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Maddox's Army-Style B-day Bash

Maddox's Army-Style B-day Bash

Life & Style Weekly has the exclusive pictures from Brad Pitt‘s birthday surprise for son Maddox.

It all started out on Friday when Angelina Jolie brought Maddox with her to work at LA Studios. This was a distraction so that Brad Pitt could ready the house for Mad‘s 6th birthday bash. Here’s what the L&S insiders had to say:

On the parents doing the party planning: “Brad and Angelina were heavily involved in the preparations. They mapped out and set up everything themselves.”

On Braddox’s relationship: “Brad and Maddox have a unique father-son bond. Brad came into Maddox’s life at precisely the right time. He needed a strong male influence as a role model. And after all those years of wanting a child, Brad was bouncing off the walls with excitement.”

On the fun waterslide: “It was huge! Brad made sure the plastic was good and wet before anyone went down. He even inflated some rafts.”

On Brad readying the troops for Capture the Flag: “Brad really got into it,” says the insider. “He was decked out in military fatigues and a helmet. Even Angie and Zahara painted their faces!”

On the gifts Brad and Angie bought Maddox (dirt bike, a leather jacket and a helmet): “Mad wants to be a biker, just like his dad. He’s always going into Brad’s closet and strutting around in Brad’s hats!”

Check out more pictures inside of Maddox‘s bday bash…

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620 Responses to “Maddox's Army-Style B-day Bash”

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  1. 601
    amle Says:

    Angelina and brad do this for pr. It is all a photo op. They couldnt care less about those kids. She whores them out in magazines and for photo ops.

  2. 602
    Angie is a homewreckerx3 Says:

    Jolie Pitt fans are weird, to put it mildly – why do you care so much? they´re just people….

  3. 603
    a realist Says:

    602 amle : 08/09/2007 at 7:08 pm
    Angelina and brad do this for pr. It is all a photo op. They couldnt care less about those kids. She whores them out in magazines and for photo ops.
    So according to your ignorant pea brain, all parents who take their children out of the house are whoring them out? You ignorant effer.

  4. 604
    luvangie4ever Says:

    I love these pics!!! Thanks Jared. I was so touched when I looked at these… very happy to see them happy. How people can bring themselves to say mean things about them is beyond me. That’s a truly beautiful family.

  5. 605
    neaya Says:

    Brad Pitt Shows Up for Jury Duty

    Brad Pitt: Sexiest juror alive?

    The actor showed up for jury duty in Los Angeles on Thursday, reports.
    According to the site, Pitt, 43, showed up in a T-shirt, dark jeans and a black cap. Observers said he even wore a juror badge, and then had Subway delivered for lunch.

    There’s no word yet on whether he’ll be picked for a jury.

    As for the rest of the Pitt-Jolie clan, Angelina is currently in Chicago, where she’s hard at work on her new film Wanted. She and Pitt spent the weekend helping son Maddox celebrate his 6th birthday.

  6. 606
    gin Says:

    looks like they are glorying war with this theme

  7. 607
    gizmatage Says:

    I really like this family… A LOT. No matter what you guys think about them, no matter how you might not like how they got together, you can’t deny that this couple seems to adore their family.

  8. 608
    Mary Says:

    Ha, ha, ha

    “Life & Style Weekly has the exclusive pictures”………Yeah right.

    Life & Style Weekly must be a little bit deluded and confused.

    Exclusive normally means you have contacted the celebrity and made an arrangement and gained permission to take the celebrities photo.

    I would hardly consider blurred pictures taken by photographers crouching in bushes and using a long distance lens as “exclusive”.

  9. 609
    guest Says:

    Mary why don’t you look up the word “exclusive” in your dictionary then come back with a definition for us.

  10. 610
    Capjan19 Says:

    Brad is in L.A. today attending jury duty. Check with He didn’t get to serve though, so I figure he will return to Chicago ASAP to be with Angelina and the kids. Just love this family so much.

