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Lauren Conrad @ Live with Regis & Kelly!

Lauren Conrad @ Live with Regis & Kelly!

Lauren Conrad drops by ABC studios on Monday morning in New York City for an appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly! to promote Season 3 of The Hills. She wore a Mint by Jodi Arnold dress and Dolce Vita Mary Janes.

The first episode addresses the “big split” between Lauren and ex-roommate Heidi Montag. Watch all of the drama unfold on the season premiere of The Hills airing tonight at 10PM ET/PT on MTV.

Lauren, 21, also admitted she’s having boy troubles! “Dating is not that easy,” she said on Regis. “The type of guy I want to date is not the type of guy who wants to be on a reality show, so it’s always kind of battle. I’ll [tell a guy] it’s not that big of a deal. [He'll] show up and I have about a crew of 15 with me, 3 cameras. Very romantic.”

Lauren ConradLive with Regis & Kelly!, 8/13
(Enrique Iglesias filled in for Regis Philbin)

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  • Tealeaf

    I like her dress, I will be watching tonite, to see Plastic girl and her boyfriend the Ewok.

  • [~Famous~]

    They will let anyone on Regis & Kelly now.

  • blah

    i don’t care about either of these girls, nor do i know who they are, but at least the one annoying perky blonde girl is somewhat attractive. the others, not so much.

  • Dirty Cougar

    I love this grey dress!!! Fabulous!

  • mackenzie

    heidi is fugly

  • jess

    lol Enrique looked like he was going to fall asleep during that interview

  • Marbs84

    Spencer is just pure evil.

    He will Heidi and go with one of the Playboy bunnies because he has a thing for playmates. Isn’t that why he had asked her to get a boob job?

  • mbc

    I just loved Enrique… he didnt care about what she was saying!! You should put more about him and not about these annoying girls!!


    Lauren looked gorgeous. She gave a great interview. She was honest but not trashy. She is so beautiful. she should be an actress.

  • Sara

    Lauren looks lovely as always! Cant wait for tonight!!! :D

  • flabby

    um yeah i saw beefy curtains on tv with her jet black, ‘helga pataki brows’ ,her double chins and the extra flabby skin hanging on her arms.the passive aggresive h.o was lying in that sueaking little gurl voice of hers.kristian should tell how the h.o went after her man.cant stand ugmo beef lauren.

  • melinda

    LC has a beautiful smile. She looks really really pretty here. Love Her.


    she looks beautiful. i love her hair

  • Ann


  • cindie

    flabby: you are probably related to spencer pratt that is why you are making these ridiculous comment. She looked gorgeous. better than half of these hollywood actresses, plus she has more class. Kristin wishes that she looked half as pretty as Lauren.

  • micheal

    whether you like reality tv or not you have to agree that she is one stunning girl. she is naturally pretty always have been. i will tune in tonite.

  • Ann


  • Taylor

    Boy troubles? Maybe MTV could give her a boyfriend, just like they got her an internship at Teen Vogue and a clothing line!

  • ??

    This fug Bicth is so ugly and annoying. Bring on the tape her fug fat self can be expose.LC needs to hit the gym all that loose skin on her. But her huge beef cutains are all natural. Just disgusting.

  • she’s as heavy as a hummer

    She is fug, and she has one finger down her throat trying to be thin. This morning she was on something some sort of drugs it was obvious.I do admit she is ugly though. Poster child for FAKE! CLASS-LESS.I don’t care about any of them. But I saw Perez dissing the c.ow. Lauren skan.k rad.

  • Christy

    you people are f’n crazy. she is not fat in any way, shape, or form. if she’s fat, what do you consider normal/slender? nicole richie? is that what we should all aspire to?

  • Christy

    this is what media standards have brought people to.

  • Michelle

    Well I don’t see any fat anywhere on her or see that she is uattractive. I think she is rather pretty and well spoken and she is getting an education also and that says alot. Atleast she hasn’t bought into Hollywood’s BS of plastic and silicone yet.

  • mary

    Lauren looks like she lost weight but she does look really good. I used to think Heidi was cute but now she looks so scary with her nose job!

  • Casie

    Hey Spencer….stop posting mean comments! We know it’s you because you have nothing better to do with your time. You are so upset MTV has banned you and Heidi from doing any press. Get a job!

  • Nana

    Lol Enrique barely said anything

  • who?

    I am proud to say i can’t destinguish hedi from LC.
    Who the he11 are these loosers?

  • Lauren’s a always wants someone’s man

    LC Finding New, Improved Ways to Irk Kristin Cavallari
    Thursday October 12, 2006
    Earlier this week, Brody Jenner and The Hills Lauren “LC” Conrad, are dating. The hand on the hip and touching pelvises (pelvi?) don’t lie. This photo of the couple getting all up in each other’s personal bidness was taken Wednesday night at Mel’s Diner in Hollywood.

    “It could get serious,” a source tells Us of Jenner and Conrad.

    Oooooh, someone is not going to like this. We speak, naturally, of smirking party girl, Kristin Cavallari, 18, who formerly dated Jenner. Conrad and Cavallari have been frenemies since their days on Laguna Beach when they fought over fellow reality manbot, Stephen Colletti (now a part of the permanent MTV family – there’s always room at the VJ Table).

    And the two aren’t likely to become friends any time soon. At Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood party last month, we asked LC for her thoughts on Cavallari and she told us straight-up, “I don’t care for her.”Women..

