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Start Losing Friends & Alienating People

Start Losing Friends & Alienating People

Kirsten Dunst arrives at her SoHo Hotel on Wednesday for the same movie we recently saw Megan Fox on set for, where she was hounded by adoring fans wanting autographs.

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People also stars Simon Pegg, who plays a disillusioned intellectual who both adores and despises the world of celebrity, fame and glamour.

So which of these two actresses, Megan Fox or Kirsten Dunst, is most likely to lose more friends and alienate people in the movie?

More pics inside….

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Credit: Just Jesse (Guest Blogger); Photos: Mike DiSciullo/Bauer-Griffin, A. Macpherson/Splash News
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  • laur

    i like kirsten but i dont like that megan fox

  • Stacey

    Megan Fox looks so much like Jennifer Connelly. She looks like a mix of Jennifer Connelly and Angelina Jolie actually. You’re pretty dang lucky when you’re a combo of two of the world’s most beautiful women!

  • C

    Oh god I can’t stand Megan Fox. She looks like a total bitch. I have never seen her have a smile like “Hey nice to see you! This is fun!” she always looks like “Eeww don’t touch me!”

  • EvilLynn

    eh…from a “talent” standpoint? Kirsten has had a pretty decent career, she’s been steadily working since she was, like, what? 10 or something? Kirsten has also moved from “kid actor” into adult roles with more grace and aplomb than most of her contemporaries (example: what’s Anna Paquin doing?)

    Each time Megan Fox is in a film with another actress of her generation, the “other” actress garners the most critical praise, and ends up with more of a career (remember, now, that Fox and L. Lohan were cast in the same film, and it was Lohan who garnered more fame, and greater name recognition).

    Bottom line: Fox doesn’t have the chops. Dunst, when she’s not lazily dialing in a performance, can actually act. Haven’t seen her do it since…oh, maybe the “Virgin Suicides” but she can, if she wants to…Fox…not so much.

  • But seriously….

    I don’t know about Megan’s acting ability, but she is the most attractive by far. Kirsten is spectular actress, and she’s physically attractive in that jennifer Anniston way (it’ll be easier for unattractive people to be drawn to her), she cleans up well. already people are posting that they don’t like Ms. Fox, don’t tell me it has nothing to do with the fact that she is physically stunning.

    It’s soooo predictable.

  • Cheap lookin Fox

    Pornegan really thinks she all that ,look at her stance..she’s delusional.

  • Aleisha

    Why has no one mentioned Simon Pegg yet? He’s amazing! And also the only reason I want to see this movie now =)

  • remember da truth

    But seriously…… You have hit the nail on the head.

    Why are women so threatened by a strong, attractive, sexual woman? They should look at themselves and ask themselves why they prefer a woman who seems more ordinary, approachable, like any Wal-Mart clerk, over a woman who seems unattainable and desirable and powerful with an attitude of confidence and assured sexuality?

    I notice that fat girls prefer other heavy girls. That a woman who says she has trouble getting her thighs under control and/or says something derogatory about men will instantly have similar women around her all saying how “down to earth” and “fun” and “normal” she is. A woman who works to keep her figure looking good, and enjoys the company of men is seen through bitter eyes and the bitties will sit in the corner and say nasty things about them.
    And obviously, a sexy body = slut. We all know a woman who admits to liking sex and is attractive to men MUST be sleeping with every man she can, right? (rolls eyes)

    Yes, But seriously, you are right on with your assessment!

  • depeche

    why no pictures about Simon Pegg??? I love him, he is such a cute

  • angie!

    i think based on these on set pics, i think Megan’s character is the one who alienates people. whats up with everyone hating on Megan lately??! she’s beautiful you cant deny it! & how can you base someone’s acting ability on an action movie?!…geeze!

  • C

    To But seriously…and remember da truth:

    I agree, people are more attracted to a person when their look is “attainable”. It’s because they look normal, like someone you could approach on the street not a fembot.

