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Suri Cruise in Zoobilee Zoo

Suri Cruise in Zoobilee Zoo

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes take their 15-month-old daughter Suri to visit the Berlin Zoo on Sunday.

Baby Suri wore Etnies toddler Callicut shoes and carried around a blanket by Little Giraffe.

The family is staying in Germany while Tom, 45, shoots his WWII flick Valkyrie (hence the cropped hairstyle).

More pictures inside of baby Suri enjoying a little animal zoo magic…

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suri cruise zoo 02
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suri cruise zoo 06
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suri cruise zoo 09
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Photos: Reflex,, Dean Chapple/Splash News Online
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  • spooky

    Tom looks like he stole Mike Myers’ hair

  • Intrigue

    Ah, such a cute vibrant alert healthy curious child.

  • HEY!!!!!!

    Beautiful family!!!!

  • bite me

    such a cute toddler

  • monica

    I hate that giant bow in Suri’s hair, but at least they are attempt to do something with it. Its ALWAYS the same. I love pigtails and ponytails on little girls, its so cute!

    Now if only her parents would do something about their hair…

  • xxxx

    kid looks really cute and pretty, mum looks normal and fine, Tom looks more and more gayish, especially with that mane !

    And where are your other kids TOM ? Especially your only son, you know, the one who was last seen with you on your wedding day ? You know at this age of his, he needs boy thing to do with his dad and son and dad alone time ! You may experience a rebellious phase coming at you very soon with two teenagers neglected by their own father and doing dangerous stuffs or talking to the press in order to get noticed by their invisible father !

    Hope you won’t dump your present wife for the 4th younger one and forget Suri with the same ease you completely ignore your other children ! You divorced Nicky not your children !

  • The Alien not bio dad

    Suri is cute except for her flat nose. Katie looks haggard and worn out.Tom is so gay and sterile(he has said)it aint funny.

  • from Lainey

    Campaign Cruise: the new Camelot?

    Dr Cher, a long time reader, suggested the theory: Katie’s new style, Tom’s relentless hetero virility message, and Little Sci captivating everyone with her cuteness… is the GMD attempting his own version of Camelot?

    As summer draws to a close, campaign season is just around the corner. Come September, all contenders for Oscar will begin the assault. This year, Tom Cruise wants it bad. The film is Lions for Lambs. The release date is November 9th. Which means we will be flooded with Cruise overload very, very soon. Which is also why the Cruise love marketing machine has been particularly busy of late.

    Here we go – the happy family in Berlin. There’s Katie walking around the city during Little Sci’s nap time and then all three at the zoo. Note the GMD’s Xenu grip around Katie’s neck and his trademark crazy toothed smile during what appears to be an “intimate” moment between husband and wife.

    And of course, let’s never ever pass up an opportunity to “present” Katie. Check out the two out of dinner and of course the requisite Presentation Ceremony – like visiting dignitaries, regal and elegant and full of tradition and procedure, another Camelot designed to charm the MiniVan Majority?

    Whatever it is, apparently it’s working. As memories of Oprah’s couch grow more and more distant, as people forget about his despicable attack on psychiatry, word is the Gay Midget Dwarf is rebuilding his fan base from Katie’s admirers.

    Like Hollywood Ebola, he’ll never die either.

  • Kenzie

    I never thought Tom and Katie would make a gorgeous baby since I don’t find either of them attractive but I was wrong. Suri is such a pretty girl.

  • Josh Harnett wants visitation rights

    tom the cult leader alien atheist out with his faux family. i still say Suri is not not same age as the other kids. Suri is at least 3 the teeth and hair ect.. says it all. posing 4 the camera’s again eh tom..

  • wow

    I know this is going to sound so ignorant because I have no idea what goes on in their private lives BUT why is it that we hardly see Tom with his other two kids? I rarely see those kids with either parent. I’m not saying their bad parents just something I’ve notice.

  • little tiny tom

    He’s short.

    We all know people who are short and we all know how sensitive people are about it.

    Tom Cruise obviously is very self conscious about his height. Have you ever noticed how much his height changes? You’ll find that Tom Cruise’s height compared to Katie Holmes’ is very erratic. Sometimes Tom Cruise is a good six inches shorter than Katie, sometimes they are the same height and sometimes Tom Cruise is a little taller. Its clear Tom is doing something to change his height. Sometimes he must wear shoes with lifts. Other times he probably tells Katie to slouch all the time. After all if he forced Katie to marry him I think he can force her to slouch. Sometimes, when we can’t see the full picture of them, I bet Tom is standing on top of something to make him taller.

  • Intrigue


    Did you miss all of the soccer games that they used to attend for the other kids? It was plentiful. Besides, the other kids are probably with Nicole right now.