  • lc is violent too

    Don’t Mess With Lauren Conrad
    August 5th, 2007
    Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner have been seen around town hanging out. They are also shooting the new season of “The Hills” so you can tell they are only hanging around because of that.
    The two used to date but I highly doubt they are reconciling. Maybe that’s why Lauren decided to tackle Brody so hard she ended up breaking his finger. Great way to get back at an ex right?
    “Lauren tackled him too hard and broke his finger. He had to be rushed to the hospital,” a spy told the NY Post. Brody returned to the party “with his hand in a cast, yelled ‘I need a beer!’ and was handed a Rolling Rock, which he chugged in under a minute.”

  • ++

    MTV reality hacks who are sooo pathetic, they all need a good therapist.

  • valencia

    She is sooo beautiful. Her and Whitney are my favs on the show.

  • brodywannabe

    Gorgeous. People post negative comments are jealous. She is FIIIINE!!!

  • H

    Lauren is actually a really nice girl in person. I also met Heidi and Spencer in person and he is a total douchebag. Heidi is also really ugly in person she needs to put a bag over her head.

  • Ms Sugar Walls

    I heart this dress! I think that she always dress nice!
    She look better than that other girl, and her boyfriend combine!

  • wes

    love her or hate her the girl is beautiful

  • shopgirl

    Lauren looked really beautiful and I’m glad to see she’s holding her head up high. She has come a long way in the confidence department!

  • zahra

    hey ann
    the song they played is called apologize by one republic, the one they played on the show is the one with timbaland which is good, but this is the the original

  • shopgirl

    ps why is some idiot posting old stories? The one about Brody’s finger wasn’t even true . Brody broke it playiong football w/ Frankie Delgado – get a clue!

  • Trina

    Actually Enrique didn’t really talk the whole show except when Kelly asked him a direct question, but I caught him checking out Lauren several times during her segment LOL

  • Bridget

    She looked gorgeous and was so classy on R&K! Stop talking trash all you haters (heidi and spencer!!) The Hills was also so great tonight – i loved how Lauren railed off at Heidi (finally-yes!!) and called her pathetic – i was cheering like a madwoman!
    You go Lauren – you look awesome and we love you!

  • we love Lauren & the Hills

    we tivo’d the live show this am and Lauren did so good. She looked great and i caught Enrique checking her out too LOL how funny was that? We still have to watch the Hills (just got in from work) but we’ll post back after viewing.

  • Hillsfan

    Triple love this dress, so hot!
    Who watched the Hills tonight?
    Lauren screaming at Heidi made my year!

  • lihara

    is there any way to delete Spencer’s & heidi’s
    did any1 see the cap of the episodes soon to come and she said is lauren n jason into making a movie 2night…that just confirmed that her dumb ass said it..
    I always thought she was a loser leaving school, getting a loser bf, singing career, plastic surgery

  • LC Rules

    I watched. Don’t laugh, my gf’s and i threw a hills viewing party!
    I thought the episode was great but way too much of the gruesome twosome (Speidi)
    I thought it was ridiculous that he proposed but actually he really didn’t he just handed her the ring, he didn’t say will you marry me and he didn’t even put it on her hand, she put it on herself! And did anyone else catch that Spencer brought that ugly ring in what looked like an “everything” store, I’ll bet it’s fake costume jewelry. the store was so strange, they had dishes, and pocketbooks and things like that on the wall!
    I think ole Spence needs to come out of the closet already, no one believes this stupid a** relationship except his clueless other half! And where is her brain?
    Lauren on the other hand was awesome. she has changed so much, she’s so confident now and i love how she speaks her mind. LOVED her telling Heidi where to go.
    And I love that this season brings new guys – everything is looking great we just need to permanently remove the in-the-closet tool Spence” and his clueless fugly beast~!

  • Kat

    Lauren was great on Kelly and Enrique! And I agree he was totally digging on her and checking her out. Love that dress she wore, anyone know whose it is?
    The Hills was also kick ass. I was proud of myself, I fast forwarded all of Speidi’s scenes- give it a try next episode ;) Love Lauren and Audrina being roomates and I hope we get to see lots more of Lo too. This is the Hills that I love!

  • hotchildinthecity

    Lauren is beautiful. She is a much better person then Heidi and Spencer. She was my fav. on L.B and she is my favorite on The Hills . She is naturally beautiful and she is not insecure about herself like heidi who had to get plastic surgery. Honestly, think about it: Heidi and Spencer are running around trashing Lauren, while Lauren is staying on the DL about it. The more someone trashes a person, the less creditable they become.

  • Puppin

    I Love LC. She is so beautiful. I love the dress she had on for Regis and Kelly.

  • Lili

    Lauren is da bomb, she looks amazing, she ALWAYS looks amazing. I seriousty want to raid that girls wardrobe. The hills was so good tonight – I love Lauren hanging out with the girls and she did so great standing up for herself w/ heidi. it’s funny w/ that, i used to think spence (who i still hate) was the loser and heidi was just brainwashed but after hearing the stuff she said on the radio trashing lauren and also in the previews they show her making a joke about lauren making another sex tape, i thought aha the byotch wasn’t brainwashed she just had us all fooled that first season. Now her true colors are coming out. Loser, she deserves that lying gay tool after all!

  • Ava

    Love that dress! I love that Lauren seems so much more confident too!

  • Olivia

    Agreed #30. MTV spews out the worst crap on television today.