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Zanessa and Their Third Wheel

Zanessa and Their Third Wheel

High School sweethearts Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens grab breakfast together on Saturday morning at Chez Nous in Studio City, Calif.

The couple then headed to LA Fitness for a quick work-out with third wheel High School pal Ashley Tisdale.

To cool off afterwards, the trendy trio stopped off at Robeks Juice for some energy drinks.


10+ pictures inside of Zac, Vanessa, and Ashley working up a sweat…

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zanessa third wheel 01
zanessa third wheel 02
zanessa third wheel 03
zanessa third wheel 04
zanessa third wheel 05
zanessa third wheel 06
zanessa third wheel 07
zanessa third wheel 08
zanessa third wheel 09
zanessa third wheel 10

Photos: Chris/Zfi/Bauer-Griffin
Posted to: Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron

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  • Angelina

    its sweet how they’re all spending time together as a group.

    but vanessa looks ridiculous. she looks like a three year old pointing at the pap’s cameras. she also has a curvy figure which is a good thing.

    zac and ashley look about their same old self so yeah…

  • Michele

    As a Mom, I must say I like this group of kids. I hope they avoid the pitfalls and stay true to themselves. High School Musical 2 …Y’ALL

  • viviana

    Finally some Zanessa pics!!! They look so cute together!! Thanks Jared!!

  • suzy

    cute can’t wait 4 the rest of the pictures.

  • sternenfaenger


  • chay

    The girls finally had their BFF time! Somebody was listening to Vanessa’s Seacrest interview last Thursday. Lol

  • D Holiday

    man i wish there was more coverage on corbin! i love me some him!

  • suzy

    corbin is on tour somewhere

  • viper

    I’m sick and tired of HSM

  • Lasli


  • Avril

    I love them
    they’re so cute!!!!
    thanks Jared :)

  • Vanessa

    Hi…Is Vanessa Of High School Musical….I Always See JUSTJARED…And I Cut Tell You That I Think That Zac Steel Loves Ashley…And Thanks F

  • Vanessa

    Sorry..For That…Thanks For The Club Of Fanss…Of ZANESSA We Love You Guys…Bye…Vanessa….

  • kris

    doesn’t it look like zacs and ash are holding hands in the last pic?

  • chay

    Ooo here we go…

  • amanda

    finally some zanessa news!!!
    been waiting all week

    thanks for the update JJ

  • kinga

    no!! Ashly+ Jared and Zac + Vanessa!!!yeeeeeee

  • kelly

    Zanessa 4 ever!!!

  • Steph

    yay zac looks gorgeous!!

  • Fleurrr

    I love Vanessa’s outfit.

  • sup

    ashley has a boyfriend who just so happens to not be zac.. so sorry to burst your bubble for the ones of you who think he loves ashley. and if you’d been paying attention to the coverage around vanessa and zac, slowly little bits of information are leaking about them being together. vanessa has even admitted it.

  • tina

    Yeah sorry to tell you guys this but old Zac there is as gay as they get. Vanessa is just his cover for now and if you can’t see that you guys are BLIND. Can anybody say Tom and Katie?

  • Girlleader1

    i luv how there all together. but it soo wasnt cool callin ashley the third wheel! they are total equals n even though 2 of them r goin out, doesnt mean ashley is part of there group!

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]

    it was RUDE calling ashley the third wheel! SO RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! I think all are great friens. and ashley has a boyfriend, so i don’t understand you. anyway i think that lasli is right. in the last pic zac is kind of holding ashley. i don’t think that they in love. of course not! but they’re definitely good friends. just stop calling ashley ‘the third wheel’!

    oh, and buy the way… why vanessa is so excited?! i mean… pap don’t wanna pics of her, but of zac and probably ash.



  • Ann

    Aw…Zac decided to have a girl’s day out with his two bff’s/

  • Nikki

    Oh Emm Gee,
    The Guy Is Probably Taking Pix
    Of All Three Of Them. Just Because
    Your A Fan Of Ashley Doesnt Mean You
    Burn Down V! I Think V Looks Very Cutee
    With Her Sweats On. And Zac And Ashley Are
    Just Friends. I Mean V Dont Look Offended By

  • Nikki

    Oh And BTW.
    It Dont Even Look Like V Is Pointing
    At The Camera! You People Just Are Predicting
    She Is.

  • charm

    Ashley is a Zanessa shipper – has been from the very beginning.

  • anthony

    Neither Ashley nor Vanessa are carrying purses, but oddly enough zac is hmmmm

  • toolip

    are you delusional? the paps wanted pics of Zanessa and it happened that Ashley was with them that day. I don’t get Ashley fans they know she has a boyfriend but they still want her with Zac? if you were really her fan, wouldn’t you be happy that she’s happily taken with Jared?

  • anonymous

    luuuuuuuuuvvvvvvv zanessa but a third wheel is getting really old i love their outfits she’s so skinny (vanessa) do know what she does to get those legs &that smaaaaaalll abdominal . luv them ( :

  • nicaa x jayy

    okay sorry to burst your bubble but zashley’s not happenning ok? theyre not holding hands ! hes hand is prolly on his backpack and her arm is swinging. or both are swinging. if you were an ashley you would be happy that shes happy, WITH JARED. not zac, zac and her are just friends while zanessa is happeningg. i have nothing against ashley, i think shes gorgeous…and i love her, just not with zac. bec i love zanessa. so zashley fans just stop ! go with the jashley crowd. or something sure you can be a zashley fan just dont bash V bec she didnt do anything to you. ZANESSA FOREVER

  • Tay

    To the people who take it upon themselves to say that Zac is gay — your faces make my eyeballs throw up, go the hell away.

