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Suri Cruise is a Crying Cutie

Suri Cruise is a Crying Cutie

Suri Cruise cries like a maniac after parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes strap her into a life jacket and take her for a dip in the water earlier this week in Sardinia, Italy.

Baby Suri looked flat out scared to death, holding mommy Katie for dear life. Tom, 45, and Katie, 28, also spent some fun in the sun, taking turns driving each other around on a jet ski.

Cruise has been was in Berlin, Germany filming his new WWII movie Valkyrie.

Looks like Suri could use some of those chocolates right about now!

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suri cruise crying 01
suri cruise crying 02
suri cruise crying 03
suri cruise crying 04
suri cruise crying 05
suri cruise crying 06

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  • Emily

    What a happy family. This made me laugh so much.
    Simply adorable.

  • td

    What’s the weather there? Katie looks like she’s cold and not too happy about Tom demanding that Suri join him in the water!

  • Trish

    sometimes its rainy and cold.

    So cool to see them having a blast in Europe.

  • Observer

    So cute!

  • angie!

    its totally NORMAL for a baby to be scared & crying when they’re in large boddies of water! poor Suri :( but she is TOO CUTE FOR WORDS! :)

  • Wendy

    Wonderful photos of them. Makes me long for a vacay myself.

  • pr person

    What exactly is so funny or adorable about a child who is obviously distressed?! Sorry, not funny, adorable, cute, sweet, etc…… For you dumb a$$es that are either paid or made to come on this site, maybe you should look at the picture before you post your idiotic…”How cute”.. “They are adorable” … “Wonderful family” … Idiots!

  • Lasa

    I don’t mind them b/c they have seemed happy and Suri has always been a happy smiley baby and all. But lately Katie seems so distant all the time and it is worrisome. I saw the other pics that go along with these and the whole time that Suri was screaming Katie literally sat and stared off in space like she was lost and didn’t even notice. After seeing the pics from the other night with the same vacant stare it worries me as to what is going on. I really like Katie. She has a great style and seems to be a wonderful mother. But it seems that lately she only REALLY smiles genuinely when she is with Suri alone or by herself or with friends. Otherwise she seems somewhat lost. I hope she gets through anything that may be going on b/c I really like this family.

  • Stud

    Ever since she became an alien bride it seems the “physical attraction” has fizzled. Tom seems to be more attentive to the baby. He probably wishes he hadn’t jumped on that sofa. He probably wishes Scarlett J. or one of the others had said “yes”. Remember, Katie was towards the bottom of his list. He had to know she was a bimbo. I’ll bet he gives her a tiny allowance. There’s no way she can get her hands on his fortune. That’s what happens when you sell you soul Katie. I’ll bet she thought she would be Hollywood “royalty”, not the JOKE she has become.

  • a realist

    11 Bamzps fan : 08/06/2007 at 5:42 pm
    CAn someone explain to me why they call this family alien family? and alien baby?

    It is so ignorant and childish.

  • Becca

    Beautiful mom and daughter. Tom looks so hot and happy.
    Im glad they are relaxing and having fun.

    My brother showed me the new trailer of Lions for Lambs and it looks awesome. Looking forward for Valkyrie too.

  • Monty


  • Dumdums

    Teach her to swim in a pool first you dork!

  • Maniston

    Maybe she is crying because she is scared her gadgets will short circuit in the water.

  • what a shame that coward

    My dad threw me in the lake. Then he made me take swimming lessons after that. I was so scared after being thrown in the lake I did not want lessons. I had them anyway and can swim but weirdly, I am afraid of the water. Yes I can save myself by swimming, but I should have been introduce to lessons and a pool first. I went from a waddle pool to being thrown in a deep lake where my dad fished.So Tom is selfish and a looser and so is the spaced out looking mom for letting this happen. Shame.

  • Ms Katie

    didn’t tom watch shark week on discovery channel this week??? theres no way i’d get in the ocean with my kid after knowing how sharks can come out of nowhere

  • kidi

    You don’t throw kids in an ocean or lake to teach them to swim. You take them to the Y or in a pool where you can see clearly to the bottom, and where they can learn in a controlled, safe place. Anyway, they are obviously not trying to teach her to swim–it’s just another bogus photo op of this poor homely child and her strange parents. It would be laughable at the way it backfired–if it weren’t so creepy. TC trying to act butch is not a pretty sight.

  • [~Famous~]

    92, that was very mean and completely uncalled for, why would you say something like that?

  • Lasa

    Are there 2 ~Famous~’s on here?

  • Mae

    I had fun with the family pics. Suri is such a cutie.

  • Laura

    I absolutely adore this family.

    I love pics # 4 and 5.

  • the real tita

    #15: no, beg to differ. They call them alien because they are Scientologists who believe they’re descended from alien beings. Be more informed before you comment. Read about Scientology, Ron Hubbard and Xenu. Hence that movie with John Travolta called Battlefield Earth.

  • wwwn

    the truth is all religions are cults, but anyway they dont look like a couple, more like they are forced to do things together.

  • gizmatage

    I’m SO not a fan of these two, I swear. But I think Suri Cruise is ADORABLE!!! She’s sooooo cute!!

  • Maria

    awww Suri. She’s not used to the water and idiot Tom seemed to be forcing the baby to go in. Suri needs to be in a baby pool to get familiarized than dump her in the ocean. tom’s way is traumatizing the child! Grrrrr!