  11. 611
    a big fan Says:

    142 WTF : 08/09/2007 at 10:30 am
    I am a HUGE fan of the Pitts but I have to admit most of their fans are complete IDIOTS. You all will spend at least the next 3 pages asking for links from INSIDERS whose only purpose is to come here and stir up bullshit. You’ll then spend the next 4 pages coming up with the most stupid justifications as to why Brad may have left Chicago, and then come up with a list of all the other celebrity couples who don’t spend every waking minute together. Don’t you get it by coming up with your lists and reasons you actually play into the hands of the haters? YOU ALL MUST ENJOY BEING PLAYED. THERE IS NO OTHER REASON FOR WHY YOU CHOOSE TO RESPOND DAY AFTER DAY TO THE SAME BULLSHIT. SO I SAY HATERS MAKE THESE MONKEYS DANCE. WE REAL FANS WILL **** BACK AND WATCH THE SHOW.

    You were so right and of course by six oclock the real facts came out. But yet this thread had all the bullshit.

  12. 612
    mandy Says:

    #10, Angelina looks as though she had an incontinent episode. What exactly makes her your hero? Did she use the bathroom on herself? Maybe that is just a shadow? I am not sure.

  13. 613
    jq Says:

    569 discuss


    You are absolutely disgusting. What’s wrong with boys playing war games ? Boys are boys. I’ve three brothers, they used to play like that when they were growing up and now my son used to play war games on video or the internet. there’s nothing wrong on it. at least , I knew his sexuality. I’ll be worried if he prefer playing barbie or the other girls stuff game.

  14. 614
    jq Says:

    Everytime Angie was seen with her kids. its’ photo op ? But picture of Garner and her Violet, Kate and Suri, Gwen and Kingston, Gwyneth and Apple were seen more often that Angie and the kids. but according to the haters, these woman are good mother just living their life. IT’s pure BS double standard! They just can’t accept Angie was a good mother , & a devoted partner 1000 x’s better than Norman and Daisy’s mom. whose name I’m tired of mentioning.

  15. 615
    irma Says:

    So, Brad stayed in L.A last night after jury duty & maybe fly back to Chicago today or after some business commitments. As soon as the filming of Wanted is over, I wonder where the Jolie-Pitts will be for a while. Remember, Ange said she will lay low for a year, maybe they plan to live in France for the meantime away from the paparazzi that seems can’t leave them alone. I feel sorry for the whole family, it seems they can’t get their privacy wherever they are. Speculations surfaced lately, I’m sure they are doing fine, they can’t live without one another for so long. They love each other & the kids make it more bonding.Let’s wait for the next news about the couple & kids.

  16. 616
    Robyn Says:

    Wonder where Brad’s parents are………hmmmmmmmm…….Angie must still be miffed that they like Jen better. hahahaha!!!

  17. 617
    Tara Says:

    Where’s this Pax Thien, who they adopted in March? I’ve never seen a photo of him! All I ever see are photos of Brad and Angelina with Maddox and Zahara..I’ve only seen Shiloh twice and never Pax Thien. Hmm?

  18. 618
    war is beautifull Says:

    i am sure, marianne pearl whose husband and childs father got killed in WAR!!!! must be amazed to see, how the producer and his girlfriend a main star of a film about her murdered husband, which should speak against war are having family fun playing war….

    but oh, wait, isnt it, that jolie-pitt have no problems with moslems killing jews, they just preach to the whole world to be nice to terrorists and moslems, because they are also human

    and war is also human, so there is no moral hurt when little children learn soon, that war is just a game

    i tell you, this is one of the most stupid things they did in their “journey” for peace and i am sure, the day, when someone in your family or from your friends gets caught in real war, you wont find it anymore fun buying your children plastic guns and army toys….

  19. 619
    Wanna Says:

    Happy belated birthday, Maddox! You and your family are amazing :)

  20. 620
    mandy Says:

    Those pictures are cute, however some of the editorials are blatant untruths. The onr when they say Brad checks in on Pax. Brad walked past Pax as if he was a figment of his imagination. They need to stop playing.

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