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Shauna Robertson: Edward Norton's Girlfriend

Shauna Robertson: Edward Norton's Girlfriend

A “bulked up” Edward Norton takes his girlfriend, power producer Shauna Robertson, for some afternoon kayaking on Sunday (August 12) in Malibu, Calif.

Edward, 37, has been busy filming the sequel to The Incredible Hulk, which originally starred Eric Bana.

UPDATE: As of April 6, 2009, The Incredible Hulk has grossed $263,427,551 in worldwide box office and it made $85,755,879 in home video sales, bringing its total film gross to $349,183,430. Pretty impressive!!!

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edward norton shaunta robertson kayaking 01
edward norton shaunta robertson kayaking 02
edward norton shaunta robertson kayaking 03
edward norton shaunta robertson kayaking 04
edward norton shaunta robertson kayaking 05

Photos: John Calabrese/Gaz Shirley/, O Neill/White/
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  • ivi

    edward it is so cute. i like him too

  • cow

    HIS GIRLFRIEND ITS not beautiful at all, but hes cute though

  • linda


  • Jess

    i see u r back. jared. lol



  • Erica

    He is hot and an enigma. He wrote the Hulk about one brilliant versatile talent.

    The Hulk is one superhero franchise that I like all the cast including the leading lady,Liv Tyler. Dunst,Bosworth,Paltrow,Maggie Gyllenhaal,Alba are a bunch of ninnies.

  • checkers

    He is brilliant… educated and is a linguist. very good actor as well.

  • Marisleysis

    Oh no! He’s taken…

  • Steph

    That is not Brianna Bell. That is producer Shauna Robertson. Here is an old article on E! that mentions them.

  • fyi

    this chick looks like a MAN! But I bet she’s smart though…who cares. I like Ed Norton but can’t he do better than this…major cool points lost…if he wants fruppy…why doesn’t he go after ole pal Brad Pitt’s ex-…never hott before but now that she is aging she looks even worse! Sorry not trying to hate on Jennifer but she just isn’t attractive on the obvious outside nor inside…she just seems to be small-minded and delusional…maybe that’s it Ed wants fruppy but not delusional…oh well

  • Dren

    if I was dating Ed Norton I would smile like that too.

  • KrungKrung

    i love Edward Norton, he’s very very good in the movie American History X….

  • sara

    I’m pretty sure Ed’s current girlfriend is Shauna Robertson, not Brianna Bell.

  • Tash

    Today is a sad day. I cant believe he is taken!! No fair. He was one guy that had that special ‘something’ about him without the traditional good looks of most actors.

    Oh well, Ill put on a fake smile and wish them the best. They look happy together. Hate her.

  • kelana

    omg, at first i thought the girl was owen wilson.

  • +++

    I think Edward prefer intelligent woman. He and Salma Hayek were used to be a couple.

  • Tallchic

    I LOVE this man! He is an all-around great package! Handsome, smart, down to earth and an awesome actor. Wish him the best!

  • giselle

    wat I never saw this coming, them as a couple,still lost of words.

  • movie fan

    He likes creative women, that’s for sure. Before Salma Hayek, he dated Courtney Love!

  • Paula

    oh bum bumz, so I’ll have to knock ole edwardo off my fantisy boyfriend list….

  • Eileen

    I love Edward Norton and I’m very happy for him! I don’t miss his movies if at all possible… I wish you only the best! Thanks for being you!

  • Nanette

    ED, I am so glad to see that you are not a shallow man. Every Leo Male that i have ever known has been shallow. Including my own Father.

  • mae

    He is oh so delicious.
    I loved The Painted Veil.
    I think he is amazing..
    I wish him the best especially in finding the right lady to take care and love him.

  • katherine

    i think he deserves more intelligent (or serious) lady…
    what she made (40 year old virgin etc.) is not a “real” piece of work.
    norton can be funny but he has certain level…
    i think he is serious actor and he is really good at acting.
    so i think salma hayek is better for him
    and courtney love is even better than shauna robertson.
    i think he must meet someone makes “real” film….

  • tammy

    He’s wearing a “SUPER BAD” baseball cap. I’m guessing it’s her.

  • tammy

    Here’s a picture where it looks like it matches the girl and it’s an article about her. Same sunglasses, no?

  • heekyung

    i like him a lot..
    omg……………. cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Helô

    He is the one!!! Good lucky for him…..

  • jammie

    Is he still dating her?

  • alessandro

    @ jammie

    Yes, they were together in Cannes this weekend

  • Filipa

    I don’t care who he’s dating… I would always love this man! ;))


  • http://none redsojna

    Truly not being mean, just stating what’s clearly visible and truth… Edward Norton’s girlfriend is kind of haggy looking. She’s not pretty at all. Talk about total extreme, from Salma to Shauna?! I think he needs to find himself a non-celebrity, down-to-earth woman.

  • London

    dont like that gal, common and average she is. Prefer Salma.

  • Shirley

    Shes ugly as hell, maybe shes a good person though, anyway hes not that good looking either, him and salma hayek didnt match, far too beautiful for him.

  • Emily

    She looks like a man!

    None of them, Courtney Love, Salma Hayek or her can match gorgeous EN. Courtney is insane. Salma is brainless and this one…too average.

  • the incredible Edward!

    she doesn’t look good in these photos, I give you that, but she really is cute…

  • Zoematthews

    i hate you, edward, for doing this to me!

  • elcorazon

    @ alessandro

    really? they’re still dating, do you have their picture in cannes?

  • free spirit

    he is beautiful…….but her……Oh my God….NOOOOOOOOOOO (scary)

  • zoka

    edward, i only saw u one time in the incredible hulk, i really liked u so much coz i have many things that u have especially ur beautiful smile so i wish i could be like u after some years. edward norton is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • insight

    She is pretty, smart and funny. They are still together, and he is lucky for that.

  • ieva

    Edward is one of best actor in world1 he has so big and good talent. i love him! my dream is to meet with him! i am from Lithuania, so it’s inposible ;’(. happy 39 birthday ED ;*** Srry, my english is terrible ;)

  • jo jo ma

    shes dead average, and hes not that good looking either… still, keep working it Shauna it wont hurt your career, ask him to write a script for you ha ha ha

  • Halliday

    A man who graduated from Yale and speaks Japanese dating a high school dropout who produces frat boy flicks. REALLY??? Well, I wish ‘em all the happiness…

  • http://celebuz dolcie

    i adore edward norton and i am sad because he choosed this shauna i think he and salma hayek were perfect but he will be the best actor ever lived i adore him and i’ll always love him till i die . hate this shauna

  • http://celebuz dolcie

    why did u do that Edward she is terrible i adore u but u have to leave her right now u r hot i wish i meet u even for a min i LOVE U SEXY ED FOR EVER leave shauna

  • kez

    everyone on this site needs to get a life and leave them to get on with it. and to everyone who’s slaggin shauna off, how many movies have you made?

  • enlightened

    to Kez: she makes movies?? frat boy flicks you mean? Says a lot about her lack of brains. Whats next? make him read the Torah… shes definitely a patient girl, I give her that, this boy wont come up with the ring in a thousand years! Children not advised, they could look like her…

  • frock

    Her voice is so nasal and annoying:

    Don’t think I can put up with that voice longer than 5 minutes. And the things she says!