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Michael Vick "Dog Chew" Toy

Michael Vick

The Michael Vick “Dog Chew” Toy is so brilliant!!!!

Show your disgust over the dog fighting allegations against the Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick by getting your very own Michael Vick “Dog Chew” Toy. It’s made out of “state-of-the-art dog material” and promises to withstand “the most playful of dog destruction.”

You can get your own for $12.99 (shipped) at!!! You may think someone is up to no good, making a quick buck from it, but (shipped) and the proceeds will apparently be donated to local animal shelters.


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  • Jo

    If only I had some extra cash….

  • npltx

    Cute idea, but I’d rather see him as a butt plug.

  • Not a Laughing Matter

    Sorry, not a laughing matter. Instead, give your $12.99 to (a top notch organization promoting animal welfare) to help prevent this type of thing from happening and to provide the harshest penalties for those who do abuse animals. Hope he gets the maximum sentence.

  • Jack Jett

    This is fucking awesome. I have two pit bulls, so I am going to order dozen of them and give them out to all my pit bull loving fans.

    Thanks J. man for finding this.

    jack jett

    Somebody should fuck Michael Vick with one of these………

  • Peach

    He’s so disgusting I would want my dog (if I had one) to touch this toy. Just send your $12.99 directly to the Humane Society.

  • Peach

    Sorry – I meant to say: I wouldn’t want my dog….

    This site should allow edits for those of us who don’t proofread well.

  • girl

    yeah!he deserves it
    wish i had dog *sad face*

  • Dirty Cougar

    They need to make one for cat’s. My Louis would love it if, it were a toy for a kitty!

  • madax


  • Doglover

    Please note that their web site says: “Notice: Due to unforeseeable circumstances. Because of squabbling over charitable donations. Our Statement claiming we will donate proceeds from the “Vick’s Dog Chew Toy“ has been removed. We will now do so anonymously.” Not squabbling but more like dishonest misrepresentation. They had previously claimed that some proceeds will be donated to The Humane Society but a rep from the Humane Society said that they were not contacted and asked for all references to the Humane Society to be removed. They do NOT say how much proceeds will be donated and doing so anonymously means no one can track if they do so. Everyone who cares about dogs should donate directly to the Humane Society and NOT support a company looking to profit off animal cruelty.

  • yaya

    my dog rambo would luv this


    I agree. Spend the money on a charitable cause.

  • angie

    I think it’s really cool when people buy their pets things!

  • blackfriday1978

    LOVE this idea, but agree with those who initiate donation to charity instead… STILL LOVING this idea… so COOL!

  • maddison

    Sure, I can see the appeal of this concept. However, I would not want that disgusting mug in my house. It’s similar to welcoming him into my home. *Shutter* But, most importantly, I’d rather see my 12 bucks go to an organization that exists to protect animals instead of profiting from them. Sentence ‘the bastard’ to life!!!

  • Bohemian

    This is ridiculous…who cares about dogs? He’s being scapegoated. He should not have been involved and should have considered hsi career. Now the angry white folks who treasure animals lives over the lives of actual human beings are pissed off…whatever…when the life of a Black person is seen as being less important than that of a pit bull? I could really care less…I hope he gets off.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    I think it is incredibly interesting that Ving Rhames’ assistant was eaten and killed by a dog and not too many people had as much issues with this but when it is a dog being tortured people get more angry.

    Now I love dogs and tink their safety should be a priority but an actual human got killed by a dog and it barely made big news.


    I say only really small dogs should be allowed in homes. Big dogs are not to be domesticated – especially if kids are around. My opinion.

  • Astrid

    That’s horrible. I wish they wouldn’t make a joke of it.

  • cutie pie


  • anon

    Cutie Pie and TLC and Bohemian clearly do not know or understand the extent of the brutality involved in the dog fighting “industry”. Considering that cruelty to animal is REGULARLY linked to psychopathic tendencies and is often a good indication of whether someone is likely to ABUSE HUMANS you think you’d realize the gravity of the situation. All else being EQUAL, it is a freaking crime. Criminals should be punished.

    If Michael Vick were white, asian, green, whatever, I’d still want his a$$ in jail. He’s a monster for what he’s done and he’s supposed to be a role model. Sure people have done worse things but that’s sort of like saying that a murder isn’t “as bad” as another murder because the victim wasn’t tortured or raped before being killed. Uhm, its still murder.