    And I’m sorry I don’t see the same qualities in Megan Fox that you do. A strong, attractive, sexual woman?!? No, Michelle Pfieffer and Angelina Jolie are strong, attractive, sexual women. Megan Fox looks like a complete b.i.t.c.h! I would not in a million years but this trash in the same category as Michelle or Angelina!

    But I’m sorry, my apologies if I am not attracted to b*****, egotistical people. There must be something wrong with me.

  • ???

    i dont deny she is pretty but beautiful no jmo,ive seen her close up without retouching and she is not as pretty without help.she should have not gotten the faux lips it throws her off, same as jessica beil,should of kept them natural.megan needs to take some acting class, and stop the trashy way she throws herself out there.

  • [~Famous~]

    Megan Fox is a lot Hotter in a T-shirt and aviators than she is dressed up.

  • [~Famous~]

    “Each time Megan Fox is in a film with another actress of her generation, the “other” actress garners the most critical praise, and ends up with more of a career (remember, now, that Fox and L. Lohan were cast in the same film, and it was Lohan who garnered more fame, and greater name recognition).” – EvilLynn

    WTF?!? LMAOO L. Lohan was the leading actress in that film numb-nuts. Lol It was HER movie. LOL And you said “each time”, that was the ONLY time, unless you can name ‘other film she was in with another female of her generation’ that know one else seen… LOL

  • Nana

    LOVE Megan Fox! Shes so hot!

  • nika

    I agree with famous.

  • nika

    that is lot Hotter in a T-shirt and aviators glasses.

  • EvilLynn


    You’re kind of proving my point. Yeah, L. Lohan was, indeed, the lead actress in the film…and Lohan is not a heart-stoppingly brilliant thespian, so, theoretically, Fox’s character should have been able to eclipse Lohan’s (not to mention, Lohan wasn’t doing her best work in that…not by half..) by virtue of Fox’s talent.

    It’s happened before: in the film “Girl, Interrupted” Winona Ryder was the “main character” It was, essentially a Ryder vehicle, engineered to win her an academy award. We all know how it ended: the actress who played a supporting (and much smaller) role made a bigger impact. Angelina Jolie walked away with an Oscar that year, Ryder was not even nominated for hers. So, you see, FAMOUS, the “main star” has been upstaged by a supporting player before.

    That nobody remembers Fox when she works with other actresses her age is testament to the fact that she’s forgetable: when she worked alongside Kaley Cuoco, Kaley’s star took off faster (same as when she worked with Lohan)

    When she was in a project that only had David (Bud Bundy)Faustino and Tori (90210) Spelling in it as the “name brand” stars, she should TOTALLY have been the standout….but she wasn’t.

    Opposite the Olsen twins, she couldn’t generate any buzz for herself…a set-up where, again, it would have been easy to do.

    I’ll say that she’s still very young, and a career turn-around can happen if she chooses the proper project. But if the only things she can outshine are some CGI robots from an old cartoon show..then she’s not going to last very long.

    There are many actresses who are every bit as lovely, but who are much more talented. Jury’s out, but she has to get it together pretty fast….



  • ummmm…yeah

    Megan will never be Angelina. Never.

  • C

    Jealous of what? Her striking good looks? Maybe, but they’re a dime a dozen. I don’t think anyone will dispute the fact that Angelina Jolie is a very very attractive person (anyone should be rightly jealous of her) and you’ll rarely find someone who dislikes Angelina Jolie this much.

    Case and point, I think peoples dislike for Megan Fox goes beyond her looks.

    Stop being so shallow and thinking that people dislike her because their jealous of her physical appearance. She has a personality problem IMO.

  • [~Famous~]

    EvilLynn, WTF! you are going stupid hard! I don’t give a fcuk about Megan! she could suck ass for all I care. It’s not that serious. LMFAOO

    You comparing Megan’s FIRST real work in Hollywood, to Girl, Interrupted?!? Girl, Interrupted?!? Seriously, that’s a GREAT film and you’re comparing it to a Lindsay Lohan movie?!? ~smh~ How many films did Angelina do before Girl, Interrupted, and “Winona”?