  • fantastic

    Maybe the kids are with Nicole for the summer. Also, Tom and Katie look the same height – I thought she was taller than him. Suri cute as a button – love the way they dress her – the bow a bit over the top – smaller would have been nicer.

  • http://htt// be


    3 or 4 years

  • [~Famous~]

    Awwww cute family, very cute kid. Even though Kate looks like she has 24 hours to live. Lol And Tom looks like a major dork with that haircut.

  • jeopardy!

    Is that CGI or is Tom the same height as, or a little taller than, Katie? I mean, if he can use lifts to make him seem taller, why doesn’t he do so all the time? This height variation in every picture with Katie makes my head spin and makes me want to go Nanu, Nanu.

    Suri seems so alert and big for a 14-month-old. I would love to compare her with Grier Henchy, Brooke Shields’ daughter, who was born on the same day. I know kids develop at different stages, but still, you can make comparisons.

  • jeepers creepers

    Damyum Tom is fug. What is that little onion on his face. Pic#1 that hair -that hair- that- face -that face,.barf..I’m throwing up in my mouth as I type. His left hand in pic #1 is so dainty and feminine. Katie what are you doing? I feel bad Suri has to be raised by this weirdo. But after seeing Katie let Tom throw Suri in the water, I really lost alot of respect for her.

  • Nony

    Nicole is in Australia filming. Her children were there. I don’t think they are there now. Maybe they are of an age where they can choose to stay home with their grandmother and aunt-tom’s family-and nannies then going on location with Tom. Who knows. Suri is a real cuties.

  • vicky-icky needs 2 go

    maybe it just me but laely katie looks like a old woman and stressed out

  • nony

    Nicole is in Australia filming. Her kids were there for a short time but now. Perhaps they are of an age where they can choose to stay home with their grandmother and aunt and nannies, etc. then going off on location with Tom. Suri is a real cutie.

  • nony

    Meant to say her kids are not there now. There have been no pictures of them lately in Australia on nicolekidmanunited. She is busy, busy, busy filming. Keith comes to visit-he is on tour this summer. Her sister just had a baby so she sees a lot of her sister, kids, and her parents.
    Maybe Tom and Nicole’s kids have lives like being around their friends, soccer, and schooling so stay home in CA. Who knows.

  • tatoo tom ze plane ze plane=fantasy island

    The Internet Movie Database has revised its listing for Tom Cruise ‘s height down from 5’11″ tall to 5’5″ tall. Are they listening to us? Perhaps then they’ll realize that’s his height only when wearing boots/lifts! His noggin size? Cantaloupe.

    “Tall “Tom Cruise still grows in middle age!

  • Vic

    Katie is probably exhausted from all the flights back and forth across the big pond -if you’re not familiar with that particular routine – it really takes a HUGE toll on you! As for Suri……no way that child is the age they claim…..she’s at least two y.o.

  • Toms wearing katies purple thong 2day

    Suri and Grier (Shields) are supposedly the same age. Yet Suri looks WAY older in pics that were taken 2 mos ago compared to pics of Grier that were taken just 2 days ago.

  • Kelly

    You haters need to grow up & get a life! Suri looks exactly like Tom & Katie. And she looks her age. Get over yourselves. Jesus, judge much?! Jealous?

  • Angelina

    Looks like a another (Jolie Pitts) great family outing. They all look happy, haha. Oh and aww, look at that adorable Suri chewing on her blaket- thats totally adorable. Well…Suri will look adorable no matter what she’s doing to be honest.

    I don’t want to say this but Katie does look worn- out and old. I know we’ve all complained about her and Suri dressing too extravangently but Katie looks totally unattractive right now. Her hair isn’t cute anymore and that girl needs make- up- even a little won’t hurt! Also, what is she wearing? I know its casual and blah blah but its SOO boring. If you’re a celebrity, the least you can do is dress nicely

  • poor kids

    Tom Cruise is raising his children crazy

    Magazines endorsed by the Church of Scientology reports that Tom Cruise is raising his two children with Nicole Kidman as Scientologists. Their two adopted kids, 12 year old Isabella and 10 year old Connor, live with Tom for half the year in Beverly Hills where they are allegedly home schooled by Cruise’s Scientologist sisters Cass and Marian. According to the magazines, Isabella has already completed the Basic Study Manual, which is an introductory course in the religion. When asked for comment, Isabella replied, “You don’t know the history of psychiatry. I do.”

  • http://yahoo MAMS

    Suri is a very boring child She must be 51 months old.

  • http://yahoo MAMS

    Suri looks like an 8 year old boy.

  • baby beautiful but…

    That little girl is a real cutie pie but I hate what her parents are CONSTANTLY doing for quite a while now, like they are always conscious about the camera and are ready to pose and sell their image including the one of their child.

    It’s pretty obvious and it’s disgusting !

