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Angelina Jumps into a Hot Ride

Angelina Jumps into a Hot Ride

Angelina Jolie films her new movie Wanted in a bright red Dodge Viper, on set in Chicago.

We have seen Angelina on the set of Wanted before, but this time she is ready for some action scenes inside of car. She talks over the scene with producers and is ready to roll. Angelina has had to balance her work and her duties as a mom during her stay in Chicago for the film Wanted.

More pics inside of Angelina on set and ready to hit the pedal…

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angelina jolie wanted car 01
angelina jolie wanted car 02
angelina jolie wanted car 03
angelina jolie wanted car 04
angelina jolie wanted car 05
angelina jolie wanted car 06
angelina jolie wanted car 07
angelina jolie wanted car 08
angelina jolie wanted car 09
angelina jolie wanted car 10

Credit: Just Jesse (Guest Blogger); Photos:,
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  • angie


  • angie

    Yep, I was first…woohooo

  • angie

    She looks good but middle picture top row is kinda scary!!!

  • bite me

    i can’t wait for this movie to come out

  • LLM

    thanks for new thread.


  • briseis

    She looks good in that hot car!!!!

    Good morning, BAMPZS fans!

    Thanks for the new thread, Jared … now if we can only keep it clean ((((WISHFUL THINKING))))

  • LOLA


  • C

    Now SHE is hot shit! Megan Fox has nothing on her!

    But although I love her, I’m getting sick of hearing about her…just a little bit though.

  • http://yahoo Yes

    Thanx JJ

  • Lasa

    WOW! She is seriously getting thin.

  • http://yahoo Yes

    Baby spice (Emma Banton) given birth to a baby boy!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Just Jesse for the new thread. I can’t wait to see this movie

  • ran7889

    Nice car…

  • http://yahoo Yes

    She still beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  • Saria

    In the last pic it looks like a woman is standing infront of that guy wearing the same dress…you can see the bottom of the dress, must be her stunt double. JMO

  • to 537 link pls
  • ??

    Thought she was not going to film at night?? So she can be home with her kids??

  • SusiQ

    A hot chick in a hot car – very nice….

  • Nuu

    The last picture:

    Stripper poles are thicker than Jolie.

  • briseis

    Ooooops, I thought Jared was back already. Okay, Jesse, my thanks to YOU for posting the new thread.

  • Noni

    cool another thread…thanks jared. that pic where angie is smiling is silly.

  • Besane

    I love her lethal/sexy combination. She manages to pull of looking classy and not trashy. Good for her–working mom!

  • http://deleted Lady G

    Angie is looking good in that red car.

    Thanks guest blogger!

  • http://htt// WINNER

    I can’t wait see this movie and Angie looks great.








  • http://yahoo Yes

    You gatta love this lady.

    Have a nice weekend guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Will be back later!!!!!!!!!!1

  • BBperfume

    She must rock in this movie!

    I have a feelin that Brandgelina will last and will get married later after they have acheived the stability in their family.

    I’m starting to think that if all families compromised their parenting, career, marriage,like Brandgelina, they would have lasted.
    Most of the hollywodd divorces occured when the couple are working apart, spending more time with co-stars, but Brad and Angie travel together and are devoted parents no matter where, and when.
    Thumbs up to THE GOLDEN COUPLE!

    No matter how much pics we see of the Bechkams with their kids, it looks like photo-op, when they feel like they have a day for them, but the rest of child up-bringing is done by the hoard of nannies. They lack the devotion that Brandgelina has..

    Thank God they have disapeared from JJ threads lately..(sigh)

  • FAN


  • Alexanderina

    6 briseis : 08/10/2007 at 9:54 am

    Morning briseis, I agree she do look good in that hot car. And I think it is wishing thinking as well hoping that this thread will be clean. It would be nice though to have a clean thread for once, but with the trolls and some of the fans going back and forth with them, not likely

  • http://htt// xxx


  • LOLA

    when a person has a job,sometimes you have to work nights,maybe because during the day there are to many people.she’s trying to finish up this movie.

  • Somalia

    Looking Hot!!!!
    I can’t wait to see this movie

  • another FAN

    # FAN: 08/10/2007 at 10:02 am

    BABY #2 is coming next year, I’m sure.

  • The Observer

    It is good to see that the only time she can work at night is when Daddy is out of town!!

    That lucky guy Brad.

  • Jane Doe

    Time for a meal!!! She does not look healthy and it is ravaging her looks. I dare say Angelina looked better before her vacation, months ago. At this stage I don’t see how they have her filiming an action movie looking as if she will break. Bless her and those kids because something is definitely wrong…

  • guli

    Awwww Angie is beautiful!!!

    Thanks Jesse for the new thred!

  • briseis

    Hi, Alexanderina!

    Maybe if most of us keep posting, or not respond to baiting, then we can have a relatively clean thread. One can only hope …

  • http://deleted Lady G

    29 BBperfume : 08/10/2007 at 10:02 am


    Please don’t use ‘golden couple’ to describe the Jolie-Pitts. It’s bad enough we are stuck with the moniker ‘Brangelina’!

  • thank-you

    Love this beautiful lady.

  • Blunomore

    She looks sick! Loons are blind to this, of course.

    This ho should check herself in for anorexia treatment PRONTO!!

  • mj

    She is so thin it is not sexy.

  • colsen

    DAMN!! The picture of Angelina in the car is sooooo HOT!! And i love the silly gestures that she is making!! Yeah, ONLY Angelina can look beautiful making that silly gestures!! I LOVE THIS GIRL!!

  • LJ

    #29, oh please!!! ‘rolling eyes’..

  • keana

    Thanks for the new thread Jesse!
    Has anybody heard from MF? Is she sick?

    Hello BRISEIS!
    Correct ka diyan! Sana nga ay hindi magsulputan ang mga Pangitson sa thread na ito.

  • TheDevilWearsPrada!

    What the **** is she filming? I didn’t know she was an actress.

  • Blunomore

    Hey, # 29! They travel together cos they don’t trust each other. You know that hore wil cheat on him first change she gets he he !!

  • spunky

    hi BAMPZS fans cool can’t wait to see this movie….MF hopeing you feel better soon we miss you.

  • briseis

    I have posted in the previous thread about Missouri Fan, but apparently some of you have not read it … so am reposting what I wrote about our dear friend.

    By the way, for those looking for Missouri Fan’s posts, she has been under the weather and not feeling well at all for the last few days that she cannot even post, she could only lurk for a few minutes. I talked to her before I came to work tonight, and she was her cheerful self, but I could tell she wasn’t really feeling too good. I told her not to worry, she isn’t missing much at JustJared, it’s the same old, same old **** from haters and some fans who just cannot help themselves from responding and taking the bait from these naysayers. She said she will post/make new videos as soon as she feels better.

  • juju

    Her’s a pic (from last night) from Lainey

    She looks good… Makes me remember some pic of the set of MAMS.

  • colsen

    #37 Jane Doe #42 Blunomore #43mj

    ALL of you sound so jealous of Angelina!! And you know what…. “JEALOUSY IS THE COMPLIMENT THAT MEDIOCRITY PAYS TO GREATNESS”!!