Kate Bosworth is Worth it

Kate Bosworth is Worth it

Actress Kate Bosworth arrives at the premiere of Warner Independent‘s The 11th Hour. The movie premiered at the Arclight Cinema on Wednesday in Los Angeles

Kate came to support the new eco-movie, and her acquaintance Leonardo DiCaprio. For her own work, Kate finished work on The Girl in the Park, which co-stars Sigourney Weaver. She also recently finished shooting 21 and worked with actor heavyweights Kevin Spacey and Laurence Fishburne. 21 is “based on a true story” about six MIT students who were trained to become experts in card counting and subsequently took Vegas casinos for millions in winnings.

More pics inside of Kate looking beautiful Jil Sander dress at the premiere…

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Credit: Just Jesse (Guest Blogger); Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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  • Angelina

    she looks so beautiful and natural. too bad she doesn’t actually have a talent…


    she looks so beautiful and so fresh. And by the way she gained some


    Ummmm… She had LIP injections and those huge golf ball cheeks!!

    WTF is going on with CHEEK INJECTIONS??? YUCK!!


    oops, cheek IMPLANTS, not injections… LOL

    Soon that crap will droop!


    cheek implants, sorry!

  • Dirty Cougar

    FABULOUS in white!

  • JC

    ricki, you’re wrong. It’s GIRL in the park, not GIMP in the park. Also, she finished shooting that movie last year and will have its premiere at this year’s toronto film festival. SHE HAS more movies lined up. She finished shooting 21 which is already receiving good reviews and she’s about to film After.Life with Alfred Molina. She will also be shooting the Superman sequel next year and she bought the rights of Lost Girls and Love Hotels book. She’ll be producing and acting in the film.

    The only thing that’s not accurate is that she’s friends with Leo DiCaprio.

  • JC

    btw, cheek implants??? Why don’t you search for older photos of her before making up things?


    she has not cheek implants she just gained some weight.

  • Kory

    If you look at old pictures of Kate she’s had the same cheeks since she was 14, no cheek implants. And she has plenty of movies lined up. Not so sure about the being friends with Leo part, but maybe they are acquaintances otherwise she probably wouldn’t have been invited since it seems to be mostly people who were friends with him that showed up.

    Anyways she’s looking gorgeous!

  • angie

    I think it’s really cool when people are worth it!

  • [~Famous~]

    I think its really mean and fcuked up that people are lying and saying she’s beautiful when they know she’s not. Its not nice to make fun of people.

  • ricky

    JC, you are an idiot. First of all GIMP in the park, has only one showing at TIFF, it was more of a curtesy to the director/playwrite than anything else. Secondly 21? Seriously? That film will blow chunks. Thirdly, I’ll believe afterlife happens when I actually see it being filmed. And the SR sequel hasn’t even been greenlighted yet. And you have a greater chance of becoming president of the united states than her book deal being made into a film. Don’t you know anything about the film industry?

  • jojo

    oh no…say it ani’t so. Is it a given she will be in the next superman? I thought they would replace her. It’s common knowledge she sucked. Wasn’tshe nominated for a razzie for that lovely performance?

    I think this girls best acting is when she is calling the paps to come take pics of her. Funny how they are always there when she wants/needs them to be.

    btw..where do all the rumors of the cocaine come from? I only know of the ano but others talk about the other as if it is common knowledge. Anyone have proof? (although I think there was a pic with her with dialated eyes at some party)

  • kelana

    i think she’s fab!

  • Sienna

    She looks absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for posting! :)

  • krungkrung

    she don’t look very skinny nemore…

  • Ella

    She knows Leo through Global Greens, of course!

    She looks great. I’m happy she’s gained weight!

  • Katherine

    I don’t know whether I like or hate the dress. Her face however is so unfortunate from all of the starving or whatever she was doing a few months ago; she looks way older than 24 and by the time she is 40 she is going to look even worse. Why don’t these people take care of their skin/bodies?

    Her tummy looks a little poochie; so if that isn’t a wonder bra maybe she is preggers. Way to go James!

  • Norma

    She was never pretty in the first place and she cant act. Superman fans demand another actress for Lois Lane.

  • Yily

    Kate is beautiful but no substance. She cannot act! Superman was ruined because of her. No one believe she was Lois Lane. She wasn’t fit for the role and her acting was not at all believable. I don’t know how Kate continue to find work in the movie biz. She like all the other Hollywood clones have no real talent beside looking all primp up and pretty. Like I said before, Kate should be a model. She fit the description and I happen to like her big cheeks..heheh..:)!

  • Andreia

    She is pretty!!!!! She seems to be such a cute girl :)

  • Kitty

    She’s so boring! There is nothing remotely interesting about her. Blonde hair, flat chested and annoying voice – Yawn!!!