    To you all who “claim” that Zac still loves Ashley — of course he does. THEY. ARE. BEST. FRIENDS. Jeesh people. Yeah, Ashley is using Jared as a decoy, to throw us off on the fact that Zac and Ashley are dating. PPUUUHHH-LLEEAASSSEEEE.

    Viper, if you are so tired of HSM, then why are you even bothering to comment. I’d rather hear about them then hear about Britney’s last escapade. Obviously, some people have ISSUES.

    Ta, Jared. Thanks for the latest news. And *snaps* to your “sources”.

  • Rachel

    Thanks for the pictures, Jared :)

    Haters annoy me.

  • gigi

    omg screw you, zac still loves ashley??
    how can you still love someone that you were never even in love in the first place with. DONT EVEN GO TO THAT SHIT AGAIN!
    you zashley fans will never in never go freaking away.
    they all like best friends.
    & honestly you can tell if someone is in love
    zac & ashleys bond has always been like brother & sister, it’s cute.
    even if they kissed, it was in a show as in acting.
    for the love of god, SHEEEEEEEEEESH.
    as hard as it is to admit for you teen girls that diss on vanessa cuz other then that you can tell that she is well a serious no doubt natural beauty,it’s pretty insane. she’s crazy/beautiful, but that you can tell that this guy is in love, not puppy but love LoVe.
    i know i dont know them personally but fuck it, ill admit im totally for zanessa,becuz they have like this fire with eachother, the chemistry not just on screen but off screen. & they still manage to be best friends with eachother instead of just lovers lol,
    & if your not a fan of vanessa hudgens well your missing out on alot fun, though we may not be able to chill with her, her personality that is portrayed on air or magazines anywhere..shes like the girl you’ll have a blast with anytime any where and i can understand why zac fell for her.
    if you are a “true” fan of zac efron’s then you should give respect at all times to the girl that has his heart, i know you guys wouldn’t want to see a really sad zac would you, so you love his smile. let him keep it

    get over the fact that vanessa hudgens AINT goin no where cuz she’s kickn ass in the buisness more then ever, truly extraordinary

  • Melissa

    Yeah ! Vanessa and Ashley finally hung out together. lol well, with Zac. =) Vanessa looks so cute.

  • Jay

    He wears womens sunglasses and jeans and carries a purse everywhere he goes for “touch-ups” I presume. And he wears more makeup on a daily basis just out shopping than most girls I know. I AM GAY and I can smell a gay from across the ocean. For all those who say he isn’t, I am sorry sweeties, but this hot piece is a Queen! But for sweet sorrow he is closeted, one can only hope he will throw those doors wide open before long.

  • Lina

    I love all of em.. I don’t see Ashley as a third wheel (bcause of her “sister-brother-relationship” with Zaaac. I hate all of u guys who tells how much you hate hsm and the cast.. keep it to yourself!! i love zanessa and i even dream about zac (im sooooo inlove) and i’m really looking forward to the 2nd movie on friday…

  • Bre

    Zac and Vanessa are dating, for all you non-believers out there.

    Thanks for putting this up! They all look really trendy….how cute!YAY!

  • Tay

    Gigi – Snaps sister. You get snaps up the wazoo! ;)

    Jay – I think someone is jealous! *waggles finger* Just cause you aren’t that pretty doesn’t mean you need to be throwing around insults.

  • Odaia


  • http://nothing zanessa NOT

    well i just want to say that VANESSA is a stupid and black girl! and ZAC musn`t to be with her because she is STUPID! and her sister too! ZAC is lovely i have not idea how he is with her!!!!!!!!!!!! she is ridiculous! and Ashley is not blondie!!!!! buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh both of them are FALSEEE!!! Vanessa likes to say that Zac is just for HER!!! that is not GOOD!!!!! good bye! i know i’m right!

  • Brian

    I Think Zac’s Having A Threesome! No No Is He Holding Ashley’s Hand…!

  • Tay

    ^^^ *lmao*

  • chay

    Gigi – well Asia :clap: since Tay already have “snaps to the wazoo” how about if I just declare you “kuuipo of the month”? So Vanashbrenique, right? :D

  • Tay

    Chay – Damn, I forgot VanAshBreNique. :P

    Gigi – We send you *love* Lotsa of love! So fantasticalicious! ;)

  • chay

    Shoot – I meant to say “well said!” :lmao:

  • Alissa

    zac doesnt look like he is holding ashleys hand. lmao at first i thought he was trying too hold his pants up or something.

    omg i have sweat pants almost like vanessa’s!! SWEET!! i love her outfit even if they are sweats they look cute. lol in the 4th picture i looks like vanessa’s feet arent touching the ground!! lol.

  • Tay

    Chay – don’t lie to me Chaylicious! *nono* Hmmm, so what do you think of this lot? other than Gigi of course.