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Norton becomes Green with Envy

Norton becomes Green with Envy

Edward Norton and Liv Tyler are currently filming The Incredible Hulk which is going to be released in June 2008.

Norton and Tyler will play Bruce Banner (The Incredible Hulk) and Betty Ross, respectively. Dr. Bruce Banner continues to find a cure for his gamma-radiation induced affliction where anger causes him to become the giant, green-skinned Incredible Hulk.

If you remember the 2003 film The Hulk, with Eric Bana and Jennifer Connelly, this movie will be a new take on the Incredible Hulk and not a direct sequel (thank goodness).

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edward norton liv tyler incredible hulk 01
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edward norton liv tyler incredible hulk 03
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Credit: Just Jesse (Guest Blogger); Photos: ONeill,White/
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  • Nando

    Oh good that it’s not a sequel. :D!!!!

  • liza

    I think liv is amazing. I hope it is a million times better than the other one!

  • [Fug Face Horror]

    Ed’s great, and Liv’s hot. I pray it this one will be better than the first, cause that one was HORRIBLE.

  • nika

    1st thank god its not a sequel.
    2nd edward norton!?

  • Roberta

    I like the first one! Eric Bana is so handsome and I wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Dirty Cougar

    LMAO, Live kind of looks like my 11 year old son’s girlfriend!

  • EvilLynn

    Oh, cool! I like Edward Norton & Liv tyler, too. I hope it’s better than the other one….I thought the other one was such a waste because they had 2 talented lead actors, but it turned into special-effects-fest…

  • Pole

    I really like Eric Bana but I didn’t think the first one was very good. Not making this one a sequel is a good start IMO.


    um, didn’t they get the hint the first time? only if chris nolan directs does it have a chance.

  • angie

    I think it’s really cool when people are green!

  • Stellartes

    Ed Norton is HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crystal

    I think Eric Bana made a good Hulk, but the movie just sucked. Ed Norton is a great actor, but he doesn’t look the part to me. Liv Tyler is a nice addition though. She’s so incredibly talented and beautiful.

  • Tusha

    Thank goodness. Finally some news on Mr Hotness himself, ED NORTON!

  • Martina

    She is soooo lovely

  • me

    I don’t remember Liv’s boobs being that big. She looks like she’s gained a little weight. She still looks good though

  • Eve

    Love Edward Norton!!!!!!!!! He is just perfect for this particular role. He has the “loser´s expression” that fits Bruce Banner.

  • poah

    Eric Bana was good but the script and Connelly were awful. Norton is perfect too and he wrote the script. Talk about hot,talented and brilliant.
    A nice leading lady too unlike Maggie Gyllenhaal,Dunst and Bosworth.YUCK!!!

  • will

    Why is it that EVERYBODY LOATHS the ’03 HULK film?! I thought it was GREAT! The thing with comicbook movie critics is that if it’s like Batman and Robin or Superman 3 people say they want more depth. Then when a PERFECTLY DONE translation with drama and a psychologically-driven angle hits the big screen…PEOPLE BITCH!!! It’s unbelievable…

    Anyway as far as these first pics go, Norton doen;t look oo bad but Liv tyler look WAY TOO FAT in that outfit…I guess time will tell

  • John Mirror

    they both are SO damn great, can’t wait to see that movie!



  • daniel clavette

    Both of them are truly cool.

  • daniel clavette

    Both of them are truly cool.

  • Osaiah Bernard

    I liked what they did with the first Hulk but I recognize its flaws. I know Im in the minority when it comes to this. This new one might set the bar higher than Spider-Man. Only time will tell. I’m glad we get to see the Hulk go toe-to-toe with an adversary in New York.

  • Ivan A.K.A X-Kid

    I think most will agree with me when I say that the first Hulk wasn’t as good as it was hyped-up to be, but it had some good scenes, but now with this whole new cast and story line, I think that The Incredible Hulk is going to be Bigger and Better than the first, especially with Liv as Betty Ross I mean… OMFG! she’s Gorgeous, I Love her! and I’m cool with ED as Bruce, I can’t wait! and way to go Marvel for booking Liv in this one!

  • Jason

    The first one sucked so bad due to the director and the script. The 2003 Hulk was directed by Ang Lee. Go look at other movies hes directed. Just not a good choice for a comic book movie. Anyways, I think Norton is perfect for Bruce Banner. He has a wide range of acting talent and will play the part well. My concern lies with the look of Hulk. The last movie Hulk was not convincing enough for me. Good luck to Norton, Tyler, and company with the “new take” on a great story.

