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Evan Rachel Wood: Raining Blood is Romantic

Evan Rachel Wood: Raining Blood is Romantic

Evan Rachel Wood, 19, is featured in the September 2007 issue of GQ magazine, where she gushes about her “vampire-looking boyfriend” Marilyn Manson, 38.

On Manson’s loud snoring: “He snores louder than anybody I have ever heard! I think it’s the sweetest thing ever. It actually lulls me to sleep. But he puts Geppetto to shame. It’s literally like [mimics snoring]. It’s every snore you’ve ever heard, rolled into one.”

On Manson’s “Heart-Shaped Glasses” music video: “At the end of the video, we’re kissing and it’s raining blood – and for me, that was one of the most romantic moments of my entire life.”

On why they made the video: “We made it for each other … Because that’s how we were feeling at the time: Even though ugliness can be all around you – you can literally be in a thunderstorm of blood – if you look past that, it really is just two people holding on to each other.

On their love-making scene: And you know, the same thing with the sex scene. If you’re going to have a sex scene, that’s what it is. When you’re with someone and you’re in love, that’s usually what happens. It’s not always soft. Sometimes it’s somebody screaming or whatever.”

On not caring about looks: “I’m really just being me and growing up. And I’m sorry if I have blond hair and blue eyes and my boyfriend looks like a vampire. What do you want me to do about it?”

Read Evan‘s full article with GQ here. A couple more pictures inside…

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Photos: Ellen Von Unwerth
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  • disgusted

    Someone has problems……….

  • Dancer

    And people think Angelina is strange?

  • Pole

    I just realised she was the cute LITTLE girl in Once and Again. She’s a lot younger than Manson is – I think that’s the really, really creepy thing :(

  • jess i luv you always – cash


  • dentug

    ERW is an example of a girl heavily influenced by doing something that’s part of the minority. she’s under the impression that distinguishing her from the majority makes her deep, profound and original. it doesnt. there’s a reason why the majority have all gone one way, dumb bitch.

  • Kelly

    Why bring up Jessica Alba in a post about Evan Rachael Wood? Dumbass~


    kelly, this is a free post…to post on ANYONE. GET IT? fat neeno…get a life and learn to post on SOMEONE not about a COMMENTER.

  • Diana

    See how she rides on top of Manson to promote herself… That is LOVE! yeah, right.

  • turlie

    Say hello to Nicole Kidman’s mini-me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • flatazz

    the snoring will eventually pizz u the f’ off…give it time honey.

  • Dirty Cougar

    He he he! Looks like jailbait! Marilyn must really love banging his lil’ kitten! LMAO!

  • Corleone

    I think she’s gorgeous and Marilyn Manson is awesome. I am not that much into his music, mind you, just a few songs. But he is a very smart guy, people here go just by the way he looks instead than by the way he thinks. Even many of his songs (the ones I like) say very smart things. So unless you are a religious person (which you shouldn’t, for God’s sakes is the 21st century) you should give Manson a chance. I used to think “who the heck would date that guy?!” and now I believe only someone with enough brains for it would.

  • nyc

    she’ll be done with him soon

  • Anthony

    They made the video for eachother…but used a replica of Ditas bed and he wore his wedding ring while they did it….. that makes sense. And he would be the ugliest vampire ever!! She’s trying to create this goth image to make herself seem like a deep girl and it’s kinda sad.

    ps. why all the alba talk?? I would pass on her and evan rachel haha

  • KKJO


  • Diana

    … does Marilyn reminds you of George Bush too? …lol

    He does looks like my neighboor.

  • mel

    It’s going to be difficult to get a normal boyfriend after that.

  • Diana

    No.18 … that is funny!

  • mackenzie

    I used to like her but not anymore she changed in the wrong way.. she’s not the same girl anymore

  • Leece

    Is she trying to make herself over into Dita? Look at the retro clothes and the styling of the pics. As for her saying she is blonde I want to know how a redhead can be blonde?