  • The Girl Is A Cokehead

    Last year I was in NYC visiting friends from Chicago.
    We went to this bar in the Lower East Side called Dark Room, but there
    was barely anyone inside. When we walked in, I went straight to the
    bathroom, and there were two girls in one of the stalls, obviously doing
    coke – A LOT of coke… line after line after line.. it was pretty funny.
    But from what my friends told me, it’s kind of known for that.. girls
    and guys are always doing coke in the bathrooms. After fixing my makeup
    for a few minutes, I left, and they were still in there. About 5
    mintues later two girls walk out of the bathroom – a brunette and fucking
    KATE BOSWORTH! So hilarious! She went to the bathroom several times
    throughout the night. She was really wasted and reallllly coked up. She must have done pounds of coke within a few hours. I’ve never liked her, but she really needs to lay off the drugs a little bit – she looks really
    rough (she seriously looks like she’s 40, I barely even recognized her at first) and is obviously wayyyy to skinny. Ahhh, I love New York! SNIFF SNIFF!”

  • y.b.g.

    Whoop-de-doo . . . another pretty little talentless Hollywood paperdoll. We’re supposed to take her seriously because (1) she’s not a complete trainwreck like some others her age in that town and (2) has better taste in clothes?? Please! Just another cog in the Film ‘n’ Fashion Machine.

  • ka

    Anybody could make up a story about seeing some actor/actress doing drugs. You have no proof. I’d bet anything you are just another Orlando lover trying to spread shit about Kate, cause they are the ones always parroting this crap as if its true to each other. Funny how her supposed drug activities are never hinted at in the tabloids huh just from certain Kate haters cause she stole their boy.

  • Dear Lord!

    Why do you frigging Kate-’Lovers’ always bring Orlando back up when people with some taste DARE to critisize your little sweetheart??? Get over it, Honey. O/K is gone for almost a year now and nobody even cares about that fame-wh*re and her new model bf anymore. Especially not people like us who are more than happy that Orlando came to his senses in time.

  • Marg

    She’s looking much healthier than before!
    No more chuppa chup bobbing heads on stick figure~~~

  • Dieter


  • stefanie

    She looks so much better now that she’s gained weight. She looks healthy and happy. Good for her!!! And she’s a decent actress, you are all too hard on her.

  • The Girl Is A Cokehead

    KA, Kate is not worth the time to make up a story. C’mon you saw how she looked last year.

  • jojo

    why do people say she is pretty? Anyone can look good with a make-up artist. have you seen the pics of her with her naturally stringy hair and no makeup? she is pale and washed out and no figure. I actually think dark haired girls are prettier…and closer to the real thing that you would see in the morning.

  • jojo

    watch this youtube video of her and see her PR person have to stop it when they ask her about her weight.

    she is sooo boring…


  • Michelle

    She looks pretty good for a cokehead.

  • http://pinstripebindi.vox.com louveciennes

    I know I’m supposed to know who this woman is, but damned if I can name a single thing she’s been in. There are too many skinny English (?) actresses named Kate to keep track of.

  • Tealeaf

    She looks much prettier with some weight on.

  • Haters need help

    Those with the highly hate filled ultra negative comments need some therapy. You don’t know her, who are you to call her a fame whore? It’s a job and the red carpet and pap are part of it. Not everyone is going to be an academy award winner. Get over it. I would be more concerned with the copious amounts of negative energy a stranger can evoke in you. I think it’s time for a real hobby and a life.

  • Ang

    I think she looks great. She gained some much needed weight and looks way better than before.

  • ~*Leah*~

    1) Her new *cough*beard*cough* BF looks like a mannequin.

    2) Her hair’s probably lost all nutrients from bleaching it peroxide every other day.

    3) Even though she looks good now (Angie forehead and annoying fakeness/media a**-kissing aside,) it’s funny how people could still say she looked so ‘fabulous’ and ‘glowing’ several months ago when she looked like a walking drugged corpse. Glad she finally got help from honest people…or just learned to cover up.

    4) Sure anyone can make up stories, but how can you be just as sure that it’s 100% phony?? Why do stars we like have to be so flawless that they’re this perfect girl/guy-next-door? The positive stories could be true too…maybe she’s a reallly nice person who happens to like getting realllly coked too.

    5) There’re people in this world who can dislike someone for different reasons than having to LOVE their ex…but
    Team OB!

    p.s. you’d have to be pretty dunce not no pick up on that “GIMP in the park” comment. ;P… i joke, i joke.

  • xenu

    Jeez, I go away for the weekend, and the Kate Bosworth Zombie Army shows up en force. I thought I told the rest of you jellusfattyh8rz to keep them in line while I was gone! You know how they get. Oh dear, now who is going to clean up all this slobber and jizz?