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Jennifer Garner in the Hospital, and in Broadway

Jennifer Garner in the Hospital, and in Broadway

Jennifer Garner returns to her car on Thursday after spending over an hour and a half at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica.

The actress chewed on her hair after her appointment where she was accompanied by her assistant. Jennifer and her assistant then went to Le Pain Quotidien in Brentwood for something to eat before returning home.

Jennifer is reportedly in talks to star in an upcoming Broadway revival of Edmond de Rostand’s Romantic classic Cyrano de Bergerac, opposite Kevin Kline.

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  • krungkrung

    She is apsolutly gorgeous

  • Anon

    Dang!! I sure hate it that celebs can’t go to the doctor, or the hospital or regular normal private stuff with out the whole world knowing it. Sounds like she might have been visiting someone. Or maybe she had an appointment for a test. Hour and a half is pretty quick for a hospital.

  • barf-fleck

    As I said 2nd baby will come,then after she has given birth..3-6 more months.. seperation-then divorce. Ben is not into Jen, he’s not ready to settle down. They are not soul mates. JMO. If I’m wrong-good.



  • MMM

    I like her, but chewing your hair is so very junior high.

  • ava verhaal


    i love her

  • [~Famous~]

    I’m tired of disliking her, she has a pretty smile.

  • carolina

    Too many ice creams or pregnant??? Sad that the paps are always out -can’t have any secrets in this vocation…

  • diva

    I do not like Jennifer Garner. I do not like the way she dumped Michael Vartan for Ben Affleck. She was crazy for Ben Affleck and he in return for his ego and insecurities wanted Michael Vartan to be kickded out from Alias. Jennifer did what her lord and master wanted she dumped and kicked out Michael Vartan out of her life and from the show. That tells you what kind of person Jennifer Garner is. No back bone, spineless.

  • Rachel26

    OMG OMG Angelina is soooooo adorable.


  • Dirty Cougar

    SCADALMONGER???? Dirty Cougar needs a good laugh!

  • suspious

    chewing hair and she’s sick, gross, her nerves must be bad..whats up with that?? somethings going on..

  • Maniston

    Why does she need an assistant?

  • helper

    Diva – GROW UP!!! Vartan’s ego could not handle Jennifer’s success. He knew he would always play second banana to her and he could not handle it.

  • diva

    Helper, Jennifer Garner dumped Vartan after Ben Affleck jilted Jennifer Lopez before the wedding. I think there must be some hanky panky before but she used Vartan as cover then kicked him out of the show. Not good Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck.

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    Sweet and cute girl. A chic with a bod

  • benafflicted

    She went to the dr for ben-ben is sick

  • Violets Auntie

    Diva, if all that happened why does Vartan say that she is still one of his good friends, that they were better off as sisters and brothers. They had lunch just a few months ago with Victor Garber. Why can’t you do what Vartan has done–he got over it and moved on?

  • marsha

    Supids=she is not chewing on her hair – it is very windy obviously it blew in her face!

    Diva – get over that vartan crap. That is ancient history – he’s over it they are friends who go to lunch together. If they can get over it why cant you? Get a life.

    She’s not pregnant. Her rep said she wasn’t. If she was the rep just wouldn’t comment not tell a lie.

  • nicky

    she looks like she is trying to hide one side of her face

  • J

    Vartan is better off without J.Garner. Obviously she didn´t love him. It´s better they broke up. For him. He´s over her. I heard he has a new TV show and a movie coming out and he is dating someone else. He is happy, so be happy for him.

  • Angelina

    jennifer is looking healthy and gorgeous! i like her top but she has to get better trainers.

  • grace

    others sites report that she and ben affleck will show their home in the vogue living(the premier issue was about Jlo´s home)
    i think that´s sooo horrible!I thought ben would like to live a normal live without all the stories and rumours around his life and what´s that??they are showing us their PRIVATE home!that´s so contradictory for me!
    I think it´s all for Jen´s mothers show i don´t think that ben is all into that but he must say yes because jen wants the publicity so bad!sad women!JMO

  • Lilly

    To #15:

    Vartan’s ego couldn’t handle her success? Total BS!! Why don’t you tell it like it really was instead of painting Mrs. Affleck as the good girl which all her obsessed fans try to do. She used him until she could get her hands on Affleck

    And, yes, he moved on a long, long, long time ago.

  • Tara

    She needs to get a job. All she does is play with her kid and go to the market.She’s starting to look like a stepford wife.

  • Anonymous

    Why the hell does she need an assistant? To hold the door for her? Just another pampered celebrity.