  • Brian Z

    The first one was done well, the Hulk was perfect (except that he lept growing), but it was Nick Nolte that ruined that movie for me. He must have been on drugs during the filming, and how Ang Lee let him get away with that non-sence is beyond me. This one will be much much better. I am glad they are doing a re-vamp. I think it will be better than Iron Man for sure. Who knows, maybe the best movie of ’08!

  • Mike C.

    I agree with Brian Z. Nick Nolte was the flaw of an otherwise Great Movie. But Bana and Connelly were GREAT! I’m ok with Norton but I think Liv is a bad choice. Connelly was just all kinds of hot, mmm..hmm!!! Liv, not so much. The first Hulk was alittle to artistic for the general public. It seems like people wanted the first movie to be all about HULK SMASH but no story, that doesn’t make for a good film. Hopefully this one will be a good blend so everyone will be happy with it.

  • Stan MAn

    the problem with the first hulk movie was not the film or the director, but the fact that it was advertised as a summer action flick, when it obviously was more a psychological drama with action scenes. The studio should have released it in Decemeber instead of June, or towards teh end of the summer in August. Plus that summer one of the HArry Potter books was released, so kids were actually reading!

  • Cinthia

    Just to hear that Norton wrote the script gets me giddy with anticipation. The man is so smart and multi-talented, I love him! I hope the movie rocks.

  • Jason

    I do agree with most people that the first one sucked big time. i ahve done some reading on the new hulk and it will be more like the TV series. There is one good piece of news NO MONSTER DOGS!!!! has tons of info about movies like this .

  • Flá

    I prefer Eric Bana, he’s amazing.
    I hate Liv Tyler…Argh!!!

  • kevin

    i think that the first hulk was great. iv’e followed the hulk since i was a kid in fact i wanted to be hulk. I think that there are too many dumb opinions of the 2003 hulk. ang did a great job and if those of you didn’t think so, then you puny you know what can stay puny and stick with spidermans skinny _ _ _!

  • Carlos Alberto – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

    Sinto muito, mas escrevo em português mesmo, apesar de saber escrever em inglês.
    Sinceramente, não vi nada demais nas fotos, mas espero que seja um ótimo filme.
    Serã que realmente filmarão no Brasil?

  • Chris

    The first one was excellent and the second one will hopefully be better…. What is the matter with all you ang lee/hulk haters out there? I hope good taste doesn’t bite you on the posterior for you shall be bewildered!!!!


  • elizabeth

    i heart liv tyler! i had no desire to see the first one, but i’ll go to this one. but that dress has got to go.

  • Daniel

    I think this one will be great, but we must not expect too much, ‘couse we always get disapointments. (and she looks pregnant on the photos oO)

  • serena

    omg i saw her today. she’s so pretty.
    they are filming the movie at the university i go to.
    quite a site to see

  • myro

    the first hulk movie suck becuz to much cgi and the only adversary hulk had to fight was his own dad!!! how crazy was that?? and mutant dogs besides the military sec. that hulk looked like a tall green hillbily all he needed is some overalls and say “howdy ya!!” and a pacifier in his mouth. and they did’nt need to have flash back of his life. the original hulk is gray an ugly, flat fore head from the 60′s marvel hour cartoon on tv I hope they make hulk gray this time. the hulk is about a.s.s. whumping and a touch humanity, if I wanted to see a tall green boy I’ll go to the supermarket and buy can of green giant corn ho-ho-ho just keeping it real

  • giselle

    Yeah Ed a total babe he fits perfect to play this movie!!

  • clay

    yes… the 1st hulk was pure psychological drama…. the monster dogs were from the comic. i actually enjoyed nick nolte’s performance as banner’s psycho dad. ( banner has a psycho dad in the comicbook, too) i think the problem with most comic book movie fans is that they are largely not fans of the comic book source material. when a movie comes along that based on a comic book that actually RESPECTS THE COMIC AS AN ART FORM AND NOT AS JUST AS AN EXCUSE TO MAKE A FRANCHISE OF MOVIES, then some fans are left confused. i do beliEve that ang lees’ HULK will stand the test of time. superhero movies are still mostly camp, and unfortunately most american audiences still have to catch up to a maturely done comic book movie. batman begins was the one of the first superhero movies done without camp or cliche that succeeded in the box-office. i am wondering how the adaptation of alan moore’s WATCHMEN will be received…

    i am anticipating edward norton as banner/hulk, and tim roth as blonsky/abomination , but i was more than pleased with the 1st film…

  • Josiah M

    This will not be better than Ang Lee’s Hulk.

