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Karen McDougal: Bruce Willis' New Girlfriend

Karen McDougal: Bruce Willis' New Girlfriend

Bruce Willis enjoys the company of former Playboy playmate girlfriend Karen McDougal while aboard a yacht in Porto Cervo Sardinia on Tuesday.

The pair grabbed lunch with some friends at the exclusive “Cala Di Volpe” hotel and then boarded the posh “Givi” yacht. He totally tapped that.

Bruce, 52, was married to Demi Moore for thirteen years, finally divorcing in 2000. They share three daughters — Rumer, 19, Scout, 16, and Tallulah, 13.

20+ pictures inside of Bruce and Karen heatings things up…

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Bruce’s new leading lady?

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Photos: Italy Press/Bauer-Griffin
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  • magnus


    That’a'boy McClane!

  • Dirty Cougar

    Bruce is sooo cool! I love the fact the he can admit he was getting bald on top and just shaved it all off. No Toupee or comb overs for Bruce. Just shave it all off bald. I would do that if, I were a guy. Bruce is sooo cute! Get giggy w/ it Bruce. You go you, handosme DEVIL! Lady isn’t bad looking. She’s wearing a bikini quite well. I don’t see cellulite or flabby abs. She’s good to go by, the look on Bruce’s face. lol!

  • yourmom

    why not me?? i think bruce is the sexiest 40+ out there. Long live John McClane!!

  • Tina

    The media is so sexist – love how it’s always – Meet George’s new girl, meet Bruce’s new girl. But when it comes to the women, now that’s a different story….all the insults come out of the woodwork! They make sure that a woman’s past always follows her while the men have the liberty to move on and be merry.

  • Ari

    Well he’s a free man. And as Demi, he’s fall with someone much younger. Why not?

  • Kaylita

    Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were married for 13 years… not 7…

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Kaylita!!

  • Shoegal

    He`s still hot

  • peppy

    Bruce is living life 40 is the new 30 lol seriously these guys are whipping the younger “boys” butts George, Tom, Brad, Johnny, Bruce who can top these guys right now

  • juancho

    doesn’t she look a loot like playmate of the year karen Mcdougal? maybe she is :)

  • [~Famous~]

    Bruce is the man.

  • Yaya


  • betduke

    Instead of a visor she should be wearing the dunce cap that Potato Head Rumor was wearing.

  • Maria Luiza

    Goa ahead Bruce Wills. Life is wonderful, go ahead

  • J.M

    Her boobs are so fake!!! At least Demi’s look more real.

  • HEY!!!!!!

    Hey Bruno!!!! Way to go!!!

  • angie

    I think it’s really cool when people go swimming!

  • princess no one

    Why can’t they date people from their own age….it looks pathetic…

  • Sarah

    He should’ve been naked like last time.

  • Patrick

    hi…can somebody tell me if Mr Willis´Tattoo is new or not??? I´ve never seen these birds or angels or what ever on his shoulder so I´m wondering if they are really new…I know he has some fake tattoos seen in some of his movies…

    thankful for any reply…

  • Pandora

    She’s attractive, but I’ll never understand what women see in *him*. Yes I admire the man for not wearing a rug, but damn — there is nothing sexy about this guy.

  • apuraja

    She looks JUST like karen macdougal – playboy playmate.. are you sure it’s not her?

  • Someone

    How old is she?

  • BushisLiar

    Another reichwing phony, demonstrating his “family values”. Screw him and his homoerotic movies

  • Jamie

    not a well-done breast surgery…looks obviously fake. but he seems to be having a good time :)

  • wileycat

    uhmm…what was the question?

  • em

    that is not tamara!

  • Lizzie

    Bruce has been looking around a long time. This is new, he can’t take his eyes off of her….odds on he feels lucky to have even that. Pretty face, but fading. That world is so hard.

  • Eye in the Sky

    yipeeka-yay, m******f****!

    GO Mc Lane!!!!!!!!!
    Bruce is the COOLEST.

  • mj

    Bruce is so hot and sexy!!!!

  • ddfjhjkh

    I agree with #27.

    This woman is not Tamara Feldman, at least not the beautiful actress who played in Smallville episode entitled “Skinwalkers” …and the film “Perfect Stranger”.


  • dblue

    This is not Tamara Feldman. The owners of this site should correct their error.

  • apuraja

    yea. this is karen mcdougal (sp?)


  • Bree

    Well, it just goes to show that both Bruce and Demi like to take a dip (or in his case, a few) in the fountain of youth.

  • SRL

    This in fact is Tamara. She’s my first cousin and I know first hand she was with this in Italy. I was shocked to see photos here, but yes, it is her.

  • Jenny

    Eww…..I think it’s kinda gross when the age disparity between both man and woman are more than 15 yrs.

  • dblue

    No. 35 is flat wrong. It’s not Tamara Feldman.

    To see the real deal, go see her in the movie “Hatchet” on September 7th. Also, she’ll be on the new ABC show Dirty Sexy Money. You’ll see that the story and no. 35 are both wrong.

    Unfortunately, with the anonymity of the internet, no. 35 can say whatever he or she wants and the reader has to pick whichever to believe. On the good side, maybe these draws more attention to this terrific actress.

  • Sandbitch

    I used to think Bruce Willis was cute, once.

  • JasonRoth

    That is Karen Mcdougal.

  • joe_h

    That is indeed Karen McDougal. If Bruce Willis was Bruce Johnston, she wouldn’t give him the time of day. Amazing that fame can be such a chick magnet.

    By the way, I can’t help but laugh at how everyone is talking about Bruce being 40+. Try 50+ guys. Bruce Willis is in his 50s, not 40s.

  • Paige


  • Paige

    #35, obviously you’re a liar cause its not Tamara Feldman. Its Karen McDougal, even TMZ jsut changed it and corrected their error. Tamara and Karen look NOTHING alike. Good try though.


    Bruce please give it up….and stop competing with Demi…time has been good to her but, hey it sure hasn’t been good to you… have lost that macho image….not sexy anymore… look like a 70 year old guy with that cute little hat of yours….I tell you who’s sexy…and its that stud of a husband your ex-wife has….I could ride him all day and all night….Demi’s such a lucky bitch….

  • One

    That is not Tamra feldman! The media is mediocre at doing their job

  • Lady

    Don’t like her face – looks a bit like “I am with Bruce Willis, look at me I am hot”


  • cara

    i think she’s nice, but since i am a die-hard bruce fan, i am not happy with this news. i was so happy when he was over demi, but now it’s even worse!! god, i’m begging you, make bruce a single man forever!!!

  • John Willis

    Smart girl. Lots of 30 plus girls go for older men ‘cos we got the experience and we do tend to have more to talk about.

    Go Bruce

  • meji


    She looked FAR, FAR better pre boob job. What a shame – destroying a beautiful body with flotation devices.