    Other celebrities don’t ‘offer’ their kid to the camera so willingly WITH A SMILE on their face pushing the kid right in front of the camera except when in an accepted photoshoot…Not even number one narcisstic and self image conscious Posh acts this way towards her kids who are older.

    They are really the number one mediawhore and it seems to me that they use that little angel to fulfill their own personal agenda and celebrity ego to rebuild or strengthen someking of celebrity status through her ! Disgusting !

  • http://yahoo MAMS

    I forgot to say that she is a boring 51 year old man.

  • sara

    Cute kid but you gotta feel for that child since it seems like her only purpose in life is to be trotted out for publicity by her toolish parents.

  • Diana

    He only have one kid now? Suri is very cute and normal baby.

  • Yo

    It looks like maybe it’s humid in Germany and Katie gave up on her hair. It’s actually kind of refreshing to see a celebrity live life like a normal person. Suri seems like a cute little girl and I agree with #26 (Kelly) that she looks just like Tom and Katie. She looks a lot like Tom in picture #9, especially.

    People love to perpetuate a conspiracy theory. She’s older than they say. Tom’s not the father. Katie wasn’t really pregnant. WHATEVER. Even if any of what you people talk about is true (which I doubt), what business is it of ours!?

  • Me

    They don’t give the public much credit. They carry the kid all the time to try and make it seem she is so young she can’t walk. They need to quit thinking of themselves and start thinking about the kid. She needs to be spending as much time possible walking. It is essential for proper development.

    Another thing, Katie has the posture of an 80 year old woman with osteoporosis as it is. It would probably help her posture tremendously not to carry the 18 month old around so much.

    Suri is at least 18 months old and everyone knows it. Also, Tom and Katie are not legally married except in the eyes of Scientologists.

  • MARY

    How sick is one individual to post under several identites to bash a child? I wonder.

    Suri is so cute and though the ribbon in her hair is hideous, at least they tried. I guess she pulls everything out she ius so strong minded. I love the way they look relaxed and happy. Katie particularly looks beautiful. Bles them.

  • jjaafffrey

    There’s no way she is 15 months. She has to be at least 3 yrs. old. I have never seen a 15 month old this big and active in my life. I’m not one to believe to Crazy Cruise conspiracy stories out there, but something isn’t right. Suri is however a cute kid.

  • Sheila

    STAGED photo op!!!!

  • Jane

    But those who say she is older, you say Katie in the whole of 2005 and 2004, when was she pregnant to give birth to a two or three year old kid? Have you gone out of your minds? No one can deny Suri is cute, hyperactive and very charming.

  • Tia

    What a beautiful family!!!! Thanks JJ

  • Leila

    definitely the cutest thing around these parts. I wish we had more pictures of her walking around. So much energy and spirit. She is after my own heart.

  • Reality

    If everything is so perfect for them, why do they have to try to prove it constantly? They must be nearing their “breaking point” because they are becoming more and more obsessed with being photographed. They would probably stay together now even if they hate each other because they couldn’t deal with the backlash from the public saying “We told you so”.

    BTW, holding someone around the neck is not a sign of affection.


    Although I don’t get paid for my thoughts (I will take donations though)-I think this family looks very good-Suri is a mini-kate-Her total makeover is great-I have always liked Tom’s movie-He is a serious actor-I don’t care what he believes concerning God as long as he doesn’t try to feed it to me-Thanks Jared!

  • so cute

    We never saw the other two kids when they were young because Nicole protected them.

  • http://justjared momtoboys

    What a beautiful family!!!!!!!!!I hope they can learn to block-out the crazy, mean people who like to judge others, and have a happy life……………………………………………………..

  • emily santiago

    Katie always looks like she’s been crying or is about to cry. You can see they are NOT together as a couple, Katie is coupled with Suri & detatched from hubby except for an occasional forced smile or kiss. Poor Suri, brought into the world with so many lies about her, Katie can’t you run for your life back to Suri’s Real Daddy & start over, you look soooo pale & sad, always in black with no sparkle in your eyes anymore.

  • Yo

    Seriously jjaafffrey, look at pictures of Katie from 2-3 years ago. Was she pregnant? Drop the conspiracy theory, people. It is perfectly normal for a 14-15 month old girl to be walking around.

  • Dirty Cougar

    I must say, Suri the Tom Kitten is adorable and cute! She’s getting even more adorable the, older she gets. She looks like Kate and has Tom’s blue eye’s. She’s got the best features out of both Tom~Kat!

  • sillyme

    Suri does look older (more mature) than other celeb babies born around the same time. She’s certainly a cutie, though. And, is it just me, or are they usually holding her so that she’s facing the camera? Most parents hold the kids so their bodies are facing in, even though their heads may be turned out. But, for Suri, they’re often holding her so that her body is facing the camera.

    And, I agree with whoever said that Katie looks old. Being with Tom has really aged her, but I notice that a lot with young women who marry older men.