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Lauren Conrad is a City Girl

Lauren Conrad is a City Girl

The Hills star Lauren Conrad (in Ranahan cut-offs) takes a break from promoting her reality TV series and leaves a Midtown Manhattan building on Monday with a gal pal. She and co-star Whitney Port were spotted leaving the same building as pregnant Nicole Richiespotted and Joel Madden earlier in the day.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of last night’s premiere of “The Hills”?

A little recap of Hills events you should comment on:
Lauren ripping Heidi: “You’re a sad, pathetic person!”
– “HOLLYWOOD” graffiti-ed onto Heidi‘s living room wall
Spencer‘s proposal to Heidi on the beach

More pictures inside of Lauren in the city…

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Photos: Mike DiSciullo/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Amanda

    Heidi and Spencer suck.

  • katie

    love the hills best show ever

  • miumiu

    The hills is a guilty pleasure for sure; in the begging it was — but then it proved itself to be better than the really tacky other reality shows (Laguna).

  • A Mighty Heart

    Yep, The Hills and Laguna Beach are my guilty pleasures, too. I really wanted a fourth season of Laguna, but instead they changed it to Newport. I wanted to see the season 3 cast in their senior years, even though season 3 was the least entertaining of all 3 seasons, I am still willing to give it a second chance.

  • A Mighty Heart

    3 miumiu : 08/14/2007 at 12:06 pm
    The hills is a guilty pleasure for sure; in the begging it was — but then it proved itself to be better than the really tacky other reality shows (Laguna).
    Maybe because the social lives of Young Hollywood are more interesting than rich teens who don’t work for a living.

  • Dirty Cougar

    What’s w/ the scarf? Like what she has on but, the scarf? Yeah okay. Whatever floats her boat.

  • Stacy

    I love The Hills and am so excited the new season is back on. Here is my take on it: I thought the ring Spencer gave Heidi was the tackest thing I had ever seen. Did she really think that was real. And dont even get my started on their apartment. Who really spraypaints Hollywood onto the walls of their living room. Lauren seems much better off with out them. Also, I am happy to see Whitney seems to be more involved this season. TEAM LAUREN!!!

  • Catherine

    Total guilty pleasure…and I think Spencer is so creepy acting and looking…those eyes have a serial killer look about them…and his lips don’t close over his teeth all the way when he talks…ugh…he’s absolutely gross….and Heidi…what a mental midget she is. LC is FRIGGIN ADORABLE!!! Love her! And does anyone else think that Lauren and Kate Middleton (Prince Wills’ girl) could be twins separated at birth?

  • Mmmmm

    How about getting social lives period and stop living for others ppl’s lives on TV. I do not get these shows maybe b/c I am out of high school.

  • Catherine

    Stacy…totally agree. The ring was laughable…in fact, the whole scene when he bought the ring was painful to watch. What a tool…

  • slap a hoe

    i agree with cathreene. i wouldnt want to wake up next to that

  • beefy flabby used up lc

    she’s fat, dress is ugly, and when will she dye her unibrows?

  • Catherine

    WAIT…What about JUSTIN-BOBBY? Talk about ANOTHER tool..

  • Anna

    I think Lauren is a passive-aggressive bitch. I’m not a fan of Heidi (and especially not Spencer) but I really don’t think they started those rumors. Lauren really comes off as needy and possessive of her friends.
    It seems weird to me that I watch this show and I don’t like any of the characters (except maybe Whitney… but don’t her story very often at all)

  • Mika

    Team Lauren all the way! Spencer and Heidi irritate me so much. That ring was hideous!
    oh gosh and that justin bobby guy! wtf is up with him? he’s a johnny depp wannabe. I love Audrina but she needs to lose the dude.

  • [~Famous~]

    This site needs some color FAST. There are celeb’s out there who aren’t white.



  • finland…


  • Biance

    TEAM LC!!! Speidi started the rumors Spencer admitted to it on several radio interviews.

  • SO NOT SO!!!!!!

    LC looks more like Chritine Taylor & Marcia Brady…BOTH R CUTE….
    SPENCER looks like the” CHESHIRE CAT ” from Alice & Wondrland!!!!


    Y is she wearing a scarf/shrug…or whatever that is in the middle of summer in sticky/humid NYC? Not really sure y these ppl are celebs?

  • Angie

    Ya’ll are all a bunch of illiterate fools

  • heidi ho

    Love the show!Team LC forever

  • H

    Spencer is such a douchebag wow! WTF kind of proposal was that seriously? You buy the tackiest looking ring at ICE? “I don’t even know which hand it goes on” omg what a moron. He obviously just wants to string Heidi along and doesn’t care about her. If he did care about her, he would have taken some time to ring shop and have gotten a ring at a jewelry store and not some tacky boutique. Lauren does come off as being clingy and needy but I only think she butts into her other friends relationships because they keep ditching her for their guys. Audrina made plans to be with Lauren and she went with that creepy Justin or Bobby or whatever the hell his name was instead. Its really shitty to be ditched like that for a guy, especially for a creepy one like that

  • Riley

    Obviously the best part was when Heidi had a ‘heart to heart’ with Jen, telling her how happy she was to have Jen part of her ‘fresh start’.
    The funniest part of that was how ‘sincere’ she was, Heidi wasn’t even looking at Jen.
    ‘Because you mean like…so much to me.’