  • I agree, I don’t like her

    I didn’t like when she and Ben started messing around on the set of that ridiculous movie… what was it, don’t quote me but it might have been “Daredevil” or something like that. And I loved him in “Felicity”! I hope this new show does well… he is gorgeous!
    anyway… everyone should have known they were messing around on the set… I think they were linked outside of that and the interviews…. puck! oh the interviews!!!!!! with the two of them… horrible.

    I think she’s pregnant… congrats, good luck! still don’t like her or him either anymore actually.






  • womanpower

    Why is Vartan the saint in this story? He is the one who was going out with a married woman, the slut.

  • Lilly

    Vartan did not begain dating her until she filed for divorce which was six weeks after her separation from Foley. However, she did cheat with Affleck while still in a relationship with Vartan. No one is calling Michael Vartan a saint but he wasn’t the one who was married nor was he the one who cheated while in a relationship. BTW, she was messing around with Affleck, while very much married, when filming DD.Thing is though her publicist managed to keep her tracks pretty well covered.

  • sonata

    The way Ben Affleck jilted Jennifer Lopez before the wedding was terrible. Ben was the cause why Jennifer divorced her second husband.
    Then jilted her big time. He was messing around with Jennifer Garner who in the first place divorced her first husband Scott Foley whom he met in Felicity because he was not as successful as she was, then hooked up with co-star Michael Vartan. Once Ben Affleck showed interest to Miss Garner, she was into bigger fish. Tricked him by getting pregnant right away so that he cannot get away and for the mean time Ben wanted Michael Vartan out of his way so he wanted him out of “Alias” These two people are brutal and I hope that they experience the same thing they inflicted to other people.

  • marsha

    Lilly is a bitter Vartan hag!!! “However, she did cheat with Affleck while still in a relationship with Vartan.”

    Vartan and her were never married or engaged or anything. They have both said it was a casual reltionship so she owed him no loyalty nor him to her. Vartan fans always make like it was this big romance that he couldn’t get over and he himself said they dated just a few weeks.

    Get over it Vartan hags! IT was so many years ago.

  • marsha

    To Becky Smith:

    The Vogue Magazine thing was just a rumour? Dang, I love to see celebrity homes and I’d like to see theirs. They are a great couple–much more compatible than Affleck=Lopez or Garner-Vartan

    I liked her house with Foley. I thik it was in Home & Gardens. She’s got good taste.

  • womanpower

    Lily – How exactly are you so privy to exactly when Jennifer Garner first dated or last dated anyone? Your timeline is a myth that just makes you feel good.

    Even if what you say is true, SO WHAT. If Jennifer was still dating Vartan then you all would be sprouting how cute a couple they are and what great (gag me please) soul-mates they are.

  • canadian cutie

    I think people keep talking about Ben & J-Lo, because at least there was some fire in their relationship. When Ben is with Jen, he treats her like his little sister! At least Skeletor & J-Lo seem hot for eachother, and are affectionate. Ben & Jen G. are a scam, just like Tom & Katie. It’s amazing what women will do to marry a rich man – utterly pathetic.

  • Lilly

    To 33 and 35: Garner and Vartan dated from May 2003 through May 2004. I personally could give a rats ass that they broke up. But what does irk me is the fact that she gets a free pass of how she moved from one man to another without taking time off to figure out what heppened in the previous relationship. In fact, just before she and Foley announced their separation, she was raving what a wonderful husband he was. That is the type of facade Garner is good at.

    Oh, and womanpower, my timeline is not myth by a longshot. She and Vartan were living together up until the day she left for Vancover to film Elektra (May 3, 2004). Vartan visited her twice in VC in May, the last visit being Memorial Day weekend, then suddenly after Affleck visits the set twice in June, she and Vartan are over and by golly she and Affleck become an item. That’s what I call some pretty quick bed switching.

    Of course, her saving grace was her publicist who lied and said she and Affleck met at some charity function in August….bwhahahahahaha!….a bold-faced lie to make sure Garner’s “good girl” image wasn’t damaged. The very same thing happened when she dated Vartan…publicist announced they began dating in August 2003….when everyone knew they had been publicly dating since May 2003. Even Time magazine joked about her publicist’s dating announcement. Hell, everyone had a good laugh who knew about the relationship. Same goes for the Affleck relationship. His car had been spotted at her home long before the “charity function” occurred.

    Me thinks you must have head buried in sand to not know the truth of what really transpired behind the scenes in the life of a “good girl.”

    All of that said, she and Vartan remain friends, Foley is remarried, Garner and Affleck are happily married and have a cute daughter. In the long run, Garner got what she was after and moved on up the proverbial ladder of fame and fortune… so all is good in the world….right?

