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A Bike Ride with Rachel McAdams

A Bike Ride with Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams rides and walks her bike on Saturday around Toronto, Canada.

In town to begin filming her next movie the Time Traveler’s Wife, Rachel takes a bike ride to get her regular exercise. The Ontario-bred star will play the role of Clare Abshire, the wife of Henry DeTamble (Eric Bana). Bana has a time traveling gene that allows him to cross paths with his lover at different points in her life.

A bike ride in Toronto seems like a regular practice for Rachel, as we saw her riding a bike last month as well.

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  • Jo

    Does she still dating Ryan Gosling?

  • Maggie

    She and Ryan Gosling both look so sad in all photos I have seen of them since they aren’t together anymore. At least I don’t think they are together. Wear a helmet girl!

  • Eli

    I hope so, they were so cute together!!!!
    I’m glad to see her, it doesn’t happen often and I would like much more to see pictures of her then britney, paris, etc…

  • Eli

    I’m also glad that she’s filming again, it’s been too long since I’ve seen her on a move! :)

  • Ben

    actually, she rides her bike everywhere because she’s SUPER GREEN. she’s determined not to use a car if she doesn’t have , too. i think she’s setting a great example for everyone. it IS possible to lessen our oil dependence.

  • Neil

    She’s looking sad because the heat in Toronto is too damn oppressing!

  • Miss Windjammer

    I really hope she and Ryan Gosling are still together… when will we ever know for sure?? Gah!

    I can’t wait for The Time Traveler’s Wife. The book is one of my favorites. I think Rachel McAdams is perfect for the role of Clare.

  • Tracey

    she’s so ugly then and uglier than ever.

  • Melli

    So vanilla.

  • deluca

    never found her and Ryan hot at all.

  • Neil

    Tracey : 08/12/2007 at 1:35 pm

    I’m a guy and she’s all woman. Gnaw on that, mutt!

  • Ben

    I agree she is so average. Her works dont really stand out and Ive seen hotter girls at my work.

  • [~Famous~]




  • KC

    It’s not a requirement that you be hot to be an actress. She’s a nice looking woman and a really good actress. She’s refreshingly down to earth.

  • Leila

    Isn’t her role supposed to belong to Jennifer Aniston?

  • Random Thoughts

    Weren’t they all supposed to be her’s?? Funny Ms. Aniston shoulda held on to Plan B or Brad or somthin’ if she wanted to play Marianne/Fox/Clare/Senator’s Wife eh? But I guess she had the last laugh and she is going to sell bad art as a traveling saleswoman and fall for Steve Z — eventually (who I love!)

  • kabee

    Im disappointed Eric Bana is opposite McAdams. She is a miscast.
    I prefer Ashley Judd or even Liv Tyler.

  • Sam

    Love her. Don’t know why she doesn’t do more films

  • Fey

    can we move on to beautiful and more talented actresses?
    I wish she quit Hollywood because no one cares for her.
    She is like Scarlet where the hype is exaggerated when reality its a blackhole.

  • Ashley

    I love Rachel; thanks for the post Jared! We need more Rachel!!

  • non

    Rachel rocks!!! Some of these posters could only wish they were that beautiful and talented!!

  • Meh

    UGLY and her butt has gotten so BIG. Flat manly chest like Keira Knightley.

  • Monch

    This is the “Rachel that I truly like”, really talented, w/ normal features and not jobless!

  • Cynthia

    She looks old, she’s going on 35 right?

  • ALI

    I love that she’s so humble despite her huge succes

  • rowen

    She is 28, will be 29 later this year.

  • L

    I like her but I have to say she is so overrated.

  • Doby

    she’s not successful. Never found her pretty and she is stuck up also looking down on blockbuster movies.

  • Neil

    29 Doby : 08/12/2007 at 10:48 pm
    Hey Dopey, didn’t your maw tell you to turn off the computer
    and go to bed?

  • Kath

    rachel mcadams in NOT overrated. its just that the movies she’s landed on aren’t very successful and its not because of her. the plot’s a bit weak and the director’s not that good. rachel has got talent, you just need to put her with someone capable of giving her a good role. so hopefully, a time traveller’s wife will be good. she’s also really pretty and natural looking, why does everyone hate her? wait until she gets her next break and all those haters will be sorry.

  • movie fan

    Okay, so someone tell me…. What’s the difference between Rachel McAdams and Rachel Bilson? Who is who, and how do you tell them apart?

  • Jodi

    She is fantastic and gorgeous!

  • Maggie

    I just wany to know if she and Ryan are still together…Is that so wrong? Just tell us.

  • rowen

    Oops, I meant she is 29 and will be 30 later this year. She is just about 2 years older than Ryan.

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    She truly has the best lips

  • the flow

    Tracey/Meh, just come out of the closet and admit you’re flaming homos. Rachel is hot.

  • canadian cutie

    In defense of Rachel, she is a fine actress, and is classy… The American Idiot Media-Whores (Paris, Lindsay, Britney & Nicole R. to name a few), could learn some grace & humility from this young woman. Rachel is lovely, but doesn’t glam up to ride her bike to work, hoping someone will take a picture of her. Rachel is real & highly intelligent-sorry if that offends all of you shallow, MINDLESS whore-mongers!!

  • ariel

    well, i think who says she ´s not pretty is just jealous, because she is the best of all… she´s not just beautiful, but very very good actress… look at her face… it´s amazing… so who says that she is ugly… SHUT UP!!!

  • CDavis

    Rachel is absolutely amazing, and to those of you who don’t think so, you wouldn’t know good acting if it bit you in the @$$! Did you NOT pay attention to her performance in Red Eye? How about the emotional scenes in The Notebook? This woman is PHENOMINAL! And she’s unnattractive? I beg to differ… How many of you out there bashing her looks can honestly look in a mirror and say that your smile is as pretty as hers? She is such a wonderful person and NONE OF YOU have any right to judge her! Lets see you on the big screen, and watch how quickly people JUST LIKE YOURSELVES pick you apart!

  • wannabe Rachel

    There are so many people who dont like her here..
    But i like her anyway! She’s gorgeous!
    I think she’s even prettier than Nicole Kidman…

  • Knuckle


    Dont’ listen to Doby, he still lives at home and may be a qweer.