  • john

    The hills blows !! Why do you people watch other people live their “Fake” lives?! They are talentless rich kids. It just goes to show that your generation is getting dumber and dumber.

  • Cynthia

    Laguna Beach>>>>>>>>>The Hills, never liked fake ass looking Lauren. She took Steven away from Kristin, she is a man stealer. She’s jealous of Heidi because she’s engaged to be married and she’s confused that someone as plain looking as Heidi could attract love. Lauren is a miserable slag period.

  • jamie

    stop hating cynthia, you wish you were as pretty as Lauren! She’s not the slightest bit jealous of Heidi, who in their right mind would be? Heidi is fugly since her surgery and a total doormat to her pathetic idiot of a boyfriend. All her does is talk down to her. Lauren was great last night. Super confifent. She didn’t take any of Heidi’s pathetic crap, if she said i don’t know what i did one more time i was ready to smack her lol
    Lauren was classy and fun. Love that she’s hanging out with Lo again (huge improvement over heidi)!! Also loved seeing whitney – i wish they would feature her more instead of Speidi! Speidi themselves were ridiculous, fake and as ugly as ever. The ring was the worst, the stort he brought it was ridiculous, they also sold handbags wtf???
    I looked it up online and it cost $2800! He’s creepy and cheap! LOL
    Really happy they’re showing more of Audrina, I’m on the fence about this new guy but it’s fun to see her dating someone she really likes. I’m just waiting (hopefully) to lke him too!

  • anon

    First episode was good! I loved the part where Lauren asked Whitney abotu the british guy (who i thought was actually pretty hot ) and whitney just says no. lol also it was interesting to see that lauren can get really fired up, you usually see her as very calm but heidi deserved it. i cant believe in the future episodes when spencer goes up to lauren and jason and heidi making that comment about the sex tape, shes a bitch. and spencer did destroy their apartment, so TACKY! and okay that ring…was it real? who the heck buys an engagement ring in such a weird place? that wasnt even a place to buy rings! looked so cheap! and audrina’s bf seems like a dick..but i hope he ends up being good for her and theres no drama in that end. i love seeing lo too, shes awesome.

  • gabby

    OMG! last nights episodes was insane & cant went for the rest of the season! i really hate heidi & spencer. they’re both so fake & immature. ughh just like the thought of them gets me mad. but i love lauren, audrina & whitney. especially lauren. she seems like a really sweet girl. she’s been going through a lot so i guess you can say she is someone everyone should really look up to. & i love audrina she’s the best even though justin bobby (haha) is kinda weird i still want her job. haha. & whitney’s whitney. she seems really sweet. im addicted to the hills!

  • love Lauren

    Love Lauren and all the girls. I’m hoping Heidi gets phased out for Lo and Audrina too, even Whitney who for sure needs more screen time!. Everything was great. I loved Lauren getting advice from her mom and how great was it when Lauren went off on heidi. And that London boy was tres adorable!
    Heidi and Spencer are the most immature people. Did you notice when they were at Frankie’s birthday, Spencer was like “let’s go roll on her.” He does nothing but stir things up. Heidi’s only friend at their ‘housewarming party’ was Jen – that’s sad when you’re having this ‘big party’ and only one person you know shows up. And the bigger question is where is all their furniture? They had 3 months in between filming, were they sleeping on the floor with no TV for 3 months??? wtf? PATHETIC
    PS i think spencer is so GAY, did you notice how he hates kissing Heidi, he always gives her these chaste little pecks, there’s zero chemistry between those 2

  • gina

    Wow, look at her, so Jackie O. She looks like a city girl to me more than a CA beach babe.

  • mightyheart

    Wow, the shades are huge. I loved the show last night, although I think Lauren is a little too passive aggressive. Heidi and Spencer are just fake fake fake. They should disappear. I don’t know what to make of Justin Bobby, they guy doesn’t say much.

  • Elf

    First of all Team LC all the way!!!! i really love the show and i love lc, i have been watching it since the beginning! i am so glad lauren told heidi off in the first episode because heidi so deserved it, she really does know what she did. the “engagement” ring looked so fake!!!! too fake! the store also sold belts, sunglasses, and purses!!! what kind of jewelry store does that??? i loved the advice that lauren’s mom gave her…. she seems like a nice lady just like lc. i really hope that audrina doesnt get hurt by this ex-guy, she deserves some good guy luck …. whitney is cool and how awesome she got the job!!! and i love LO!! Great 1st ep!