  • Elle

    Vick wasn’t fighting no poodles, he was fighting pit bulls. He’ll have his day in court. But these dehumanizing promotional items must stop.

    There is a petition to stop this garbage. Support your local animal shelters directly.

    Since the 19th century, dehumanizing caricutures of African Americans have been created to promote and justify ongoing oppression. The production and promotion of the ‘Dog Chew Toy’ bearing the likeness of Michael Vick reinforces the underlying bigotry and prejudice that millions Americans claim no longer exists, yet millions still suffer.

    This is not sports marketing.
    It is in fact racism and extremely degrading and offensive.

  • sb

    Please tell me how the average person is going to differentiate this caricature of Michael Vick’s image to any common Black man? It looks like the Sambo-like lawn jockeys! Don’t you think that the racists will have a field day with this, using this as an excuse to have their dogs mangling a Black man?! This is bulls!t, plain and simple.

  • Atlas

    This is not a racial issue so don’t make it into one. It is human beings training innocent creatures to tear each other to shreds so these same HUMAN (?) beings can gamble on which dog will win. The blood flows, the bones get chewed and broken, their organs are ripped from their bodies, eyes chewed out, the cries of anguish sound out amid shouting and cheering from the crowd, and the innocents die a violent and unnecessary death. These are creatures that should be loved and protected, not sacrificed for money.
    Nothing but cruelty, plain and simple.

  • Zeke

    This toy wasn’t clearly designed as a chew toy for a dog. It was obviously a toy for a kid you morons. This isn’t one bit of a racial issue and for anyone making it one, look to the facts: The guy is fighting pits who are mauling each other to death so he can make even more money and that is just digusting. Who gives a shit about his career and how good he is at whatever he does. He’s a goddamn creep and his ass needs to be thrown in the can. He wants to act like an animal, he can be caged like one.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    20 anon : 08/08/2007 at 2:57 pm

    Cutie Pie and TLC and Bohemian clearly do not know or understand the extent of the brutality involved in the dog fighting “industry”. …………………..Sure people have done worse things but that’s sort of like saying that a murder isn’t “as bad” as another murder because the victim wasn’t tortured or raped before being killed. Uhm, its still murder.

    Clearly you did not answer my question: I SAID I do believe animal cruelty is unacceptable. I just find it curious that there has not been ONE mention of the human being who was eaten by Ving Rhames dog.

    Strangely humans are more up in arms when dogs die then when humans do. That is all I am saying.

    I also say certain dogs and people should not mix. Many dogs are dangerous and should not be near children or people like VIng Rhames’ dog.

    Where are all the people asking and screaming for the safety of humans against violent dogs???
    That’ is my question. Do you have problems comprehending english?

    Is there an ESL class in the trailer park where you live?

  • cutie pie

    you are right a murder is a murder, and i dont want to make this into a racial issue, which it always ends up. i can understand that it is cruelty to animals and it is not right. but what i was saying was all these people that want to hang him and crucify him, dont crucify him and go easy on hese ole child molesters who mess up a innocent kid for life, like i said all cruelty is bad.and some people really make it bad when a black person is involved. i like all animals but i like people better.

  • Dancer

    Vick has returned to the ghetto with this type of behavior, He has lost the repect of many in the community. He had the world by a tail, a real superstar and he gave it away for some horrific activities of dog tortune, mutilation and finally murder. Be ashamed my friend. My baby pup is getting the new chew toy. She loves to run and play and enjoy her life unlike Vicks poor victims that were chained starved and ready to fight for their life literally. I already contribute to the HUmane Society and ASPCA so if they get the proceeds great, if not then the manufacturer will just get rich.

  • tinpkny

    any “civilized human being” would have an issue with dog fighting. michael vick and his supporters are the animals and belong in a third world country where that behavior is condoned.

    as far as the proceeds, i would just hope vick knows that people really hate him and are willing to spend money to show it.

  • Buddy

    I hate it when ignorant muther******* always want to play the race card. Michael Vick is heartless and everytime I see his face I see the face of pure evil! Carma is a bit** and he will eventually get what is comming to him. I ordered my dog one of the toys because she loves to chew on things and it is going to give me nothing but pleasure to see her sink her teeth into on of the devil’s children. I truely hope this sonofa***** goes to prison and gets but raped for the rest of his miserable life.

