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Katharine McPhee is Pregnant

Katharine McPhee is Pregnant

American Idol alum Katharine McPhee pulls at her faux baby bump during a filming break of the I Know What Boys Like on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

This will be McPhee‘s studio acting debut for Columbia Pictures and Happy Madison. She will be playing a pregnant hippy in the Fred Wolf-directed comedy.

In the near future, Kat, 23, will also be starring in The Last Caller, a dark romantic-comedy indie.

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01 katharine mcphee pregnant
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03 katharine mcphee pregnant
04 rumer willis playboy bunnies
05 katharine mcphee pregnant

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  • http://donthave

    1st !!

  • betty

    She is one of the most beautiful girls, even without makeup.

  • Mmmmm

    I cannot believe she did Stuff magazine .. what a shame!

  • marie

    the pic of her pulling the bump is soo odd….i hadn’t read the story yet and thought that she was having a scratch down there

  • CSJ

    hahahaha!! OMG!!!

    OH KAT! that’s CLASSSSSSSIC!!!

  • CSJ

    by the way here’s morepics of her
    but this time Her Dress GOT BLOWN UP showing her ASS CHEEKS and her legs LOL

  • CSJ
  • Noth

    Meanwhile her single Love Story continues to fall down the charts:

    120 138 KATHARINE MCPHEE Love Story 2007 RCA/RMG 24 33 -9 0.036

    At #138 on the Top 40 with only one station in the entire U.S. playing her. HAHA

  • Losers

    Yes one station playing her but everyone talks about her! Please sweetheart I know your a bitter Pickler, Elliott or Taylor fan but the funny thing is that while Katharine is making moives and making another album you and your loser AI fanbase will still be pathetic virgins! Have a lovely day! Stop using the name of a Katharine fan also!

  • Dirty Cougar

    OMG! On the second pic it’s looks like she’s starting to squat like, she pitchin a loaf! It’s a boy Y’all! LMAO!!! She’s beautiful however.

  • blabla

    The guy in the blueish t-shirt in the 4th picture kinda look like LJ in Prison Break

  • Noth

    She won’t be making another album sweetheart. RCA will drop her like they dropped that Deana Degarmo girl. HAHA

  • Jake

    If American Idol isn’t annoying enough already, the haters make it ten times worse.

    Anyway! I think Katharine looks great. I think the dress is pretty cool, I was a little worried when I saw what the other cast members were wearing. Thanks for posting!

  • Andrew

    She’s gorgeous! I think I’m in love

  • Losers

    Well if you knew anything sweetie pie you should know that Kat has the same manager as Madonna and he owns Maverick records so even if RCA were to drop her which they won’t she will be making another album! You should seriously start doing some thinking before you start with the diarrhea
    of the mouth!

    If you don’t like her then why don’t you stop stalking every blog and message board that has something written about her! You obviously a senseless, mentally challenged child so I will cut you some slack for your stupidity.

  • Bill

    Seems like the obsessed Kat stalker/hater is still quoting numbers and impersonating Kat fans SN’s. This person is so incredibly pathetic. They spend hours following press for someone they hate. I’m sure that Psychiatrists would have a field day with a person like that.

    Like it or not Katharine is gorgeous, talented and the darling of the entertainment press with her incredible personality and good looks. She is a star in many many areas of the industry and will be around for many years to come. So we will have to get used to reading this crap from these obsessed losers. Sand and pathetic!

    Go Kat!!! Love you and can’t wait to see the movie!!

  • ???

    Her cankles are gross. Rummer is just fug and so is Mccankles.

  • Losers

    Haha If you think Katharine has cankles and is ugly than I can’t imagine how truly ugly you are! Sounds like a jealous little twit to me!

  • Uplink

    Katharine sells 900cds this week for a total of 3478k. F-L-O-P!!!

  • zembla

    Yes she is a flop and a slut. So what? I am too!!

  • Jack E. Jett

    Someone needs to tell her that she can not pull the baby out of her pussy at this moment and it is better to wait and let the doctors do it.

    Perhaps she just shaved her poon and is starting to feel a little tang down there.

    I would rather see a man scratching his balls.

    jack jett

  • Bill

    Hey Uplink impersonator, I’m confused 3478K would mean 3 million, 478 thousand. and give her a triple platimum CD. That sounds pretty good to me! How is a triple platinum CD a flop?

    BTW if you are going to invent numbers to bash Kat and impersonate other Kat fans you should at least proof read you dribble!

    What a loser! You can’t even bash correctly!!!

  • CoBaby

    Hey uplink your fat daughters called they need help finding out why their dad stalks a 20 something year old on the internet. At this rate it will only take 150 weeks for Kat to go Gold…that is only 3 YEARS!! FLOP!

  • Garris

    Hey Cobaby, you poor, pathetic , ignorant piece of dog crap—–uplink doesn’t stalk Kat—–he does , however, do an excellent job of stalking the half-crazed stalkers. Get used to it. Every time we read your drivel on any of these blogs, there will be a bunch of us to absolutely bury you with cold, hard facts : you can’t pick up a magazine without reading about her and seeing her face on the cover. She has two movies lined up, she had to turn down a role that was offered to her to star in a musical. She has a two and a half million dollar contract as Big ‘n Sexy Hair’s spokesperson. You choose not to enjoy her music or like her looks, that’s fine,nobody will give you a rough time about that. But people that choose to stalk her on blog after blog after blog and spout crap about her obsessively—–well, let’s just say that they’ve turned into her fanbases favorite playthings. lmao.

  • SimonFan84

    Cold FLOP Facts:

    Katharine sold 1,400 (a bit off from 1,500) for a total of 350,000.

    120 138 KATHARINE MCPHEE Love Story 2007 RCA/RMG 24 33 -9 0.036


    62-84 Elliott (11,000; +22%; 344,000 total)(NEXT WEEK HE WILL OUTSELL HER…HAHA)

    27-25 Daughtry (22,000; -3%; 2.98 million total)
    108-99 Kellie (7,000; -6%; 600,000 total)


  • haha

    Here are some facts for you. Truth be told her album may not be a Blockbuster but I will guarantee that she has more money in her pocket then all of them! Plain and Simple! You have got to be the most pathetic excuse for a human being! Seriously, there is no way on Gods green earth that you are not a virgin!

  • SimonFan84

    Her album not a blockbuster? Understatement of the year. And more money than them? They all TOUR…Kat is performing at SIX FLAGS THEME PARKS. Get real idiot.

  • ActorFirst

    Wow, one idiot with multiple user names thinking people actually care for what he has to say. This is beyond unhealthy and borderline psychotic. Seek help immediately, my deranged friend.

  • wowee

    Wow, that person needs some help. American Idol can seriously turn some people crazy. You hate her but post in every single blog about her?

  • Amanda

    How about nobody comments anymore unless they have something nice to say about Kat?

  • celeste
  • bigfun

    maybe she is pulling out a front wedgie but damn lucky they cought it on cam but knowing that the cameras r around i am surprised she didnt it right in front like she didnt give a shit they were there lol hell i will help her with that wedgie any day of the year she is HOT!