  • Jason

    Lauren looks gorgeous as usual. I am glad she told Heidi off last night. She deserved it especially after both her and spencer pretty much admitted to starting the rumor on their many radio interviews.

    Cannot wait for jason to kick spencer’s ass. I think he can take spencer. hell a girl can probably take spencer.

  • Elf

    ps i agree on the no chemistry w/ spencer thing, heidi and jordan were hot together but, Spencer can’t really help it, he’s gay and pining away for brody lol

  • amanda

    You go girl, show them how it’s done. I think she should move to the city. She said her next assignment at Teen Vogue is in NY so I hope she will be in NY for a while. I love love love love her. Oh Lauren, one advice, please don’t budge into other people’s relationship too much. Move on once you’ve said your peace.

  • Diana

    What’s happening with Heidi and Lauren happens a lot with Friends when a guy comes into the pic. I’m on Laurens side cuz Heidi was stupid for taking the a** back. Still when girls chose boys over Friends this happens a lot. I also learned you will learn who your real friends are when you fall in love and get engaged. Lauren is right to cut her ties. Jason and Spencer are not even close to the same situation. Spencer is openly antagonistic towards Lauren and has stirred up crap for no reason (pr stories rumours, you name it) He is a loser and so in the closet. I’m hoping S&H are only on the first few episodes, one can hope anyway!

  • tia

    It’s refreshing to see candid shots. These pictures look so real and her expressions are so genuine.

  • ronda

    I still don’t understand the Nicole Richie connection. Is Lauren friends with Nicole? I find it weird they are friends because they dated the same guy.

  • darrin

    I’m sorry but Heidi is a sad pathetic person. Lauren looks gorgeous. I really hope she doesn’t get back with Jason.

  • Kelly

    Great premiere. Loved seeing Lauren happy and having fun with all her girls. So cool to see Lo back in the picture. I hope that continues! I was glad to see how Lauren handled herself w/ Heidi. She said what she needed to say and still outclassed those 2 morons. Heidi and Spencer are such a joke. It’s obvious that as the season goes on, they’ll do anything for camera time. Someone needs to tell the ugly couple that their 2 minutes of fame is up! Spencer go find a boyfriend and a job already and leave our show alone!

  • aspen

    Jared, you are going to make so much money. I see her in almost every tabloid every week. I don’t watch the show, but I know who she is by coming to this site. She is cute though.

  • Carrie

    I am an older viewer of The Hills. Have watched it from the beginning stages of Laguana Beach. It was nice to view the top 10 moments this past weekend and get ready for last night. I am amazed how Heidi allows Spencer to manipulate her. If she voices her opinion aboout something, he usually disagrees and then tries to one-up her, yet she says nothing. She just accepts it. The walls are hideous in the apartment. Seemed they were moving in slow motion throughout the episode. What I respect most about Lauren though is her maturity and strength in handling the situations she’s faced while trying to recover from the pain of betrayal, by the men and women in her life.
    I love this show.

  • nancy

    She looks so regal and poised.

  • Tabitha

    I love the Hills. Last nights episode showed how strong Lauren really is! and how stupid and gay H&S really are. I loved all everything except the H&S stuff, isn’t their 15 minutes up already? Would love to see only Lauren and the girls and their respective bf’s or boytoys if u will hehe

  • trina

    Love Lauren. What’s up with that Justin Bobby guy, I just laugh whenever I see his face.

  • danity

    Lauren was a little bitchy in the first episode but I don’t blame her. She is really hurt by what Heidi and Spencer did to her. Heidi and Spencer are is so fake, everything about them is fake. I don’t think I can watch the show anymore because I really can’t stand them.

  • Renee

    Great episode. the highlight of course being Lauren telling Heidi she was pathetic – that was absolutely priceless!! I laughed so hard when Heidi said that she didn’t think there was anything wrong between her and Lauren after they hadn’t spoken in months. But yet she mysteriously wants to start hanging out again once the cameras are rolling again. Yeah not too suspicious..And they whole, “she hates my boyfriend!” Yeah, wonder why, it’s not like Spencer hasn’t done enough to make her hate him. The funniest part though was when Heidi and her coworker were like, “Audrina is on Lauren’s side? What? Huh? weird?” First of all Heidi stopped being friends with Audrina when she started dating Spencer. Why pretend otherwise? And yes, Heidi, it is weird when someone takes her friend’s side and has her back, instead of say joining in with her bf to trash her, spread rumors about her and hook up her friends with someone she’s hooking up with, but that’s called friendship, something you don’t understand.
    Enough of those idiots already. We see they’re engaged (yeah right, spencer is so gay!)
    now let’s concentrate on the people we actually like like LC,Whitney, Audrina and Lo!!

  • sarah

    I really want to see Whitney go on a date. I want to know the real Whitney, not the fake Whitney. The teen vogue meeting was so not necessary, it was so staged.