  • scared to death

    suri is a cutie and katie is trapped in an abusive relationship with a very powerfull psychopath leading a dangerous cult :-(

    and these photos are not funny, not cute and not happy family – they both look absolutely scared and the child will be tramatized for whole life – forcing her to do something she fears so massively and she has no chance to defend herself is sadism and abuse – this will learn her to just let other people force her to do things when they will be able to scare her a bit, she will get paralyzed and will be unable to defend herself – i am afraid, that katie is allready so traumatized in this relationship, that her “learned helplessness” is active almost all the time – and i am sure, she must do what he want, if she want to stay with her baby – suri will be always his weapon against katie :-((

    (i also disagree with many things jolie-pitts do with their children, as they do also many very horrible mistakes with their “parenting” and statements….)

    i wish little suri and katie all the luck and happiness and power to survive without serious damages or at least that tom will wake up and behave toward his baby and wife with respect and not terrorize them

  • [~Famous~]

    People are talking like they seen a video of what happened. How is Tom forcing her? she could of started to cry after being in the water, who knows how long he even had her in there… And her hair doesn’t look wet to me, so I’m sure Tom didn’t throw her in the water.

    I know who should be thrown in water, maybe her dry ass hair will get loosened up.

  • dee

    I’ll bet that Maddox Jolie-Pitt doesn’t even know how to swim yet!

  • dean

    Katie looks TOTALLY PISSED!

  • Elliott

    Totally love Suri and her mom and dad.

  • postwatcher

    NORMAL people do not take their 1 year old for a dip in the DANGEROUS sea!


  • dean

    Another thing, why is Suri ALWAYS wearing a DRESS? Even in the water she is in a dress and NOT a swimsuit

  • sky

    Suri is always a scene stealer. Such heartwarming photos of the family. Thank You Jared!

  • ?????

    These are sad fotos.There is more going on than we all know.Just look at Katie’s face and Suri holding on to mom.Katie is so not ok with this but she does it anyway.Is Katie going through Post partum or depression she looks drain,something is not right here. TOM won’t let her get help he does’nt believe in it. Tom is ruining another young woman and this time she has made a deal with the controlling,manipulating Tom and think she has no way off because now and allege bio child is involved. Check out Katie’s face and the turn on demand smiles when their posted.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Ok, all kids are cute. But Shiloh is clearly cuter. No comparison.

  • [~Famous~]

    dee, STFU. NEVER talk about Mad-Maddox. There’s a sheit load of homely kids in that family you can talk about. Maddox Rocks!

    Even though some of those Jolie kids look like they’ve never touched or even seen water before.

  • Angelina

    awww….poor little baby! she still looks incredibly adorable when crying.

  • Angelina

    god dee, you’re mean. what makes you say that?

  • George

    Um…did anybody else notice the bulge in Tom’s pants? Maybe he has a huge one.

  • to 128 dee

    128 dee : 08/06/2007 at 11:21 pm
    I’ll bet that Maddox Jolie-Pitt doesn’t even know how to swim yet!
    Why dont you show him–you WHALE! or is it HAmmer-head!

  • KD

    Babies cry. But you have to guess that he is telling the little frightened doll to “focus and use your mental powers to overcome negativity.” And Kate is going, “hold on now…… STOP that”

  • black

    Yeah, yeah……so what if she´s crying.

    Babys are crying all the time. In Russia people throw their kids into ice cold lakes and itcertainly did not destroy their character.

  • Lee

    What’s wrong with you ppl?? She’s crying a little for getting into water for the first time- So What??? Trauma for her life? Are you kidding me? My li’l sister never gets into the water cause nobody ever forced her to overcome her fear from water. They’re doing the right thing. I love the Cruises- Too bad they have to suffer the ignorance crap.

  • Ms Sugar Walls

    i knew that it was going to be some dipsh*ts on here! I just knew!
    Well anyway! It is nothing wrong teaching your child how to enjoy the water! I love this family! I love them!
    They don’t care what Naysayers care! I wouldn’t either!
    Suri, is so precious!

  • saint

    I love them too.

  • Raichill

    Nobody looks happy in those photos!

  • ugh

    she has that look like she’s been hypnotized,which i’ve read time and time again is what scientologists do. i suppose it’s helpful when you disagree or don’t get the “religion”. she looks like that often, never had that look once before TC…she used to be always so smiley, cheery and looked like she loved acting and was having fun. genuinely naive i suppose to hollywood.

    does anyone remember seeing the mtv diary of tom cruise – it was obvious he insisted that the vj sway do all these wild stunts with him to make it look like tom is fun, for the camera of course. anyway, they went motorcyling and it was sway’s first time i think and he turned too fast and fell bad, rolled a few times. i really was hoping to see tom feeling guilty and asking if he was ok, it would make him look like a decent human being…but nope, it was just like him to not feel anything – he walks straight up to the guy and you can tell sway was still disoriented and instead of are you ok from tom, he barrages him with what happened, tell me everything that happened. and then he seems to laugh it off and say something like when you do something crazy like this for the first time, you gotta expect to get hurt man…that’s not a direct quote, was a long time ago but it was annoying to see how tom didn’t feel bad about it. it was evil.

    he seems to be the guy that pushes ppl he loves too hard cuz he thinks it’s fun or it’s something he thinks they need to learn, even when they are not quite ready. i know parents always get pysched when they want to do something that they think is a blast, but when kids arent interested as they wouldve thought they wanna push it on them anyway. just my pov.

  • Disgusted

    He has abandoned Connon and Isabella.

  • Nana

    I think both mother and daughter are scared to death! Tom it is true you have all the resources to explore, but just take it easy, and let the child go through its stages till when she will be comfortable to adjust.

  • spooky

    aww…poor kid, I feel bad for her…