    It will probably be comparable to X-men 3.
    No real art or depth, just action.

  • Greg

    Well for those of you concerned with the look and feel of the Hulk here’s the concept art from the new film:

    I’m a full on Marvel Comics Fan who’s favorite character is Spiderman, but even as a fan I’m willing to be objective and say that 3 in that series did not hold up as well as the 1st two particularly the 2nd film. I say that to say that my opinion is not biased even with my most beloved character. I wanted to see them do no wrong with that character, but there WERE some mis-steps. On to The Incredible Hulk. I enjoyed alot of the aspects of The 1st Hulk film. I can appreciate that they tried to lift the story to someplace else with a strong emotional center etc. That being said I think people are severely underestimating how good this next film will probably be. Ed Norton is very picky about his roles in most cases and he’s certainly an actors actor. I think by selecting him to play this role is an indication that they’re doing everything they can to try to insure this new film doesn’t suck. If you think about it he’s played a version of this archetype TWICE very successfully in two of his seminal works Primal Fear and Fight Club both were takes on an extreme split personality. Further he seems to like to explore duality if you also consider American History X. Another note from American History X, did you see the rage and fury in which he brought to that role? Let’s not forget he will also be the one embodying The Hulk. In final Louis Leterrier did a FANTASTIC job with “Unleashed” featuring Jet Li and Morgan Freeman and has been quoted as saying if you liked that film you’re going to love The Incredible Hulk. He handled extreme brutality and action as well as a strong emotional core story with finesse and class. Please don’t sleep people this film will more likely be awesome than horrible.

  • Jakke

    ermmm what the!?!?! not sequel? me be little confused.. so we gonna see new hulk begining? well hopefull it will have more medusas and seastars fcking mold in it because we all know that hulk was actualy mutated from ameba (do notice the sarcasm)

  • azim

    i think this version will be very good because i have faith in edward norton. he looks like the kind of guy whos in search for the cure of his ‘disease’ like the character that bill bixby played before. and the fact the plot is like the old 70′s television series is even better because it’s the journey to find the cure and he travels around and trying to stay out of harms way. i hope it’ll be cool! oh, liv tyler is hot too! she’ll do just fine. hehehe.. :D

  • chuck

    He looks alot like banner from the bruce jones “hulk” comics, especially with the baseball cap..cant wait till june 13th 2008!!!

  • ver

    I’m only 21 but I’m in looooooove with Edward Norton!! IMO he’s the best actor of his generation, for real. I find him sexy too!! lol

  • liv

    i love liv tyler .

  • Djoser

    I’m psyched that Ed Norton’s taken control of the script.
    “A normal movie has 150 scenes. We now have 360.” Louis Letterier said of Norton’s revision. Norton is a man who refuses to work with a poor script, which, unfortunately is exactly what Marvel Studios has specialized in (X3, SpiderMan3, Ghost Rider). The problem w/ the 1st HULK was that Ang Lee didn’t test screen it ONCE, which would’ve undoubtedly eliminated some 45 mins. of psychological exposition, which could’ve been saved for DVD. Instead he spent 3 1/2 months locked up w/ ILM to get the Hulk looking more Hulk-like.

    The look of the new Hulk, from one test shot, looks infinitely better. He’s not lime Green anymore- much more worn & weary, and the new Technology which allows CGI to capture subtle muscular cues of an actor , which James Cameron will employ in Avatar, is undoubtedly what Norton’s referring to when he says he’ll be able to “play both characters, that they won’t have to be distinct from one another”.

    I was the Hulk for Halloween 4 years in a row as a kid, b/c I didn’t want to be anything else & just kept coming up w/ new Hulk costumes. As a lifelong fan, I’ve been waiting for someone to rewrite him & do him some justice. Kind of funny that that person might turn out to be someone w/ no reltation to comics aside from being a childhood fan. I have faith in Norton’s ability to do us proud.

    And I’m glad there’ll be no more monster dogs, too.

  • al

    yikes edward as banner? that was the whackiest thing ive heard wen they announced who would be plaqying bruce. they seriously need sumone else. hes not gonna make a good banner. and lous letour? wat r they smoking? the bastrd doesnt even know a damn thong bot hulk. the thing bout directors is that if ur gonna make a comic book movie do ur danm research. i know this movie wont bomb at the least. at least jon got it rie with orn man or erm… almost.

  • Maryjo

    EN rocks. I want him : ) Happy belated BD EN. Whatever he is in, this Yale man excells. Good luck on this venture. Mj