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Suri Cruise is a Crying Cutie

Suri Cruise is a Crying Cutie

Suri Cruise cries like a maniac after parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes strap her into a life jacket and take her for a dip in the water earlier this week in Sardinia, Italy.

Baby Suri looked flat out scared to death, holding mommy Katie for dear life. Tom, 45, and Katie, 28, also spent some fun in the sun, taking turns driving each other around on a jet ski.

Cruise has been was in Berlin, Germany filming his new WWII movie Valkyrie.

Looks like Suri could use some of those chocolates right about now!

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suri cruise crying 01
suri cruise crying 02
suri cruise crying 03
suri cruise crying 04
suri cruise crying 05
suri cruise crying 06

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  • Anonymous

    Mello, it’s winter in Australia and the children are in school there. They live with their mother and have visits with their father during school breaks.

  • miwanna

    God, these pics make me angry! Suri is screaming and he is just scowling into her face. If he wants her to not be afraid why isn’t he holding her close and talking to her comfortingly? Hell, he’s probably telling her to buck up or Xenu will eat her.

  • anne

    There is nothing cute about an obviously terrified toddler being forced into the ocean by her control freak father while her zombie mother looks on unconcerned.

  • Justme

    Beautiful family. God bless them.

  • http://Test. Jaf

    Not fond of Tom, but I do think they are a genuine family who really love each other. I think Suri is a very happy child that’s just having a normal kid moment.

  • miwanna

    Hey JustMe? You are a moron. God bless them? They don’t believe in God, they believe in Xenu. What planet are you from?

  • angie

    Seriously, what’s up with the purple trunks?

  • angie

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahah…that was great!

  • Obvious

    Seriously, WTF is going on here? It looks like both Katie and Suri are terrified…………I’ll bet this ass—- didn’t realize these photos were being taken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • angie

    Xenu bless them!

  • [~Famous~]

    Flashbulbs are the reason Shiloh cant close her mouth? Lol What about her very first picture? Her eyes were closed. Lol

    “Babies her age often have colds and sniffles which also cause their mouths to hang open” Lol She must of been born with a cold, that never went away.

  • Vee

    I agree, #54. Tom, stop scaring the baby!

  • Smiley

    #57 High Five!!!

  • Smiley

    Is there a video on another board that shows Suri breaking free of Katie and running into the street, then Tom comes along and scoops her up (not “scoop” like she got smushed and he scooped her up, but “scoop” like he just picked her up)? If so, what board is it on?

  • kiti

    She’s crying because she’s scared and her father is forcing her into the water anyway. That’s cruel. Katie looks uncomfortable yet helpless.

  • louveciennes

    Didn’t he used to have some other kids? Are they with Nicole, or are they locked in a closet somewhere in Hollywood, undergoing Co$ indoctrination??

  • Oh Belzebub!

    She’ll get over it! Whatever!

    You are supposed to start em young.

    Smart TomKat.

    Next year at this time, she’ll be swimming like a fish.

  • puleeze

    come on famous can you look at this picture and say Tom Cruise is sexy?

  • QT

    I’d cry too if Tom Cruise was my dad. Crazy Xenu loon….

  • [~Famous~]

    ROTFLMFAO @ 67

  • Majesty

    Move over Suri, I am getting really hungry looking at Tom, love his muscular body.

  • [~Famous~]

    70, he looks like a big dork in those shorts.

  • Overthetop

    PIMP and LMFAO! You go girl 67!!!

  • Majesty

    Now I can feel sorry for poor suri. It happens to the best of us sweetie.

    Wonder why those who seem to hate Suri and call her names are the ones pretending to care for her safety and reprimand her parents. Hypocrites no?

  • wow

    Tom and Katie are in great shape. Look at Katie’s, long, toned arm muscle. It’s better than Kelly Ripa’s.

  • Miriam

    Tom never grows old. Look at that!

  • Sarah

    I’m sorry I have to post how cute Suri is again! The picture where Katie is holding her is adorable!

  • miwanna

    In that first pic what’s going on? Suri and Katie are sitting there huddled together looking miserable and Tom’s what? Preaching the wrath of Xenu at them?

  • Enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    79 Sarah : 08/06/2007 at 7:13 pm
    I’m sorry I have to post how cute Suri is again! The picture where Katie is holding her is adorable!


    I’m sorry I have to say this again but you need to get a life. Why don’t you just cut her picture out, frame it, worship it, and save us the details?

  • http://Test. Jaf

    Its obvious that many here arent up on the fact that in many places on this earth, a child Suri’s age “tear’s or not,” would already be swimming like a fish. We were tossed in the water by our father just as his did and so. I too cried, but I also soon fell in love with the ocean. I’m certain Suri will also.

    God bless their family, and anyone who finds issue with that doesnt have a clue who God is.

  • Tams

    I LOVE THEM!!!

  • Marie

    My goodness how cute.

  • Me

    Okay, it is obvious 81 and 82 is the same person. Two positive comments about the aliens in 3 minutes is very suspicious.

  • angie

    I think it’s so cool when people go to the lake!

  • From Lainey

    Cruise on Mini-Break

    What is it with St Tropez this year?
    The GMD and Katie arrived in the South of France and reportedly sparked a near-riot, as paparazzi surrounded the VIP Club after word spread they were inside – Katie dancing, Tom trying to.

    Check out this exclusive photo of Katie upclose – no makeup, not a trace. And you know what? I’m all over it. She’s adorable. Wicked old and ugly taste in clothes but adorable. And brave. How many others would do the same?

    Then they took to the seas – check out Tom trying to placate an unhappy Little Sci as his wife looks listlessly into the distance. And then the jetski lesson: the manly GMD, who rescues at least one person a year, giving Katie a lesson in speed. The way his hand is gripping her thigh…it looks almost convincing.


  • izzie

    Omg sooo cute! Thanks JJ i love the suri pic’s keep em coming!

  • shaz

    what an UGLY child!!!!EEEWWWWW!!!!!!

  • fitch

    what a beautiful sight!

  • [~Famous~]

    I cant swim for sheeit! I WISH someone would of taught me when I was younger. All my friends can swim and I could never dive into the deep end with them and play around.

    Half the people on this site can swim now because someone at some point probably push them into the water.

  • luoodles


  • Anonymous

    I volunteer to push Famous in the water. No floaties

  • Lillianne

    Splash had four videos of Katie and Suri walking in Berlin. In one Suri runs every which way to get away from Katie. I never saw Tom in the videos. It was the day Suri saw the little doggie and offered the dog some of her bottle.

  • Andrea

    thank you,thank you,thank you JJ.

  • Val

    This is a cute baby and wonderful parents.

  • mouche

    What an incredibly stupid and unfeeling way to give the child experience of bathing and water. Poor little girl. Someone should push her silly daddy into the water without all his flotation devices!

  • Irina

    priceless pictures. They are so adorable as always.

  • Preggy-Jolie

    OMG! that is just like my 18month old nephew as soon as they hit the water WAHHHHHH!!! lol the water is intimidating to them…its scary

  • angelina_mmm

    poor baby

  • van

    How horrible for him to do this for the camera’s to Katie’s child. Katie dont’ just sit there get a back-bone.

  • Shannon

    Katie looks scared herself. It is like she doesn’t want Suri to go in there but it seems like Tom is making Suri go into the water. It doesn’t look like Katie is a happy camper either.