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Yao Ming Wedding Pictures

Yao Ming Wedding Pictures

Houston Rockets’ basketball star Yao Ming married longtime girlfriend Ye Li at a swank hotel in his hometown of Shanghai on Monday.

About 70 close friends and relatives joined 7’6″ Yao, who is 26, and the 6’2″ Ye, 25, at the five-star Shangri-La Hotel.

The couple met each other about eight years ago. Ye is also a basketball player for the Chinese national women’s team.

Pictures below include pre-wedding photos taken at a resort called Taihu Yuan Resort in the city of Lin’an. Also pictured are security checking guests’ invitations at the wedding, flower girls arriving and gifts given to reporters (no interviews were granted).

Zhù nǐ mén bái tóu dào lǎo!!!!

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Photos: EyePress/AP
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  • KarenA

    aw, that’s wonderful. They look totally lovely! Thanks for posting these, Jared.

  • Yo

    She’s beautiful!

  • yaya

    how tall his wifey

  • Dirty Cougar

    Congrat’s to the very TALL beautiful couple!

  • yaya

    hey look happy

  • L in Philly.

    aw, good for them! congrats to the happy couple. :)

  • poop


  • ~*~Get Real~*~

    Congrats to the Mings!!! thanx for posting jared : )

  • http://htt// be

    Congrats to them,I love to watch the NBA.

  • Sarah

    Never heard of him, but congratulations…I guess.

  • todd

    Wow, they are both tall and basketball players. They look good together.

  • hamper

    yay for yao ming! =)

  • HEY!!!!!!

    Hey what a lovely couple – Congrats!!!!!

  • cali goof

    to cutie pie:

    it’s funny and ignorant for you to say that “these people” don’t believe in dating or marrying out of their race…because you wouldn’t say that if two african american or two white people got married, so why do you have to say that just because two chinese people marry each other?

    i’m not mad but i think you should take culture and values into perspective. not everyone in the world is the same and think the same way…please be more open minded.

  • sasha

    wow, they are going to have incredibly tall children aha.
    how cute.

  • J.M

    Well said, Cali goof! Cutie pie, if you don’t have anything nice or smart to say, just stfu!!

  • Yay

    This site is fantastic. JJ you cover it all while the other lame blogs cover people who no one could give a ish about.

    Keep it coming.

  • Thanks

    Thanks JJ. Imagine this post going around in China websites..You’d get like a billion hits! LOL.

    Keept it fresh, international and ahead of the curve. You rock.

    These pics are fabulous!

  • anon

    Wow. She’s really really beautiful. they look very cute and happy :)

  • Frenchy
  • candy

    Congratulations to the Mings or is the Yao’s?
    Is white a traditional color in China for a wedding dress?

  • hanna

    Jared, what does it meant :Zhù nǐ mén bái tóu dào lǎo!!!!

  • hehe

    He’s still a foot taller than her.

    I wish them success and many tall children.


  • senior

    I agree with # 15. I also like that they dated for 8 years and took their time. They set an example for people of any race! Congratulations to them both. As for the tall kids, well no one knows if they are even planning on kids. However, we can sort of figure they have had a chance to “talk” about it. How refreshing.

  • LYB

    wow, she is 6’2 !! that is really Tall~

    anyway gongxi gongxi :)

  • Sandra

    I remember seeing this film called The Wedding Banquet. It was a massive dinner for just a regular couple in China. I can’t even begin to imagine what these two superstars had. I wish them happiness and continued success on the court.

  • JoAnn

    #10 – Cutie Pie: “these people sure dont believe in dating or marrying too muchout of their race.”

    That is such an ignorant and racist comment!

    I’m sure in the 8 years that they dated, they had plenty of opportunity to meet other people. These are 2 basketball superstars who can pick and choose anyone they want, and they chose each other.

  • FufuTofu

    Congrats to them! Just like to say thanks JJ because unlike someone else you’re actually kind.

