really was hoping to see tom feeling guilty and asking if he was ok, it would make him look like a decent human being…but nope, it was just like him to not feel anything – he walks straight up to the guy and you can tell sway was still disoriented and instead of are you ok from tom, he barrages him with what happened, tell me everything that happened. and then he seems to laugh it off and say something like when you do something crazy like this for the first time, you gotta expect to get hurt man…that’s not a direct quote, was a long time ago but it was annoying to see how tom didn’t feel bad about it. it was evil.

    he seems to be the guy that pushes ppl he loves too hard cuz he thinks it’s fun or it’s something he thinks they need to learn, even when they are not quite ready. i know parents always get pysched when they want to do something that they think is a blast, but when kids arent interested as they wouldve thought they wanna push it on them anyway. just my pov.

  148. 148
    Disgusted Says:

    He has abandoned Connon and Isabella.

  149. 149
    Nana Says:

    I think both mother and daughter are scared to death! Tom it is true you have all the resources to explore, but just take it easy, and let the child go through its stages till when she will be comfortable to adjust.

  150. 150
    spooky Says:

    aww…poor kid, I feel bad for her…

  151. 151
    wtf? Says:

    who takes a baby swimming in a dress? They are wierd.

  152. 152
    WTF????? Says:

    107 pr person : 08/06/2007 at 8:55 pm

    What exactly is so funny or adorable about a child who is obviously distressed?! Sorry, not funny, adorable, cute, sweet, etc…… For you dumb a$$es that are either paid or made to come on this site, maybe you should look at the picture before you post your idiotic…”How cute”.. “They are adorable” … “Wonderful family” … Idiots!


    My sentiments exactly. There are some f–ked up posters on this board. Sounds like a bunch of brainwashed zombies saying “How cute” “Adorable”They’re such a lovely family”, etc. Look at the photos….these are not HAPPY FAMILY photos.

  153. 153
    Yo Says:

    I don’t see anyone throwing Suri into the water. Katie is handing her to Tom. And Suri crying or being scared it totally normal. If you remember the pictures of her at the beach in France weeks ago, she was fine where it was shallow. They seem like totally normal parents doing very normal things with their daughter. I’m not crazy about them, but I’m also not about to crucify them because their daughter is crying (as one-year-olds tend to do from time to time; crazy, I know) in a picture.

    I keep reading people say that Suri looks like a brat in these pictures. How exactly can you tell a one-year-old is a brat from a picture?? I mean, they are still photos and we have no way to know what the situation really is in them. You know what they say about assuming…

  154. 154
    [~Famous~] Says:

    Who said that’s a dress?!? That could be some new million dollar futuristic swim suit.

  155. 155
    WTF????? Says:

    If you look at the photos it is clear that Katie is afraid of him. The baby is too. Just look at their body language. It says it all. They try to convince everyone that they are living in bliss. Bullshit. These photos tell it all. Katie has no say so about anything PERIOD.

  156. 156
    pathetic Says:

    Tom is controlling these 2. KATIE has Suri in this mess. Tom is a closeted gay and he likes to control every woman he has. Now he has Katie just letting him do whatever to Suri. Just look at their faces. Katie is in space-ville and Suri does not know what this weirdo freak alien is doing to her, but mom won’t help.

  157. 157
    Yo Says:

    I don’t see scared. I see ‘there isn’t a whole lot of room to comfort my child while sitting on the back of this boat’, but I don’t see scared.

  158. 158
    Julotta Says:

    Suri is such a cutie. Katie looks like she’s freezing. Tom has a man bulge in his purple trunks.

  159. 159
    WTF??? Says:

    Didn’t I read somewhere here (maybe someother board) that Suri was running from Katie and ran out in the street to get away from her? Apparently it was videod. I read this happened a week or so ago. Then forcing her in the water.

  160. 160
    Tealeaf Says:

    Who ever made lovely Suri cry, should be punched. LOL

  161. 161
    all hype Says:

    Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is adorable, but she’s still not Gerber baby cute. Frankly, I am a little disappointed that she doesn’t look more like Jolie. Their fans say otherwise, but Shiloh is not a breathtakingly beautiful baby. I’ve seen lots of cute blonde babies with features similar to hers, minus the big lips. Suri is cute too, but she has her mom’s ugly nose. Ah, Hollywood is getting uglier every day. There are no really super-gorgeous babies being born in that crowd.

