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Tom & Katie Go Grocery Shopping

Tom & Katie Go Grocery Shopping

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes spend a rather wholesome Sunday afternoon picking up sweets at “Fassbender & Rausch Chocolatiers” in Berlin, Germany with their precious daughter Suri, almost 16 months.

Tom & Katie picked up pounds and pounds of chocolate for their friends and close family members while bodyguards watched on and protected the trio.

Cruise has been was busy filming his new WWII flick Valkyrie.

More pictures inside of super sweet Suri!!

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tom katie grocery shopping 01
tom katie grocery shopping 02
tom katie grocery shopping 03
tom katie grocery shopping 04
tom katie grocery shopping 05
tom katie grocery shopping 06
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  • Kristinfan

    Suri is Beautiful!

  • Lara

    First !

  • Ms Sugar Walls

    ooooooooooh, look at her little red shoes! OOOH!
    I love Tom cruise! I think people are sstupis with al of that scientology crap! If that is what they chose to believe in..then who
    are you to talk about what they believe in? GET A LIFE..because your tied rants are getting you no where! IT ISN’T MONEY out of his pocket!

  • bite me

    cute kid

  • Jess


  • ed

    IS IT THAT COLD IN LA in summer ?
    their clothes make me wanna sweat
    it’s summer hello

  • Angelina

    aww…suri is such a little angel! she looks good and so does tom. but what is katie wearing? it doesn’t match and the jacket makes her look like sherlock holmes or something…haha

  • Anon

    I’m sorry. I have deliberately avoided all the meanness and crap about these two. I think TC is “odd” and so forth, but I have always enjoyed his movies. But these two as a couple just don’t look right. They are always so dressed up. Even when Katie is alone with the baby, she is dressed as if for a photoshoot. Weird. I think the baby is beautiful and looks like a sweetheart, but those dresses? To play? And the dresses are too large! They don’t fit properly. Why must she go out in public in dresses looking so…formal? I get bad vibes from the TC family photos.

  • sara

    The pictures would be cute if it weren’t for the fact that everything they do is for publicity.

  • Rowan

    They aren’t IN LA that’s why…they’re in GERMANY dimwit

  • ic19

    they’re such a beautiful family….

  • Marie

    Regarding their clothes: they are in Berlin, Germany and it’s right now cold over there!

  • joari

    I wonder where Isabella and Connar are while Tom and Nicole are filming in Germany and Australia

  • http://justjared momtoboys

    it must be so sad to be critized for everything you do, say, for the places you go to, just for being who you are! People are mean, and cruel……Tom, Katie, and Suri make a beautiful family……………

  • [~Famous~]

    Nothing better than a ‘happy well dressed’ family. Look at uniquely-beautiful Suri in a super cute girly-outfit w/ the Victoria Secret undies on – Awwww

    Tom – Dresses the way a successful man should. no dirty T-shirt and dingy outfit for him. Lol

  • kay

    they arent in LA! did you not read the post??

  • Suri Cruise Italia

    i love this family
    suri is si cute, and katie and tom are so happy togheter…

  • jeopardy!

    Nothing says insecure more than having to be all dressed up to the nines just to go grocery shopping. To me the secure person is the one who dresses up anyway he wants to when it is just going to the store, doing family stuff — that is so much self-confidence!!! Dressing up is for the red carpet and movie premieres.

  • Alena

    Yesterday it was very hot in Germany… and today too

  • nadine

    It’s NOT cold in Berlin! It’summer idiots and really hot here in Berlin! If it was cold, why is suri not wearing any stockings and that other dude on the first picture is not wearing a coat either!

  • Sarah

    Aww, that Suri is just so adorable! I mean her face is so unforgettable compared to Shiloh’s.

  • me

    Suri looks like a real BRAT & looks like an old eskimo man. Not cute. I wouldn’t want that child. It is Berlin but its summer there too – they are just overdressed.
    This family is always dressed up for their photo shoots – by the paps.

  • Read

    They’re not in LA…its Berlin. And yes its been a crap summer over here.

  • jy

    You got “BRAT” from that picture???

  • Sarahisabitch!

    #21 Sarah:

    You had to go there, didn’t you? What kind of beeyotch are you to go comparing children? Suri is cute, so is Shiloh, so is Violet Affleck, Kingston Rossdale, Sean Preston and Jayden Federline, and all those other children both famous and non-famous. To go comparing the so-called beauty of children is beyond sick!!!

  • Read

    They might not just dress like that to go shopping they were probably coming from a day out and popped into the shop on the way. You guys criticize everything as if you know there every move and even if they’re dressed like that for a family day out its prefect.

  • factory_girl

    it is indeed summer here in Berlin and yesterday was a good day for a dress or a skirt.

    it is kinda bizarre to read about them being in my town on my favourite american blog… it makes me feel like I almost live in NY or LA… okay, NOT.

