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Maddox's Army-Style B-day Bash

Maddox's Army-Style B-day Bash

Life & Style Weekly has the exclusive pictures from Brad Pitt‘s birthday surprise for son Maddox.

It all started out on Friday when Angelina Jolie brought Maddox with her to work at LA Studios. This was a distraction so that Brad Pitt could ready the house for Mad‘s 6th birthday bash. Here’s what the L&S insiders had to say:

On the parents doing the party planning: “Brad and Angelina were heavily involved in the preparations. They mapped out and set up everything themselves.”

On Braddox’s relationship: “Brad and Maddox have a unique father-son bond. Brad came into Maddox’s life at precisely the right time. He needed a strong male influence as a role model. And after all those years of wanting a child, Brad was bouncing off the walls with excitement.”

On the fun waterslide: “It was huge! Brad made sure the plastic was good and wet before anyone went down. He even inflated some rafts.”

On Brad readying the troops for Capture the Flag: “Brad really got into it,” says the insider. “He was decked out in military fatigues and a helmet. Even Angie and Zahara painted their faces!”

On the gifts Brad and Angie bought Maddox (dirt bike, a leather jacket and a helmet): “Mad wants to be a biker, just like his dad. He’s always going into Brad’s closet and strutting around in Brad’s hats!”

Check out more pictures inside of Maddox‘s bday bash…

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maddox army style bday bash 01
maddox army style bday bash 02
maddox army style bday bash 03
maddox army style bday bash 04
maddox army style bday bash 05
maddox army style bday bash 06
maddox army style bday bash 07
maddox army style bday bash 08
maddox army style bday bash 09
maddox army style bday bash 10
maddox army style bday bash 11
maddox army style bday bash 12
maddox army style bday bash 13
maddox army style bday bash 14

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  • [~Famous~]

    Angelina in black-face. Lmfao

  • katie

    maddox is so cute !

  • http://htt// b
  • creativegirl

    could I possibly be FIRST???

    Once again it warms my heart to see Brad finally getting to live out his dreams of being a dad. A super one he has become right before our eyes. and its all thanks to Angie and the love they have found together. I am so happy for them both that they have found true hapiness with each other.


  • http://htt// QUEEN ANGELINA


  • http://justjared exquisite

    Am I First? Wow looks like they had a great day.

  • jo-ann

    thank-you jared ,love the jolie-pitts.

  • black

    Just look at Brads massive chest!

    Damn it- the guy really is fit as hell.

    And these two sure as hell will be one of those couples who will stay together- forever.

  • black

    Hm….on another note…. Shilohs face will remain a secret it seems….

  • http://htt// From
  • 2985

    Awww…lucky Maddox! Happy belated birthday, yeay!!! Such cool parents, Brad’s so happy, it’s nice to see!!! :)

  • gena

    It is ashame that a magz that always writes negative things about this couple have the exclusive on Mad’s party. They must have paid a pretty penny for the rights. They probably sent the papz to the area to snap the photos. They do not deserve the right to these personal photos.
    Angie and Brad are such great parents. Brad and Maddox have a special bond; Mad is really the glue that sealed the relationship between Angie and Brad. But there had to be more between the two of them for it to stay together as it has. I just feel that these two are soulmates and should be together. It is strange how events happen to bring two people together. It seems that they both had to grow and mature and wham! It happened. We are so lucky to have a couple like this, they are very different and a breathe of fresh air. I have never felt this way about any celebs before! It is just something special about them!!!

  • thank-you jared.

    Brad is such a good father,he proably is doing things, he did as a kid.bless this wonderful family.more power to this wonderful family.

  • Ya Ya

    L&S is totally ridiculous calling Brad’s brother and his nephews the security guards kids. LMAO. Idiots

  • fresh

    I love how they were reporting last week of a break up and now they’ve flipflopped—tabloids are so predictable. I cant believe some losers believe everything thats written.

  • LanieCroft

    Looks like a hell of a party

  • juju

    There’s new pics on set

  • great

    hahaha Jared you bought L&S? you’re awseome!

  • thank-you jared.

    12 gena i agree with you 100 percent.

  • juju is late

    juju : 08/09/2007 at 8:52 am
    There’s new pics on set

    Those pics are from yesterday. Wireimage and Getty also have pics from the set yesterday.

  • kay

    this magazine is full of bullshit, and believe me there was no insider, it is just a made up story after they saw the pictures

  • Jared?

    Can you buy OK! and post the scans too?

  • Ellen

    WOW ! Great pictures ! and i love the jollie-pitts.