  • Terila

    A lovely wife and a truly beautiful couple. May they enjoy a lifetime of happiness!

  • Aileen

    Congrats, lovely couple and nic pics. tks jared

    Well, to Hanna

    This “Zhù nǐ mén bái tóu dào lǎo!!!!” means something like I wish you to live happily ever after.

  • Aileen

    Congrats, lovely couple and nic pics. tks jared

    Well, to Hanna

    This “Zhù nǐ mén bái tóu dào lǎo!!!!” means something like I wish you to live happily ever after.

  • QT

    Yay, congrats!

  • linda

    they are so adorable!!!

  • angie

    I think it’s so cool when people get married!

  • Mex

    me Yao me hungry! me eat wife… kidding.. i love Yao (rockets fan) .. his wife is hot

  • Cynthia

    Wow, they’re going to have big kids. I bet he gives good giant love!

  • selwyse

    well said, cali goof!

    aw, Yao & Ye make such a cute couple ^_^

  • flatazz

    Blessings to them both!

  • ada


  • supernature

    yeah, this “Zhù nǐ mén bái tóu dào lǎo” means wish you happily ever after

    writes like this in chinese:祝你们白头到老

    you rock JJ

    Ye is so cute in these pictures


    gong xi gong xi!!!

  • Jmommy

    “Zhù nǐ mén” literally means “wishing you”.

    “bái tóu dào lǎo” literally means “white hair in old age”.

    When you wish that of a wedding couple, you are actually wishing them longevity in a marriage – that they remain together all the way into old age.

    Hope this helps ;-)

  • Kira

    Thanks, Jared, for the photos!

    Blessings to a beautiful couple and, hopefully, she will live in America during basketball season!?

  • usairaq

    Zhù nǐ mén bái tóu dào lǎo!!!!
    I think it means “wish you both have a lifetime of happiness”
    Thanks for posting jared

  • http://JennysBlog Jenny Chu

    Two Asians actually marrying each other??? I am shocked. What happened to the ugly dorky white guy that Asian girls usually marry? Oh, I forgot, this Asian guy has money. THAT changes everything.

  • cool

    I’m glad that Yao is not Americanized. Contgratulations. It seems like a very traditional courtship before marriage.

  • Angelina

    haha, congrats to them!

  • olander

    I wonder what height their kid(s) be like. Taller than dad, I guess? (I certainly hope not or they may end up like that Chinaman who is the world’s tallest freak!) They are cute couple though.

  • so

    Nice picture of the couple

  • 2985

    Congratulations to the couple! :)

    Goddam that Cutie Pie is nothing like her screen name! FFS, would you even care if it was two French people, two Germans, two white people, two black people, two whatever else!!! How about JLo and her husband? You made the same comment then too? You gave yourself away by using that phrase “those people”, as all bigoted people do, even those who would like to think they’re not. (Yeah, like people who go to ‘ethnic’ restaurants on weekends but actually have no actual friends of said ‘ethnic group’ in their real lives! LMAO :lol: )
    Jenny Chu, is that even your real name? Man, you woke up with a bunch of sour grapes in your pie hole, huh? ;) From what I’ve seen, when Asian girls marry these “ugly, dorky white guys”, the guys aren’t that rich anyways…unless you happen to be working underpaid jobs in some third world country and marrying a white guy from overseas seems to be the best option for escaping poverty and god knows what else.
    Sure, it’s a complex matter but to say that Ye Li only married Yao Ming coz of his money is totally low…it’s not likely she’s lacking in money herself, although yes, probably still less than him considering the discrepancy in women and men’s basketball paychecks.
    Aside from that, congrats again to the happy couple! And Yao Ming rocks for his endorsement of ads that urge people not to eat shark fins and/or buy illegally-sourced animal products. He had the courage to address what is I understand a big problem in China particularly. Saw that on Animal Planet. :)

  • hanna

    to Aileen, Jmommy, usairaq

    thanks for the translate