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Megan Fox Alienates People

Megan Fox Alienates People

Megan Fox is on set of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People shooting in New York City on Wednesday.

After breaking out onto the scene with her role in Transformers, she has no doubt grabbed the attention of the celebrity world. Being featured in magazines such as Maxim and several others has helped catapult her into the limelight. Fox has also had roles in the sitcoms Hope & Faith and Two and a Half Men.

The actress is engaged to former Beverly Hills 90210 Brian Austin Green.

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  • Lilflowa

    her eyebrows are scary

  • cheekymonkey

    this should be interesting…

  • me

    I don’t get the hype surrounding this girl. She’s not that “hot” as so many people keep saying. I’ll give you that she is attractive, but she’s not as beautiful as most people make her out to be. Besides she wasn’t even the star of the Transformers movie. She’s just another flash in the pan “actress.” I don’t see a real future as a serious actor ever developing.

  • Amy


  • neri

    I dont think she is beautiful. Her co-star Gillian Anderson is 39 and looks a lot more beautiful

  • [~Famous~]

    she’s gorgeous, to bad her body’s not as impressive as her face.

  • Pornegan is ove rrated

    Let’s see ,new nose (pointed beak),collagen injected new lips,hair dyed jet black=CHER,but dresses and acts like a Jenna Jameson porn star.
    Can’t act…Blah blah blah. Yeah please trim off those dyed black brows,you need less of em..Overbite and when not retouched, her skin is riddle in acne and scars. Over Rated!

  • pimples

    Kim Kardashian’s sister and look alike. Maybe they will do a porn flick together with Ray Ray!!Lil Kim will be pi-ssed..haha

  • Angelina

    i want to like her, really. but she’s not doing much to impress me right now…i dunno, i guess its just that she seems like one of those trashy young celebrities which hopefully, she isn’t.

  • Dirty Cougar

    I wonder is she related to Jorja Fox on CSI Las Vegas? The both have dark hair and similar teeth.

  • 2985

    I keep trying to at least tolerate her, if not like her, but it’s not working. Something about her just seems ‘try hard’, especially after the men’s mags spreads. I also don’t get how she was pretty much in every Transformers major city promo, considering she wasn’t actually one of the leads. But hey, if you got a movie to promote and some T&A will help, why not I guess.

  • [~Famous~]

    Now she’s a Kim Kardashian look alike? LMFAO Damn you oldgly women are jealous of younger chicks.

  • j

    she looks gorgeous,so pretty in pink :)

  • Mushaboom

    Angelina Jolie wannabe!

  • Kath

    Right on you are. mushaboom. but i cant imagine her adopting kids and being an ambassador, haha. she’s NOTHING compared to angie.

  • jaime

    I think she kind of looks like Kim too. Her whole face is plastic. So is Kim’s and Kim’s bootie. Except Kim’s prettier,better body.

  • [~Famous~]

    How old was Angelina when she adopted the kids and became an ambassador? Lol Before then she was a fcuking s!utty heroin addicted goth.

  • Kate

    I dont’ know why, but I look at her and go “yech.” I never call anybody ugly, but this girl to me is just totally unattractive. I don’t mean unattractive like un-beautiful, I mean unattractive like she doesn’t attract me. I don’t know what it is… the hair, the eyebrows, the really poofy lips? Something about her is just off-putting.

  • annoxious

    She has striking good looks

  • nadine

    I totally agree Kate! She’s like the female K-fed, no matter what nice clothes she’s wearing it always looks as if she’s all filthy underneath. Yuck!

  • thomasena

    Tom has always been gay and you too little man…hahaha

  • black

    And Angelina 2.0. strikes again!

  • [~Famous~]

    Angelina’s bisexual

  • Harlow

    Angelina never dressed like this when she was young. She barely ever wore dresses and when she did she still did it in a tom boy type of way. She was more like machele Rodrigez in the way that she dressed.

    This girl wears nothing but dresses and make up and says that she is a tom boy at heart. No tom boy I know would consistently wear make up.

    If you want an future Angelina look at Vanessa Ferlito or Machele but not this girl.

  • [~Famous~]
  • D


  • toms secret

    Tom secretly hates women,like you,(but you dont like kids either) and he has alot in common with M.Jackson -Tom wanted to be a catholic priest now he’s a atheist, which is worse than bi,(she’s noton drugs or bi but when she was she was honest unlike,in the closet Tom) or gay,but his secret fetishes are close. Tom hid all his secret documents in Rihanna’s wig. Megan is ok looking- no AJ.
    Her teeth stick out like a rabbit.

  • Get lives

    Angelina 2.0.? why beacuse she has lips which arent the size of a line and blue eyes and arched eyebrows oh and god forbid she should get a tattoo just like millions of people do. Man you people are so brainwashed with the image of angelina that you think some similar features must mean she’s a copy cat. Get over yourselves. I do not see angelina in this girl what so ever. I think she is pretty attractive. Sure her nose is a little weird and her eyebrows a little thick but she is by no means ugly. Stop hating on her she has yet to show if she truly has some talent or not. She’s a new comer.

