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Victoria Beckham Shops at Barneys

Victoria Beckham Shops at Barneys

Victoria Beckham shops at Barney‘s with her son Romeo, sister Louise Adams, and niece Talulah May.

Victoria‘s son Romeo is four years old and her niece Talulah May is five years old.

David Beckham has had issues with his ankle, but finally made his debut on Thursday night, but ended in defeat for the LA Galaxy.

Since joining the Galaxy, Beckham had played in only one match where he played just 16 minutes as a substitute.

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Credit: Just Jesse (Guest Blogger); Photos: ZFI/Bauer-Griffin
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  • laur

    shes so pretty, i

  • Michelle

    She is so adorable and stylish! And Romeo is to cute! Her niece is a cutie also.

  • 2985

    I know she’s said herself that she was no good at what he does, but considering her ankles are fine, and they have to be since she’s in high heels all the time in pics, why not let her sub for her husband? Maybe for a charity event they can get all the players’ partners to play instead! That’ll be fun and/or disastrous to watch, all from Figo, Solari, Zizu’s partners and all the others too! :lol: Not in heels though, level the playing game, literally I guess!

  • Michelle

    #3 That actually would be a great idea for charity and HILARIOUS! I would def watch that! LOL

  • Lillianne

    Doesn’t the niece have a cute little haircut?

  • Lillianne

    2985 Good idea. Why not level the playing field by making all the players wear high heels? Now that would be hilarious and perhaps give V a fighting chance.

  • 2985

    Thanks Michelle! Now, anyone know how to patent an idea and get in touch with management peeps for these players? I mean, I’ve run for public transport in heels, but forget playing in them…

  • Dirty Cougar

    Po@h is gorgeous! Love her style!

  • Dirty Cougar

    Love po$h’s PINK shoes and handbag. She styling!

  • JJ

    jared, the little girl is victorias other niece Tallulah-May Isted, by Victorias sister Louises second husband Hayden. Libertys a year older than brooklyn and she has really dark hair. This is definatly Tallulah.

    thanx for the pictures, romeo is such a cutie and soo like his dad!

  • bite me

    where is the show dog

  • vicky-icky needs 2 go

    romeo is 4 yrs still his birthday isn’t untill september 1st. And the little girl is not liberty. liberty has dark hair and so is tullulah. that could be david’s niece Georgia they have the same hair. romeo is still a little cutie

  • Eathan

    OMG is she gaining weight? She doesn’t look sick thin in these pictures!

    I hope she won’t ruin the Spice Girls concerts by showing her bones on stage, she ruined their Xmas tour in 1999, it’s not really nice to see her all boney on TV.

    Emma should lose weight after giving birth, the other 3 are looking mighty fine at the moment (Melanie C, Mel B and Geri).

  • Nicole

    JJ the celebrity baby blog says that’s Talulah May, who’s 5, not Liberty! The photo agency had it wrong.

  • kathy

    posh is so ugly why does she alway look like a stripper..? what a pig face

  • Jessica

    kathy: and i bet you are a right stunner!lol! or most probably just a fat nerd who sits behind her computer screen all day long calling others ugly to make themselves feel better…..yep sounds about right.

  • Lilflowa

    awww such a cute dress and love the shoes! romeo is adorable! and he’s 4 1/2 not 5 JJ…and that is not liberty :D

  • sure

    I do like her …i guess…but how can she wear heels ALL THE DAMN TIME…id love to se her wearing flip-flops…but she does get to f u c k david whenever she wants…not tooo bad! oh and her gaing weight is fantastic…she would look great with some curves!

  • Lilflowa

    lmao #16……..


    posh is so damn stylish

  • Lilflowa

    i love those shoes! the colour is just so gorgeous!

  • http://deleted posh

    i don´t know why the american like posh, in europe is the most hattest person, is selfish, silly (she never read a book), not work since 1999, and more. david cheat she with other womans and she know that

  • http://deleted uglybitch

    she is a ugly bitch

  • factory_girl

    it defo is Tallulah May and not Libby.

    her Dad’s name is Haydn, not Hayden btw.

    Good to see that their family has come out there to visit them!

  • Lilflowa

    im europeanne and i like her so whats your point? why do ppl feel the need to speak on behalf of a whole continent or country? just pathetic

  • smooth

    Why don’t you post David’s super hot pics from the game?

  • http://deleted europe

    here we are more inteligent people, more open mid, and a person like posh don´t like us maybe she like in the false world that is hollywwood and the us, europe love other kind of person.
    love david
    posh no



  • Farrah

    She looks stunning! Cute dress! hehe!