    Megan’s the worst actress on the planet, okay? Lol

    And according to you every supporting actor / actress should outshine their lead. right? ROTFLMAO @ You. Thanks I needed that.

    *I will never type this much ever again*

  • poo

    i find megan icky. she has those ‘overly fondled pornstar’ breasts. i think she will not age well and will end up with fake tatas in a year.
    just an opinion…

  • carlita

    Kirsten may look like she smells homeless, but I’ll bet she’s way nicer than megan fox. megan fox is very pretty, but she is also a ridiculously horrid actress. kirsten isn’t the greatest either, but she is improving…i think. there are so many talented and beautiful actresses who deserve the chance at megan’s roles. i’d rather watch a Spanish over-acted soap opera than see megan fox or jessica alba butcher any more roles.

  • kelana

    i love kirsten’s shorts, are they the ones from american apparel??

  • neri

    Where is Simon and Where is Gillian Anderson. Those worth something here.

  • rachel

    Yes, Megan Fox is a very attractive young woman. It’s hard to deny that she has a very unique face and a great body. I’ll even praise her ability to speak so frankly about how much she enjoys sex. Good for her. But speaking for myself, I am NOT threatened by her looks.

    It’s more so the way she comes off that makes me want not want to be her BFF. Sure she’s a confident gal. But there’s definitely a difference between confidence and conceit. Angelina Jolie exudes confidence. Jennifer Hudson exudes confidence. Based on her pictures, Megan Fox exudes conceit. She knows she’s the shit. And that’s a characteristic that some people shy away from because well…who wants to be made inferior to someone just because she thinks she looks hotter?

    Has anyone seen Megan on Jimmy Kimmell? Too make a short interview even shorter…not much goin’ on up there. The girl lacks depth. In addition, she says, “I have an older sister who’s 33 and much more beautiful than I am.” Right there she admits that she’s hot. She could have just said, “I have a beautiful older sister.”

  • Missy

    overly fondled pornstar breasts…HAHAHA

  • mark

    oh god megan fox is extremely sexy, pretty and has alot more personality. Kirsten dunst is just another sad ugly story.

  • (‘@’)

    Don’t like that Megan Fox, period.

  • C

    rachel I agree with you 100%! I hate girls who are completely into themselves, whether their pretty or otherwise has nothing to do with it.

  • val

    i think megan fox is hot, she has porn star look to her face… can’t say too much about her acting tho. kiki is not so pretty, but she has some kind of career at least.

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]

    I like Kirsten, but MEGAN ROCKS!

  • pete

    i heard kirten dunst’s hotel room was broken into and robbed last week. she had some things stolen, is this true?

  • may-ann
  • ballin them twenty threes

    i think nothin is wrong wit her. by the way, u guys who are makin fun of her are bitches. i bet you can’t even get a girl who even looks like a bear wit a chode

  • Tiffany

    I can’t speak on Meagan Fox’s acting, but based on these comments if this girl is a sweetheart in real life, then some of you will look really bad. Just cuz she’s attractive, that automatically means she’s gonna be a bitch??? What about lesser attractive people who have low self esteem and act bitchy? Or think they are cute and act bitchy?

    Just cuz Kirsten Dunst looks untidy, that means she’ll be friendly? Why would I even wanna hang with someone that looks like that, anyway?

    So what if she made that comment about her sister? Everyone tells her she’s beautiful, and she feels she’s beautiful. Would you rather her have low self esteem and kill herself? Cuz if she was insecure, she’d be pretty her by these comments.

    I don’t know her personally, but she carried herself pretty cool in that Jimmy Kimmel interview.

  • Tiffany

    How can you not like someone who has flawless make-up and clothing??? What do you look like? I know I love to play dress up!!!

  • carlos

    gooo kirsten
    jajaja she is so cool
    I love her so much
    is nice person I LOVE KIRSTEN



  • pic day

    megan is hot but she is no angelina. i hate conceded people because beauty should flow from the inside out and let’s face it beauty fades but dumb lasts forever.