  162. 162
    Precious Suri Says:

    I love Tom. I admire him because only he knows his true feelings and sexual orientation. If he’s gay as many say, he doesn’t want to live the gay lifestyle. It is perfectly okay for him to make that choice for himself. He wants a beautiful family and that’s what he has now. Good for him. I hope Tom and Katie raise their children, stick with each other and grow old together.

  163. 163
    Heather Says:

    The whole family is adorable, and Suri is just the cutest! It’s a good thing they are taking her in the water. Plenty of kids cry, but the only way to get over the fear is to take her in there and show her it’s fun. For all you guys know she may not be crying about the water anyhow! She may be crying about something else.

  164. 164
    ~Famous~ update Says:

    You are such a nothing b*itch, all your friends can swim, you have friends? they probably learn how to swim to get away from you,girl

  165. 165
    To WTF????? : 08/07/2007 at 9:21 am Says:

    “How cute” “Adorable”They’re such a lovely family”

    “They are adorable” … “Wonderful family”

    Yes, they are!!!!

  166. 166
    erina Says:

    justjared, what a clever title : Crying Cutie, I agree!! Love Baby Suri, Tom & Katie, Always!!

  167. 167
    Bree Says:

    It’s okay sweetie. I’d be crying too if my mom was about to hand me over to a dimented specimen just so I could soak in cold water. Not my idea of fun but hey, you only have about 17 more years with the man. After that, you’ll be free to regroup in a normal society.

  168. 168
    Bree Says:

    Oh and 162, you admire him because he’s in touch with his sexuality? That has to be the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. What the hell is “the gay lifestyle” that you refer to? Being truthful to one’s self? I’m not saying he’s gay or that I ever even cared enough to question what gets his parts going, but it is sad for you to assume that the reason he never “came out” was because he wanted a beautiful family. If he really was gay, he could’ve just as well raised a family with his partner.

  169. 169
    Precious Suri Says:

    Bree ———- I admire Tom because he’s doing what HE wants to do. He’s not cowing to anybody’s pressure or the public’s opinion. What is the gay lifestyle? Well,for Tom that would consist of having relationships, living with and having sex with other men. Some people will never accept it as “normal” and if they were raised to believe it’s wrong or something not to desire, then they have a right not to participate in it, even if it means not being “truthful to one’s self.” Why wouldn’t I assume Tom Cruise wants a family? He’s family oriented. That’s obvious. He could live with women if he wanted to and never marry again, but he wants the whole package — marriage and children.

  170. 170
    libraesque Says:

    #169 WRONG WRONG AND WRONG. He doesn’t want the whole package, he wants money and fame and more money and fame and he wants to s c r e w porn stars on the side WHICH HE DOES. He simply finds a willing able bodied participant who also wants more fame and money and VIOLA he has a marriage and a family.
    These pictures are heartbreaking and I’m truly shocked at the freaks on this thread who are saying how “cute” and “adorable” these pictures of a wailing terrified child and her traumatized mother are.
    This family makes me sick, they are the most revolting, fake couple in hollywood and the BIGGEST media ********* s also. They have tons of money and do nothing to give back to the community or the world, they’re only concern is jetting to an empty field so they can have their pictures taken, it’s disgusting

  171. 171
    incredible Says:

    How do you know what Tom Cruise s-c-r-e-w-s? Were you there hiding in the closet and peeking? I’m sick of people getting on these blogs with rumors. If you get hard evidence, why don’t you reveal it? Why don’t you sell your story to a rag magazine, so that we can all stop speculating? Do us a favor.

    Also, it’s Tom’s money. He can spend it however he wants to. It’s not your business, especially when there are plenty of rich, greedy people in this world that do the same thing. It’s always the pot calling the kettle black.

  172. 172
    Spoons Says:

    “Who ever made lovely Suri cry, should be punched.”

    That’ll be Tom Cruise, then.

  173. 173
    Brandon Says:

    I was, like, “Lord, please, don’t let them drown that damn baby.” Ain’t no telling what type of **** is going on in them waters!

    Hey, Tom and Katie, ever heard of the kiddie pool?

  174. 174
    Allie Says:

    call that a cute crying thats a monster a cute one but yuuuuuuuuuuu

  175. 175
    katleen Says:

    ,ore suri. hes probly crying acase her mommy is handed her to the alien. the alien probly told katie that he wont give her his credit card if she doesnnt give the baby to him. he probly also told her she can leave her cage……hotel to go shopping.

  176. 176
    Kate Noelle Says:

    Aren’t Scientologists supposed to keep babies away from TRAUMA so they don’t grow up and get cancer ? Poor Suri, she’ll probably have a neck tumor after this ^_^

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