  • Lee

    When I lived in Germany, I sometimes wore a coat during summer… trust me, even ‘summer’ over there is cold if you are used to the LA climate. As for her being dressed up… good for her not being in sweat pants all day. Actually, she looks rather normal to me…

  • Nathan

    Tom Cruise, even holding adorable lil’ Suri, still creeps the hell out of me.

  • Tia

    If Berlin has been anything like London…you need your Jacket, umbrella and scarf with you. In London yesterday was the hottest day of the year but today its raining. Whatever they’re wearing they’re one cute family. great to see them enjoying life.

  • climate chnage

    Europe is not as hot as LA, specially this summer is been awful, its cold windy and rainy…I guess that might be due to global warming?

  • sillyme

    I think I agree in part with those of you who say this is about publicity. I mean, after keeping the baby away from photogs for the first few months, it’s like all of a sudden they can’t keep Suri in the spotlight enough. When they carry her, she’s always positioned for a nice photograph, facing the cameras. I don’t see many other celeb parents do that. Even Britney sometimes will try to shield her kids faces from the photographers. With Cruise’s younger kids, we didn’t see them in the spotlight nearly as much as Suri.

  • Jh

    Thanks jj, can’t wait for the rest of the pictures. They look great.

  • Dirty Cougar

    You know the dress the part like, movie stars. They always look nice. I never see them looking fug. This is one thumbs up I have to give the Tom-Kat and Suri. At least Suri does not have sick looking Croc dayglo sandles on! I have to hand it to them they, are always impeccably dressed. Tom never looks messy. For a short crazy man he, always looks dashing. If, I were as wealthy as them I, guess I would dress nice like that too! IMHO, Katie can put a little more sexy in the way she looks. Oh well. Mabye, she dresses more simple, classic. That’s her. I just don’t like her hair. It makes her look older then, she really is.

  • Jh

    sillyme, we see Suri more often because they’re in Berlin and their every move is followed but when they are in LA we don’t see her much. I’m not complaining because I’ll love to see Suri everyday. I’m sure we not going to see her that often when they’re back to their home in LA.

  • Tiana

    They’re both publicity whores. And Tom is still GAY. Can’t wait until this flaming faggot is outed once and for all.

  • Jane

    Oh my God, people will always have something to criticizes these celebs. I remember after Katie had a baby she was seen out and about in sweat pants and jean not very nicely dressed and ppl where saying how can she dress like that with all that money….she must be depressed and so on and now they have problem with her dressing nicely.

  • Jane

    Tiana, how do you know Tom is gay? has he said so or has he been caught with another man? do you have any real prove? Even the media who has been awful to him has no evidence. This man has been famous for over 25 years and very successful and not once has he been in any situation to suggest he is not heterosexual. Its getting old get over it Tom isn’t gay and he is a happy married man.

  • lady

    Sarah : 08/06/2007 at 9:32 am
    Aww, that Suri is just so adorable! I mean her face is so unforgettable compared to Shiloh’s.

    People like you makes me sick. Why include Shiloh in this. Just the mere fact that she is even mentioned means she is unforgettable. Stop comparing kids. I’m so sick of Shiloh being compared to every damn kid in hollywood. Leave the darn kids alone. Look at the pics and enjoy, if not get off the dam n site. period

  • barbie

    They hardly look ‘dressed up’ to me. Just normal casual clothes, that actually MOST ordinary people in Europe wear on an everyday basis! Have you ever been to London, or Paris or Vienna or to any European town? You will see that people do not generally wear shorts and t-shirts with sandals, or even jogging suits as is so common in America. People are much smarter in Europe..which I think is how it should be. We are too casual sometimes in the US. Too much badly dressed blob is sometimes too much for the eye…

  • Dumdums

    They are the elite of the upper level in Scientology.. like a king and queen.. so that is why they are always so formal. All the pictures are staged and they acted stilted, posed to express only their very goodliness and kind hearted perfection.

  • Eri

    sooooo cute girl! and Tom and Katie look great!

  • vicky

    awwwww they look great and happy family ! I love them !

  • mia

    40 barbie, Thank you. I totally agree. I live in France and that is how people dress, its not formal, its called casual.People might not be used to the way European’s dress in the USA.

    To comment on the pictures love it. Suri is adorable. More pictures please!

  • Heather

    I think they look very sweet. Suri is beautiful just like her parents. This is a very lovely couple.

  • butterfly


  • cool

    King and queen of CoS are look great this days!

  • KarenA

    So very sweet. They make a beautiful family. And little Suri’s shoes. Adorable! Thanks, Jared.

  • too funny

    why does suri always look like an orphan? Her dresses are so fcuking long and they hang off of her.

    just for famousfuckfacecruzloverboy.

  • cool