  • J

    Lilly, yes she did all these bad things, yes, she is Not a good girl. But she is Ben Affleck´s problem now.
    Vartan is a very lucky man because he didn´t marry her, and he is now with someone else, isn´t he? With a woman who is much better for him.
    So let poor Ben Affleck be “happy” (or pretend to be happy) with his second Jennifer.

  • http://! marsha

    Lily, (Bitter Vartan Hag) Well, she wasn’t married to Vartan so who cares! They were just casually dating, it wasn’t serious, both said so. What do you all think of Kate Hudson then? Jennifer Lopez got with Skeletor one WEEK after breaking off her engagement to Affleck. What about Joel Madden jumping into a relationship right after Hilary Duff? Brad Pitt right after Jennifer Aniston? In other words you don’t know when people break up do you? It could have been long before it was public. Unless you are her Stalker which I wouldn’t be surprised given your obsession with her. (Months! aND dATES AND tIMES!!)

    I’m glad you came to the conclusion everyone is better off ! You are right Vartan is such a loser and she broke up with him several times (that we know of) that year before finally getting rid of him! She just wasn’t into him –that doesn’t make her a “bad girl”

  • Lilly

    Marsha, we’re not discussing other celebs. This is about Garner. But now that you mention it, Garner is no different from those you mentioned, now is she? Garner and Vartan did not break up several times before June 2004. It was all tabloid rumors and this my dear Marsha I know as fact. They were not just “casually” dating. They lived together for almost a year.

    Michael Vartan is far from a loser. He has never said anything negative about her or the relationship. In fact, he’s gone out of his way to make it appear it was nothing more than a casual relationship giving her a free pass when in fact it was a serious relationship. He very simply went on about his life. All that said, the relationship should have never happened but unfortunately it did.

    Stalker, me? Hell no. It wasn’t hard for me to see what was going on in the Garner neighborhood being as I lived down the street from her tiny abode and had to drive by to and from work and to run errands.

  • womanpower

    Now that you explained why you know what you know, sounds like stalking to me. Not that you were stalking Jen. I suspect you were stalking Varty. His fans have been known to stalk him. Poor guy.

  • http://! marsha

    LILY I knew you were a crazy wack stalker! Bitter Vartan HO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ViveLeFrance

    It’s so ridiculous seeing people imagining what a great guy Vartan is.

    This ‘man’ was raised in France for a significant portion of his life, then decided that he didn’t need to obey the republic’s manditory military service if he fled to America. Vartan can’t even use a Contiencious Objector excuse because France wasn’t at war. Was he a coward, self absorbed, lazy, or all three? There is no excuse for him placing himself above the law. I’ve read that he proclaims that he doesn’t have a drop of French blood in him, as if this would excuse his crime. I wonder if he’d be arrested if he set foot in France for draft dodging?

    Let’s tell the truth of Michael’s relationship with Jennifer Garner. He was too friendly with Jen, a married woman. Even if you were to believe the BS that she pursued him, a decent man would have put a stop to it. Its obvious Vartan took advantage of her since they have nothing in common. Look at the pictures of them together – he was almost never photographed being happy with Jen unless it was required for an episode of Alias.

    It’s obvious that Vartan wanted to use Garner as a stepping stone for his acting career. Vaughn was a supporting character before the relationship. He became a major character at the expense of the other supporting characters.

    When they broke up, Vartan admitted that he was happy for her finding love with Ben Affleck, that he and Garner weren’t seriously involved, and were only together for a few months. Gartan lovers made all sorts of excuses for ignoring what Michael had to say.

    When Vartan got the offer to do that crocodile movie, he asked for a leave of absence to take advantage of the perceived career advancement. He was granted the leave on the understanding that he’d be back – he wasn’t fired. Michael was virtually silent during all of the crazy rumours about a conspiracy against him. He could have put a stop to the rumours if he wanted to, but it was advantageous to allow them to continue since it kept his name in a higher profile in Hollywood.

    Jen should have kicked Vartan’s butt for what he did, but she welcomed him back to the show – she must be very forgiving. It was reported that Jen, Victor Garber and Michael were at a restaurant together months after Alias – a friendly meeting by all reports.

    Vartan is full of BS – is it any wonder he is on a TV show with the initials BS? He’ll be unemployed soon since his show is terrible and he’s acting like a castrated man with a case of constipation. His movie was been delayed from release for a long time and there were plans on sending it directly to Video – the studio has little faith in it making money, let alone good reviews.

    America, you can keep Vartan. Thank God, Jen isn’t stuck with him. She would have had wrinkly browed kids with hooked noses who are self absorbed.