  • juju

    20 juju is late : 08/09/2007 at 8:54 am

    juju : 08/09/2007 at 8:52 am
    There’s new pics on set

    Those pics are from yesterday. Wireimage and Getty also have pics from the set yesterday.

    Are they? Because this is a new set of pics from them, they had onother yesterday.








  • Suzy

    this is so cute!!

  • Doug Pitt for sure

    The guy here is Doug Pitt for sure. The other pics were so little, but here no doubt.

  • Just asking

    How much did Life and Style pay for the pics?

  • anustin

    thank you famous!!!!!!!ur jareds right hand.morning all!

  • neni

    I sincerely hope L&S get sued for this (as well as the photo agency). This is invasion of privacy and this should have stayed a private family & friends moment.

  • HELP!

    Jared I can’t enlarge this scan!

    I want to read what it says, can you fix it?

  • the scans are not working

    the scans are so little!!

  • juju

    21 kay : 08/09/2007 at 8:55 am
    Of course they don’t have any insider. They just look at the pics and wrote the story they wanted.

    Does anyone seen the interview of Brad to Charlie Rose in 2004? Chalie says something like that to Brad when Brad tells with that he gave up of “wanted to get the record straight”… Charlie Rose says something like: Why bother they will take te pics and wrtite whatever they want.

  • the hell?

    Jared is using the same small scans from Access Hollywood! WE WANT THE REAL SCANS!

  • airways

    I’m not surprised Life & Style bought the pictures; no magazine with any self-respect would buy them seeing how the pictures were obtained unethically. Which is why it’s hilarious that you’re even posting these pictures, Jared. Have some decency and some respect of the family’s privacy that was obviosuly violated.


    If anyone buys this issue, scan the pages and send them to Jared, so all we can read the article and see the pics bigger.

  • www

    Caught in another lie.

    [b]Gun-toting Brangelina ban toy guns for their kids![/b]

    The London News.Net
    Wednesday 9th May, 2007 (ANI)

    London, May 9 : Their romance started with an action packed flick, but Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have banned their kids from seeing them brandish guns on screen.

    And the couple has also laid down a ‘no toy weapons’ rule in the house.

    A set source said that Jolie and Pitt were doing this so that their kids – Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh – will not grow up thinking that weapons are cool.

    “Angelina is protecting them from seeing her making violence look good,” The Sun quoted the source, as saying.

    “Staff have been told the kids can’t even see props. And toy guns are a complete no-no,” the source revealed.

    However, there are a few people who just can’t help being amused by the rule, for some of Jolie’s most famous roles are movies like ‘Lara Croft’ and ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’, that were filled with violence.

    “It’s caused a few chuckles. Most of her successful roles have had her waving weapons and getting violent,” the source said.

  • www

    I’m a hater and will spend my day annoying the hell out of you all

  • www


  • sam p

    to www
    yes,and we will ignore you

  • www

    Are you guys not responding to me? Come on!

  • Naomi

    even though i like angelina an her kids, they should stop givin away those pics an stuff! they create an auro of bein a superceleb around them an makin themselves bigger than life! an angelina doesn’t even like being a celeb so i don’t understand why they always give the media such scoops! i want the old angelina back :(.

  • Naomi

    zorry, not auro, it’s AURA.

  • LJ

    It’s sad that they can’t spend even kids bd without those paparazzies..Where were that party? Their own property? If so isn’t that illeagal??

  • juju

    42 Naomi : 08/09/2007 at 9:16 am
    Angelina and Brad didn’t gave anything… The paps took the pics from the boats.

  • www

    I wake up at the crack of dawn searching for articles on the jolie-pitts, because I dream about them all night, think about them all day . I am completely obsessed and I can’t stop. HELP ME.



  • juju

    44 LJ : 08/09/2007 at 9:17 am

    I think it is, illegal… But currently the paps and tabloids are allowed to do almost anything they want, so…

    Somenthing is very wrong, and sooner or later has to be adressed by the authorities the the legislators… There’s a big difference between “freedom of press”, and lies, harassment…

  • nona

    yep — those photos confirm it. that is clearly a dysfunctional family on the verge of breaking up. the children obviously are estranged from their parents; and it’s clear that the parents can barely tolerate one another’s presence…

  • sorry

    46 www : 08/09/2007 at 9:23 am
    I wake up at the crack of dawn searching for articles on the jolie-pitts, because I dream about them all night, think about them all day . I am completely obsessed and I can’t stop. HELP ME.


    You are helpless.