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Danny Tidwell: I Could Lick Sabra's Toes

Danny Tidwell: I Could Lick Sabra's Toes

People magazine has an awesome photo spread of the top 6 dancers from So You Think You Can Dance. Here are the blurbs for the three frontrunners:

Danny Tidwell, 23 — For a guy who thinks every routine calls a pirouette (or seven), dancing hip-hop can be daunting. “I’m not so good at that,” says the former American Ballet Theatre dancer and Manhattan resident. “But it’s cool to try.” (Luckily, he has his brother Travis Wall, who was the show’s season-two runner-up, to give him advice. But one area where he’s a hands-down pro? “How fast I can devour chocolate,” he says.) Something else she’d like to try? “Sabra has the cutest feet,” he says. “I could totally lick her toes.”

Lacey Schwimmer, 19 — “I grew up in a family of dancers,” says Lacey, whose brother Benji won last season. “I didn’t want to dance at first — I had to be different. Of course, that didn’t work out.” A side benefit: “I’ve lost 10 lbs. on the show; we work so much. I eat garlic cheese bread, ice cream sandwiches, chocolate doughnuts–whatever is in front of me.”

Sabra Johnson, 20 — When she moved to Manhattan, “I had three jobs to pay for dance classes,” she says. Now she’s taking phone calls from Ellen DeGeneres, who rang after “I said on the show it would be fun to be a comedian.” Any advice from Ellen? “I kind of talked her ear off,” says Sabra. “So she didn’t get a chance to say much.”

Catch the results show of SYTYCD tonight @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX!

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Photos: Alison Dyer
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  • Michele


  • Original Shar

    I think Lauren and Pahsa are going home tonight.



  • Just Jared

    I think so too, Original Shar.

  • andtheysayimcrazy

    Gooooooooooo SABRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and DANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and PASHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mainly SABRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex

    I’d like to see Danny and Lauren go home tonight.


    I love Danny!

  • Jeanette

    I hope Lacey Wins!

  • SYTYCD fan

    I think its going to be Lacy hands down. she hasnt been in the bottom 3 not once.

    this show is my addiction. cant wait to see it tonight



  • Kelly

    Why is Pasha feeling up Sabra? I hope he goes home tonight, he’s starting to creep me out.

  • karlee

    i love neil!

  • Verona

    LMAO @ Kelly. How is Pasha creeping you out? He’s just affectionate. I mean, come on. You’d like him to touch you too, admit it.
    Anyways, LET’S GO SABRA and DANNY!! I hope she wins!! Neil and Lauren better be out tonight. I can’t stand them.

  • kellygrrrl

    Wait, Travis and Danny are brothers??????? What???????? you mean literally or figuratively?

  • kellygrrrl

    I’d love to see Sabra win – she is a beautiful dancer and a beautiful soul.
    Technically, Danny is the best dancer, but he seems either stupid and unanimated or arrogant. I’m not sure which it is, but his personality is not working for me.
    GO SABRA!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    SABRA deserves to win! She rocks!

  • Ryan

    Kelly, Danny is Travis’ adoptive brother.

    Anyways, GO PASHA! I hope he makes it to the Top 4!

  • fdlakjd

    Danny is by far the best dancer on any show they’ve had (Nick comes a close second)

  • fdlakjd

    And I don’t think technique should be way more important on this show because their auditioning to be dancers NOT celebrities.

  • fdlakjd

    Sorry, I DO think technique should be more important…my mistake.

  • Val

    I think Sabra is going to win the show – she should win it. She’s a better dancer than Danny.

  • winners

    danny should win or sabra but it’s not happening.
    there is no way they would give hope to the black/latino/asian kids that they could be on top of the dance world… not in the U.S.A. anyway.

    neil is a gymnast, not a dancer.
    pascha can dance with his mannequin all day long. fox will never give the title to a foreigner.

    if trampy lacey wins than it will be that stupid dance world politics at work.
    a blatant promotion for the ignorant ballroom community. has anyone watched a ballroom competition? zero diversity. they’ve taken latin dances, old street dances like the hopp & jive, neutralized them by creating a bunch of rules so tight a–es like mary murphy and nigel could learn to shake their frigid hips while lathered in glue and orange spray.

    so that leaves lauren to win. um, yoohoo?

