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Maddox's Army-Style B-day Bash

Maddox's Army-Style B-day Bash

Life & Style Weekly has the exclusive pictures from Brad Pitt‘s birthday surprise for son Maddox.

It all started out on Friday when Angelina Jolie brought Maddox with her to work at LA Studios. This was a distraction so that Brad Pitt could ready the house for Mad‘s 6th birthday bash. Here’s what the L&S insiders had to say:

On the parents doing the party planning: “Brad and Angelina were heavily involved in the preparations. They mapped out and set up everything themselves.”

On Braddox’s relationship: “Brad and Maddox have a unique father-son bond. Brad came into Maddox’s life at precisely the right time. He needed a strong male influence as a role model. And after all those years of wanting a child, Brad was bouncing off the walls with excitement.”

On the fun waterslide: “It was huge! Brad made sure the plastic was good and wet before anyone went down. He even inflated some rafts.”

On Brad readying the troops for Capture the Flag: “Brad really got into it,” says the insider. “He was decked out in military fatigues and a helmet. Even Angie and Zahara painted their faces!”

On the gifts Brad and Angie bought Maddox (dirt bike, a leather jacket and a helmet): “Mad wants to be a biker, just like his dad. He’s always going into Brad’s closet and strutting around in Brad’s hats!”

Check out more pictures inside of Maddox‘s bday bash…

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620 Responses to “Maddox's Army-Style B-day Bash”

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  1. 101
    Erlyn Says:

    I absolutely love this beautiful family! :) They are so great with the kids!

  2. 102
    to huh Says:



  3. 103

    Last Night after a huge fight, Brad went back to L.A

  4. 104
    krungkrung Says:

    am not buying this BS magazine, if i can get it for free or read it for free a lot better but am not donating them my hard earned mullahs, the pics above don’t seem to enlarge? too bad Krung can’t read it just enjoy the pics hehe…

  5. 105
    Angelina Says:

    aww…i gotta say, i actually squealed a little when i saw those photos- they’re sooo adorable! i really envy this family sometimes…they all seem to have a great relationship w/ eachother. happy 6th birthday maddox- we all love you and your beautiful family!

  6. 106
    Dirty Cougar Says:

    Maddoz is adorbable! I could totally spoil that kid if, it were mine. My 11 year boy, Matt is a lovable, handsome goof. The boys are cool!

  7. 107
    trolls are blind Says:

    OK again wheres Pax dont seem to see him anymore?
    You mean the pics from the party? because he’s there

  8. 108
    juju Says:

    100 ntt : 08/09/2007 at 10:06 am


  9. 109
    poi Says:


  10. 110
    julia Says:

    seriously what kind of a loser wakes up, makes up storiesa about people they know nothing about and puts it out there? You need to check yourself because you have severe mental problems.

  11. 111
    NEW PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    Brad at the Chicago airport. Caption reads: Brad Pitt leaves Chicago fulling reports that his relationship with angelina jolie is in trouble.

  12. 112
    bite me Says:

    there is not video on splash

  13. 113
    Brad Says Says:

    Brad Pitt says:

    I had a turbulent life with Jen. Because of that, my career suffered. My movies flopped, then I did not work for some time.

    After meeting Angie, I became a new man both intimately and artistically speaking. Now my movies are all artistically and commercially successful. Angie is truly my lucky charm.

    Angie is truly a work of art. We are as much as in love as on the first day.

  14. 114
    Angelina is a saint Says:

    “Jennifer Lopez won a permanent injunction barring her ex-spouse, Ojani Noa, from disclosing intimate information about their relationship for personal gain.

    Among the revelations purportedly made in the ghost-written book, according to media accounts, was that Lopez had multiple affairs during her brief marriage to Noa, including one with salsa-singer Marc Anthony, Lopez’s third and current husband, while he also was married to someone else.”

    if i’m not mistaken, Anthony has little kid with ex spouse, and yet nobody calls JL a homewrecker;

    Angelina is a saint compared to these hypocrites women in Hollywood

  15. 115
    kay Says:

    Brad has left Chicago. Apparently he boarded a private plane yesterday evening. Destination unknown.


  16. 116
    J3$$!C@ Says:

    Brad’s in China :roll:

  17. 117
    WHERE IS SARA? Says:

    Sara where the heck is the link of the blog? I’m waiting

  18. 118
    Rubyrose77 Says:

    Where the video of brad leaving because i can’t see one on Splash

  19. 119
    Alexanderina Says:

    LMAO so Brad left Chicago for LA, so that must mean he and Angie split, people please get a damn life. I am sure that Brad have business in LA and will be family in Chicago with his family. And I guess for now on anytime Brad or Angie leave each other for a little while, then they are splitting up or split. Some of you people are really sad and pathetic for real

  20. 120
    bite me Says:

    Brad is currently running a warm bath for me right now

  21. 121
    ignore them Says:

    its not true ignore the haters, they are jealous.
    angelina is beutiful rich and with a happy fanmily and other havent nothing……..

  22. 122

    Check tomorrow’s Bill column at the Chicago sun-times for details of the huge fight that made Brad leave Chicago after one day.

  23. 123
    Love Song Says:

    no such video on splash and even if there’s one that dsnt prove anything except that brad had business to do somewhere else. if he did go, he’ll be back with his family soon enough.

  24. 124
    huh Says:

    Life & Style magazine has the scoop of the week. In their issue that hits newsstands on August 9, they showcase exclusive photos of the 6th birthday party of Maddox Pitt which took place over August 4-5 at dad Brad Pitt’s $4.5 million beachfront property just north of Santa Barbara, Ca. What’s so shocking about the photos? Aside from the “boys only” party featuring all of the kids wearing military fatigues and smeared camouflage make-up on their faces, there are photos of Angelina Jolie, 32, carrying Zahara, 2, with that same gear and make-up on her face. Why is the goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Comissioner for Refugees “playng war” with her children? Jolie makes a big deal about visiting war-torn countries like Dafur, Sudan, Chad and Pakistan in her quest to learn more about the plight of refugees (many the children of war) and what can be done to help them not only survive but increase their quality of life. Her three adopted children come from countries that have seen their share of wars: Maddox is from Cambodia, Pax, 3, is from Vietnam, and Zahara from Ethiopia.

    This hypocritical behavior is nothing new from Jolie, who set out rules for the media during her press blitz for her last movie A Mighty Heart, the story of slain investigative journalist Daniel Pearl. The idea of what Pearl died for was the journalistic freedom of speech, the right of the public to know what is really going on without censorship; yet there she was trying to squelch the press. God forbid someone ask something about her relationship with Brad that she hadn’t already told Ann Curry, Anderson Cooper, Reader’s Digest, TV Guide or Vanity Fair. So, when you pick up your issue of Life & Style this week, study the photos and ask yourself, does this seem like a children’s birthday party theme that is fitting to all that Jolie preaches?

    A classic symptom of borderline personality disorder is applying standards of behavior to other people that you don’t apply to yourself.
    War is bad, but it’s okay for MY kids to playact it. Sleeping with a married man is wrong, but in my case, he wasn’t REALLY married. Censorship is wrong, but not if I’m being written about. Shady adoptions are wrong, but I have to do it because my past is “misunderstood”.

  25. 125
    J3$$!C@ Says:

    Yeah, Katie Holmes came back to the States while Tom is still in Germany, I guess that means they split too. Oh wait no cuz they arent Brad and Angelina, its only when these two are apart for a second that they are splitting up. Ridiculous

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