  • mackenzie

    “At the end of the video, we’re kissing and it’s raining blood – and for me, that was one of the most romantic moments of my entire life.”

    the girl is crazy

  • Donna Trump

    LOL @ #4


    But since you brought it up.. I think she is FUG, plain as can be, a horrible actress, not a nice person. she used the Hispanic community to become famous, now she demounces her heritage..

    I don’t wish herpes on anyone, but somehow, Jessica Alaba having herpes feels like Justice has been done!

    Now she will know not to talk smack about Mexicans!

  • nona

    come on, little bitch. you wanna get attention, fuck onscreen, strip for the camera. be a good little whore. make your momma proud. desperate for fame in america; it’s easy sell your dignity to the lowest bidder.

  • gypsy marie

    nice bod

  • andy

    looks like someone wants attention…

  • Hannah

    Blonde? I wonder if she can see her roots?

  • Dumdums

    Honestly other than the pervs out there, perhaps 20 people give a damn about what she thinks or feels, and they are shocked and very ashamed to be related to her.

  • trent

    i hate her. COME BACK OLD MANSON!

  • Oh Well

    19…haha in another 10 years she will cringe every time someone
    mention that clown,and this interview.
    Live and learn sweetie, live and learn, been there done that. Whoa!

  • mickey

    Okay, thanks for sharing love.

  • Matahari

    One day…when i see Marilyn Manson, I better have my cross and bunch of garlics with me.

  • Mimi

    this bim is such a frackin retard, would people pleez stop interviewing her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nika

    If I understood correctly, before she didn´t wanna talk about her personal life and now she does!?
    Shes contradicting herself. She is who she is, its impossible to please eveybody. Also, I think shes pretty.

  • [~Famous~]

    she’s dis-gus-ting!

  • andré

    she looks awesome…
    but this whole thing…is just way too weird.

  • Ms Sugar Walls


  • SweetyKat

    I have one word to add to the list of deplorable descriptoins of Marilyn Manson:


    That girl is barely legal!

    19 v. 38 that is gross on so many levels. I can see 29 and 48 maybe, but that, that’s down right pedophilic!

  • Jimmy

    eww she became grossssss

  • Neil

    I have no trouble with Evan like many others apparently do. Everybody forgets they were young and being an old fart I respect someone who uses their youth to explore. Stand back and ask your self this, is she exploring or is she destroying? You can’t say ‘been there, done that’, unless you’ve been there and done that. It really is a shame we as a society are so judgemental and seem not to comprehend the shortness of life.

  • girl

    what does jessica alba
    have to do with this thread??????????

  • V

    She’s 19, what does she knows, maybe she thinks it’s cool to have a boyfriend like Manson who is famous by the way, after 3 years (tops), she’ll realise how stupid she was. Now, she’s just a one crazy little girl who’s dying to find something “DIFFERENT” which I think is disgusting.

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    Please if AJ can get BP after BBT, this girl has nothing to worry about when it comes to who is next.

  • V

    What is BBT?

  • V

    OH, I get it, it’s Billy Bob Thornton. I think this guy is far more better than Manson, at least he’s not vampire-looking.

  • bataglio

    freaking idiot thinking she’s SO deep
    sounds like a 7th grader
    …’thunderstorm of blood’


    Oh my word! I am so thankful to God for my 20 year old daughter-
    More importantly where are all the homewrecker, slut comments? Oh and I think there’s no comparison with Angie gettin Brad after Billybob-Billybob ain’t nothing to come out of the kitchen and stop washing dishes over (as they say in Arkansas) but he is supremely talented and intelligent-


    Another thing about BBT-He is from another country and although they had to shut the library down in his village (the book was stolen) he still managed to learn to read!

  • Stellartes

    She is totally whacked!

  • annina

    Shes too young and has no idea what real love is.
    Marilyn Manson is just taking advantage of her – pervert!