  • poo

    love the way lacey has to mention she lost weight while being on the show cuz you really can’t tell from that picture. she looks stocky

  • jlove

    DANNY IS SAFE!!! I really shouldn’t be soo happy for someone I dnt know…..GO DANNY!!

  • C

    Danny should definitely win, but if he loses to Sabra I would be ok with it.

    But if Lacey wins I will seriously flip in a not so good way. The shows called ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ not ‘So You Think You Can Act Like A Tramp And Pass It Off As A Joke’. HAHAHAHA I’M NOT LAUGHING LACEY!

  • Rae

    I want Danny or Sabra to win. I think Danny is the best technical dancer and I like him, but Sabra has so much potential to grow and is really adorable. Between the two of them, I’d be happy with either. I find Lacey to be very overrated, even in her specialty. Neil is a gymnast who can dance some.

  • JustCheckin

    Sabra has gotten so much better each week.
    Lacey has always been consistent. That girl can dance!
    Danny is too arrogant.
    Neil is charming and has improved technically over the past weeks.

    My prediction…
    I want Lacey to win but they are not going to give it to her bc she is Benji’s sister. I think the winner will be Sabra bc not only is she good but bc they need a female dancer to win.

    This is just my opinion.

  • whatever…

    if that one judge didn’t say on camera that danny was arrogant, than nobody would be saying it. arrogant people have very big mouths, always talk about themselves and refuse to work with other people.
    DANNY IS NOT LIKE THAT!!! so stop with the effin arrogant comments.
    danny or sabra to win!!

  • Original Shar

    Lacey’s solos have been very weak. Sabra is a much better dancer then Lacey. Sabra and Danny are the best dancers on the show, but Travis was a better dancer than Benji and look who won. That’s why I think Lacey will win because she’s Benji’s sister. If the judges were to pick a winner I think Danny or Sabra would win, but it’s the public vote that counts so Lacey has it in the bag.

  • fdlakjd

    I think people mistake Danny’s shyness for arrogance.

  • prison break fanatic

    i agree with you. i think danny is just shy and becuase one person makes a comment everybody aacts like a sheep and follows. i think danny is quite funny and charming and a magnificent world -class dancer.

  • Moo

    I just can’t bring myself to really like Lacey, and I don’t want her to win. Her solos are never any fun to watch, and I’ve gotten awfully tired of her butt.

  • Sherman

    I think either Sabra or Danny should win but since this is in America’s hands, and the majority of those hands belong to young pre-teens I have a sinking feeling that Neil might win.

  • proud momma

    I think Sabra should win because for the most important reason she is just an AWESOME dancer. She is on her own and not relying on family ties and their fame to get her to the top. AHEM Lacey and Danny!! Neil although he is a good dancer I think Sabra is better.GO SABRA!!!!!!

  • Jen

    Danny should have won. He’s a better dancer than Sabra. His solo was amazing. I could watch him dance forever.

  • mable

    Please checkout danny tidwell’s website

  • Rachel

    I’ve liked Danny from the start. He’s gorgeous, an amazing technical dancer with great emotion when dancing, and I think he has a humble (not arrogant) personality. I’m glad the top 2 were Danny and Sabra, both deserved to win.

    And Danny and Neil’s contemporary routine was AMAZING! (esp the facial expression executed) I thought it was extremely appropriate and I loved it.

  • Katy

    Hey, do you happen to remember the date of the issue of People that this was from? I’ve been trying to find it online or something but I can’t figure out what issue it is…

  • Moises

    i wanna bang Lacey in the ass with her sexy cheerleader outfit

  • annie

    i love lacey! she’s an inspiration, she’s not a tramp. shes just a dancer. her dance with danny was amazing. I loved the top four, but I wish that Pasha couldve been in it. He was incredible.

  • puzzled

    Cant understand whats with the American audience. They watch dance shows to vote for people who can act better in front of the camera. Anyone who doesnt is called stupid ot arrogant. DANNY should have won.

  • ????

    Danny Tidwell was an awesome dancer and teachnical. Sabra Johnson was an awesome dancer and was a beautiful dancer also. Danny should have.won because he was the best dancer. Sabra won because she showed her personallity more than Danny. Danny and Sabra was the best in the season :)

    This was my favorite season because it made me a lover of this show :)