  • me

    I don’t like posh either, I like her style, though, but not always in this occasion shoes are nice but the outfit looks out of place, I don’t like it! Style also means to have different looks and ideas at different occasions (night, day…to go to thye supermarket…) she could look really stylish in casual clothes, in fact I’ve seen her (in magazines) with jeans and two t-shirts looking really nioce just by mixing different colours!

  • C

    She is quite ugly

  • tired of her

    Nothng new about this human Robot just shoping. Can we possible hear anything diffrent about her than her shoping? never. How Broing she is !

  • LJ

    Thanks Jared! Cute pics, Romeo is so adorable and i like Victoria’s dress and shoes..
    Really funny how someone here say behalf of whole Europe that we hate her..please speak only yourself, i like her a lot!

  • ?????

    How much shopping can one person do? It seems she would be “bored out of her gourd.” Of course, “shopping” is probably just an excuse to go out and be photographed. I can understand how someone with brains and talent might have the big head, but Posh is just another face in the crowd. The only thing that attracts attention to her is that she dresses like a prostitute.

  • ?????

    I wonder if she charges her husband to get shopping money?

  • [~Famous~]

    Po$h looks fabulous, and the kids are clean and well-dressed.

    There’s nothing about Po$h to like, other than the fact she stay fresh-2-death.

  • Jeanette

    Victoria’s Son Romeo is so cute and so is her niece!

  • Danni

    Talulah looks so much like a mini Posh in that second picture, right down to the sunglasses and asymmetrical bob :D

  • ll

    who goes out shopping looking a housewife hooker?!!

  • oh yea

    She’s sexy and even if David cheated, he is still coming home. More women need to do this. She’s healthy. If she was dressing David to the nines, but neglecting herself and stepping out looking like a bag lady, I would worry. She takes as much pride in her own appearance as she does in making her hubby stand out. When Posh steps out, plenty of men are looking at her too, especially with those legs! David knows this. Plus she is the good mother to his beloved children. They are a perfect match.

  • oh yea

    #39 answer to you: Plenty of women dress up like that to go shopping. I can think of one particular mall in California where the people are so beautiful. They put on their best, most expensive clothes to go shopping.

  • morgane

    omg, that little girl, her niece is wearing the marc by marc jacobs mouse flats from a couple of season ago! how the hell did she found a pair that fits her tiny little flats

  • Ella

    i don´t know why the american like posh, in europe is the most hattest person, is selfish, silly (she never read a book), not work since 1999, and more. david cheat she with other womans and she know that

    Um…for your information the whole story about her not ever reading a book is rumours. Like so many others that people have made up ’bout her. And I’m from Europe and most people here like them. In England not so much but everywhere else they are very much well liked. Do know why Brits hate them so much, I mean there are Brit celeb out there that are 100billion times worse than them and they don’t get attacked. No one knows if David has ever cheated on her, and that’s none of our damn business. its not like no other celeb has ever cheated on their partners.
    I think she looks lovely in those pics.

  • Lilflowa

    Britain hates them because they like to celbrate trash like jordan and jade goody and bring decent ppl down who dont act stupid and slaggish to get fame…..dats how the tables turn…..she’s just a perfect target for ppl as she’s england’s “saint David Beckhams” wife…….someone had to b the villain eh?

    I mean the way the media goes on you would think it was victoria that the cheating rumours were about…..

    oh well she’ll survive and carry on her life regardless…

  • 90210

    i like her outfit but i think the pink shoes are a bit too much. it would have looked so much better if they were in black.

  • Cynthia

    Going out with the kids on a day of shopping how nice. Love her dress or culottes.

  • m

    Romeo looks more and more like David as the days go by. So cute. But where are the others? And that haircut on the little girl is fabulous. So stylish. Now, we get a glimpse of how a Beckham daughter would look like.

    I really love that Victoria and David’s respective families are so close and family-oriented themselves. That sets up a really solid and wonderful environment for the kids.

  • ed

    she looked amazing
    europe love posh and becks…they r the no1 couple from there…
    america is loving her…because she loves america….
    u go posh….we always support u… will fight with haters to protect u

  • canadian cutie

    Posh is the ultimate narcassistic attention-seeker. Her husband is the star & breadwinner of this marriage (and is yummy), and Posh constantly has to get all the attention, while David is hobbling around on his sore ankle paying for all her shopping sprees! I don’t blame David for cheating on her. Most men would have kicked her to the curb by now. I think David deserves better!

  • RabidPooch

    Why do all the females in the family all have the Posh-Do …..or such similar cuts? It is a requirment?