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Britney Seduces College Student

Britney Seduces College Student

After throwing Britney Spears under the bus last week for being a mad mother, Us Weekly has done it again!


“My Twisted Night with Brit — topless, drunk and lonely, Spears seduces a college student in a hotel pool as Kevin rushes to save his boys….” Everybody seems to have a price!!!


UPDATE: The college student has been ID’d as 5’10” California native Matt Encinias, 21. He went from being an extra in her latest music video to locking lips with the Britney at a rooftop pool at L.A’s Standard Downtown hotel.

Britney was the first one to undress, and then everyone else followed,” Encinias told Us Weekly. “I turned around and saw that she was topless and she had fake tattoos of flowers on her nipples from the shoot. I was told all she wanted to do that night was kiss a boy. And that’s what she did. Mission accomplished.”

Spears and Encinias also played a game of truth or dare! “I was dared to get naked and get out of the pool and walk as though I was on a catwalk in a fashion show,” said Encinias. “Britney was laughing really hard.”

DO YOU STILL CARE about Britney and her wild antics? Or are you just staring at summer hunk Zac Efron in the top righthand corner?

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  • MEL


  • HEY!!!!!!

    Hope the college student used extra thick condoms!!!

  • anon

    And I thought we already knew all the dirt. Ugh.

  • Pandora

    Everything about her is gross. We already knew that. And if all of these allegations as to her “mothering skills” are true, those kids need to be seized from her. I think they’d be better off with the slime father because at least he’d probably hire help to care for them rather than pretend she was parenting as she does. I feel so sorry for those little ones. :(

  • djoe


  • just saying…

    I’m sick. enough britney now. just get her help. she needs to listen to people and take their advice! maybe when her kids are taken away she’ll straighten out!

  • Barbara

    I wonder if she was sexually abused somewhere along the way when she was a child. There’s something going on here and I can’t quite figure it out.

  • Sue

    do you peeps believe everything that is written? Not that I care about Britney, but geeesh even a moron could see that this is just fake smut written up….lol.

  • dione

    we all love to read about her, but what guy would still want to go there?

  • kate

    for a second i was reading it but then i saw zac. lol you know me to well.

  • Jane

    It seems like Britney’s in this spiral that just keeps spinning down, down… it’s very sad to see this happen to someone who once had so much going for her.

  • DK

    Is that Jim Carey?

  • b

    Us magazine is sick…britney get ur act together u know better. dont trust anyone. it was prolly just britney and him in the hotub, but he wants his five secs of fame. lol jeez…

  • belle

    They should just leave her alone. What the hell has she ever done to us, to deserve such bad things said about her. So what if she smokes, so what if she doesnt dress classy. This doesnt make her a bad person, the things the media say about her are cruel. Let her live, without being criticised for every little thing she does.

  • me

    This is so obviously FAKE with a capital F.

  • an20

    so that means she got sold by someone sad.

  • Steph

    looking at zac.

  • Twgirl

    Does anyone else think the guy looks like Jim Carrey? That’s who I thought it was at first glance, haha.

  • peppy

    #19 Yeah I did too lol get help brit seriously

  • Christa

    The first thing I saw was Zac. My bad.

    Britney needs help. Period. We know it’s bad, so why keep reporting on it. Give us something that doesn’t make us want to tear out those pages and never read them.

  • Brian

    FUCK US Weekly..Useless Hopless Fags Trying To Get People Buy Their Gay Magazine!

  • Cynthia

    This is Britney ‘I want all eyes on me’, bad mom, asshole, cheetos eating, I’m no pushover, and got married for less than a day Spears! Of course I believe she ignored her kids to be with a college student. Before she got with K-fed, Britney according to some websites, hanged out with a few college dudes.

  • olga

    at first i saw zac then i looked at the news about britney

  • louveciennes

    I’m just surprised any man is drunk and/or desperate enough to stick it in that diseased cooze.

    Also: “hunk”? Hunk of cheese, maybe.

  • mickey

    What’s this? Britney is a mess?! What a shock!