  • ha

    she looks really pretty , its just her eyebrows that are soo close to each other!! she has the face , so with a little makeup she could look flawless.

  • Tealeaf

    She looks like a trashy porn star or the pleather Angelina Jolie.

  • whoa

    Mimi Rogers, the woman responsible for introducing Tom Cruise to the world of Xenu says he would never have sex and was bent on becoming a monk. Even though the two were married, he wanted to remain celebate to “maintain the purity of his instrument” which I find really interesting and at the same time weird and suspicious. Why would you get married if you were planning on becoming a monk?

    Obviously Tom changed his tune about his profession, going to the other extreme. He gave up his dreams of lending his voice to the Benedictine Monk chanting album after Mimi tried to deflower him. She then set him up with the Dianetic officials hoping to cleanse his thetan and bring him to another level. I wonder if Scientology is one of those pyramid schemes like Amway where you get money for recruiting people? She’s making a load off the Cruise meister

  • Nadia

    she’s creepy and she looks like a bitch

  • ash

    something about her just seems so trashy to me. she’s pretty but nothing special.

  • EvilLynn

    **Dirty Cougar**

    Yeah, yeah yeah!!! She DOES look like Jorja Fox! She could be Jorja Fox’s younger sister who has longer hair and wears more makeup! That’s so dead on, I never thought of it before, but you’re 100% right!

  • j

    this girl is trying too hard to look like angelina and her pr people seem desperate to sell her as such (she’s been asked questions about the angelina comparison in interviews)…yeah, her lips are so real. not!…she’s not as intriguing and as out of this world wacky as angelina was. lol.

  • john

    she was in maxim and a bad movie that required no acting. shes about as credible as a soap star. Im bored, next bimbo please

  • mickey

    She is very hard looking.

  • Francophile

    Isn’t that chick, the natural dirty blond ex highschooler who looked like a sweet pretty girl next door and got herself into lips enlargement, changed her hairstyle and dyed them and got nearly same tattoes at the same place as AJ to look like her ? I have seen pictures of her before and after her tremendous transgormation…she looked nothing like before.

    Isn’t the same girl that is saying loudly how much she likes having sex everyday and several times a day since she is young, have no problem going on the nude in front of the camera and isn’t her boyfriend the Brian from Beverly hills 90210 ?

  • C

    She kinda reminds me of Janice Dickinson…and I can’t remember the last time I had a positive thought about Janice Dickinson.

  • cheap looking

    she should do porno like was said already and while doing it see a dermotologist+dentist.fame ho-re to the max!
    her lips are bigger now than 2 yrs ago.

  • angie!

    i dont know what all you guys are talking about…she’s not beautiful?!?! yeah on what planet?!? she’s GORGEOUS!!! i guess some girls have more haters than others.

  • angie!

    & you ALL wish you could look like her! dont lie to yourself.

  • C

    I’m not saying shes ugly, I’m saying shes skanky.
    There is a difference.

  • Cynthia

    Megan Fox is very pretty, and she’s a good actress. She looks better than a lot of these overrated actresses today. I find her quite underrated.

  • Now who crave for attention and is narcisstic ?

    This site is not dedicated to fans but her threads is filled with them more than any other and ot is a known fact about JJ. So if someone has the urgent need of going in it to explain or justify her personal dislike knowing that, it just proving how narcisstic and pretentious this person is to try to explain to her FANS why s/he dislike her. It just proves WITHOUT ANY DOUBT that this person think she is that important and that her persenal dislike needs some validation by those who doesn’t share it.

    That’s my dear is the clear demonstration of how narcistic, self centerd and self inmportant one feels if she needs to take the step of writing on a forum explaining her antipathy to people who she knows doesn’t share it !

  • remember da truth

    In answer to your question, Famous, Angelina gave up heroin at age 20 or earlier — it was as a teen she did drugs. She adopted Maddox at age 26. She was working for the UN on her own before they asked her to be an ambassador, at age 26. She was never a goth. She dyed her hair black for a time — also platinum, saying she liked the extremes. In the movies Playing by Heart, and Hackers, her hair is very short. In Tomb Raider, she is wearing it very long with extensions. Like many people in their teens and 20′s, she was trying a lot of different things.

    She has had ONE female lover, and what really pisses everyone off is that she talked about it, unapologetically. As about everything, when asked, she is open and honest. No one can dig up dirt on her because she has already admitted to everything. It pisses people off that she is in control, and is not afraid to say who she is, and so they will try to exaggerate or downright lie, just to attack her and tear her down and get even with her for her being so honest.



  • Yily

    Angelina Jolie’s wannabe! Over this chick…thought she was hot before…but now sick of her attitude and copycat look.

  • df

    someone hook me up with her plastic surgeon! She’s pretty but i wish hollywood would honor natural beauty once in awhile. Anyway, she’d better be careful with the faces she makes, she looks quite mannish in the first pic. And to those that say people should not hate, who is going to provide an alternative to the mass, unwarranted ass kissing of this overrated chic?