  • cutie pie

    all you people go fuck off/ and you always want to say ghetto/ what the fuck does ghetto have to do with this issue. im from the ghetto and proud of it/ at least im for real and not fake. if you are not from the ghetto dont speak of the ghetto. im not from tha trailer park so i dont speak on it. theres a lot of people from the ghetto who dont fight dogs , and there were some white guys in the news fighting dogs also and they werent from the ghetto. so what the fuck does ghetto have to do with this shit.I HATE LIKE sh.. A MF when this GHETTO WORD COMES IN FUCK> im so damn mad let me get the hell off this racist ass site.

  • Tara

    Yeah, I agree. It isn’t about race. Stupid uneducated wet backs and back woods hill billies red necks do dog and cock fighting too (yeah, I’ll say wet back, ghetto trash, honky etc. cause I’m not racist, but I’m not PC either so deal with it). Whoever takes part in animal fighting sure is a low class bastard no matter what their race (much lower than the animals that they abuse). Vick should be put in a stadium with a bunch of big mean wild dogs and torn apart – like some gladiator (sp?) thing – no mercy, no weapons, and maybe even no clothes for extra humilition. I’m serious. That’s the punishment his sorry ass deserves… Why? Cause he’s human and (should) know better. Unlike animals, we’re accountable and should be punished (cruelly if we do something this horrible) – I heard he hung and drown some of the animals too. You’ve gotta be a coward big time to pick on the weak (and animals are weak and helpless compared to us humans). Hell, they’re almost like children in their vunerablity. Vick sucks!!!

  • LIsa

    One question, to you non-dog lovers. Take a look at some of the eye of the dogs that have been rescued from a fighting environment. They are not pieces of meat, they have soals, and feelings. All these dogs want is to be loved. Watch a video showing dog fights and then tell me their only dogs. This case is not about a football player, black VS white, being famous, it is about a person knowing right from wrong, having morals,and a persons regard for ANY life in general. The only thing we can thank these Three people for are, how they brought this horrific past time into the publics and goverments eyes. Now, all these helpless animals finally have people speaking for them.

  • Get a clue

    Well Not a Laughing Matter. Apparently you didn’t visit the website and see that funds from this sale goes to the cause to prevent animal abuse. And not only that, your dog gets to make a statement too.

  • Paul

    Michael Vick is not a victim of racial predjudice or any kind of stereotyping. He is a victim of his own arrogance, thinking that because of his status as a superstar jock he was bulletproof. He should be smeared with bacon grease and locked in a small room with some of the dogs he has trained to fight. Whether it is dogfighting, cockfighting or bear baiting, cruelty is cruelty, and it has no place in civilized society. Vick and his cronies are representative of what people become when they are not taught civilized behavior. If I can get them, I will buy two – one for my Shepherd, and one for the absolutely precious pit bull next door.

  • bambi

    Hey I am a black person but i am horrified that my own ignorant people could actually make this into a race issue. This has nothing to do with race !!!! Michael Vick is a MONSTER. What type of man would do something like this to an animal. The SOB should be put in prison and raped every day of his life. Actually thats too good for him. He should be put in pitbull ring and attacked daily by these poor helpless dogs.

    If this was a White guy that did this, he would be charged also. Color has nothing to do with it. Quite frankly i hope they make an example out of Michael Vick so that this type of act towards animals will not be tolerated.

    I will buy the toy and also support animal right groups. My dog Carlo will be getting an awesome Xmas toy this year !!!

    Hey Michael Vick I hope you go to hell.

  • ifight dogs

    To every dumb ass person who has left a fuckin dog lovin ass coment on this page go kill yourself. Nojoke n ot playin go kill yourself or get a you fuckin dogs to do it for yo he fought some fuckin dogs. Shit they fight all by themselves. Who gives a shit . this ain’t murder. Muder includes humans. I f if i hear one more of you dum motha fuckas say that the dogs were treated inhumane shut they ain’t human you treatyo roaches with the same respect. How bout rats exactly shut the fuck up

  • Buddy

    hey ifight dogs, hell is a crowded place but I am sure they will make room for you. You are a waste of a human being. I am sure your mother is very proud of you.

  • Kevin

    Turns out that this website is a total scam. I thought it was a great idea, and I ordered one August 7th. I STILL haven’t gotten it. From what I’ve read on, these guys seemingly made away with millions in the name of preventing animal abuse. Disgusting.

  • Kevin

    Sorry the above link doesn’t work because of the comma…

  • George Bittancourt

    Ordered two more than a year ago. Never got them. My dog won’t last forever.