  • [~Famous~]

    I love Britney! After her little accident, she said “Ah, oh sheit. What do I do?” ROTFLMAO!

    The best part about Brit is watching her fans slowing turn on her, Like Trent.

  • james

    I like britney. please leave her alone. paparazzi are always around her. she is young. she can have fun sometimes even if she has 2 kids

  • Mike


    I fucking hate our society today.

  • Claire

    So who conveniently had the camera? And what else don’t we know? She’s wearing sunglasses in the pool in the middle of the night? Something very fishy about this.

  • cat

    what guy would still want to have sex with her? she is so gross, and you know she must smell.

  • Zuma Babe

    sadly – the tabloids can be believed over Britney. The pics usually come back with VIDEO proving it. Some of you probably thought the umbrella attack and bald head was faked too.


    But on these pics – nothing big to talk about. Why would you flip out saying it’s a fake? It’s just a skank who jumped in a pool or hottub with the first guy she found.

    SO WHAT? That is Britney.

  • sofia

    i was looking at zac

  • a realist

    15 belle : 08/07/2007 at 6:48 pm
    They should just leave her alone. What the hell has she ever done to us, to deserve such bad things said about her. So what if she smokes, so what if she doesnt dress classy. This doesnt make her a bad person, the things the media say about her are cruel. Let her live, without being criticised for every little thing she does.

    She is a bad person.
    -She saduces a man with her money, who has a pregnant woman waiting for him at home.
    -She shows her private parts to the damn world, not once but four times at the crotch and other times at the breast.
    -She is always showing one private part or another. She is a sl*t.

  • a bus driver

    i wish i had been driving that bus,i would not have missed.

  • a realist

    She’s always seducing someone. She keeps her sk*nky legs wide open all the time. Some men will bang anything. I bet she has herpes.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Britney’s has gone f@cking mad! Anything for a comeback Y’all!

  • mari

    zach is so hot.

  • an20


    1. so, the baby was out at 10:30- is he the only baby in history to be out at 10:30? and where did they go? did they go to a strip club? no, they went to a restaurant.

    2. maybe, she seduced a guy… so? the kids might not be with her at that time. they were probably with fantastic father kevin.

    3. plus, she is freaking single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. if she was drunk… well, its her choice to get drunk.if she was, topless, then maybe she really was seducing the boy

    5. if she is lonely, that’s her problem. US dont have to highlight the fact that she is lonely!!! its like US is overly emphasizing that she is lonely. ok. she is lonely… its sad, but do you really have to take it against her that she is lonely?

    6. US is obviously on kevin’s side. i mean… interviewing kevin’s lawyer and all…

    7. here is a tidbit, did you know that on their last week’s story, they interviewed Slim k? Slim k was exactly on the set of the video. he blogged about the video and britney greatly. when he was interviewed by US, he said that they were trying to get him detour on the dramatic and horrible side… but he couldn’t because he didnt see any… in other words, he told them the opposite of what they are trying to imply because that was the way he saw it… and in the end… us weekly published .001 percent of their interview with slim… as in close to nothing.

    8. as for this boy… well he is a boy… who obviously sold her out… just another justin… just another isaac…

    like come on, is it your first time to be seduced??

  • Anthony

    I’m sick of Brit and that Zac guy

  • *~*Jinny*~*

    Dog-gone-it, I realize we all need a piece every now and then and that includes Miss Britney Spears, But damm girl next time, do it when your KIDS AREN”T THERE!

  • kat

    zac efron is hot!

  • lala

    don’t care about britney. scan the article on zac :]

  • lala

    don’t care about britney. scan the article on zac;]

  • Nathan

    She’s the contemporary version of Liza Minnelli–on crack.

  • Micos

    hahaha please US weeky is phatetic!

  • Starry Nights

    i saw zac first.

  • Charlene

    Have to admit that I was just looking at Zac, lol
    Who cares about Brit anymore shes running her life into the ground and thats that.

  • angie

    I think it’s really cool when people go to college!

  • Somebody

    Dude of the Day

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